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Intel's "Sponsors of Tomorrow" Videos - RF Cafe Cool VideoAbout a decade ago Intel produced a series of clever "Sponsors of Tomorrow" TV commercials that became YouTube sensations. Most poked fun at the nerdy nature of Intel-type employees. I believe the first one that really went viral was the "Our Rock Stars Aren't Like Your Rock Stars" video - ingenious, IMHO. It stars Ajay Bhatt*, co-inventor of the Universal Serial Bus (USB). Another is a scenario only someone who has "been there" searching for a die can fully appreciate. Another of my favorites is "Our Jokes Aren't Like your Jokes."

Rather than focusing specifically on new products, the "Sponsors of Tomorrow" ad campaign celebrates what makes Intel unique - culture, personality, heroes, and ways Intel has helped change the world for over 50 years. Kinda cool at the end of each one is a group of Intel employees "singing" the very familiar Bum' --- bum bum bum bum' sound. In pseudo Morse code that might be —  •••—, or... and this might be just an amazing coincidence I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else, "TV."

* Thanks to RF Cafe visitor Mike for letting me know that the Ajay Bhatt shown in the Intel ad is not the real McCoy (or the real Bhatt, to be more precise). That guy is actually an actor named Sunil Narkar.

Intel - Ajay Bhatt, Rock Star - "Our Rock Stars Aren't Like Your Rock Stars"


Intel - "Our Jokes Aren't Like Your Jokes"


Intel - "Our Parties Aren't Like Your Parties"


Intel - "Our Big Ideas Aren't Like Your Big Ideas"



Posted April 6, 2021
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