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AWR Corporation Press Release - November 2011

AWR E-News - November 2011
Rainy England Doesn't Dampen EuMW 2011!

I recently attended EuMW 2011 in Manchester. In spite of the typical English weather, the EuMW 2011 proved to be another exciting exhibition for AWR. Our booth was busy as we were showcasing AWR 2011 and our newest announcement, AWR Connected™ for Antenna Magus. (View the related Microwave Journal Video Interview). In addition, we also highlighted an Infineon PA demonstration with NI hardware, this demo was Antenna Magus - Video Interviewa real crowd catcher! If you missed this demo check it out now. Lastly, AWR also proudly sponsored the very first "MicroApps" during EuMW. Off to a good start, we plan to do it again next year as well. If you missed out, apply for your free MicroApps presentation CD today.
Antti Lautanen, Marketing Manager, AWR

Circuit Envelope Simulation: A Powerful Resource for 4G Power Amplifier Design
HFE Cover Story October 2011
High Frequency Electronics Cover Article in October 2011

This issue’s cover features AWR’s new circuit envelope simulation technology and in particular how it allows Infineon's PA designers to analyze how circuit design choices affect performance with modulated signals.

Read the Complete Article >>

AWR Connected for Antenna Magus

AWR.TV Antenna MagusAWR and Magus recently announced joint marketing plans. With AWR Connected for Antenna Magus, validated, parametric models of initial antenna designs are seamlessly exported into AWR's Microwave Office™ / AXIEM® software for further characterization, including tuning and optimization.

Using LabVIEW with AWR to Design Complex Circuits for Wireless Applications

Today's wireless networks require that the performance of amplifiers and other circuits be evaluated from baseband through RF and microwave frequencies using integrated EDA tools. These tools must combine digital baseband signal processing and high-frequency design software HiL Application Notewith the ability to stimulate circuits with hardware-based and "virtual" test equipment using "real-world" (standards-based) waveforms.

This application note describes the benefits of this approach using AWR's Microwave Office and Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) high-frequency design software alongside National Instruments' LabVIEW signal processing software and virtual instruments for meeting this challenge.

Download the Application Note >>

High-Speed Serial Backplane -
SERDES Design Example

Having high-frequency design tools resident on a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) provides a streamlined work flow that eliminates the time required to transfer measured data to a simulator SERDES Application Noterunning on a separate PC or workstation. This is one of the unique advantages provided by AWR Connected for Anritsu VectorStar, in which AWR's Microwave Office software is resident in the Anritsu VectorStar VNA.

This application note demonstrates these advantages in the design of a high-speed serial backplane, such as allowing good channel design to be achieved at early development stages and validating the design as it grows in complexity throughout the design process.

Download the Application Note >>

Best regards,

AWR Marketing Team
AWR Corporation
EuMW MicroApps Presentation CD

This FREE CD contains over 30+ presentations on novel RF/microwave applications presented in Manchester.

Order your Own Copy >>

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AWR Helps Students to Understand Real-World Microwave Design Concepts Intuitively

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Circuit Envelope Simulation: A Powerful Resource for 4G Power Amplifier Design (PDF)

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EDA Tools - Impact on Microwave Design

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AWR Connected Integrates Antenna Magus with AWR Microwave Office 2011 (Video)

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Software Bytes: NI-AWR a New Merger Paradigm?

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Bristol University Success Story Shows How Students Quickly Adapt to Microwave Office Software

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The Wonderful World Of Electromagnetic Antenna Simulation

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IMS2011 - AWR Booth Demo (Video)

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Posted  11/27/2011

Innovative Power Products Couplers

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