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TotalTemp Technologies - RF Caf

Thermal Vacuum Space Simulation Testing Made Easier

San Diego, California – August 21, 2023 - TotalTemp Technologies, a worldwide leading provider of research laboratory and production temperature chambers and thermal platform equipment, introduces their model VmSD49 N Cryogenically Cooled Temperature Vacuum Chamber (TVAC), which performs thermal tests through the use of forced air convection. TVAC systems increase understanding of how components and materials respond in a space simulated environments.

Space simulation adds another dimension to thermal testing. In vacuum environments, heat is transferred by radiation or conduction since transfer by air currents (convection) is of course not possible without air. This is easily accomplished using thermal platforms in portable TVAC systems. As is the case with temperature chambers, space simulation systems are often sized considerably larger than required due to a lack of knowledge of what future requirements will be. This results in several inefficiencies. Portable space simulation equipment is cheaper to acquire Smaller systems don’t take up as much valuable lab space to use and to store when not in use Faster to pull down to vacuum and fast temperature transition times result in shorter test times required to perform tests They are more efficient, using less power, generally not requiring special electrical services Smaller systems are often more time-efficient as you are less likely to have to share with others. Larger systems often require travel, time-sharing, and waiting for a scheduled-use time.

Download the VmSD49-N datasheet.


  • Surface Dimensions / Area: 6.5 x .7.5 inch (16.5 x 19 cm), 49 Sq. Inches (315 Sq. cm)
  • Surface Material / Finish: 6061 Aluminum, No Finish or coating
  • External Dimensions / Max. Height: Cart 30 x 28 x 30 Inches (L x W x H), With Bell Jar Approx. 49 Inches overall
  • Chassis Material / Finish: Steel Cart / Stainless Steel Chamber, Powder Coat / Mechanically Polished
  • Approximate Weight: 350 lbs. (159kg), Packed with a Synergy Nano on Pallet
  • Ultimate Pressure: 1x10 6 Torr, Pump Speed 290 Liters Per Second
  • Temperature Range: -65 to 175°C, Extended Range and Hot Only available
  • Heating Rate: 6 - 30 °C/Min, Wattages Varies, Wattage can be specified
  • Cooling Rate: 8 - 30°C/Min, Coolant can be specified
  • Temperature Controller Options: Synergy Nano Color Touchscreen, Watlow PM6 Alternate Economy Model

Facility Requirement

Power requirements may vary. Most common heater arrangement requires a dedicated 120 Volt 15 Amp circuit.

Coolant: Cryogenic gas suppliers in your area can supply either Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide to your facility.

Options and Accessories

  • Controller Options and Accessories
    The (A) Synergy Nano Benchtop Controller has a Color LCD touch screen – Easy to use, easy to read with graphing capability, logging, multi sensor, multi conditional outputs, comm ready, GPIB Upgradeable and free drivers. More on the Synergy Nano. The (B) Watlow PM6 is a very robust, economical controller.
  • Shelves, Platforms or Custom Fixtures
    Elevating devices under test (DUT) allows for more complete airflow around the test object, this increases uniform thermal gradients. For test objects that may have a flat test surface some users can choose Thermal Platforms for attaching their DUT.
  • High Velocity Motors
    Increase thermal transfer rate. Optional high velocity blower. Usually for heavy or active loads and when faster cycle times are required
  • Reversible Door, Windows in Door
    Specify hinge left or right. Door can be reverse in the field with a kit. Multi-pane windows made with tempered glass are installed upon request.
  • Stacked Chambers and Caster Stands
    Custom stackable chamber for bench-top or with a caster stand

About TotalTemp Technologies

The primary goal for TotalTemp is to maximize the combined 40 years experience we have in this highly specialized field and create a new, alternative, "Next Generation" Thermal Platforms and Temperature Testing equipment. Our Mission is to offer thermal testing equipment that best suits or customers' requirements. For several decades there were only two real manufacturers for thermal platforms. It was no secret that the market demanded a new alternative with better service and lower costs. We heard you loud and clear and TotalTemp is here to fill that need.



TotalTemp Technologies
3630 Hancock Street A
San Diego, CA  92110
Phone:  1-888-712-2228

E-Mail:  Sales@TotalTempTech.com

Web:  www.totaltemptech.com



Posted August 21, 2023

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