QuinStar Power Amplifiers Boost Radar, Communications, Defense Systems

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Quinstar Power Amplifiers Boost Radar, Communications, Defense Systems - RF CafeNASA Center: Jet Propulsion Laboratory Public Release Year: 2017 Reference Number: JPL-SO-206 Category: Computer Technology Origin: Solid-state power amplifiers for satellites

Abstract: As a subcontractor under an SBIR contract from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, QuinStar Technology Inc. of Torrance, California, developed a solid-state power amplifier of unprecedented efficiency. While most comparable devices lose 20 percent of their amplified energy when their signals recombine, QuinStar's lose 8 percent. The solid-state technology requires lower voltage and is lighter, more compact, and more reliable than its tube-based predecessors, making it ideal for radars, communications equipment on spacecraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Full Article: https://spinoff.nasa.gov/Spinoff2017/pdf/it_7.pdf

Page Number in Published book: 152 Manufacturer: QuinStar Technology Inc.

About QuinStar

At QuinStar, we know that good decision making depends on good information. We see ourselves as an essential part of the global effort to provide real-time, critical information for the decisions that advance humankind. We see a world of unlimited potential when real-time and critical information is readily available for decision making. Our work supports transformative technologies including autonomous vehicles, satellite communications, environmental sensing, quantum computing development, and the ever-expanding Internet of Things.

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Posted December 12, 2017