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Technology Headline News Archive: April 2004

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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EU Will Lift Arms Sales Embargo: Tiananmen Square Forgive & Forget
Zigbee Efforts Alter Philips Semi Plans
Motorola Shifts Gears in China to Auto Electronics
Offshore Opt-Out From E-Loan
Offshoring: Good for Business, Bad for America
X Prize Founder Predicts Summer Victory
New NASA Technology Helps Forecasters In Severe Weather Season
Scientists Developing Liquid Body Armor
Funding Remains At Center Of Debate On Missile Defense For Airliners
Capitol Hill Hotspot Offers Free Wi-Fi (Think Big Brother Will Be Listening?)
Defense Official Faces Corruption Probe For Cell Phone Contract
Raytheon Eup, Pension Expenses A Drag On Profits
Hiring Spike In U.K.
High-speed Nanotube Transistors Could Lead To Better Cell Phones, Faster Computers
Mars Rovers Finish Primary Mission
U.S. Patent Office Swamped by Backlog
APLAC Version 7.92 Released
Anti Missile Defense Shield On Alert By September
New Space For Satellites in Arizona
UWB Developer Pulselink Raises $30 Million; Joins Both UWB Groups
Boeing Gets US$6B Order
US Cell Customers Generally Happy
Lockheed 1Q Earnings Rise 16 Percent
Japanese Joint Venture To Develop Super Capacitors That Rival NiHM Cells
Ceramic Diodes Claim Optimum ESD Protection
Interest Growing In 'Security' Blimps
Doing Business With Asia/Pacific Inc.
Bush Touts Broadband, Fuel Cells In MN Speech
Diary Sheds Light On Einstein's Final Years
Space Superiority Essential In War
China's Weapons Buildup Seen Posing Growing Challenge To U.S.
National Semi Open Korean Design Center
China IP Theft May Get Worse
Steady Growth Continues
Local Firms Respond to A Changing U.S. Military
Report: College Science Classes Are Boring
Scientists Post A Lower Speed Limit For Magnetic Switching
Robotic Hubble Servicing Is Feasible, NASA Decides
Call To Recycle Cell Phones
Samsung Tops Intel In Capital Spending Rankings
Microminiature D-Subs Aim For Aerospace Applications
China IP Theft May Get Worse
Bell Labs Wins $26 Million DoD Contract For Laser Communications
April Shower Kicks Off Meteor Season
Arecibo Radiotelescope Made Incredibly More Sensitive
RFMD Acquires Leading Bluetooth Product Company Silicon Wave
New Managing Director At APLAC Solutions
Eagleware Announces Shipment of GENESYS 2004
China Backs Off Of WAPI Proposal
Industry Feverishly Building Fibs, Says SMA
Scientists Define Cyber-Speed Limit
Military Looks To Northeastern Professor For A Future Powered By Fuel Cells
UCLA Geophysicist Warns 6.4 Quake To Hit LA By Sept 5'
NASA, Russia Head Toward Showdown in space
Lockheed Martin Awarded Contract for Space Based Radar
Soyuz Docks Safely at International Space Station
In Search of Gravitomagnetism
Aerospace Lifts Honeywell Profits
Record Cash Flows for Europe's Telcos
Homeland Security Companies Consolidating
New Managing Director At APLAC Solutions
RF Micro Devices (RFMD) Announces New Business Strategy
Analog Devices' 14-Bit DAC Breaks 1,000 MSPS Speed Barrier: 1.2 GSPS
Dell Contributes 448 Gflops To Online Database Of Earth Images
Dean Demands Changes In Engineering Education
Boeing In-Flight Web Plan Gets Airborne
Radio Waves Supports Potential 3.6 GHz WISP Allocation
FCC Proposes Opening 3.6 GHz Band For Wi-Fi
U.S. Army Seeking 'Early Success' For Directed Energy Weapon
The Urge To Innovate
Norway Threatens To Revoke Support For Strike Fighter
RFID Reshapes Supply Chain Management
Broadcom Acquires Bluetooth Player
Wireless Security Tops U.S.-China Trade Talks
Linux: Unfit For National Security?
Grumman Faces Accounts Quiz
Judge Orders Phone Thrown Out Of Window
Telecom Industry to Begin Rebound in 2004 - Report
Loral Skynet Successfully Completes Skyreach Trials
IBM Reports $150M Loss in IC Unit, Blames 300-mm Fab Yields
Polymer FETs Pushed Below 1 Micron
Pressure on Sun Rises as Earnings Continue Slide
NATO To Award Surveillance Plane Deal
Web Inventor (no, not Algore) Wins $1.23M Award
Toppan and Sony Develop 25GB Paper-Based, Blu-Ray Disc (Bye-Bye DVD?)
UCLA Geophysicist Warns 6.4 Quake To Hit LA By Sept 5th
One In Six Use Wireless Net, Survey Finds
Nanotron Raises $9.5 Million For Short-Range Wireless Technology
RFID Chip Price Expected To Drop Below US$0.05
Microsoft To Pour Millions Into Chinese Software Industry
Idaho Terrorist Website Operator's Trial Could Test Patriot Act
Agilent To Triple Staff In India By 2006
RFID Could Make Retail Price Checking Easier
Defense Drives Economy
UAV Battlelab Experiments With Feature Recognition Software
Grads See Brighter Job Prospects
Wi-Fi Will Surpass 3G By 2007
Phone Explodes In Hong Kong
New Molecule Heralds Breakthrough In Electronic Plastics
Maxim Files Suit Against Qualcomm Over CDMA Patents
After 45 Years (and $700M), A Gravity Experiment Takes Flight
Three Top European Satellite Firms On PanAmSat
Foreign Fraud Hits U.S. e-Commerce Firms Hard
Raytheon Awarded $82.4M AIM-9X Missile Contract
Satellites To Extend Broadband's Reach
U.S. War Plans For Korean Peninsula Being Rewritten
Cell Phone Sparks Fire
Broadband Prepares To Take Off
Boeing Plays Defense
Green Hills Calls Linux 'Insecure' For Defense
Breakfast In Silicon Forest: Nano Comes To Life
Engineering Sector Feels The Pressure
Possible Answer To Earth's Magnetic Field Reversal
Handset Chipmakers To Extend Lead Times Due To RF IC Shortage
Windfall Predicted For Chip Gear Makers
After Years Of Struggle, GPS Is Taking Off
FTC Raids Intel's Japan Unit Over Microprocessor Deals
Northrop Grumman Develops New Capability for Electronic Attack Aircraft
New .mail Domain Designed To Slow Spam
Tiny Surveillance Aircraft To Fly In Tucson
GE Earnings Up 8 percent
L-Mart Receives $73 Million To Provide KC-130J Simulators
Defense Firm BAE To Cut 1,000 Jobs
Wisair Demos First MB-OFDM UWB Transceiver
US Set For Massive Broadband Growth...
Raytheon Plans Low-Cost Variant Of Joint Standoff Weapon
Rutan's SpaceShipOne Gets Federal Go-Ahead
Internet2 May Change The Way Scientists Conduct Research
Luxury Electronics Aid Japan's Recovery
UMC's Q1 Up 41.5%
US Broadband Market Reaches Critical Mass
San Francisco State University Mulls Axing Engineering School
Boeing & Airbus Domination Challenged With New Chinese Regional Jet
Cell Phones Disrupt Some Police Radios
Flash Mob Creates 180-Gflop Semi-Super Computer
Moto To Be Freescale Semi Customer Through 2006
Air Force May Reinstate Boeing
Airbus Sees New Orders Slide
Lucent lays Off China Execs
Security Scare For Business Laptops
Microsoft's Gates Dethroned As World's Richest Person By Cheap Furniture Magnate
Outraged Public Hatches Schemes To Save Hubble
Microtune Claims Victory Against Broadcom
Intel Refuses To Back Down On Chinese WLAN Spec
Mobile Industry Expects Rising Profits This Year
New Legislation Would Speed FAA Certification Of Airliners Anti-Missile Systems
Intel: Radio Bands Need Better Tuning
Court Strikes FCC's Broadband Stance
Inquiry Calls UK Gvt. Support Of Nanotechnology 'Lacking In Foresight'
Legislation Speeds FAA Certification Of  Airliners Anti-Missile Systems
Agilent Sets Up Chip Design Centr In India
Shuttle Return-To-Flight Cost Projected To Be $600-700 Million
NASCAR Event Gets Wi-Fi Via Tropos' Gear
Smartphones Not So Smart - Report
Guru Robert Lucky Warns Of End-User Broadband expectations
Ericsson Raises Q1 Expectations
Big Changes In Store For PCs
Judge: File Sharing Legal In Canada - Your Company's Software Can Be Stolen
Quasar Studies Keep Fundamental Physical Constant - Constant
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Windfreak Technologies
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