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Lasers, Laser Measurement & Supplies
Manufacturersand Services

Here are companies who supply equipment for industrial laser systems, laboratory laser systems, portable laser systems, laser protective equipment, laser components, college laser laboratories, industrial lasers, military lasers. These lasers have applications ranging from precision measurement and pointers for boardroom presentations to shooting down ICBMs during the reentry phase of flight.

Amada America | 877-AMADA-US

Turrets, lasers, stamping, press brakes, bending automation, general fabrication, used equipment, turret and laser automation.

Baublys Control Laser (BCL) | 407-926-3500 | Orlando, FL

Laser markers, workstations, mechanical engravers, software, accessories.

Bystronic | Switzerland

Laser cutting, waterjet cutting, bending, automation, software & control products & services.

Coherent | 800-527-3786 | Santa Clara, CA

Laser systems, high-power diode lasers, advanced laser diode modules and diagnostic equipment.

Control Micro Systems | 407-679-9716 | Winter Park, FL

Laser systems for fast, permanent marking, cutting, drilling and welding of a variety of materials. Specializes in laser systems configured to specific process requirements including part-handling workstations, vision systems/readers and integration with computer networks. Systems configurations range from stand-alone laser systems to fully integrated, turnkey workstations.

Crafford - LaserStar Technologies | 401-438-1500 | Riverside, RI

Designs and manufacturers a complete range of Nd:YAG pulse laser systems for micro-welding and marking applications.

Excel Technology | 631-784-6175 | East Setauket, NY

Designs, develops, manufactures and markets laser systems and electro-optical components for research and industry.

Electrox | +44 (0)1462 472400 | Hertfordshire, UK

Designs, develops and manufactures laser marking systems.

Hamar Laser | 800-826-6185 | Danbury, CT

Designs, manufactures, sells and services a wide range of laser systems.

Holo-Spectra Inc. | 818 994-9577 | Van Nuys CA

Reseller and repairer of ion laser systems, replacement plasma tubes for Coherent, Spectra Physics, Lexel, & American Lasers, refurbishment of solid state laser systems, service calls for medical, laboratory, & industrial laser problems, custom laser system design for construction, industrial, or entertainment application.

Impulse Optics | 760-230-6394 | Encinitas, CA

Supplies femtosecond laser systems and components, laser measurement products, precision optics, and service and design capabilities.

Lasercut | 800-527-3728 | Branford, CT

Designs and manufactures lasers, laser systems and machinery.

MC Machinery Systems | 630-860-4210 | Wood Dale, IL

Products include wire, sinker, used EDM, consumables, lasers, press brakes, graphite | hard milling, EDM drill.

Melles Griot | 800-645-2737 | Carlsbad, CA

Manufacturer and distributor of optics, lasers, opto-mechanical hardware, and instruments.

Micro Laser Systems | 714-898-6001 | Garden Grove, CA

Diode lasers, optics & fiber optic products.

Newport Corp | 800-222-6440 | Irvine, CA

Lasers and photonics instrumentation, motion control and automation products.

Optodyne | Compton, CA

Designs, manufactures, and markets laser based precision measurement equipment for machine tool calibration and compensation, precision positioning and feedback, linear measuring machine enhancement, and vibration sensors.

Optical Gaging Products | 800-OGP-GAGE | Rochester, NY

Offers a number of laser options for its multisensor measurement systems.

Optoelectronics Company | +44 (0) 1279 210211 | Hertfordshire, UK

Supplier of optoelectronic components including Opnext laser diodes, Optowell VCSELs and photodiodes and Panasonic glass lenses.

Photonic Products | +1 714-841-1960 | Huntington Beach, CA

Manufacturer of laser diode modules and laser assemblies and an authorized distributor of industrial laser diodes from SANYO, Opnext and Sony, and precision optical lenses from Panasonic to OEMs in the industrial, medical, scientific and defense markets.

Pinpoint Laser Systems | 800-757-5383 | Peabody, MA

Manufacturer of precision laser measuring and alignment products for industry. Broad line of easy-to-use products that incorporate lasers, optics, electronics, and solidly built mechanical features. Manufacturing customers in many industries as diverse as semiconductor equipment to pet food, use these products which deliver measuring resolution of 0.0001 inch and work over distances of 200 feet, for both routine and complex measuring and alignment tasks.

Power Technology | 501-407-0712 | Alexander, AR

Designs, develops, and manufactures a comprehensive range of laser products for scientific, biomedical, and industrial applications.

Precix Advanced Cutting Technologies | 800-735-3346 | Canada

Designs and manufacturers computerized XYZ router tables, dispensing and laser cutting machines, as well as the 3 to 6 axis motion control systems that drive these as well as other products.

Princeton Optronics | 609-584-9696 | Mercerville, NJ

Develops and manufactures VCSEL type of diode lasers and VCSEL based high power diode laser modules for various applications such as pumping of solid state lasers, illumination, medical and many other diode laser applications.

PRIMA North America | 413-598-5200 | Chicopee, MA

Designs, manufactures, sells and services high power laser machines and lasers for the cutting, welding and drilling of three-dimensional (3D) and bi-dimensional (2D) parts.

Pulse Systems. (PSI) | 505-662-7599 | Los Alamos, NM

Manufacturer of transverse discharge, long pulse CO2 lasers.

Quantronix | 631-784-6100

Industrial and scientific lasers, focusing on the innovation of CW pumped Q-switched solid-state lasers and ultrafast lasers for the implementation of cutting edge laser technology in advanced industrial, scientific and commercial applications.

Raycon Corp | 734-623-9900 | Ann Arbor, MI

Manufacturer of custom engineered, production small hole EDM and laser processing systems.

TRUMPF | Farmington, CT

Sheet metal fabrication machinery and industrial lasers.

U.S. Laser Corp | 201-848-9200 | Wyckoff, NJ

Design, manufacture and integration of lasers and laser systems for many industrial applications including laser cutting, marking, welding, micromachining, soldering, and specialty applications.

VLOC Incorporated (VLOC) | 727-375-8562 | New Port Richey, FL

Manufacturer of high power CO2 laser optics.

Worldwide Laser | 480-892-8566 | Gilbert, AZ

A laser automation and integration systems company specializing in laser engraving systems, laser marking systems and laser cutting, new and repair parts for CO2 lasers and Nd YAG lasers and refurbished and upgraded Co2 lasers; Nd YAG laser systems.

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All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other rights of ownership to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

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