Troll's Network LinkBox Provides a Network Bridge Between Air and Ground Operations

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May 15, 2017 - Troll's Network LinkBox Provides a Network Bridge Between Air and Ground Operations - RF CafeTroll's LinkBox manages IP network payloads, cameras, antennas, encoding, decoding, encryption, reception and transmission using DVB-T, TCDLs and MIMO. The LinkBox is compatible with leading mapping interfaces and provides seamless network bridge between air and ground operations.

Its multi-port Ethernet switch and power distribution systems allows for the rapid integration of third-party equipment, ensuring that users can easily adapt their aircraft to meet current and future operational needs. Ethernet also simplifies security, control, and data management, while providing a means to distribute content to mobile receivers, cellular devices, cloud servers, edge servers and customer specified networks. Troll's Network LinkBox can support any video input, including multiple video streams from onboard cameras, sensors and mapping systems. Live video capture can be displayed on the LinkBox touch screen monitor or external monitor via HDMI. Radio options are flexible and can be configured for each application. Typically DVB-T, TCDL or MIMO Audio is supported in both analog and embedded modes, and data may be sent over serial or native IP links. Bidirectional options are available to support full network bridging, routing and connection to the aircraft.

About Troll Systems

Troll Systems has been a leading manufacturer of remote control microwave systems and automated air and ground directional tracking antennas for 25 years.

Troll Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified U.S. manufacturer of advanced microwave datalink solutions. Sold worldwide to commercial broadcast, law enforcement, military and government users, Troll has over 1,000 customers in more than 30 countries, including aircraft OEMs, government agencies, commercial broadcasters, and prime DoD contractors.

Our manned and unmanned systems have been deployed in demanding physical and operational environments, delivering unmatched performance and reliability.


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Posted May 19, 2017