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Squires Sanders CB Advertisement - Sporadic E
October 1967 Popular Electronics

October 1967 Popular Electronics

October 1967 Popular Electronics Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Popular Electronics, published October 1954 - April 1985. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

Sporadic E skip is an upper atmosphere phenomenon whereby the "E" layer is ionized to where certain radio frequency (RF) wavelengths are refracted to the degree that they are bent back down towards the earth's surface rather than exiting into space. It facilitates long distance (DX) communications to areas not normally available otherwise. Amateur radio operators (Hams) have exploited sporadic E skip for nearly as long as there has been Ham operators - even before anyone knew for certain that the upper atmosphere could be ionized. Thus far there is no concrete correlation between sunspot activity and sporadic E propagation, although sunspots definitely have other profound effects on propagation when highly energetic electrons released from the sun's photoshpere interact with molecules in the ionosphere. Strategic transmission and reception with directional antennas can result in amazing contact distances. During episodes of strong Sporadic E activity, FM radio stations, VHF television channels, and CB radio transmission are heard from hundreds of miles away.

Squires Sanders CB Ad

Squires Sanders CB's, October 1967 Popular Electronics - RF CafeCB'ers ...

Skip Is Legal On The Ham Bands ...

in fact, Amateur Radio is based on the intelligent use of natural phenomena to achieve distant communications with relatively low power. Increased sun-spot activity in the next couple of years will bring tremendous propagation opportunities - like worldwide contacts on ten meters ... tropospheric bending (predictable from an ordinary weather map) brings exciting surprises on two meters ... Sporadic E skip gets you miles and miles and miles with little power on six meters ... and more! And that is not all that you have going for you ... there are no time restrictions ... less crowding ... more frequency bands ... more legal power ... and greater satisfaction because your knowledge of propagation permits you to plan your contacts. It is all out in the open ... you can give the man your right name and your call without getting a pink ticket for a chaser.

You can get into ham radio easily and quickly (our buck says it will take you only 30 days ... 45 max.). The technical requirements for a Novice license are simple. The test can be administered by a qualified licensee in your own neighborhood. Available licensing book - lets lay it all out on a silver platter for you. SURE, we know about the code test, but man, five words - 25 characters - a MINUTE ... that's less than a minute's worth of notes in a dreamy waltz!

Start it off with a Squires-Sanders 22'er (two-way voice privileges on two meters for Novices) ... for sixty days we will throw in a free license manual and a code learning record. If you want to go all out, apply for the Technician License ... a little more complex technical test (you can do it) and the same easy five word code exam ... permits privileges on other bands - like 6 meter two-way voice.

22'er - 20 watts of high quality two meter AM phone transceiver ... only $249.95.

66'er - 22 watts of same for six meters ... same free manual and record ... same price.

OK, OK ... so your only interest in highy intelligible local communications for your personal business ... your truck .... your boat ... your car ... then go buy the 23'er all transistor 23 channel 5 watt CB transceiver for a modest $235.00 or the 5 channel S5S for $185.00. But, please, just talk to momma ... or the office ... or call H.E.L. P.


See your distributor or write today for details. Squires-Sanders , Inc., Box 319 A , Millington, New Jersey, 07946



Posted November 9, 2018

Windfreak Technologies SynthHD PRO - RF Cafe
Werbel Microwave (power dividers, couplers)

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Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe