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Applications Engineer Wanted by Triad RF Systems

Job Information Resources for 2019 - RF CafeRF, microwave, and wireless engineer, technician, manager, and sales job opportunities are posted on behalf of companies that are actually doing the hiring. If you are responsible for hiring in your company, please contact me AFTER reading the Terms of Use.

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Triad RF Systems header - RF Cafe

Applications Engineer

November 21, 2019 - East Brunswick, New Jersey - Triad RF Systems is a leader in the design and manufacture of RF SSPAs and Systems. An Applications Engineer is needed to support our customers and provide them with pre-sales technical support on our products. Tasks include working with customers and recommending suitable products based on their radio link and system requirements. The applications engineer will also work with Sales Administrators and assist them in the preparation of customer quotes. The applications engineer will also work with the test lab in establishing design test standards based on customer requirements.

Skills and Qualification Requirements

  • Applications Engineer Wanted by Triad RF Systems - RF CafeUnderstanding of basic electronics concepts such as NPN transistors, MOSFETS, TTL logic, supply voltage, current draw, power added efficiency
  • Knowledge of amplifier-related concepts such as gain, power output, power compression, linearity
  • Ability to gain an expert level understanding of radio link concepts including:
    • Link budget calculation
    • Signal-Noise Ratio
    • Error Vector Magnitude
    • Noise figure
    • How all of the above relate to the quality of a wireless link
  • Technical writing for communication of product specifications to amplifier datasheets, customer proposals, and marketing material
  • BSEE or Related Degree

Responsibilities and Expectations

Goals for the First 30 Days of Employment:

  • Complete training and gain proficiency on Triad's product database. Learn how to validate amplifier test data from past builds, review new design validation data, and format it correctly for addition to the product database and subsequent generation of amp datasheets.
  • Complete training and gain familiarity with the various types of radio systems Triad's customers utilize, and what amplifier specifications are of primary concern to those systems.
  • Understand the major figures of merit for various amplifier designs and transistor technologies used at Triad and the detailed process of recommending an amplifier to a customer based on their needs.
  • Learn how to specify, create, and correctly capture engineering changes for semi-customized amplifier products in response to a customer request.
  • Learn how to use Triad's Salesforce-based ERP system in creating customer opportunities, processing technical requests, entering orders, and creating reports on opportunity status.
  • Complete training on link budget estimation and understand the basics on the major components of a long-distance RF link (e.g. antennas, filters, DC Converters, etc).

Goals For the First 90-120 Days:

  • Take ownership of all incoming customer inquiries to Triad, and direct them accordingly to sales administration for simple quotes, or to yourself for technical support. Maintain a reporting structure that can be easily accessed and reviewed bi-weekly.
  • Have the ability to look through existing Triad designs and recommend custom-modified units to customers if their requirements don't exactly meet the needs of the COTS product.
  • Work with production management in scheduling and builds based on customer priority and management recommendations.
  • Learn the process of correctly documenting modified-COTS parts and having the correct engineering and test changes carried out by production and the lab.
  • Have an expert-level understanding of the application information that is to be collected for an initial customer inquiry and work with management to re-define system of collecting information for initial opportunities.
  • Understand amplifier pricing based on past BOM research, component pricing trends, competitor pricing information collected by Triad, and customer feedback on past quotations.

Goals For the First Year:

  • Independently work with large-scale customers and gain the technical knowledge necessary to write design proposals in response to customer requests to develop new products for them.
  • Provide feedback to engineering for new product development based on customer and industry needs.

Salary Range

  • $65k - $77k, depending on qualifications.


  • Flexible hours.
  • 401K, Health Benefits.


About Triad RF System

Triad RF Systems was founded by three partners with over 65 years of accumulated knowledge of what is required to design, manufacture, and service RF/Microwave amplifiers and integrated radio systems. These individuals not only know the rules for making the highest quality, state-of-the-art RF/microwave subsystems and circuits, they also have a track record of creating products that push the limits and stay ahead of ever-demanding challenges when it comes to size, features, efficiency, and linearity. Our engineering expertise is rooted in achieving the perfect balance between solving issues of transmission distance, data rate, linearity, and signal purity.

Our reputation for optimal performance has enabled us to partner with leading radio manufacturers all over the world. As a result, we have an intimate understanding of the latest radio technology and market trends, and we're connected directly to the key players that are equally committed to solving your RF system challenges.

We also understand the need-by-yesterday world we live in, which is why we have teamed up with suppliers and distributors that share our vision and have products available from stock to minimize our lead times. We can typically fulfill any order in a matter of weeks, if not days.


Contact Info:

Triad RF Systems

11 Harts Lane, Suite I

East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Email: info@triadrf.com

Web: www.triadrf.com

Phone: 1-855-558-1001

Copyright © 2019 Triad RF Systems, All rights reserved.



Posted November 22, 2019

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