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Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) Resources

The NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS), originally designed to serve global navigation for the U.S. military, has evolved into a critical element for commercial aviation, maritime, automotive, trucking, rail, and personal navigation. Once the E911 location feature is fully implemented in cell phones around the world, GPS will be as ubiquitous as wristwatches. Russia followed the success of GPS with its own GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), and the European Space Agency (ESA) launched the first of its Galileo satellite in December of 2005. This very extensive listing of component and system resources will assist you in your search for information.

GPS Manufacturers & Services

Adventures in Amplified GPS Antenna Construction; An Experiment |
Article by Chris Scott.

Caltech | | 626-395-6253 | Pasadena, CA
GPS Division Analytical Facility.

Combining GIS & GPS to Improve Our Understanding of the Spatial Distribution of Snow Water Equivalence (SWE) |
Research by Todd Ackerman, Tyler Erickson, and Mark W. Williams.

Comparison of GPS Receivers Under a Forest |
Project Report by Dick Karsky, Ken Chamberlain, Santiago Mancebo, Don Patterson and Tony Jasumback.

Computing GPS-Derived Orthometric Heights with the GEOID90 Geoid Height Model |
By Dennis G. Milbert, National Geodetic Survey, NOAA.

Converting GPS Height into NAVD88 Elevation with the GEOID96 Geoid Height Model |
Abstract by Dennis G. Milbert and Dru A. Smith, National Geodetic Survey, NOAA.

Differential GPS Reference Station Algorithm—Design and Analysis |
Abstract by Jay Farrell and Tony Givargis.

Federal Aviation Administration |
Satellite navigation information.

Global Positioning System (GPS) Resources |
From Samuel J. Wormley - Educational Observatory Institute, Inc.

Global Positioning System Overview |
By Peter H. Dana, Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 1994.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Resource Library |
Links containing information about the Global Positioning System (GPS) and handheld GPS units.

GPL-GPS Project |
The GPL-GPS ("General Public License"-GPS) project is an effort to bring free and open source software to inexpensive, commercially-available OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) GPS receiver boards.

GPS Applications Exchange |
An online information source on the diverse uses of GPS technology all over the world.

GPS Coordinate Converter, Maps and Info |
By Jeff Boulter.

GPS Design Considerations: Displaying Nearest Airport Information |
By Kevin Williams, Civil Aeromedical Institute, Federal Aviation Administration.

GPS Information & Receiver Performance Reports |
From the USDA Forest Service.

GPS Nuts |
Explore this website and find practical guides, tips, tricks, equipment, software reviews, and other related information provided by actual GPS users.

GPS Papers |
From NAVSYS - GPS papers available for download in Adobe PDF.GPS Receiver Hardware Design
Application note by iconductor.

GPS Time Series |
From the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.

GPS tracking using SVG - Part 1 |
A paper for the 2002 and 2003 SVG Open Developers Conference, by David Van Blankenstein, Robert Basques, and Richard Bennett.

GPS World |
Magazine delivering comprehensive GPS/GNSS-related news and information.

How to Choose a GPS |
Guide to choosing a GPS, by

International GNSS Service (IGS) | | 818-354-2077 | Pasadena, CA
A voluntary federation of more than 200 worldwide agencies that pool resources and permanent GPS & GLONASS station data to generate precise GPS & GLONASS products.

International GPS Global Positioning System Waypoint RegistryTM |
World wide database of GPS coordinates.

Navstar Global Positioning System Joint Program Office |
A joint service effort directed by the US Air Force and managed at the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), Air Force Space Command, Los Angeles Air Force Base, California. The JPO is the Department of D) acquisition office for developing and producing GPS satellites, ground systems, and military user equipment.

Nova Online |
Find out Global Positioning System (GPS) works in this Shockwave game.

Street Light Inventory Using Digital Photography and GPS |
Abstract by Darren Rozenek, A. J. Romanelli and John Schiebold.

The Global Positioning System: The Role of Atomic Clocks |
By the National Academy of Sciences.

Travel By GPS |
Search this site to find and download hundreds of free GPS Maps for hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, on- and off road sightseeing.

US Coast Guard Navigation Center |
GPS, DGPS, LORAN-C, OMEGA, navigation systems, GPS navigation, DGPS navigation.

USNO GPS Timing Operations |
Maintained by the United States Naval Observatory.

The Volpe Center GPS Activities | | 617-494-2000 / Cambridge, MA
Expertise in GPS applications for all modes of transportation including development of GPS coverage models & outage reporting systems for civilian and military aviators, use of GPS for vessel tracking & navigation in harbors & waterways, human factors studies of GPS applications, and much more.

Wikipedia |
Global Positioning System definition and information.

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