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Quantenna Announces World's First 802.11ac
10G Wave 3 Wi-Fi Product Line

Quantenna logo - RF Cafe

World's Fastest 10Gbps Family for Wi-Fi Access Points Features True 8x8™ and MIMO for 5GHz and 2.4GHz to Manage High-Density Wireless Networks

FREMONT, Calif., Sept. 9, 2015 – IBC2015Quantenna Communications, the leader in ultra-high performance Wi-Fi, today announced the availability of the industry's first 10G Wave 3 Wi-Fi product family. The products are built on Quantenna's True 8x8™ QSR10G Wi-Fi platform with multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology for home wireless access points and residential gateways. Quantenna's up-to-12-streams 10G Wave 3 product family delivers unprecedented Wi-Fi performance, reliability and capacity for high-density environments, and can address both the service provider and retail market segments.

Quantenna Announces World’s First 802.11ac 10G Wave 3 Wi-Fi Product Line - RF Cafe

10G Wave 3 is a revolutionary new way for Wi-Fi networks to operate. As Wi-Fi usage continues to explode, 10G Wave 3 provides the flexibility and scalability to meet the growing demand for Wi-Fi capacity. Quantenna is the first and only company implementing 10G Wave 3 to support speeds up to 10Gbps. This milestone speed benchmark for Wi-Fi is attained by combining the industry's first True 8x8™ MIMO configuration for 5GHz networks with a 4x4 MIMO configuration on 2.4GHz networks for a combined 12-stream configuration.

Quantenna's 10G Wave 3 platform delivers the maximum capacity within the minimum spectrum so that more streams can be simultaneously transmitted with improved range and reliability. This means that 802.11 Wi-Fi access points or gateways using Quantenna's 10G Wave 3 product family can support more clients, each running more efficiently for such demanding applications as real-time video, OTT video, voice, IoT and other services. Even single-user MIMO (SU-MIMO), 1x1 and 2x2 client performance is vastly improved, ensuring that the millions of currently shipping mainstream smart phones, tablets and notebook PCs will also benefit from an improved Wi-Fi experience.

According to ABI Research, over 1.5 billion products with 802.11ac will ship worldwide by the end of 2015. "Shipments of devices which support the 802.11ac standard grew significantly in 2014 and 2015," said ABI Research Director Philip Solis. "Rising demand for home access points that can manage and support the dozens of Wi-Fi devices is generating an immense opportunity for leading component suppliers, such as Quantenna, who are early to market with innovative solutions."

The QSR10G Wave 3 product family also supports a unique adaptive MIMO architecture. This enables 10G Wave 3 access points to maximize overall network performance, delivering the best possible capacity across all client devices. This is important as the mix of legacy and new client devices are changing, as end consumers adopt more devices with 802.11ac.

"In Wi-Fi access points more antennas are always better, but 10G Wave 3 is not just about 8x8 MU-MIMO and faster speeds. It's about making better use of network and airtime efficiency to support the growing number of connected devices, services and applications," said Dr. Sam Heidari, Quantenna CEO. "After pioneering the Wi-Fi industry with 4x4 MIMO, we've gained a deep understanding of real-world channel behavior in crowded environments. These insights have led to the creation of 10G Wave 3 and the world's first 8x8 MIMO, which are poised to revolutionize the Wi-Fi experience."

In addition, 10G Wave 3 allows access points to support up to four simultaneous Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) clients per group. This means more total system capacity and aggregate throughput can be supported - a trend that continues unabated, as the number of clients increases per household over time. More consumers will experience the fastest, most reliable video streaming experience, faster downloads and uploads, and better performance even at extremely long distances, in challenging high-density Wi-Fi home environments and outdoor applications like Wi-Fi hotspots.

Key Wave 3 Features and Benefits

  • Integrated AP chipset for dual-band (5GHz and 2.4GHz), dual concurrent operation and management
  • 160MHz channel support for 5GHz networks. When combined with 8x8 MIMO configuration, this offers 4x the capacity of 80MHz 4x4 MIMO networks
  • Unique adaptive MIMO configuration
  • Up to 1024 QAM modulation for 2.4GHz and 5GHz transmissions
  • Supports rich set of interfaces to external hosts such as PCIe Gen3/Gen2, RXAUI, RGMII, and others

Additional QSR10G Product Family Features

The QSR10G product family delivers 10G Wi-Fi with up to 8x8 MU-MIMO for smart access points, wireless cable/DSL gateways. Key features of the industry's first 10G Wave 3 Wi-Fi product family include:

  • QSR10GU
    • Peak PHY rate of near 10Gbps
    • Support for simultaneous 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks
    • 12 stream operation
  • QSR10GA
    • Peak PHY rate of 9Gbps
    • Support for simultaneous 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks
    • 10 stream operation
  • QSR10PA
    • o   Peak PHY rate of 7Gbps
    • o   Support for simultaneous 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks
    • o   8 stream operation
  • QSR10G5
    • Peak PHY rate of 8.6Gbps
    • Support for 5GHz networks
    • 8 stream operation


Quantenna's QSR10GU, QSR10GA, QSR10G5 and QSR10PA are now sampling to early access partners.

About Quantenna

Quantenna is the global leader and innovator of ultra-high performance Wi-Fi semiconductor and system software solutions that establish benchmarks for speed, range, efficiency and reliability. Quantenna continues to innovate and introduced the world's first 10G Wave 3 Wi-Fi technology for a new generation of access points in home, enterprise and public spaces. Quantenna Wi-Fi solutions are generations ahead of any other available solution; while transmitting faster, reaching farther and serving more devices more reliably than any other Wi-Fi solution ever created. Coupled with MAUI, the cloud-based Wi-Fi analytics platform, service providers can deliver real-time, automated Wi-Fi monitoring, optimization, and self-healing to their customers around the clock to offer the best Wi-Fi experience. Quantenna's Wi-Fi chipsets are being deployed by Tier One retail OEMs and telecom, cable and satellite service providers worldwide including AT&T, DirecTV, Orange and Telefonica. With the industry's highest performing Wi-Fi solutions, Quantenna is Wi-Fi Perfected. For more information, visit www.quantenna.com. Follow us on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

Quantenna Communications
3450 W. Warren Avenue
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel:  +1-510-743-2260
E-Mail:  info@quantenna.com
Web:  www.quantenna.com



Posted September 13, 2015

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