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Azimuth Systems Press Release - October 26, 2010

Azimuth Systems Records Best Quarter in Company History in Q3 2010

- Leading Provider of Wireless MIMO Channel Emulators Realizes Largest Bookings
   and Shipments in Third Quarter

Azimuth Systems

ACTON, MA – October 26, 2010 – Azimuth Systems, Inc., a leading provider of wireless broadband test equipment and channel emulators, today announced record bookings and shipments in the third quarter of 2010, continuing the company’s record-breaking growth pace for the year. Third-quarter bookings increased 90% from the same period 2009, while year-to-date bookings increased 70% over year-to-date 2009. Furthermore, Azimuth achieved record quarterly revenues and continued its string of profitable 2010 quarters. The company’s growth is primarily a result of the global success of Azimuth’s award-winning ACE™ MX MIMO channel emulator.

Throughout the third quarter of 2010, Azimuth continued to expand sales of its wireless channel emulator systems for LTE, WiMAX and 2G/3G testing to wireless semiconductor, infrastructure and mobile equipment vendors, and service provider companies across North America, Europe and Asia. The company added 14 new worldwide customers, including publicly announced wins with Deutsche Telecom, LG-Ericsson, Taiwan Institute for Information Industry and MindTree.

During the quarter, Azimuth continued its commitment to product innovation with the second software release of its Field-to-Lab (FTL) solution and enhancements to its Real-Time Playback (RTP) capabilities. The Field-to-Lab solution allows dynamically changing RF conditions collected by drive test tools to be replayed in the laboratory through the ACE MX MIMO channel emulator. Field-to-Lab enables robust smartphone/device/network testing for pre-deployment validation as well as the ability to troubleshoot, improve and optimize system performance. As a result of these enhancements, Azimuth’s Field-to-Lab Solution has been adopted during the quarter by a major U.S. mobile network operator and major European infrastructure vendor. In addition, several evaluations have been initiated worldwide.

The market strength of the Azimuth ACE MX wireless channel emulator was further validated by its selection as a finalist in the Best Network/Device Testing Product for LTE category of the 2010 Informa Telecoms & Media LTE North America awards. The prestigious award recognizes network and/or device testing products that are exceptional in their industry. For its selection, Azimuth demonstrated the impact its products have had on measuring true LTE performance in real life conditions.

"Channel emulation testing has become central to MIMO-based technologies such as LTE and WiMAX, and as a result, our market-leading ACE MX wireless channel emulator has secured several relationships with key new worldwide customers," said Jim Iuliano, president and CEO of Azimuth Systems. "Azimuth is investing in expanding its global footprint to support this growth, and the company’s sustained profitability allows us to aggressively increase investments in new product development such as our Field-to Lab solution. The overall market adoption of the ACE MX channel emulator by market-leading ecosystem companies, and particularly the excitement around our Field-to-Lab solution, will continue to drive the company’s revenue growth and profitability."

A purpose-built enhanced testing solution, the ACE MX wireless channel emulator is architected to meet the demanding needs of Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) and orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM)-based systems for testing LTE and other advanced wireless infrastructure equipment and devices, and also includes all of the backwards-compatible channel emulation features to test 2G/3G cellular products. The ACE MX wireless channel emulator is also utilized in two market-leading Azimuth solutions – the Field-to-Lab solution and the MIMO OTA Device Test solution which enable much more robust lab testing of LTE/WiMAX/3G MIMO devices.

About Azimuth Systems
Azimuth Systems is a leading provider of wireless channel emulators and wireless broadband test equipment for Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE and 2G/3G cellular technologies. Azimuth’s products are used by the world’s foremost wireless semiconductor designers, infrastructure and mobile equipment vendors, and service providers to improve wireless product quality and speed time-to-market. Azimuth’s wireless channel emulation and test products and solutions enable research, development, quality assurance and systems engineers to test the performance, conformance, certification and interoperability of broadband wireless devices and networks while greatly reducing the cost and time of manual testing.
The company is based near Boston, Massachusetts USA and may be contacted at +1 (978) 263-6610 or at www.azimuthsystems.com.  Follow Azimuth Systems on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/azimuthsystems.   
Azimuth® is a registered trademark of Azimuth Systems and ACE™ is a trademark of Azimuth Systems.
# # #

For additional information, contact:

Graham Celine
Azimuth Systems, Inc.

Posted  10/27/2009
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