3-Phase AC-DC Power Supplies in Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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Aegis Power Systems AC-DC Power Supply with Alignment to SOSA™ Technical Standard  - RF Cafe


Murphy, NC - September 28, 2021 - Aegis Power Systems, a leading supplier of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies for custom and special applications, has posted a blog entitled "Utilizing Three-Phase AC-DC Power Supplies in Unmanned Aircraft Systems".

Utilizing Three-Phase AC-DC Power Supplies in Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Aegis Power Systems CTA803 Enclosed Case AC−DC Power Supply - RF Cafe

CTA803 Enclosed Case AC−DC Power Supply

Features: AC−DC Power Supply | Three Phase 50/60 Hz 208 Vac Input (Line-Line) |+28 Output, 9000 W Max | Water Resistant (Sealed Enclosure) | MIL−STD−810F Environmental | MIL−STD−461F EMI | MIL−STD−1275E +28 V Vehicle Power | MIL−STD−1472F Safety Markings

"Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) consist of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and a controller and data system that allows operators or programs to control the vehicle. UAS units come in a wide variety of electronic and electromechanical options that can be autonomous, remotely piloted, or both.

Electronic UAS units give military and defense organizations control during potentially hazardous missions. Unmanned vehicles are safer, can be programmed with routine instructions or operational parameters, and allow remote operations with a significantly reduced risk of error or communication delays. This blog post will discuss the benefits of unmanned aircraft systems in different applications and how Aegis Power Systems can help with power conversion for such units.

Benefits of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Unmanned aircraft systems offer many benefits over traditional manned aircraft vehicles and systems in certain applications. Some of the key advantages include:


The safety benefits offered by UAS units are perhaps the most prominent and impactful. Unmanned aircraft don’t need pilots or servicemen on board, which significantly reduces the risk of fatalities during dangerous operations. Shifting from manned vehicles to UAS has enormous potential to save lives.


Autonomous technologies provide better efficiency than manually operated technologies because they can operate long hours without breaks or any loss in concentration. Remote operators or program managers can oversee the UAS from a local base without extensive travel or with changing shifts. Even the construction of the vehicles themselves is often more efficient, as they don’t need to be built to accommodate operators or passengers."

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About Aegis Power Systems, Inc.

Aegis Power Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of AC−DC and DC−DC power supplies for custom and special applications. We are a privately-owned corporation located in the beautiful mountain town of Murphy, North Carolina.

Aegis has been designing and building highly reliable custom power supplies since 1995. We offer a complete line of switch mode power supplies and power converters for a variety of markets including defense, industrial, aircraft, VME, and telecom.

Aegis Power Systems, Inc., is woman−owned, ISO 9001:2015 registered, AS9100D:2016 certified, ITAR registered, and IPC certified. As a proud USA manufacturer, we are dedicated to product quality, customer satisfaction, and safety/ethics compliance. Our power electronics products and customer service values have won numerous awards including Northrop Grumman's "Suppliers Excellence Award," "Reliability in Quality" award from the U.S. Navy, and the "Outstanding Support Award" from Harris Corporation.


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Posted January 7, 2022