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Alternative / Green / Renewable Energy Products
Manufacturers & Services
Wind, Solar, Hydro, and Hydrogen Energy

If there is one buzz phrase that stands out above all others these days, it is "Alternative Energy," "Renewable Energy," "Green Energy," "Clean Energy," or something like that. I am a big proponent of clean, efficient, reusable everything - energy included. While I do not go to extreme measures to accomplish that goal (sorry, more than one square of TP required here), I am certain that I have done more than the vast majority of people (who have a choice) do. The only aspect of the Green movement that galls me is the whacko, in-your-face extremist who wants to tell me how to live my life ... or else, especially since they are typically some of the biggest hypocrites around.

A huge part of the multi-trillion dollar debt that we are having foisted upon us (and saddling our great-grandchildren with) will be going toward research and development, manufacturing, construction, and maintenance of clean energy sources like wind turbine generators, solar arrays, ocean wave and tidal generators, geothermal, and other types of generators. Radically new technologies like energy harvesting (recovering wasted energy of motion like in vehicular braking, suspension system damping, even body motions) are also becoming mainstream.

It is a brave new world with lots of opportunity. This is a chance for smart entrepreneurs to get back some of their tax money in the form of research grants. Check out the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants website. Please cut me in for some consulting business out of appreciation for my tip  ;-)

ACCIONA Energy | Renewable energy including manufacture of wind turbines, solar, biomass and small-scale hydroelectric scheme energies. In addition, it produces and markets biofuels made from vegetable oils and wine alcohol and also holds assets in cogeneration and is working on the production of hydrogen through wind energy.

American Renewable Energy | 847-594-5293
Provides energy and environmental services including technical, organizational, and financial, from system design and installation services to carbon risk understanding and management.

Americas Wind Energy | 416-233-5670 | Canada
Supplier of wind turbines to the wind power industry throughout North America.

CINK Hydro-Energy | +420 353 579 154 | Czech Republic
Supplier of small hydro power plants up to 3MW.

Crown Renewable Energy | 888-201-6414 | San Luis Obispo, CA
Producer of solar modules.

Energy Systems & Design | 506-433-3151 | Canada
Alternative energy equipment that converts energy from moving water into electricity including micro-hydroelectric components.

Green Energy Technologies | 888-666-8577 | Akron, OH
Manufacturer of the WindCube®--a unique wind turbine designed specifically for commercial and industrial power users located in urban and suburban settings.

Horizon Wind Energy LLC (now EDP Renewables North America LLC )
713-265-0350 | Houston, TX
Develops, constructs, owns and operates wind farms throughout North America.

Hydro Green Energy, LLC | 877-556-6566 | Houston , TX
Renewable energy systems developer and integrator operating in the waterpower industry.

Johnson Controls | Renewable energy services include the design, engineering, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of your renewable energy technology. Areas include biomass, digester gas, geothermal, landfill gas, photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind.

Pacific SolarTech | 510-979-0112 | Fremont, CA
Develops and manufactures concentrator photovoltaic (PV) modules for applications from utility-scale solar power plants to remote-power and grid-connected power systems.

Professional Solar Products (ProSolar) | 805-486-4700 | Oxnard, CA
PV mounting systems, structural attachments, and accessories.

Siterra | 415-875-7100 | San Francisco, CA
Enables commercial renewable energy developers including wind farm operators and solar energy generators, to more cost-effectively manage the entire lifecycle of their installations: from site prospecting, to permitting, leasing, construction, asset tracking, equipment maintenance and ongoing operations.

Solar-Fabrik Group | +49 - (0)761 - 4000-0 | Germany
European manufacturers of high-quality solar technology components including modules, inverters and installation hardware.

Southwest Windpower | Flagstaff, AZ
Producer of small wind turbines.

SunWize Technologies | 800-817-6527 | Kingston NY
Manufactured solar specialty modules, prepackaged units, site installed systems, and an extensive component inventory.

Vortex Hydro Energy | Our VIVACE technology uses the extensively studied phenomenon of vortex induced vibrations to extract useful energy from ocean, river, tidal and other water currents.

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