CETECOM Expedites 5G Approvals with Dual Capability
OTA Test Chamber for FR1 and FR2 Frequencies

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Recently commissioned EMITE anechoic chamber for FR1 and FR2 tests is the first in a U.S. test lab.

CETECOM Expedites 5G Approvals with Dual Capability OTA Test Chamber for FR1 and FR2 Frequencies - RF Cafe

CETECOM Expedites 5G Approvals with Dual Capability OTA Test Chamber for FR1 and FR2 Frequencies.

Milpitas, CA (March 22, 2022) – CETECOM, Inc., a global company providing telecom test and certification services, announces the availability of Over-The-Air (OTA) testing for FR1 and FR2 frequency bands together, in a new EMITE HE300 test chamber recently commissioned at the company's Silicon Valley location.

This chamber is uniquely capable of testing from 600 MHz to 7.25 GHz in FR1, and 24.25 to 40 GHz in FR2 or mmWave frequencies, and is the first of its kind to be installed in a test and certification lab in the USA.

The chamber has carrier approval for 5G NR certification services.

It provides measurements of antenna gain, efficiency, directivity, polarization and beam characteristics for frequencies from 0.6 to 110 GHz, and can support 5G frequencies below 7.125 GHz and mmWave (24 to 40 GHz) standardized testing in accordance with 3GPP TR38.810, TR37.842 and TR38.521 specifications.

Due to carriers' plans to expand FR1 testing, CETECOM is actively increasing its capacity to support the latest technologies, specifically VoNR (Voice over New Radio). This increases CETECOM's overall OTA test capacity for FR1 and FR2. CETECOM is making this investment as US carriers roll-out increased network capacity and bandwidth using C-band and mmWave FR2 frequencies, and the rollout of 5G voice and data services in the Americas gathers pace.

Commenting, Norm Smith, Director Sales and Marketing for CETECOM Inc says:

"Despite the pandemic, in 2021 we saw an increase in demand for 5G OTA testing from our customers. CETECOM is investing to add more test capacity to its Milpitas location putting it on track to become the largest 5G OTA CTIA accredited test site in Silicon Valley. By adding FR1 and FR2 capability in one chamber we will have increased flexibility to meet our customer's 5G test needs."

Commenting for EMITE, CEO David A. Sánchez-Hernández says:

"EMITE is delighted to complete the commission of the newest H300 Anechoic Chamber to support CETECOM on their vision and to help them with their 5G RF OTA testing in FR1 and in FR2 (mmWave). CETECOM and EMITE share a common goal in providing the most useful and reliable solutions that enable our customers to perform their OTA testing."

Please see www.cetecom.com for more details.



CETECOM is your globally operating, independent test and certification service provider – leading in the field of market approvals in the telecommunications and regulatory certifications.

CETECOM first gained carrier approval to conduct 5G NR certifications in 2019 and has been operating in Silicon Valley for over 25 years.



Amber Neves
Marketing Manager

Phone: 813.866.6335
E-Mail: Amber.neves@cetecom.com
Web: cetecom.com



Posted March 24, 2022