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Famous First Names
Answers to RF Cafe Quiz #20

RF Engineering Quizzes - RF CafeAll RF Cafe Quizzes make great fodder for employment interviews for technicians or engineers - particularly those who are fresh out of school or are relatively new to the work world. Come to think of it, they would make equally excellent study material for the same persons who are going to be interviewed for a job. Bonne chance, Viel Glück, がんばろう, buena suerte, удачи, in bocca al lupo, 행운을 빕니다, ádh mór, בהצלחה, lykke til, 祝你好運. Well, you know what I mean: Good luck!

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This quiz is different from most of the others. It tests your knowledge of the names of famous persons in science and engineering history. Most of us are familiar with the last names of famous people, but how many firsts names can you match with the last names.

Albert Einstein Austrian/American physicist who developed the theory of relativity Albert Einstein
Charles Babbage English mathematician who developed the first programmable computer - mechanical Charles Babbage
Johannes Kepler German astronomer who developed planetary laws of motion Johannes Kepler
James Joule English physicist who studied properties of heat James Joule
Robert Van de Graaff American high voltage experimenter Robert Van de Graaff
Edwin Armstrong American electrical engineer who developed FM radio Edwin Armstrong
Walter Schottky  German physicist who invented the screen-grid vacuum tube and discovered the Schottky effect Walter Schottky
Friedrich  Bessel  German mathematician who developed functions named after him Friedrich Bessel
Tycho Brahe Danish astronomer who studied planetary motion Tycho Brahe
Ernst von Siemens German scientist credited for founding electrical engineering in Germany, unit of conductance named after him Ernst von Siemens
Ernõ Rubik Hungarian architect who invented the Rubik's Cube Ernő Rubik
Nikola Tesla Serbian electrical engineer who dabbled in high voltages and wireless communications Nikola Tesla
Grace Hopper American Navy admiral who coined the term computer "bug" Grace Hopper
John Backus American computer scientist who developed the FORTRAN language John Backus
Siméon Poisson French mathematician who developed the equations that bears his name Siméon Denis Poisson
Blaise  Pascal French mathematician Blaise Pascal
Jacques d' Arsonval French physicist and inventor of the moving-coil galvanometer Jacques-Arsène d'Arsonval
Leo Baekeland Belgian chemist who invented Bakelite Leo Baekeland
John Bardeen American engineers who invented the transistor John Bardeen
EdmondHalley English astronomer who discovered the comet named after him Edmond Halley
Bill Hewlett American electrical engineer, ½ of HP  William (Bill) Hewlett
Gabriel Fahrenheit French physicist who created the Fahrenheit temperature scale Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
CarlGauss German mathematician who work with statistical distributions Carl Friedrich Gauss
Guglielmo  Marconi Italian inventor who developed wireless communications Guglielmo Marconi
Jean-Baptiste Biot  French physicist who co-developed the Biot-Savart Law that describes the magnetic field generated by a an electric current Jean-Baptiste Biot
Robert Watson-Watt English electrical engineer, "Father of Radar" Robert Watson-Watt
Evangelista Torricelli Italian physicist who investigated pressures Evangelista Torricelli
Hedy Lamar American actress credited with conceiving of frequency-hopping spread spectrum Hedy Lamar
Wilhelm Röntgen German physicist who discovered x-rays Wilhelm Röntgen
Neils Bohr Danish physicist who developed the planetary model of atoms Niels Bohr
Jean Fourier French mathematician who developed the series named after him Jean Baptiste Fourier
Georg Ohm German physicist who has the unit of resistance named after him Georg Ohm
Gustav Kirchhoff German physicist who developed laws on current and voltage in a closed circuit Gustav Kirchhoff
Enrico Fermi  Italian physicist most noted for his work on the development of the first nuclear reactor Enrico Fermi
Joseph von Fraunhofer German astronomer who discovered solar absorption lines Joseph von Fraunhofer
Jules  Lissajous French mathematician who's patterns can be created with the X-Y inputs of an o-scope Jules Antoine Lissajous
Ludwig Boltzmann Austrian physicist who discovered the constant 1.3806503 × 10-23 m2 kg s-2 K-1 Ludwig Boltzmann
Svante Arrhenius Swedish scientist who discovered the relationship of temperature on process rates - like electronics accelerated aging Svante Arrhenius
MarieCurie Polish physicist famous for work in radioactivity Marie Curie
Heinrich Lenz Baltic German physicist who developed the magnetic induction law bearing his name Heinrich Lenz
David Packard American electrical engineer, ½ of HP David Packard
Hiram Maxim ARRL founder Hiram Percy Maxim
Hermann von Helmholtz German physicist who invented a coil arrangement that produces a uniform magnetic field within itself Hermann von Helmholtz
Lee De Forest American engineer who invented the Audion vacuum tube Lee De Forest
Thomas Edison Prolific American inventor of the evil, Earth-murdering incandescent light bulb Thomas Edison
André-Marie Ampère French physicist who experimented with electromagnetism and has unit of current named after him André-Marie Ampère
Anders Ångström Swedish physicist who specialized in spectroscopy who has unit of wavelength named after him  Anders Jonas Ångström
Isaac Newton English Physicist who formulated the law of gravity  Isaac Newton
Alexander Bell American scientist who invented the telephone Alexander Graham Bell

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