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Inductor Design References

These websites contain information relating to inductor design including white papers, datasheets, tutorials, and online write-ups.

Inductors Manufacturers & Service


AC Resistance of Planar Power Inductors and the Quasidistributed Gap Technique | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/qdgj.pdf
Abstract by Jiankun Hu and Charles R. Sullivan.

Analysis of Minimum Cost in Shape-Optimized Litz-Wire Inductor Windings | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/cooscost.pdf
Abstract by Charles R. Sullivan, Joshua D. McCurdy and Robert A. Jensen Dartmouth College.

Analytical Method for Generalization of Numerically Optimized Inductor Winding Shapes | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/anagen.pdf
Abstract by Jiankun Hu and Charles R. Sullivan, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College.

Common Mode Filter Inductor Design Software | mag-inc.com/design/software/common_mode_filter_design
Assists designers in making optimal, informed core and ferrite material choices.

Converter and Inductor Design for Fast-Response Microprocessor Power Delivery | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/PESC2h.pdf
By Gustavo J. Mehasy, Kip D. Coonleyz, and Charles R. Sullivan, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College.

Coupled-Inductor Design Optimization for Fast-Response Low-Voltage DC-DC Converters | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/coupL.pdf
By Jieli Li, Charles R. Sullivan, and Aaron Schultz, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College.

Design of Microfabricated Inductors for Microprocessor Power Delivery | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/inddes.pdf
Abstract by Gustavo J. Mehas, Kip D. Coonley, and Charles R. Sullivan, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College.

Evaporatively Deposited Co-MgF2 Granular Materials for Thin-Film Inductors | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/mgf2co.pdf
Abstract by Kip D. Coonley, Gustavo J. Mehas, Charles R. Sullivan, and Ursula J. Gibson.

How Transformers, Chokes and Inductors Work, and Properties of Magnetics | coilws.com/magneticandhow.html
From Coilws.com, Inc.

Inductance Equations | ecelab.com/inductance-equations.htm
Information from ECE Labs.

Inductor Calculator | lalena.com/audio/calculator/inductor
By Michael LaLena.

Inductor Design and Analysis | circuitsage.com/inductor.html
Software, tutorials and information from Circuit Sage.

Inductor Design for the SI4XX Synthesizer Family | silabs.com/Support Documents/TechnicalDocs/an31.pdf
Application note from Silicon Laboratories Inc.

Inductor Design in Switching Regulators | mag-inc.com/File Library/Product Literature/General Information/sr-1a.pdf
Technical Bulletin from Magnetics.

Inductor Design Software | micrometals.com/software.html
Free download from Micrometals, Inc.

Inductor Sizing Equation | allaboutcircuits.com/vol_5/chpt_1/6.html
Information from All About Circuits.

Java Toroid Design Applet | chemeng.ed.ac.uk/people/jack/radio/design_toroid.html
This applet designs a toroid. Handbook data for the most usual size and material combinations has been included.

Measured Electrical Performance of V-Groove Inductors for Microprocessor Power Delivery | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/measV.pdf
Abstract by Satish Prabhakaran, and Charles R. Sullivan.

Notes on Argon Laser SMPS Inductor Design | perso.wanadoo.fr/redlum.xohp/smps/inductors.html

Optimal Core Dimensional Ratios for Minimizing Winding Loss in High-Frequency Gapped-Inductor Windings | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/aspectratio.pdf
Abstract by Robert A. Jensen and Charles R. Sullivan.

Optimization of Shapes for Round-Wire High-Frequency Gapped- Inductor Windings | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/optshape.pdf
Abstract by Jiankun Hu and Charles R. Sullivan, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College.

Output Inductor Design Tool | metglas.com/design/oi.asp
Output Inductor (OI) Core Design Tool is a Windows Visual Basic Program that you can download, install, and run to help in the design of your Output Inductor Applications, from Metglas, Inc.

Power Factor Correction Inductor Design for Switched Mode Power Supplies Using Metglas PowerLite C-Cores | metglas.com/downloads/apps/pfc.pdf
Application guide from Metglas, Inc.

Push-Pull Output Inductor Design Using a LPT E2000Q Core | coremaster.com/appnotes/an114.pdf
By Colonel Wm. T. McLyman, Coremaster International, Inc.

Switching Regulator Inductor Design | cooperet.com/library/products/Inductors App Notes.pdf
Application note from Cooper Electronic Technologies.

Thin-Film Inductor Designs and Materials for High-Current Low-Voltage Power | thayer.dartmouth.edu/other/inductor/papers/overview.pdf
By Charles R. Sullivan, Satish Prabhakaran, Parul Dhagat, and Yuqin Sun, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College.

Transformer and Inductor Design for Optimum Circuit Performance | focus.ti.com/lit/ml/slup205/slup205.pdf
Abstract by Lloyd H. Dixon, Texas Instruments.

Output Inductor Design Tool | metglas.com/design/oi.asp
A Windows Visual Basic Program that you can download, install, and run to help in the design of your Output Inductor Applications, from Metglas, Inc.

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