Signal Hound Announcing Two New Devices at IMS 2019 in Boston

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Signal Hound offering live demonstrations of the new SM200B spectrum analyzer and VSG60A vector signal generator; general availability for both devices in Q4 2019.

Battle Ground, WA - May 30, 2019 - Signal Hound, a developer of highly optimized solutions for RF signal test and measurement, is exhibiting June 4th-6th, 2019 in Boston (booth 123) at the IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS), the premier annual international meeting for technologists involved in all aspects of microwave theory and practice. Signal Hound will be demonstrating their range of products and are highlighting two new devices - the SM200B 20 GHz spectrum analyzer ($12,300 U.S. retail) and the VSG60A 6 GHz signal generator ($2,350 U.S. retail). Both products are scheduled for general availability later this year.

New 20 GHz Analyzer with 160 MHz IBW of Calibrated I/Q Capture - RF CafeNew 20 GHz Analyzer with 160 MHz IBW of Calibrated I/Q Capture

Signal Hound's new SM200B offers 160 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) calibrated I/Q capture, available through block transfer of a 2-second I/Q buffer over USB 3.0 to the PC. This added 2-seconds of segmented I/Q capture memory, with advanced triggering options such as frequency mask triggering (FMT) plus user-specified pre- and post-trigger, satisfies the ever-increasing analysis bandwidth demands of the wireless industry. The SM200B maintains the same dynamic range, phase noise, 1 THz/s sweep speed, and 100 kHz to 20 GHz tuning range that makes the SM200A so popular. The new SM200B, offering 160 MHz IBW I/Q capture.

Bruce Devine, Signal Hound CEO, comments that "By adding the 160 MHz I/Q capture buffer to the SM200B, we've opened the door for customers looking to do serious work with spectrum monitoring, 5G, and radar at an unrivaled and affordable price."

New 6 GHz Vector Signal Generator

New 6 GHz Vector Signal Generator - RF CafeSignal Hound is also announcing the VSG60A vector signal generator, which offers the performance and agility of a serious vector signal generator at a fraction of the cost. A low phase noise, agile local oscillator with a 200 μs switch time enables frequency hopping spread spectrum testing, and a dual 14-bit DAC runs at 2x or 3x the I/Q symbol rate using digital oversampling to provide a flat, clean baseband. A trigger output is available to synchronize your VSG60A with other test equipment. The VSG60A 6 GHz vector signal generator with 40 MHz streaming modulation bandwidth.

The VSG60A includes a variety of pre-programmed modulation types including Wi-Fi, QAM, PSK, CW, Pulse, Multi-tone, and many more. "As a fully calibrated 40MHz bandwidth streaming I/Q Vector Signal Generator with waveform generation software included and an affordable price point, the VSG60A is truly in a class of its own – especially as a small form-factor device" states Cory Allen, Marketing Director.

SM200B and VSG60A Availability.

Both the SM200B 20 GHz spectrum analyzer and VSG60A 6 GHz vector signal generator will be available for purchase on the Signal Hound website and through global distributors in Q4 2019.

About Signal Hound

Signal Hound is a manufacturer of affordable, high-performance test equipment based in Battle Ground, WA. Starting out as Test Equipment Plus in 1996 and offering used test equipment and repair services, Signal Hound expanded its offerings in 2010 with the introduction of the USB-SA44 USB-powered spectrum analyzer. Signal Hound has since added several award-winning RF spectrum analyzers and signal generators, now sold globally. Visit for more information.


Cory Allen

Marketing Director

Signal Hound

1502 SE Commerce Ave, Suite 101

Battle Ground, WA, 98604

Telephone: 360-217-0112 x1001





Posted June 3, 2019