Introducing The Expert Institute

The Expert Institute flow chart - RF CafeJoe O'Neill wrote to request a listing for The Expert Institute on RF Cafe's "Expert Witnesses" services page. I agreed, and also, after perusing his company's website, I asked for and received permission to reproduce some of the short articles they have on topics relevant to RF Cafe visitors (that includes you). Stay tuned - the first of them will appear very soon. As with the articles written by IMS ExpertServices, I find case studies very interesting and informative since they represent real-world instances of legal challenges. The Expert Institute invites you to contact them either for requesting or providing expert services.


Introducing The Expert Institute

November 11, 2014

The Expert Institute is the fastest growing expert witness referral platform in the country, taking a data-driven approach to locating leading experts in every industry. Founded in 2010 in New York City, The Expert Institute has provided expert referrals to many of the nation's top law firms, and specializes in locating expert candidates in highly technical or unusual areas of expertise for a one-time flat fee. As an expert, joining The Expert Institute's growing database of industrial professionals is completely free, and allows you to work directly with the attorney on every case you are referred to, with no fees or penalties taken from your normal hourly rate. In addition to our expert referral service, The Expert Institute publishes an expert case study archive and expert witness blog, updated weekly with information to help legal professionals make smarter decisions when working with experts.



About The Expert Institute

Established in 2010, the initial focus was on designing a platform able to aggregate and filter today's unprecedented amount of publicly available professional information to maintain a detailed "live" record for each active expert in our system. As a result this allows us to quickly match your individual requirements with the most qualified and relevant expert.

Today our network consists of leading global industry executives, senior managers, operational and product experts, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and professionals across all industries.




Joseph O'Neill
Marketing Communications Manager
The Expert Institute
Phone: (888) 858-9511 Ext. 825
75 Maiden Lane
Suite 704
New York, NY 10038





Posted  November 12, 2014