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Werbel Microwave (power dividers, couplers)

Temwell Filters

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Manufacturing Equipment & Installation Services
RF Heating, Machining, Semiconductor Processing, Assembly - New & Used
Manufacturers & Services

Manufacturing Equipment & Installation Services - Machining, Semiconductor, RF Heating - New & Used - RF CafeThese companies offer manufacturing equipment and associated software (if needed), and installation services (also if needed). Machines for metal and plastic cutting and shaping, high volume soldering, painting, packaging, integrated circuit fabrication, RF & microwaveheating and sealing, and many other chores can be accessed. Most of the equipment is new from the factory, but since used manufacturing equipment is such a large market, and often runs in parallel with distributors of new equipment, I have included both here.


Anatech USA | 1-800 390 4449 | Hayward, CA

High value added thin film deposition services, and equipment that cleans at a molecular level, modifies surfaces, etches and deposits thin films.

BOC Edwards | +(44) 1293 528844 | West Sussex, UK

1 800 848 9800 | Wilmington, MA, USA

Support equipment solutions for the semiconductor, solar and flat panel display industries. Our technical experts work closely with leading process system manufacturers to develop innovative products required to meet critical performance challenges. Our global service network ensures that you have local support around the world.

ColVisTec | +49 30 6392 7815 | Berlin, Germany

By adding inline UV-Vis spectrophotometry devices onto the assembly line, we can measure the production output in real-time. In addition, it opens fantastic opportunities for productivity as well as quality gains, leading to a huge stand-alone benefit for your factory when implemented into the context of digitalized manufacturing. Our technology can be customized for a wide variety of processes, allowing flexible hardware configurations, offering data output in different formats, and excellent integration with the software solutions already in place.

Custom Engineering Company | 814-898-2800 | Erie, PA

Fabrication and machining company providing fabrications and weldments, machining, pressure vessels, platens, robotic welding, and hydraulic presses.

DataNet Quality Systems | 1-866-4WINSPC | Southfield, MI

WINSPC statistical quality control software for manufacturing process improvements. Use real-time SPC software to detect and correct nonconformances and continuously improve your products and processes.

Ferracci Machines USA | 800-609-4614 | Newark, DE

Distributor of aluminum and PVC fabrication machinery for the window and door manufacturing industry. Building and designing machines for use in cutting and processing a variety of metals, especially aluminum, vinyl, steel and fiberglass profiles. We also manufacture a variety of glass-processing and metal-bending machinery, as well as handling equipment for windows and doors.

J.S. Peters Machinery Sales | 440-546-1077 | Broadview Heights, OH

Used CNC machinery sales.

Logitech Ltd. | +44 (0)1389 875444 | Glasgow, Scotland

Designs and manufactures a range of precision sawing, lapping and polishing equipment, although there is also a significant involvement in materials processing.

Lam Research Corporation | 510-572-0200 | Fremont, CA 94538

A major supplier of wafer fabrication equipment and services to the world's semiconductor industry. Lam RC also offers a next-generation wafer cleaning solution, which employs proprietary technology and can be used throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Moore Technologies | 1-209-833-0100 | Tracy, CA

Designs, manufactures and markets a family of products ranging from the eZEN series of epitaxial reactors, to the Expansion Kit® that increases throughput of existing 7700 and 78XX series reactors through system upgrades. SIMGUI also has a state-of-the-art clean room producing silicon epi wafers.

Sapcon Instruments | +91-731-4085751 | Madhya, Pradesh, India

Manufacturersof level instruments and speed monitoring systems for process control and automation.

SemiGen | 603-624-8311 | Manchester, NH

Prototype builds and design while handling volume production runs for the RF/microwave, military, space, homeland security, optical, medical device, commercial-wireless markets. Manual and fully automatic assembly. Also manufactures PIN, limiter, beam lead, and Schottky diodes, chip capacitors and attenuators, and printed spiral inductors. Wire bonding tips, gold wire, and adhesives.

Surplus Process Equipment Corp. (SPEC) | 1-408-654-9500 | Santa Clara, CA

Quality brand name and hard-to-find front-end semiconductor equipment - in stock at our 20,000 square foot warehouse facility. SPEC Equipment also remanufactures all products to meet the manufacturer's original specifications. Plasma etch, photo resist, evaporators, dicing saws, ion implanters, masking.

Tekmart International | +1 416-385-1956 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Global supplier of quality secondhand SMT/PCB/Thru-Hole & Test equipment to the electronic manufacturing industry worldwide. We have worked closely with top EMS and OEM operations worldwide for over 10 years providing cost-effective production equipment solutions and competitive surplus capital asset recovery options.

Thermex-Thermatron Systems | 502-493-1299 |

Design, manufacturing and support of radio frequency (RF) and microwave heating systems for the medical industry. Standard and custom designed RF welder and sealer systems to meet even the most complex specification, includikng the strict specifications and compliance requirements of the medical industry.

Tokyo Electron | 1-512-424-1000 | Austin, TX | 03-5561-7000 | Tokyo, Japan

Global supplier of semiconductor production equipment, Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) engages in development, manufacturing, and sales in a wide range of product fields. The company also leverages specialized technologies developed for the semiconductor production equipment market to engage in the area of flat panel display (FPD) production equipment.

Tek-Vac | 1-631-436-5100 | Brentwood, NY

Vacuum chambers, vacuum furnaces, process gas treatment systems, glove boxes, fluidized bed CVD reactors, metal organic CVD systems, ionization gauge tubes, gas metering valves, mass flow control electronics, vacuum feedthroughs, and many other related products. Services include various coating processes (CVD, PECVD, etc.), helium mass spectrometer leak detection, dye penetrant testing, thermal & vacuum testing, brazing (vacuum and atmospheric), welding (to ASME and Westinghouse Savannah River specifications), and machining.

Tru-Si | 1-408-720-3333 | Sunnyvale, CA

Atmospheric downstream plasma (ADP) processing equipment to the semiconductor industry. Solutions for damage-free wafer thinning, thin-wafer damage and stress removal, ultra-thin wafer handling, flexible integration of thin-wafer processing tools and advanced technologies focused on enabling new generations of 3D system-in-a-package (SIP) devices.

Wet Technologies | 631-285-7285 | Holbrook, NY

High volume liquid abrasive & high pressure water surface finishing systems.

Windfreak Technologies Frequency Synthesizers - RF Cafe

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All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other rights of ownership to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

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