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RF Cafe began life in 1996 as "RF Tools" in an AOL screen name web space totaling 2 MB. Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The World Wide Web (Internet) was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems blazed along at 14.4 kbps while typing up your telephone line, and a nice lady's voice announced "You've Got Mail" when a new message arrived...

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Technical Headline News Archive - April 2005

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Panel at BWW Finds Fault With FCC's 3.65 GHz Ruling
Microsoft Joins WiMedia Alliance
EE Times Updates List of 60 Emerging Startups
Verizon Hangs up on Phone Booth Hotspots
Multi-Radio Mesh Solution Suits Real-Time Apps
Cities Should Think Carefully Before Jumping on WiFi Bandwagon
In Love With Hybrids
Future Computer: Atoms Packed In An 'Egg Carton' Of Light?
Opportunity Stuck In Sand Dune on Mars
Space Support Vital To U.S. Success In Pacific
Do Bluetooth Devices Emit Harmful Radiation?
Invention can Hack Bluetooth
Industry Team Readies GaN RF Semiconductor Technology for New Defense Frontiers
It flies! But will it sell? Airbus A380 Makes Maiden Flight, but Commercial Doubts Remain
Bush Calls for More Nuclear Power in US - Yes!
NATO Signs eu20M Contract to Develop Ground Surveillance Program
Red Tape for SpaceShipTwo
3G Patents Could Strangle Device Innovation
United States Must Work To Maintain Lead In Space
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Boasts 4X Performance
Semiconductor Equipment Market to Rebound 2007 & 2008
Bangalore, Still the Outsourcing Capital of the World
NTT DoCoMo to Launch Wireless Phone Credit Card Service
Consumer Chip Market to Double by 2009
Increasing Military Needs for Portable Power
Wireless Valley Maps RF Management
Nano Investors Facing 'Implosion'
Personal Electronics Seen Driving ICs
WirelessUSB Opens Applications for Human Interface Devices
College & Government Physicists Collaborate to Create More Stable Gyroscope for Navy
The Buzz About Bend is Drawing a High-Tech Crowd
'Happy Slapping' 3G Cameraphone Craze
Specialist Gets Eight Months for Hacking
Scientists Debate Wait on The Next Einstein
Chip-Scale Refrigerators Cool Bulk Objects
NASA Awards $11 Million "Quantum Wire" Contract To Rice
Scientists Say It's time to Redefine The Kilogram
High-Tech Sector Remains Strong - New Jobs Up
A Vast Wireless Data Network Could be Coming
Cap Equipment Enjoys Mixed Q1
TSMC affirms $2.5 billion investment despite tough Q1
Telecommunications Equipment Industry Profile
Venture Funding Declines by 16%
OMA Reiterates Concerns in Wireless DRM Licensing War
WLAN Scheme Ducks Interference
The End of Analog TV
Motorola Reportedly Considering Stake in Siemens' Wireless Business
Dolby Labs Prevails in Patent Suit with Lucent
This is Not a Recording: VoIP is Here
Online Advertising is on Fire
Wi-Fi Should be Free
Intel Awards Moore's Law $10k Bounty
Superlens Offers Nanoscale Optical Imaging, High-Density Optoelectronics
Truck with $2 million of Maxim's chips hijacked in Asia
Taxes, Not Labor Costs, Drive IC Production Offshore, Says SIA
Chips, Systems and Certification Pave Path to Global WiMax
MOSFETs Improved 220% Over Silicon
RoHS Compliance and Industry Standardization
Junkyard Laptop May Harbor U.K. Defense Secrets
Sprint's Wi-Fi Footprint Grows
Documentation Spec Makes DOD Inroads
Nanomagnets Bend The Rules
Germany Approves Nine-Year Meads Design and Development Program
Inventor Creates Soundless Sound System
Nokia Sets Mobile Phone Sector Abuzz with First Quarter Rise
Propulsion Motors Demonstrated For LockMart's High Altitude Airship Program
Mobile Development Time: Microsoft Emerging as Most Predictable Platform
Stocks Rally on Earnings & Deals
Kazakhstan & Russia to Develop New Satellite Launching System
Making Sense of Life Without Wires
Nano Won't KO Silicon, Says Moore
Nanomagnets Bend the Rules
Early Home Environment & Television Watching Influence Bullying Behavior
IC Insights Raises '05 Cap Ex Forecast
Study Finds Nanotech Patent 'Gold Rush'
London's 'Hot Spot' Gets Free Wi-Fi Coverage
Ericsson Insists Staff Innocent in Tax Probe
Acacia Technologies Files Patent Suit Against Intel, TI
Workshop Tackles RFID Application Development
Ax Finally Falling at Raytheon - Jobs Moving to Mexico
March Semi Equipment Tool Orders Flat
WiMax Faces Uphill Battle for Dominance
Einstein The Man vs. Einstein The Icon
Homemade EVDO/WiFi Mobile Access Point
Wi-Fi Hotspots... Still Not That Hot
Discovery Launch Facing At Least One Week Delay To May 22
Japan Renews Iridium Global Phone Service
Princeton Starts Einstein Light Relay
Wireless World: Satellite Cell Phones
Driving & Dialing
Surveillance Cameras Survey All Parts of Daily Life
Nothing Will Be Left to Chance in Discovery's Launch
Startup Proposes Statistical Yield Modeling
Call for China to Develop Multiple Energy Sources
Chinese Boom City Descends into Anti-Japanese Fury
Chips, Systems and Certification Pave Path to Global WiMax
Ranks of Chinese Wireless Developers Growing
SEC Delays Stock-Option Accounting Rules
Philips' Q1 Sales Flat, Net Income Plummets
Wireless Goes Faster, Farther with WiMAX
Silicon Valley Startup Offers Wireless Alternative to Cable and DSL
Happy 40th Birthday, Moore's Law
U.S. Freezes Israel Out of Jet Fighter Development as Punishment For Military Ties With China
Cellular Obsession
Sound-Beam Inventor Wins $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Award
Toshiba Offers Revolutionary Flat 3-D Screens: Without The Goggles
LocaModa Turns Mobile Phones Into Remote Controls
Sony Ericsson Profit Tumbles on Falling Phone Prices
London Market Feels Impact of Wall Street's Fall - Blames Tech
Fill Up with No-Lead and Wi-Fi
Consolidation Coming in Wireless IC Companies
IBM May Restructure After Earnings Shortfall
Twenty Million U.S. Households to Use Satellite Radio by 2010
Intel Sees Mobile Broadband Starting in 2006
Faster Handoff Between Wi-Fi Networks Promises Near-Seamless 802.11 Roaming
P2P Fuels Global Bandwidth Binge
Engineers Study Whether 'Light On A Wire' Is Wave Of Future For Circuitry
China Soups Up Internet Censoring Filters
Prying Eyes are Everywhere
NASA To Revisit Decision To Abandon Hubble Telescope
China To Export First Chinese Satellite
Purdue Miniature Cooling Device Will Have Military, Computer Uses
Taiwan Seeks to Increase Penalties for Technology Transfer
Researchers Bend Plastic With Light
Uncle Sam's RFID Wants You
Haiti Rolling Out 3G Network
Report: Government Should Help U.S. Equipment Suppliers in China
Energy Tech Companies Attracting Venture Capital
A Good Year for 3G Handsets Forecast by Forward Concepts
Growing Entrepreneurs
Battlefield Communications
Scientists Unravel Midwest Tornado Formation
Google Launches New Cellphone Services
Laptop Design Can Be a Pain in the Posture
Ridge Says RFID Boosts Security
Spyware Threatens to Pierce Vatican Walls
US Delays Titan 4 Launch Over Canadian Oil Rig Concerns
Europe Urged to Push Broadband Over Power Lines
First Cell Phone a True 'Brick'
Minneapolis Looks To Go Wireless
Mexico's Emerging Silicon Valley
Agere Sells RF LDMOS Product Line to Ciclon
Booming Photovoltaic Market Expected to Aid Wafer Makers
Studies Differ Radically On Cell Phone TV
Huge Growth Seen for 3G Phone Shipments in '05
Engineering Education on the Rocks
Fire Fighters Call for Unbiased RF Exposure Studies
Chinese PM Proposes Indo-Chinese Technology Axis
IBM, Sanyo Team on Fuel Cells for Notebooks
Rise in 3G Deployments a Sign of 3G Acceptance
Watch for "Evil Twins" at WLAN Hotspots - Devious!
Russia To Pursue New Space Shuttle
China Plans To Build 40 New Nuclear Reactors In Next 15 Years - U.S. to Build 0
Razr, Design Push Remakes Motorola's Image
Philadelphia Still Working on City-Wide WLAN Access
Navigation Drives Growth for Telematics in the Premium Car Segment
NASA To Launch Shuttle Discovery Before July
Scientists Grow Thermoelectric Cobaltate Thin Films On Silicon
EDA Business Model Under Fire
Moto: 3G Pilots Likely in India by Year-End
Space Facility Transferred To Russia
Semico's Feldhan Sees Second-Half Rebound
WLAN Standards Battle: In Search Of The Real CAPWAP
Prices Are Falling ... And That's a Good Thing
EEs Take Optical Aim at Ultrawideband RF
Consumer Usability Seen as Key to VoIP's Success
The New Bluetooth: More on the Beam
Sony Suggests Beaming Visions into Brain (the bPod?)
New Technology For Navigating Without GPS
The Falcon And Spaceman Ready To Take Wing
Japan Unveils 20-Year Space Program Plan
Cadence's Bingham Calls on China to Respect Intellectual Property
Venture Capital Funding Down 40% Year-on-Year
Advanced Forecasting Says Threat of Semi Recession Receding
Wi-Fi Industry Leaders Expand Nation's first Coast-to-Coast Wireless Network for Emergency
SI International to Upgrade Global Positioning System
High-Tech Security Rolled Out for Papal Funeral
Understanding Turbulence in the Fast Lane - Mach 10 and Beyond
New Alloy Verified for Safer Disposal of Spent Nuclear Energy Fuel
Tomorrow's Broadband Speeds Could be up to 1,600% Faster
U.S. Moves to Create a Beachhead in Space
Google Feature Incorporates Satellite Maps
South Korea May Move Up Radar Satellite
Two New Formats Aim to Bury the DVD
High-Tech Passports Coming
Incubating European Industry
Uncle Sam's RFID Wants You
Finally, a decent tech IPO in Silicon Valley
U.S. Air Force, Sun team on Java
SIA's 'Actual' February Sales Show Slowing Growth
RFID Standard Gets Second Backer
Residential VoIP to Attract 27M Subscribers by 2009
Philips, Penn State Refine Surface Potential Transistor Model
SIA: February Global Semi Sales Up 16%
Cheating Via Cellphones Rampant in NYC Schools
Cities Eye Wireless Net
Seattle Bans Wi-Fi for Public Safety Reasons
Dot-Com Revival Underway
Automakers Rush To Develop Hydrogen Cars
Researchers Bridge Superconductivity Gap
Bush Cancels Space Shuttle Program
Electronics Shipments Dip in February
Researchers Develop Clear Picture Of 'Birth' Of Semiconductor Nanostructures
Missile Defense Program Beset By Rising Costs, Budget Shortfalls
Philips Intros RFID Chip for EPCglobal Standard
DOD Considering More Investments in Microwave Tube Technologies
Wipro Says Interest in Outsourcing is on the Rise
Robotics Review Results in Bad News for Hubble
Shortages & Replenishment Cycle Kicking in for ICs
IEEE Moves to Create EDA Council
China's Value-Added Tax on ICs Due to Expire
Innovative Power Products Couplers
Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs
Triad RF Systems Amplifiers - RF Cafe

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