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RF/Antenna Engineer Available - RF Cafe Forums

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 Post subject: RF/Antenna Engineer Available
Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:12 pm 

Joined: Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:26 pm

Posts: 1


Citizenship: U.S.

Sterling, VA

e-mail: sarehraz@yahoo.com

Phone: (703) 444-5534


Orbital Sciences Dulles, VA

June 2007 - Present


Project leading: design and testing of Satellite shaped-reflector antenna and RF feed assembly. Overseas and domestic subcontractor management, including scheduling and budgeting. Customer negotiation and generation of key procurement and hardware development and testing documents.

Selected Accomplishments:
· Designed and tested C-band circularly polarized single shell shaped reflectors.
· Designed and tested Ku-band linearly polarized dual shell shaped reflectors.

· Designed and tested C-band circularly polarized Feed/OMT.
· Designed and tested Ku-band linearly polarized diplexer/triplexer.

Phoenix International (A John Deere Company) Fargo, ND

Jan. 2006 - May 2007


Leading RF and antenna design in the electronic design engineering group and EMC testing.

Overseeing and supporting the production and testing of the current GPS receiver.

Selected Accomplishments:
· Designed and tested a GPS front-end for L1, L2 and L5 band (Including a turnstil antenna).
· Designed and tested a 915 MHZ patch antenna for RFID application (MIL-STD).

· Designed and tested a 2.5 GHZ inverted F antenna for bluetooth application.
· Developed test plans for EMC and recommending the disposition of any anomalies.

Nano CVD Co. Tampa, FL.  

June 2006 - Present

RESEARCH SCIENTIST (Consultant)                                                                       

Conducted analysis for  and designed a dielectric rod antenna in combination with a MIM diode as an infrared detector, which was developed to an un-cooled nanoscale infrared high-speed sensor.

University of South Florida (Clean Energy Research Center), Tampa, Fl.

June 2005 - Jan. 2006


Development of an un-cooled mid-infrared detector for imaging and non-invasive optical monitoring in medical application deploying tunneling diode and dielectric rod antenna.

University of South Florida (Clean Energy Research Center), Tampa, Fl.

August 2003 - May 2005


Researched the potential of rectifying antennas (rectennas) as future solar collectors (funded by NASA) by studying the characteristics of solar radiation as an EM radiator, and adapting rectenna designs to match the solar radiation characteristics for optimum efficiency.

Selected Accomplishments:
· Designed, fabricated and measured the radiation patterns of a 60 GHz dielectric rod antenna.

· Designed, fabricated and verified the polarization of 7 GHz / 2.5 GHz dual port patch antennas.

· Designed a 2.5 GHz rectifier (Agilent HSMS2820) and verified its rectification efficiency.
· Modeled and verified the efficiency of tunneling, and Schottky diodes (Agilent HSCH-9161).

University of South Florida (Wireless and Microwave Center), Tampa, Fl.

Sept. 2002 - May 2003


Developed a communication test bed for Prism-I and Prism-II chipsets (funded by Intersil Corp.).

Selected Accomplishments:
· Designed a single stage broadband microwave amplifier at 1.5 GHz (Motorola MRF974P).
· Designed a transmitter and receiver at 5 GHz (including a monopole antenna).
· Designed and fabricated a phase shifter at 70 MHz for SSB modulation. (ZFMQ70ML).

· Designed and verified an IEEE 802.11b (WLAN) base-band in FPGA (Altera UP1 board).

University of South Florida (Electrical Engineering Department), Tampa, Fl.

June 2001 - May 2003


Instructed wireless and microwave laboratory course. Developed laboratory experiments for modulation and demodulation schemes (AM, FM, QPSK, QAM).

Hesab Gostar Pooya (Acounting firm), The Netherlands / Iran.

April 1993 - March 1997


Performed system evaluation and procurement of hardware and software.

Perscombinatie (Newspapers publishing house), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Oct. 1992 - March 1993


Performed hardware and software maintenance including system administration.

IBM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Sept. 1991 - Sept. 1992


Developed and tested diagnostic programs for PS/2 motherboards.

Van de Water Enterprise, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Sept.1990 - Feb.1991


Performed computer system upgrade, and supported the client through the entire upgrade cycle.

Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Water Management), The Hague, The Netherlands.

Oct. 1989 - Feb.1990


Developed data acquisition software for the technical development of a flood-prevention project.


PhD, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, May 2005.

Dissertation title: Novel Rectenna for Collection of Infrared and Visible Radiation.

GPA: 3.9/4.0

MSEE, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, May 2002.

Master's Studies: Telecommunications, Wireless communications, and RF/Microwave.

GPA: 3.9/4.0

Certified Wireless Engineer, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, July 2002.

BSEE, Algemene Hogeschool Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 1991.

Senior Design: Analog Colorimeter (VITATRON UC200).


Simulation: ADS, HFSS, Q-Wave, MoM, EagleWare, SPICE, EZNEC, GRASP, CHAMP, POS.

FPGA Tools: Altera MAXplus.

Schematic Capture: Hewelt Packard Advance Design System, OrCAD.


Processing Technique: Milling, and Lithography.

Antenna Measurements: Anechoic Chamber, Near Field Range, Compact Range, ,GTEM Cell.

RF/Microwave Measurement: Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Source Generator, Digital Scope.


HDL languages: VHDL.

Programming languages: C, Matlab, MatCad, Pascal, Basic.

Assembly languages: 8088/86, Z80, and MC68000 series.

Operating Systems: UNIX, MS DOS, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems.



A Method to Obtain Full Wave Rectification of Radiation Received From an Antenna.

M. Sarehraz, K. Buckle, E. Stefanakos, T. Weller, Y. Goswami.

A High Frequency Feed Structure Applicable to a Single Antenna or an Array.

M. Sarehraz, K. Buckle, E. Stefanakos, T. Weller, Y. Goswami.

A Dual Polarized Feed Structure Applicable to a Single Antenna or an Array.

M. Sarehraz, K. Buckle, E. Stefanakos, T. Weller, Y. Goswami.


Rectenna Developments for Solar Energy Collection.

M. Sarehraz, K. Buckle, E. Stefanakos, T. Weller, S. Bhansali S. Krishnan, and Y. Goswami.

31st IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference and Exhibition, 2005.

An Aperture Coupled NRD Feed Structure for Dielectric Rod Antennas.

M. Sarehraz, K. Buckle, E. Stefanakos, and T. Weller,

IEEE International Workshop on Antenna Technology, 2006

A Novel Dual Polarized Dielectric Rod Antenna.

M. Sarehraz, K. Buckle, E. Stefanakos, and T. Weller,

IEEE International Workshop on Antenna Technology, 2006.

A Novel Anti-phase Dual Port Patch Antenna.

M. Sarehraz, K. Buckle, E. Stefanakos, and T. Weller,

IEEE International Workshop on Antenna Technology, 2006.

Design and Development of Novel Rectenna based Sensor for Infrared Detection.

S. Krishnan, M. Sarehraz, S. Bhansali and E. Stefanakos,

209th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society on Sensors, and Actuators, 2006.

Uncooled Nanoscale Infrared High-Speed Sensors for Missile Seeker Applications.

N. Kislov­­, M. Sarehraz, and E. Stefanakos, Defense & Security Symposium in Orlando, 2006.

Solar Rectenna Efficiency.

M. Sarehraz, K. Buckle, E. Stefanakos, Y. Goswami.

Journal of Solar Energy, 2008 (submitted).

MIM Rectifier Efficiency Model.

M. Sarehraz, S. Krishnan, K. Buckle, E. Stefanakos, T. Weller, and S. Bhansali

IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, 2008 (submitted)


Posted  11/12/2012

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