Substrate & PCB Design

Miniaturization of components and increasing of signal speeds on all kinds of circuits has been governed as much by the ability of reliable printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication and manufacturing technology as it has been by the ability to produce the small components. Accuracy of layer registration, controlling substrate layer thicknesses for impedance, constructing dependable buried vias, and generating solder masks that guarantee components will self-align without allowing solder bridging or component tombstoning have all been significant challenges.

Simple circuits can still be handled with decades old layout and construction techniques, but if you are beyond that level, then some serious learning needs to be done for adopting best practices that will help assure first-pass success. These resources will help you get there with a minimum of pain. In many cases, PCB companies can turn your schematics into a finished PCB, and often can carry it into production. Please consider RF Cafe advertisers first when investigating services.

Substrate & PCB Fabrication & Assembly Vendor Page

905-738-7973 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada
PCB-mounted application-specific RF/EMI shielding enclosures including true multi-cavity solutions.

Circuit Board Repair and Rework Guide
A comprehensive resource for circuit board rework and repair.

Controlling the Growth of Nanotubes through Substrate Design
Abstract by Jun Li, Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, Singapore.

Customized Substrates Complement Devices
Article from Reed Electronics Group, by André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé.

Design Guidelines
Intent and Scope: To establish working parameters and design standards for the optimal layout of circuits for fabrication and assembly at APTA Group, Inc.

Effects of Substrate Design on Underfill Voiding Using The Low Cost, High Throughput Flip Chip Assembly Process and No-Flow Underfill Materials
Abstract by Milner, D. Paydenkar, C. and Baldwin, D.F.

772-485-0927 | Palm City, FL
SMT hybrid couplers, wire bondable passive components, coaxial products, test fixtures and very useful test boards for evaluating components.

Engineered Substrates Yield High Stability
Article from Microwaves & RF, by Jack Browne.

Fast Cycle Programmable High Density Electronics: Known Good Die, Multi-Chip Modules, Programmable Logic and Substrates
Abstract by Richard Katz and Jeannette Plante.

Merlin PCB Designer
Shareware version 2.1 for CorelDRAW.

Printed Wiring for Electronics Equipment
The original source for PCB trace fusing currents, temperature rise, etc.

PCB Design Analysis Software Guidelines
HyperLynx Applications from

PCB Design Guidelines
From Advanced Microcomputer Systems, Inc.

PCB Design Guidelines
From Henry Ott Consultants.

PCB Design Guidelines
From PCB Design & Fab.

PCB Design
The Internet's ultimate resource offer a PCB design guide to help you get started today with your first printed circuit board design. PCB Design can be frustrating, time consuming, and very difficult to figure out where to start. We've broken PCB design into 3 sections: schematic capture, PCB footprints, and PCB-layout. Our PCB design guide will also help you figure out which is the best PCB design software to use, whether your project is a hobby or a commercial product. If you've run out of time and looking for a PCB design service we can also help you navigate that process.

PCB Design Guidelines that Maximize the Performance of TVS Diodes
Prepared by: Jim Lepkowski ON Semiconductor.

PCB Design Information
Useful information for designing general-use printed circuit boards.

PCB Land Pattern Design and Surface Mount Guidelines for QFN (MLFP) Packages
Technical Brief from Intersil, by Jim Benson, Mark Kwoka, and Ray Claudio.

PCB Layout
Basic Printed Circuit Board design guidelines for SMPS switching power supplies, by Lazar Rozenblat.

PCB Layout Guidelines and Tips for a Successful Layout
From Prime Design Consulting.

PCB: Printed Circuit Board Editor
An interactive printed circuit board editor for the X11 window system.

Resistive Products Model HDI
Thin Film, High-Density Interconnects Product Sheet from Vishay Electro-Films.

Reviewing the Basics of Microstrip Lines
An understanding of the fundamentals of microstrip transmission lines can guide high frequency designers in the proper application of this venerable circuit technology, March 2000, Microwaves & RF.

Substrate Design Guidelines Single Layer
Datasheet from Vishay Electro-Films.

Thick and Thin Film Lasered Substrates
Technical specification from CoorsTek.

Thermal Analysis, Fusing Current
Fusing current charts, links to DoD specs, many other resources. PCB Wizards website.

Trace Fusing Current, Temp Rise, etc.
Lots of good downloadable files here on the UltraCAD website.

Virtex-4 PCB Designer's Guide
From Xilinx, Inc.