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Fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber. The light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave that is modulated to carry information. First developed in the 1970s, fiber-optic communication systems have revolutionized the telecommunications industry and have played a major role in the advent of the Information Age. Because of its advantages over electrical transmission, optical fibers have largely replaced copper wire communications in core networks in the developed world.

The process of communicating using fiber-optics involves the following basic steps: Creating the optical signal involving the use of a transmitter, relaying the signal along the fiber, ensuring that the signal does not become too distorted or weak, receiving the optical signal, and converting it into an electrical signal.  - Wikipedia

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3DLens | Taiwan

Fresnel lens, polarizer, infrared fresnel lens, OHP fresnel lens.

Abidale IT Solutions | (01287) 218004 | UK

Provides a range of IT and communications services including the supply, installation and support of standalone & networked computers, network servers, network hardware (routers, firewalls etc), telephone systems, closed circuit television systems, IP CCTV systems, public address systems, entertainment systems, copper data & voice cabling, fibre optic cabling.

Keysight Technologies | 800-452-4844 | Santa Clara, CA

Test equipment, racks, cables, adapters, amplifiers, cables, RF switches, EEsof EDA products.

Allied Wire & Cable | 800-828-9473 | Collegeville, PA

Distributor and manufacturer of electronic and electrical wire and cable, tubing and cable assemblies. We also specialize in custom-made cable or custom specialty cable for all wire and cable requirements including flexible cable.

Alpha Wire Co | 800-522-5742 | Elizabeth, NJ

Coax, hookup, plenum, ribbon, multiconductor, fiber optics.

Amp (now Tyco Electronics) | 800-522-6752 | Harrisburg, PA

Amplifiers, antennas, cable assemblies, circuit protection, connectors, data bus components, fiber optics, filters, GPS receivers, heat shrink, bundling, tubing, identification labeling, magnetic circuit breakers, mixers, modulators, networking products, passive products, power modules, PCB's, relays, sensors, signal generation products, switches, shunts, knobs, terminal blocks, thermal circuit breakers, thermal cooling solutions, touch screen products, transistors, wire, cable.

Avanex | 510-897-4188 | Fremont, CA

Optoelectronic components and subsystems for multiplexing, dispersion management, switching and routing, transmission, amplification, monitoring, network managed subsystems.

Cypress Industries | 866-844-6699 | Austin, TX

Copper cables, connectors, fiber optics, power supplies, test fixtures, molded plastics, custom tooling, metal castings, forgings, powdered metal, stampings, precision machining, mechanical assembly.

Delaire USA | 732-528-4520 | Manasquan, NJ

Custom cable assemblies, RF cables, fiber cables, RF sub systems, TFOCA11, M28876, attenuators, amplifiers, terminations RF components, ISO certified.

Diablo Industries | 775-782-1041 | Minden, NV

Produces thin film sputtered and etched circuits,  fabricates RF microwave components such as mixers, attenuators, combiners, amplifier substrates and filters. We are a build to print service and can fabricate in volumes; servicing the microwave, optronics, aerospace markets.

EMCORE Corp | 626-293-3400 | Albuquerque, NM

Manufacurer of fiber optics products including CATV | FTTx, telecom tunable DWDM, satellite & microwave products, datacom transceivers, specialty & defense products, and EMCORE Connects Cables

General Cable | 859-572-8000 | Highland Heights, KY

Data communications, fiber optic, telecommunications, bare and high-voltage transmission, low and medium voltage distribution, electronics, specialty, instrumentation, power and control cables, automotive, cord and mining, cordset products, harnesses and assemblies.

Gould Fiber Optics | 410-987-1201 | Millersville, MD

Splitters/couplers, WDMs, DWDMs, isolators, circulators, attenuators, connectors, adapters, integrated solutions.

Huber+Suhner | 802-878-0555 | Essex Junction, VT

Coax, S-parameter and PIM test data available on every cable, RF connectors, adapters, antennas, fiber-optic products.

Infinera | 408-572-5200 | Sunnyvale, CA

Optical network products and services.

Kyocera | 800-468-2957 | San Diego, CA

Fine ceramic components, semiconductor parts, fiber optic components, automotive ceramics, electronic components, industrial lenses, LCDs, thermal printheads, a-Si photoreceptor drums, LED printheads, industrial cutting tools.

Lighthouse Fiber | 888-883-4273 | Plattsburgh, NY

Fiber optic cable assemblies - multimode, single-mode patch cords, adapters, and attenuators.

Luxtera | 760-448-3520 | Carlsbad, CA

Provides silicon photonics connectivity solutions.

Microwave Photonic Systems | 888-868-8967 | West Chester, PA

Fiber optic systems, attenuators, splitter/combiners, RF analog fiber optic transmitters/receivers.

Miteq | 631-436-7400 | Hauppauge, NY

Amplifiers, mixers, frequency multipliers, passive power components, solid-state switches, attenuators, power dividers, RF and IF signal processing components, oscillators, frequency synthesizers, integrated multifunction assemblies, fiber optic products, up/downconverters, test translators, IF/video equalizers, redundancy switchover units, video modulators and modems.

Ocean Optics | 727-733-2447 | Dunedin, FL

Analog-to-digital converters, software, light sources, lasers, OEMs, optical fibers, optical components, probes, sensors, spectrometers, thin films, R&D services.

Optical Zonu Corporation | 818 780 9701 | Los Angeles, CA

RF over Fiber products utilized in systems providing wireless coverage enhancement for in-building distribution of GSM, PCS, CDMA, WCDMA, 3G, DVB-T, WIFA mobile systems, tunnels, mines, RF systems, fiber fed repeaters, BTS "hotels" and distributed antenna systems. Defense applications include remote antennas, phase array radars, spectrum monitoring and other applications requiring low loss and EMI immunity benefits of fiber optics. GPS over fiber, distributed timing, delay lines, L-, S-, C-Band and Satcom fiber links plus Wi-Max and 4G LTE.

Pacific Aerospace & Electronics | 509-664-8000 | Wenatchee, WA

Hermetic aluminum packaging, laser weldable 50 Ω hermetic feedthroughs, field replaceable connectors, MIL-STD-1344, MIL-STD-202, D-SUB, RF, round formats in aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, or custom alloys, fiber optic connectors.

Photonic Systems | 978-670-4990 | Billerica, MA

RF over fiber solutions including transmitters, receivers, link subsystems, components and engineering services.

Princeton Optronics | 609-584-9696 | Mercerville, NJ

Develops and manufactures VCSEL type of diode lasers and VCSEL based high power diode laser modules for various applications such as pumping of solid state lasers, illumination, medical and many other diode laser applications.

Prizmatix | +972-8-976-06-82 | Israel

OptiBlocks fiber optic rapid prototyping system, custom fiber optic bundle assemblies.

Radiall | 203-380-9800 | Stratford, CT

Antennas, attenuators, couplers, DC blocks, detectors, fiber optic components, phase shifters, surge protectors, terminations, coaxial adapters, connectors, switches.

Stratos Lightwave (now Emerson Network Power) | 800-323-6858 | Chicago, IL

Transceivers, multi-channel optical links, backplane connectivity, flex circuitry, multi-fiber connectivity.

Thor Labs | 973-579-7227 | Newton, NJ

Optical bench fixtures, lenses, lasers, splitters, mirrors, light generators, detectors, collimations accessories, optical fiber, connectors, splicing kits.

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