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Hijacked Resume Example

Here is an example of a resume that was literally hijacked and posed on a resume board by someone else. In this case, the resume that was hijacked belongs to me, Kirt Blattenberger. The content shown below is exactly as I copied it off of the WirelessDevNet Career Center website. Here is the URL for the resume if you want to see it for yourself. I don't plan to ask for it to be removed just because is serves as such an excellent example. Thanks to Kelly Painter for finding this!



(link has been removed)

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Desired Position:

RF or RF Field engineer

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Igor Zavgorodny
1212 13 street West Babylon.
NY . 11704
Phone (917)640 4721
E-Mail igorzav@netscape.net

RF- engineer with more then twenty five years in testing spaceware and wireless
communication hardware for military and commercial usefully as well.
. Some digital experience. .Familiar with many software packages.

Employment Experience

Aeroflex Lab Inc. 07/99 - 11/01
Plainview. Long Island . New York.

Bayside motion control 12/98 -07/99
Port Washington . Long Island . New York.
Circuit City (Customer service center) 06/98 -12/98
Hicksville Long Island . New York.

Certified Pager Repair 02/95 - 06/98
Brooklyn . New York

Russian NASA (Glavcosmos) 06/71 - 09/92
Moscow .former USSR

Test Experience
Accordingly, much of my time as an engineer has been spent in a field and military
environment building, tuning and measuring circuits and systems .My borrowed
motto is, "If it hasn't been tested, it doesn't work." No amount of simulation
and planning can suffice to declare a design working without testing over all
planned operational conditions. Test equipment is listed below

Test ?quipment Familarity
Spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, frequency counter, power meter, SINAD
meter, frequency synthesizer, signal generator, DMM, gain/phase meter,
I/Q test set, logic analyzer, arbitrary waveform , generator, noise figure meter,
analyzer, modulation analyzer, passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzer
(including GPIB interface to many)

Detailed Experience (chronological order, beginning with the most recent):

Designed turn-key production test solutions for wireless base station
and wireless appliance products in the GSM, DCS, PCS and iDEN^(TM) bands.
Generated electrical engineering portion of test system proposals,
including concept definition, cost estimate, labor schedule and customer interface.

Performed passive intermodulation (PIM) testing on high power base
station components.
Supported design and integration effort on VHF radio multi-port cosite
interference cancellation system.
Designed UHF amplifier/filter printed circuit assembly.
Designed and tested VHF switch matrix and amplifier PCA.
Perform system design and analysis on C-, X-, and Ku-Band satellite
earth station systems.
Create production assembly drawings and parts lists.
Specified, designed, analyzed, ordered parts for, directed building of,
documented, tested and integrated RF/analog transmit/receive chain of
Multi-Purpose Airport Radar (MPAR) IR&D project. S-Band through baseband
up/down conversion using combination of coaxial and waveguide components
was accomplished. Interfaces to digital controller circuits included
LVDS, RS-422 and relay implementations. High speed PIN switches and
attenuators; low noise amplifiers; high precision, low noise opamp
circuits; and precision A/D converters were used.
Provided technical support to field engineering effort responsible for
initial testing and verification of active element phased array antenna.
Planned and implemented physical integration of radar system areas at
local and open air test sites.
Designed and directed building of digital processing equipment rack and
RF/Analog equipment rack, including interface cabling.
Initiated and designed Intranet web site for RF/Analog Design
Engineering unit.
Maintained CAE software tool upgrades and performed user support.
Performed analysis and designed front end for UHF/L-Band, 4-channel,
direction-finding (DF) airborne receiving system including BIT
circuitry. Combination of connectorized and discrete components employed
in implementation of two chassis assemblies and an 8-layer,
surface-mount PCB.
Designed S/C-Band multi-octave front end for 8-channel DF system.
Completed project planning and design of test station to support depot
maintenance on a tracking and ranging S-Band receiver employed in the
Air Force Satellite Control Network (for AlliedSignal Technical Services
Co.). Design of 10 MHz distribution unit, S-Band AM modulator, and
creation of an overall testing philosophy were my primary responsibilities.
Founded Waypoint Software in 1992 to market TxRx Designer software.
Conceived of and wrote TxRx Designer software (all versions) in Turbo
Pascal. Wrote and published user's manual. Owner of all copyrights. TxRx
Designer is a full-featured frequency conversion and cascade analysis
CAE package with a custom graphical user interface.
Created and implemented marketing plan for advertisement in worldwide RF
engineering journals. Instituted customer response and order processing
Conceived of and wrote EE Ref software in Turbo C++ for Windows. Owner
of all copyrights.
Lead engineer for the redesign of a van-based mobile interrogation
system used in automated utility meter reading (910 - 960 MHz).
Performed system analysis for transmit and receive subsystems.
Eliminated long-standing modulation-induced spurious output from
transmitter while increasing output power. Designed new low noise front
end for downconverter. Specified higher performance Tx/Rx duplexer.
Modified receiver cards to improve bandwidth and detector response.
Wrote and performed extensive system test and production test
procedures. Very successful program.
Served as Design Engineering interface to Manufacturing for production
related issues on van-based and handheld units.
Responsible for RF and analog design of a Single-Channel-Per-Carrier
earth station modem for the Inmarsat satellite system. Incorporated an
O-QPSK/BPSK modulator/demodulator for translation of baseband
voice/fax/data information to a 70 MHz IF within a dense, multi-layer
surface-mount board. Active and passive filters, A/D, D/A, RF
amplifiers, PIN attenuators, power splitters/combiners, mixers, and a
digital output power level setting with digital leveling loop were
employed. Designed monitor/control ELPD. Wrote interface and test
software. Thoroughly documented design and production test procedures.
Designed and implemented frequency extension into existing analog
transmitter and receiver for Inmarsat M/B system. Performed detailed
design verification tests and wrote automated test software for production.
Specified and designed rack-mounted C-Band upconverters and
downconverters to Inmarsat specifications. Integrated RF subsystem, SBC,
custom interface PCB, and local/remote user interface. Performed system
analysis and hardware testing. Created documentation for moving into
production phase.
Designed and documented hardware packaging and substrates for hybrid RF,
digital, and analog circuits.

Performed system trouble - shooting .fix - up for customers .
Test fixture and system interface test for high- tech production environment
including pin probing of circuit boards.
Performed preliminary RF/analog test design proposal
Participated in proposal writing test -procedure for numerous synthesizers.
Supported design and integration effort on test of submodule and module.
Designated test equipment for automated testing in newly formed Test group
of technicians.
Participated in proposal writing on numerous frequency conversion systems
Prepared test document

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