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RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive - 2019

RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive 2018 - RF CafeIf you are like me, you spend a lot of time reading articles from technical magazines. Sometimes I read the entire article, but usually I just scan the text for highlights and look at the schematics, block diagrams, and charts / graphs. Often, I want to go back and find an article but cannot recall where I saw it. A Google search will usually eventually reveal a hyperlink to the article, but a lot of times it takes a lot of digging. Since my key interests are not necessarily the same as RF Cafe visitors, an attempt will be made to catalog all of them. If there is a magazine not included here that you would like me to include in the list, please send me an e-mail and I will try to incorporate its articles, too.

Electronic Design | High Frequency Electronics | Microwave Journal | Microwaves & RF | Microwave Product Digest | Test & Measurement World

Electronic Design


Machine Learning: The Magic is How it Works
William G. Wong

Measure - and Reduce - Output-Voltage Ripple for DC-DC Regulators
Weiran Dai

Thermal Modeling: How to Meet EV High-Power Charging Requirements
Marco Wolf


Forget the Spark Plug: Use a Laser to Ignite ICE Gasoline
Bill Schweber

How to Efficiently Power Your Smart Gas/Water Meter
Chinmay Honrao and Nazzareno Rossetti

Probing Methods that Boost Power-Conversion Measurement Accuracy
Ahmed Eisawy

Improving Factory Throughput and Efficiency with IO-Link
Lou Frenzel

Laser "Tricked" into Producing, Receiving Modulated Wi-Fi Band RF Signals
Bill Schweber

Maximizing Efficiency in IoT Projects
Tom Denholm

Protect RS-485 Transceivers from Electrical Surges - and Maintain Signal Integrity
Lou Frenzel


Optimize USB 3 by Understanding How it Works
Colin Walls

AI Enables Early Predictions of Li-Ion Battery Life
Bill Schweber

The Front End: Taking the Mystery Out of "Minimum Stable Gain"
Kendall Castor-Perry

Add Capacitive-Touch Technology to Your Control Design
Electronic Design Staff


Piezo-Based Energy Harvesting for Medical Implants May Transcend Alternative Approaches
Bill Schweber

Shielded Anode PIN Diode Breathes New Life into a 1950s Technology
Robert Bayruns, Ashok Ramu, and Michael M.A. Francois

Gain-Bandwidth Product is Not (Always) Constant
Hugo Coolens

Ultrasound: Don't Be Blinded by Your Amplifier's Slow Overload Recovery
Jim Chapman and Nazzareno Rossetti

Low-Power AFE Tackles Portable Electrochemical Measurements
Bill Schweber

Electronic Skin Emulates Hand's Sensing of Pressure, Shear Force
Bill Schweber


Simple Design Equations For Thermoelectric Coolers (Revisited)
W. Stephen Woodward

Autonomous Vehicle Timing is a MEMS Thing
Piyush Sevalia

Beat the Heat: Build a Compact, Multi-Standard Dual USB Charger
Nazzareno Rossetti, Adrien Gambino

Fluoride-Based Batteries Seek to Surpass Lithium Cells
Bill Schweber

How Man-Made Neural Networks Emulate Biology to Advance AI and ML
Robert Beachler


Nanoscale MEMS Resonator Structure Yields Controllable MHz-Range Filter, Isolator
Bill Schweber

Simplified Wi-Fi Service Discovery
Stephen McCann

Nanoscale MEMS Resonator Structure Yields Controllable MHz-Range Filter, Isolator
Bill Schweber

10 Things You Must Know About Benchtop Digital Multimeters
Steven Lee

Designing to Achieve Medical Temperature Measurement Accuracy
Lou Frenzel

Added Hysteresis Enhances DC-DC Converter Performance
Reed Kaczmarek


Troubleshoot the Wiring to Your Battery-Cell Test Fixture
Bob Zollo

Path to Systems: A SiP of Reliable Advantage - Systems Under Test
Neeraj Dantu, Masood Murtuza, Erik Welsh, and Gene Frantz

Resonant Electro-optical Temperature Sensor is Immune to Interference
Bill Schweber

The Chronicles of GND (Part 4): Supply Currents - When Simulations are Both Correct and Wrong
Kendall Castor-Perry

Electronics Meets Textiles in an Array of Innovative Guises
Bill Schweber

Impulse-Controlled Sequential Switch Without Active Electronics
Marek Irek

Silicon-Based Electro-Optical Gyroscope Overcomes SNR Deficiencies
Bill Schweber

High Frequency Electronics


An Analytical Model of Quad Cable to 1 GHz
Kenneth S. Schneider


Designing Power Amplifiers Using Maximum-Efficiency Lines and Constant Power Contour
Ivan Boshnakov, Pieter Abrie, and Malcolm Edwards

How Does Match Affect My Power Measurement?
Orwill Hawkins


Delivering the World’s First Digital Radar on Chip (RoC)
HFE Staff

Understanding Low Loss Coaxial Cables and Their Applications
Dan Birch


Multi-Beam Antennas: Increased Wireless Capacity with Enhanced Spectral Efficiency
John Howard and Steve Jalil


Smoothing Electric Fields in Microwave Ovens
Dr. Robert L. Eisenhart


R&S "Value Instruments" May Make a Big Difference
Tom Perkins

Microwave Journal


Solving the Linearity and Power Conundrum: Carbon Nanotube RF Amplifiers
Philbert F. Marsh, Christopher Rutherglen, Alexander A. Kane, Tyler A. Cain, Kosmas Galatsis, Stephen A. Maas, and Mohammed R. AlShareef

Broadband Power Amplifier Design Using Extended Resistive-Reactive Continuous Class F Modes
Gang Liu, Fuqi Mu, Yongqing Leng, Yang Li and Xinli Cui

Fabricate PCBs at Your Desk
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

All-Digital Antennas for mmWave Systems
Mike Kappes

Economical Spectrum Analysis for 5G mmWave
OML Inc.

Integrated 140 GHz FMCW Radar for Vital Sign Monitoring and Gesture Recognition
K. Vaesen, A. Visweswaran, S. Sinha, A. Bourdoux, B. van Liempd and Piet Wambacq

Adopting the 64 to 71 GHz Band for Fixed Wireless Applications
Sivers IMA


A New Generation of Integratable Frequency Agile Bandpass Filters
Fred Schindler, John Nielsen, Dennis Rosenauer and Tom Raschko

Tuning Electrically Short Antennas for Field Operation
Kazimierz Siwiak, TimeDerivative Inc. and Ulrich L. Rohde, Informatics, Cybersecurity; Federal University of the Armed Forces of Germany

Design and Production Challenges of Wire-Wrapped Ferrite RF Passives for Broadband Applications
Richard Bay-Ramyon

From Waveforms to MIMO: 5 Things for 5G New Radio
Alejandro Buritica

Designing Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth Doherty PAs for Cellular
Tim Das

Characterizing Circuit Materials at mmWave Frequencies
John Coonrod

Approaching the 5G mmWave Filter Challenge
Peter Matthews

Compact CPW-Fed Dual-Band Linearly and Circularly Polarized Monopole Antenna for WiMAX and WLAN
Qiang Chen, Hou Zhang, Xue-liang Min, and Lu-Chun Yang


GaN SSPA Technology for Space-Based Applications
Mario LaMarche

Designing a Narrowband 28 GHz Bandpass Filter for 5G Applications
David Vye, John Dunn, Dan Swanson, Jim Assurian and Ray Hashemi, Reactel Inc., and Philip Jobson

Multi-Beam Phased Array with Full Digital Beamforming for SATCOM and 5G
Divaydeep Sikri and Rajanik Mark Jayasuriya

RF Transceivers Enable Forced Spurious Decorrelation in Digital Beamforming Phased Arrays
Peter Delos, Mike Jones and Mark Robertson

Measuring Quartz Crystal Oscillator G-Sensitivity
Ivanov Yuri, Nikonov Arkady and Knyazeva Elvira


Test & Measurement Industry Tackles 5G Over-the-Air Testing
Patrick Hindle

Optimizing the Perennial Doherty Power Amplifier
Gareth Lloyd, Rohde & Schwarz

Recent Advancements in mmWave Isolator Technology
David W. Porterfield, Jr.

High Speed Data Converters Enable Flexible RF Sampling Architectures
Marc Stackler

Analytical Calculations for TRL Calibration
Kassem Hamze, Edouard De Ledinghen, Daniel Pasquet and Philippe Descamps


Gapwaves Platform Integrates 5G mmWave Arrays
Carlo Bencivenni, Thomas Emanuelsson and Magnus Gustafsson

Sub-6 GHz mMIMO Base Stations Meet 5G's Size and Weight Challenges
Walter Honcharenko

Global 5G Rush But No Global 5G Handsets
Ben Thomas

Challenges for Effective and Realistic 5G OTA Testing
Miguel Á. García-Fernández and David A. Sánchez-Hernández

Using a COTS SDR as a 5G Development Platform
Bob Muro


Client Software-Defined Antennas Improve Link Margins, Reduce Interference
Jeff Shamblin

Automotive Radar and Congested Spectrum: Potential Urban Electronic Battlefield
Sefa Tanis

Nonlinear Modeling of a High Peak Power PIN Limiter
Hetvi Patel, Kevin Kellog, Hugo Morales, Larry Dunleavy, Rob Jones and Paul Head

Using RF Power Meters for PAPR Analysis and Reduction
Walt Strickler

Microwaves & RF


Make Accurate Impedance Measurements Using a VNA
Brian Walker

Algorithms to Antenna: Closing the Loop in Multifunction Phased-Array Modeling
Rick Gentile, Honglei Chen

GPSDO vs. Atomic Clock: What's Better for Your Satellite Application?
Rob Rutkowski

Is 5G Four Times More Power Dense - or Even More?
Pietro Scalia


Doherty PAs Go Broadband Using Impedance Adjustment Network
Qinghua Tang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Lamin Zhan, and Baoquan Hu

What are the 8 Most Important Oscillator Specs?
Jim Holbrook

Algorithms to Antenna: Generating Waveforms for Wireless and Radar Systems
Rick Gentile, Honglei Chen


NASA Aims to Alter an Asteroid's Course
Stephen Mraz

Noise and Its Shaping in Ultra-Low-Noise Synthesizer Design
Farron Dacus

Algorithms to Antenna: Modeling Micro-Doppler Effects
Rick Gentile and Honglei Chen


Algorithms to Antenna: Where Should I Locate My Radar?
Rick Gentile, Jacob Halbrooks, Honglei Chen

Taking a Closer Look at MIMO Radio Systems
Brian Petted

What's the Difference Between the Four Stratum Levels?
Rob Rutkowski

What You Need to Know About Radio Telescopes
Lou Frenzel

The Critical Role OTA Testing Will Play in 5G
Lawrence Wilson


Overcome mmWave Automotive Radar Testing Challenges
Mark Elo

Calibration Techniques for Phased-Array Antennas
Rick Gentile, Honglei Chen, Marc Willerton

RFSoC Delivers FPGA Flexibility with High-Speed RF
Bill Wong

Noise Sources in Ultra-Low-Noise Synthesizer Design
Farron Dacus


A Brief Tutorial on Microstrip Antennas (Part 4)
Kenneth V. Puglia

Striking the Right Balance: RF Power Output and Efficiency
Jack Browne

Design Methods of Modern Ultra-Low-Noise Synthesizers
Farron Dacus

Algorithms to Antenna: Simulating Wideband Behavior in Wireless Communications and Radar Systems
Rick Gentile and Honglei Chen

Employ Design-Flow Integration for Advanced Multichip RF Design
Dustin Hoekstra and Michael Yore

Grappling with Those Unwanted Signals
Jack Browne

How Can 3D-Printed Plastic Waveguides Enable V-Band Applications?
Paul Rousseau, Yannick Avelino, and Robert Lacoste

Smart Antennas Steer Mission-Critical IoT Applications
Jeff Shamblin

A Brief Tutorial on Microstrip Antennas (Part 3)
Kenneth V. Puglia

Microwave Product Digest


5G New Radio Solutions: Revolutionary Applications Here Sooner Than You Think - Part Two
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


5G New Radio Solutions: Revolutionary Applications Here Sooner Than You Think
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

The Reality of Millimeter Wavelength for 5G

Applications of Microwave Radiation in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer: A Brief Review
Dr. Huma Rasheed, Fawad Maqbool and Mick Syed

Testing a 24-28 GHz Power Amplifier Using the 5G New Radio Test Standard
Tudor Williams, Darren Tipton, and Florian Ramian


MUOS - Overview and Update
Mike Cagney


MMIC Die Testing Made Easy with Ultra-Wideband 0 dB Attenuator (Thru-Line) Die

How RF Testing and Traceability Makes the Difference between Generic and "Hi-Rel" (MIL-Spec) Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Leveraging the Precision of Ion Beam Milling Vs. Chemical Etching of Thin Film Circuits


A Quick Guide to Lightning Arrestors
Fairview Microwave

Block Upconverter Design Considerations for Airborne Applications
Mehdi Ardavan

Flattening Negative Gain Slope with MMIC Fixed Equalizers


Methods to Increase Channel Capacity in RF Data Links
Stephen Barthelmes, Patrick Sherlock, Triad RF Systems, and Ken Andrew

RF Transceivers Enable Forced Spurious Decorrelation in Digital Beamforming Phased Arrays
Peter Delos, Michael Jones, and Mark Robertson

An Overview of Flexible Waveguide Operation and Construction
Steven Pong

Millimeter-Wave Technology for Defense Applications
Mike Lee

Test & Measurement World


Linear Does Not Mean No Distortion
Bob Witte


Does 5G Pose Health Risks? (Part 3)
Larry Desjardin

Simplify Test of Embedded Video Interfaces
Ayusman Mohanty

Eye Diagrams: The Tool for Serial Data Analysis
Arthur Pini


PCB Design for Low-EMI DC/DC Converters
Jens Hedrich

Decibels: Make Them absolute Levels
Bob Witte

Characterize DC-DC Converter EMI with Near-Field Probes
Kenneth Wyatt


Does 5G Pose Health Risks? (Part 2)
Larry Desjardin

Decibels: Use with Caution
Bob Witte

Networks Prepare for 5G New Radio
Sheri DeTomasi

5G Mobile Network Test: The Secret Ingredient for Proficient 5G Networks
Jessy Cavazos

Design PCBs for EMI, Part 3: Partitioning and Routing
Kenneth Wyatt

Low-Cost design: When Best Practice is Too Expensive
Todd Westerhoff


Does 5G Pose Health Risks? (part 1)
Larry Desjardin

The Pitfalls of Power-Rail Noise Measurements
David Maliniak

Design PCBs for EMI, Part 2: Basic Stack-Up
Kenneth Wyatt

Find a  Signal's Bandwidth from Its Harmonics
Bob Witte

Accurate and Precise Automotive Extreme Temperature Testing
Ruediger Richter

What's effective Return Loss, Anyway? (Part 2)
Ransom Stephens

Design PCBs for EMI, Part 1: How Signals Move
Kenneth Wyatt


What's Effective Return Loss, Anyway? (Part 1)
Ransom Stephens

Step Excitation Stability Tests
John Dunn

Slew Rate and Rise Time: Not Quite the Same
Bob Witte

Control the Sample Rate of Digitized Signals
Arthur Pini


Link-Budget Calculations: Needed for 5G OTA Testing
Jeorge Hurtarte

What's That Signal's Bandwidth?
Bob Witte

Monte Carlo Gone Wrong
Charles Hymowitz

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