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RF Cafe began life in 1996 as "RF Tools" in an AOL screen name web space totaling 2 MB. Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The World Wide Web (Internet) was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems blazed along at 14.4 kbps while typing up your telephone line, and a nice lady's voice announced "You've Got Mail" when a new message arrived...

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Technology Headline News Archive: December 2004

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Wireless Response to South Asian Earthquake
FCC Plans Auction of 3G Spectrum
'Super 3G' Technology Proposed for Next-Gen Cell Phones
French Spy Satellite Launched Into Orbit
Japanese Companies Look to Integrate, Not Outsource
China Devises First Core Router for IPv6 Networks
Silicon Chip 'Most Influential Invention'
Pentagon Cutting New Arms to Save $60 Billion
A Look at 2005 - Electronic News
Venture Capital Goes Up
Astronauts on Candy Diet After Previous Crew Raided Pantry
Bosses Keep Sharp Eye on Mobile Workers
Cheap Cell Calls Have a Price
Earth Impact In 2029 Ruled Out For Asteroid MN4
Researchers Use Pentacene To Develop Next-generation Solar Power
The Year In Technology
China To Boost Tax Rebate On Electronic Exports
Army Seeks Industry Ideas To Fill Gaps In Air, Missile Defense
M/A-Com Announces Zero-Bias Detector Diode Line
1 Year and 58 Minutes Between Major Quakes
Quake May Have Made Earth Wobble - Shortened Day
Sri Lanka: Where Are All the Dead Animals?
Inauguration Requires Boost In Bandwidth
Power Management Chips (PMCs) Get Empowered
Wanted: Chief Espionage Officer
Northrop Grumman Unveils RFID Compliance Solution
New Technology Measures Document Intent
Smart Transport Systems Catch on in Japan
3G: Where Will It be this Time Next Year?
Electronics Shipments Holding Steady
Rough Seas Forecast For Taiwan
Shots Fired At Bayonne Range Prove Smart Gun Technology Works
Wal-Mart Says on Track With RFID Rollout
Cell Phone Parking Lots Simplify Pickups at Airports
Superconductors Ready to Ramp up For The Real World
UWB: Speed the Feed
Windows: Hard to Give Up
Aiming for Ubiquity - OFDM vs. CDMA and the Mobility Factor
Latest Skulls Trojan Foretells Risky Smart-Phone Future
DARPA Cancels Third Phase Of UCAR Program
Russian Supply Vessel Docks At ISS - 2358 GMT Xmas Night
Lack of Tidal-Wave Warnings Faulted
NEC Aims For Annual Y30 Billion Sales From China 3G Mobile Tech
2004: The Year in Space and Astronomy
Supercomputer to Simulate Nuclear Blast
Urgent Russian Supply Mission to Space Station Launched
A Year Is Not Enough for Tech Predictions
Malware Attack Against Mobile Phones is Mounting
ScanEagle Demos UAV Comms Relay Utilizing Secure Wireless Network
Asteroid Collision Alert Sounded for 2029
Will 2005 Bring a Safer Internet?
UC Berkeley Researchers Field Testing Low-Altitude Robo-Copters
DOD Solid-State Laser Demos Delayed 3 Months
American Grade Antenna Testing in the UK
Endwave & Nokia Ink RF Transceiver Pact
Japanese Wireless Operator Invests in U.S. Linux Vendor
China's Semi Demand to Jump 50%
Skygazers Can See Space Station Over the U.S. During Holidays
Anxiety Grows Over RoHS Compliance
Delta Rocket Falls Short of Orbit Goal
Research Demystifies Quantum Properties of Exotic Materials
Sypris T&M Taps Fortune 500 Experience In New Sales Director
Eagleware Buys ESL Tool Vendor Elanix
Ember, Mototech Ink Partnership on ZigBee Products
Research Reignites Debate Over Cellphone Radiation
French Spy Satellite Launched Into Orbit
Most F/A-22s Grounded After Crash at Nellis AFB
EU Penalties Against Microsoft Upheld
Telescope Finds Evidence of 'Baby' Galaxies
Air Forces Use Joint STARS to Demo Secure, Airborne Internet
Demolition Tests Emergency Radio Signals
Mobile Phone Radiation Harms DNA, New Study Finds
Broadband Use Surpasses Dial-Up in U.S.
Single-Serving Coffee Can Heats Itself
Industry Gears Up for Two-Headed uProcessors
Japan & U.S. Try to Boost Construction of Missile Shield
Geocaching Hits the Mainstream
Raytheon Makes Moon Landing Technology w/Missile Guidance Techniques
VoIP Pioneer Predicts a Roiling 2005 for IP Telephony
DoCoMo Hits 1-Gbit Wireless Data Speeds in 4G Tests
NASA's O'Keefe To Successor: Support Exploration Vision
Analog Decoders Outdo Digital in Wireless Test
Support For WiMax Spec Heating Up
MaxStream Taps Freescale ZigBee Devices for RF Modules
China Will Launch More Spacecraft Next Year
USA Toady's Top 1- Scientific Discoveries for 2004
Army Unveils New, Ultra-Real Simulation
Air Travelers Urge FCC to Keep Planes Quiet
Mosel-Vitelic Chairman Charged With Embezzling $520 Million - Yow!
Electronics Industry Shows Signs of Strength
Cap Equip Spending to Drop 15 Percent in 2005
Student Satellite Almost Ready For Space
IBM Offers RFID Tech, but Report Questions Fast Track
Proud France Inaugurates World's Highest Bridge
Task Force: Shuttle Launch on Track
Microsoft Software to Remove Spyware
Eagleware Buys ESL Tool Vendor Elanix
United States GPS Industry Welcomes New GPS Policy
Some Happily Pay More For Electricity
China Builds "Small Satellite" Engineering Center
Terrorism Could Force GPS Shutdown
Give Your Home a Brain for Christmas
NASA Boss' Departure Comes at Challenging Time
Minifabs Would Suit U.K.
High-Speed Net Access Coming to Planes
U.S. Lags in Broadband Adoption Despite VoIP Demand
FCC to Allow Wireless Access on Planes
Nextel, Sprint Boards Approve Merger
NASA Set To Launch First Comet Impact Probe
The Rush to Consumer Electronics
China Will Upgrade Weapons Technology if EU Lifts Arms Embargo
China's Share of Electronics Market
ZigBee Alliance Launches Specification
E-mail 'Worm' Spreads Holiday Jeers
Boeing And Northrop Grumman Both Receive Missile Shield Contracts
Physicists Observe Elusive Electron Effect
Worldwide PC Market Seen Doubling by 2010
NASA Chief O'Keefe Resigns
Riding In Magnetic Bubbles
Companies Step up Monitoring of Internal Networks
Airborne Cell-Phone Ban Likely to Remain for Now
Senators' Comments Suggest Existence of Secret Space Program
Telecom Bill Transfers U.S. Spectrum to Industry
Direct Marketing to Cellphones is Illegal
3G Falls Victim to Time Warp in China
All-CMOS Chip Fits 480-Mbit/s UWB Radio
Aerospace Industry Growing, But Investment Needed, AIA Says
Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight
Camera Phone Clicks Could Bring Jail Sentence
Windmill Plans Draw Fire in MA - Hypocrisy at It's Best
EU Transport Ministers Okay Galileo Satellite Tracking System
ITT wins $2.5 Billion Radio Contract
Chinese Handset Design Expertise Could Extend to Other Markets
Canada Keeps Ear to Ground on Directed-Energy Weapons
RFMD Inducts First 5 Engineers Into Fellows Program
Illicit Cameraphone Clicks Could Mean Jail
The End of TV as We Know It
Cell Phone Users Dial Into a New Trend: Handy-Dandy Tours
Analysis: Congress Restricts Private Space
Japan To Exempt Joint Missile Development With US From Arms Ban
What is America's Top-Secret Spy Program?
Online Research Worries Many Educators - Huh?
Passports Go Electronic With New Microchip
Tech Companies Struggle With Sarbanes-Oxley
US To Spend $85 Million On First Missile Defense Test In Two Years
For $999, Company Offers Lifetime Internet Phone Calls (if they're around)
Shuttle Should Service Hubble: NAS Report
NASA Takes UAV Flight Tests To Idaho Desert Lands
Researchers Warn Of Possible Fertility Risk To Men Using Laptop Computers On Their Laps
Raytheon to Upgrade Canada's Phalanx System
Technique Allows 3D Inspection of Ics
RF Micro Devices first Company to Ship One Million EDGE Transceiver Chipsets
Body Takes Time to Adjust Sleep Schedule
Siemens Transmits Data at 1-Gbit/s Over Wireless Link - New Record
Silicon Labs, Helicomm Partner for ZigBee Designs
Nanotechnology Sensors Could be a $17 Billion Market
IBM sells PC business to Lenovo for $1.75B - China
BAE Systems Awarded $16.6 Million Precision Tracking Contract
NASA's Longest-Serving Astronaut to Retire
Recently Discovered Comet Now Visible to Naked Eye
New DVD Has Dual-Layered Surface
One Box Fits All Software Radios
Bill Clinton Helps Launch Search Engine - Monica Yahoo! ;-)
Scientists Make Phone That Turns Into a Sunflower
Military Radio Signals Could Jam Garage Door Openers
Sunlight to Fuel Hydrogen Future
Generation Raised With Internet Grows Up
2004 to Record 24% Semi Industry Growth
Group expands efforts for IC science park in Mexico
Russia Reveals New Hypersonic Cruise Missile Threat
U.S. Students Behind the Curve in Math
SKorea's Samsung To Invest 24 Billion Dollars In New Chip Lines
Sprint Spends $3 Billion to Upgrade Mobile Network
Jeopardy! Whiz Becomes Encarta Spokesman
Multiple Radios Boggle Cell Phone Design
EADS Throws Support Behind Airbus To Rival Boeing's 7E7
Cell-Tower Emission Risks Probed
Inventory Headaches Persist
EADS Predicts $10 Billion In U.S. Defense Sales
No Magic Bullet in Sight for UWB
Excerpts From The Greater-China Press: December 6
Bush Signs Internet Access Tax Ban Into Law - Good News!
California's Nuclear Future on the Line
The Tech-Support Generation Spans All Ages
SEMI Announces Year-End Consensus Forecast for Global Semiconductor Equipment Industry
Online Christmas Trees Taking Root
Unified 802.11n Wi-Fi Standard to Emerge in Mid-2006
JSF, B-2, Sentinel Radar Eyed For New Logistics Approach
IBM Reportedly Preparing to Sell PC Operations
Chip Oversupply Sparks Market Correction
Department Stores Stock up on Latest Gadgets
Student Satellite Almost Ready For Space
U.S., China Count Down to Space Cooperation
Motorola Falls to 3rd Place in Mobile Phone Sales
Globalstar Extends Satellite Data Service To All Of Europe And Across Atlantic
Congress Impedes NASA Prizes
Camera Phones Now Majority of Phone Sales
IDC: Semi Market Entering Correction in 2005
Microsoft Debuts MSN Spaces for Bloggers
Spectrum Allocation Key to WiMAX's Success, Report Finds
Government Wants Lockheed, Boeing to Cooperate
Engineers Create Model For Testing Transistor Reliability
SIA Launches Initiative to Keep Moore's Law in Effect
Report Examines Global Hotspot Market
SEMI Downgrades Expectations Through 2007
Next-Generation Russian Spaceship Unveiled
Iran Boasts Great Victory Over US, Warns Nuclear Freeze Is Temporary
HP Touts Software to Slow Computer Worms
Mutating Bots May Save Lives
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Windfreak Technologies Frequency Synthesizers - RF Cafe

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