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AWR's E-Newsletter 2009 Edition #4

Welcome to AWR's E-Newsletter!

AWR E-Newsletter #4  2009 

Top Story AWR Sherry Hess, Vice President of Markeing, AWR SMALL COMPANIES - WINNERS IN THE NEW ECONOMY!
Sherry Hess Blogs on Microwave Journal A recent article in the Harvard Business Journal " Why small companies will win in this economy" got me smiling because it validates the success our company is having versus our larger corporate competitors during this current economic climate.  The bottom line in this piece is that the author, Peter Bergman, says that it is now too risky to do business with big companies as the trust isn't there anymore.

My full blog on this topic can be found on the MWJ website here http://mwexpert.typepad.com/awr/ but one passage to highlight in this e-newsletter is the importance of connecting with a company's CEO.   And by connecting, I mean more than just connecting by telephone or email but also by connecting in content and substance as well.

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I'm ecstatic about the fact that you can call us at AWR and Dane, our CEO, will answer! More often than not, he's the one dialing the phone to find you and understand your business.  I know first hand that he's reached out to many universities/professors over these past few months, as well as to users and managers at many commercial and aerospace firms, plus a host of partnering firms, to better understand how we can be of value (or more value) to you.  And it's not just about accessibility of the CEO, but also that the CEO possesses the ability to understand the challenges you face. 

Everyone, including Dane, is highly accessible at AWR. And because AWR is a company of microwave engineers, we know what your needs are, we listen to your requests and suggestions, and we strive to make your life easier. Our customers, partners and colleagues have grown to appreciate this and I believe is one big reason why AWR is consistently rated tops in customer service by its RF/microwave community of users.

If "small is the new big," it's certainly a welcome silver lining in this presently cloudy economic environment. 

Sherry Hess, Vice President of Marketing, AWR

AWR Expands Free Online Training

Microwave Office 2009AWR's free online training program, launched on September 21, received an overwhelmingly positive response-so much so that we are well on our way to adding more classes and expanding the time schedule to be more convenient for our customers around the world to attend.

The AWR free online training program is aimed at helping customers become more efficient and proficient with the company's design tools, enabling greater productivity without ever leaving the work environment or home office.
Developed and presented by Dr. John Dunn, a recognized RF/microwave industry expert, AWR training is module-based for manageable time commitment. A module consists of three 90-minute webinars (60 minutes of content and 30 minutes of Q&A). The schedule is flexible, with modules offered over several weeks. Customers can tune in to live lectures via telephone and web browser and/or replay the lecture later when more convenient. Each lecture comes with a 90-minute take home exercise designed to enhance understanding of the material in order to get the most out of the online training session.

Visit AWR Online Training to learn more and register at: http://web.awrcorp.com/online-training/& to get access to training archives. New courses will start early in 2010!

AWR Success Story - Amplifier Technology

Customer Success Story

Amplifier Technology Uses Microwave Office® to Design High Performance Amplifiers While Cutting 50% Off Their Design Time

"Microwave Office has helped us characterize appropriate parameters for each prototype design, evaluate possible variants and simulate the device performance straight from the design stage. In my experience Microwave Office is the best design solution available on the market."

Paul Deacon
Senior RF Design Engineer
Amplifier Technology

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AWR Success Story - Creowave

Customer Success Story

Creowave Trusts Microwave Office and Designs Precise Filters
Right the First Time

"For Creowave it is extremely important to succeed on the first round. We don't do many design-rounds because the filters have to be on the market fast. We believe that this is not possible with any other tools besides AWR."

Jyrki Koski
Managing Director

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AWR Success Story - TriQuint

Customer Success Story

TriQuint Solves Entire Non-Uniform Distributed Power Amplifier Structure Using AXIEM™

"The power and speed of AWR's new AXIEM 3D planar EM software made it possible to accurately and efficiently simulate the entire structure of this very complex NDPA MMIC."

Chuck Campbell
TriQuint Semiconductor

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Tech Talk with AWR

Today's Host: Dr. Mike Heimlich, Microwave & RF Marketing, AWR Corporation

AAWR's New Constant Output Power FeatureAWR Mike Heimlich
View this Video Tutorial on AWR.TV

Most simulators are capable of sweeping the power of signal or tone at it's input, but how many can give you control of a signal at the output? This video discusses and demonstrates AWR's new Constant Output Power (CONSTPOUT block) feature designed specifically to control the output power of a circuit. Holding the simulated output power constant, designers can now explore how intermodulation, power-added efficiency and a host of other measurements vary to maintain a given output power. You may try this new feature by opening the  <High_Power_BJT_Amp.emp> example found in AWRDE™ 2009 examples.

Submit your technical questions to support@awrcorp.com and they just might appear in a future "tech talk" feature.


Sherry Hess
Vice President of Marketing
AWR Corporation
(310) 726-3000

Posted  12/13/2009
Werbel Microwave (power dividers, couplers)

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