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Technology Headline News Archive - January 2005

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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The Russians Are Coming - Technospies
Mars Recon Orbiter to Launch in August
Hungary's 04 Mobile Phone Penetration Rate 86.4%
Phone Sales Jumped in 2004
Phased-Array Antennas get MEMS Relays
Will Anyone Miss FCC's Powell?
New Satellite Companies Formed in European Joint Venture
December's Chip Sales Fell, Expect Same in Q1, Says SIA
RFID Chips In Car Keys And Gas Pump Pay Tags Carry Security Risks
It's Harder to Wake a Sleeping Teenager than a Sleeping Adult
Public Wi-Fi Awaits its 'Q'
US Navy Release first Photos of Damaged USS San Francisco Submarine
China Says it Had 334.82M Mobile-Phone Users by End of 2004
Cray (they're still around?) to Deliver Supercomputer to US Army Corps of Engineers
Let the Semi Inventory Correction Begin
Flight of the Fly Caught in X-Ray Image
Unexplained Spot Found on ISS (ETs Marked It?)
Tax Concerns Stunt Wind Energy Growth
Military Sales Lift Lockheed Martin Profit To $372M
The Big Lie: Tsunami and Global Warming
Cell Phone Shipments Rise 24 Percent
Embattled Execs Shown the Door
'Huge Amount Of Pain' Seen For Defense As Cuts Loom
Congress Puts Spyware on Hit List
First European Long-Term Space Station Mission This Year
DARPA Picks BAE to Build Radio-Seeking Mortars
Microsoft to Make Windows Anti-Piracy Program Mandatory
Robotic Helicopters Take Flight at UC-Berkeley
TSMC to Raise Capex for 2005 by up to 12%
Analyst Predicts Wi-Fi Will Cut Operator Profits
Radar Golf Claims Breakthrough With RFID Golf Balls
Putting Missile Countermeasures on Airliners Too Costly for Now
Report Says WiMAX Needs VoIP
Cadence Eases Wireless Design With RF IC Flow
American Border Patrol Beefs up Technology
Agilent Forms China Holding Company
ISSI to Reduce 30% of U.S. Workforce
Air Force Picks Raytheon Radar for Unmanned Combat Plane
Canada Steps in to Defend BlackBerry
Space Race 2: Seats Open For Soyuz Flights (take extra food & batteries, though)
US Aborts Plans To Repair Hobbled Hubble: Reports
Coolant Leak Shuts Down The Fermi II Power Plant
Georgia Tech Microgenerator Can Power Electronics
Harris to build Spaceborne Antenna For MUOS Network
IEEE Takes Middle Road On Copyright Infringement
Roaring Laptop Sales Boost PC market
Opportunity Marks One Year On Mars
EDS, Lockheed Martin To Share $800 Million HUD Contract
Analyst Drops 2005 Chip Market Growth Forecast To 2%
Matsushita Electric To Cut More Than 1,000 Jobs
EADS Targets Changes Over Next Four Years
Video Trumps Voice in Cell Phone of the Future
Raytheon Beating Global Hawk Sensor Cost Goals
Thousands Leave Computers, Cell Phones in Cabs
IBM, Airespace Join Mobile VoIP Group
Single-Chip Cell Phone Promise Fulfilled, Claims TI
Harris Corp. Builds Iraqi Television and Radio Networks
Intelligence in Men & Women is a Gray and White Matter
Army Readies Robot Soldier for Iraq
Chipcon Buys Figure8, Forging One-Stop Shop For ZigBee
Global Warming Blamed for Extinction of Dinosaurs (SUVs not responsible)
Duet Chinese To Orbit Earth This Autumn
Michael Powell Steps Down As FCC Chairman Today
Migration to 802.11i Will Be a Bumpy Ride
HSARPA Turning To Industry For Ideas To Detect Bombs In Vehicles, Packages
WiMAX Timeline Delayed by Six Months
Agilent to Acquire Korean Power Amplifier Maker
Semi Suppliers Still Reeling From Inventory, Restructuring Issues
Rare Spate of Solar Storms Bombards Spacecraft
'Evil Twin' Haunts Wi-Fi Users
Ground-Breaking Research Into Effect Of Millimetric Waveband (MMW) Frequencies On Human Skin
Solving the Enigma of Kryptos
LG Denies Talks With Siemens on Handset Unit Purchase
IDirect And Loral Skynet Demonstrate Remote Broadband Wireless Connectivity
Tech Stocks Drop, Pressured by Ebay & Qualcomm
A Century Later, Einstein's Theories Inspire Advances
Russia And Europe Sign Space Agreement
Russia Led In 2004 Space Launches
Titan Is Europe's Latest Space Triumph
Wi-Fi surpasses Ethernet in home networking: Survey
Merrimac Builds Satellite Parts for Air Force GPS Network
Antenna Firm Secures $12 Million to Support Product Development
Motorola Sees Record Q4
Mobile Phone Market Seen to Reach 2 Billion Users in '05
U.S. Air Force Excited About Near-Space Prospects
China to Allow More Cellphone Vendors Into Local Market
V-22 Program Grappling With New Glitch As Key Review Nears
Federal Court Rules for Qualcomm, Against Maxim
A380 Superjumbo Means Big Lift For Aerospace Firms
Solar Storm Could Spark Fireworks in The Sky
Space Race 2: Bezos And Life Beyond Amazon
Cell-Phone Shushing Gets Creative
Web Sites Let Drivers Flag Road Ragers
Race for Next Space Prize Ignites
Commentary: China's 2first Century Management
Tiny Robots Made of Cells and Microchips
Air Force Orders Improved Data Security for Satellites
Counterfeit Parts Still Flood the Supply Chain
Vladimir Putin Calls for Tech Economic Zones
Orthogon Raises Bar in Broadband Wireless
3G Demand Boosts Sony Ericsson
DOD Seen As Close To Deciding Missile Defense Cuts
Qualcomm Bolsters Tgn Sync Group's 802.11n Proposal
Electronics Production Rises Again
Motorola, Oakley to Collaborate on Wearable Bluetooth Devices
Analyst Fined for Spreading False Rumor About RF Micro Devices
Intellectual Quandary
Raytheon Delivers New Radar to Boeing Ahead of Schedule
Amazon Founder Unveils Space Center Plans
Advance In Transparent Electronics Could Spawn New Industry
Diamond Dust May Make Televisions Thin
Scientists Ecstatic At Result Of Titan Probe
Other X-Prize Teams Pressing On Toward Flight
Pentagon Cuts Could Mean Job Losses at Fort Worth, TX, Lockheed Martin Plant
Internet2 Consortium Sets New Internet Speed Record
Korea, Taiwan Vendors Threaten Japan's Hold on Consumer Semis
Space Watch: The Outlook For 2005
USAF Communications Expert to Speak at Military Technologies Conference
Planes Will Soon Fly Stacked More Closely
Space Probe Makes Final Descent Towards Saturn Moon
Opportunity Spots Curious Object on Flat Mars Plain
RF Vendor Changes Name, Upgrades ESL Tool
Hacker Breaks Into T-Mobile Network
Canadian Researcher Invents New Solar Cell
Most Travelers Want to Keep In-Flight Cell Phone Ban
U.S. Commerce Secretary Mixes Sweet and Sour Remarks in China
Deep Impact Lifts Off On Mission To Crash Into Comet
Infineon Issues Earnings Warning
U.S. Missile Test Failure Caused By 'Minor' Glitch
Nanotech Sector Needs Sturdy Business Models
Apple's Profits More Than Quadruple
U.S. Submarine Ran Into Apparently Uncharted Undersea Mountain
MIMO Set to Soar in 05
RFID Tag Market to Reach Almost $3 Billion in 2009
Motorola President, COO Zafirovski to Resign
IBM Top Patent Earner Again In 2004
Raytheon Wins $93.9 Million Navy Radar Contract
Group targets Apple over recycling (iPod=iWaste?)
NanoMarkets Releases New Nanoelectronics Market Reports
Japan To Consider Joint Study On Airborne Anti-Missile Laser System
FCC Says 35 Bidders Qualify for Wireless Auction
Iceland's Hydrogen Buses Zip to Oil-Free Economy
U.S. Lost 1.5 Mln Jobs to China in 1989-2003
Analysis: Fabless to Benefit as Foundries Face Tough Q1
College Grads Moving Back Home
Equipment Industry Celebrates 52% Growth
Deep Impact Comet Probe To Launch Jan 12
U.S. Patent Leader IBM to Give Away 500 Patents
The Scanner You Can Take Anywhere
Scientists Spot Biggest Known Stars
MIMOing Your Way to Faster Wi-Fi
Half A Billion Dollar GSM Upgrade for Trinidad
Companies Extend Lineup to Include WiMAX Support
Korean Exports Expected to Slow in 2005
Carriers Should Rethink Strategies When Launching PTT Outside the U.S. Market
Freescale Demos UWB Cell Phone
WiFi Drives 5-fold Sales Increase at SiGe Semiconductor
‘White Noise' Focuses Attention On Spooky Sounds
New UWB Technology Demonstrates HDTV Transmission Through A Wall
U.S. Government Readies WLAN Guidelines
Chip-Scale Magnetic Sensor Draws On Mini Clock Design
Harris provides encryption for Raytheon's IFF System
U.S. Official: Hike in H-1B Visas to Indian Workers Likely
Bush Plans to Boost Commercial Human Space Flight
U.S. Schools Behind in Use of Technology
Comet Machholz Visits The Pleiades This Friday Night
What Was Big As a Jeep, Became Smaller Than a Penny
Deploy First, Says FCC's Powell, Ask Questions Later
Elements In Place For Shuttle Return To Flight
Elegant Shape Of Eiffel Tower Solved Mathematically By U. of CO Professor
Harris PTP Radio Approved for Use in China
Mobile Internet Access to get Another Player: Satellite
Vendors Split Over Powerline Technology
Canadian Firm Nets $154M From U.S. for Hubble Repair Deal
Ultrawideband Shows its Potential at CES
Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Demand To Reach 4.5 Million Units in 2013
National Semi Cuts 550 as it Restructures Manufacturing
Companies Team to Enable Push-Button Security in WiFi Nets
Manufacturer Says Recreational Lasers Pose no Danger to Airplanes
Massive Supercomputer Resources Drive Advances In Combustion & Astrophysics Research
L-3 Communications Acquires Tactical UAV Maker
Nanotubes Form Along Atomic Steps
Microwave Weaponry Means 150 Jobs in ABQ
Tech Gives It Up for Asia
Telecom Firms to Develop New Mobile Standard
Las Vegas Airport Offering Free Wi-Fi Internet
Laser Wielder Faces Big Penalties
Motorola Plans Bluetooth Interactive Outerwear
The State Of Weapons Proliferation In 2004
We're All Ears: SETI Listening For ET
Broadcasters Announce Military Channels for Cable TV
Lockheed On The Lookout For Budget Cuts
CEA Expects 2005 Sales to Hit $125.7 Billion
SAIC To Develop High Power Microwave for Air Force
Casio Wrist Watches New Terrorist Weapons
Students Break Electric Vehicle Land-Speed Record
F-35 Trumps F/A-22 In Latest Defense Department Budget Battle
Rover Hits One-Year Mark On Mars
Boom Seen for Cellular Modems Through 2009
'Super 3G' Technology Proposed For Next-Gen Cellphones
Analysis: Scientists And Engineers At War
In-Stat Forecasts 6% Semiconductor Slump In 2005
2005 International Consumer Electronics Show
Analysis: US-Russia Teamwork Unraveling
Tsunami Warning Failed to Get Through-Thai Expert
SIA: Semi Sales Top $19B for November
Terrorism Fight Prods NSA to Look Beyond Its Fortress
Motorola Completes Field Tests of 4.9 GHz Radio
Scaled Composites' GlobalFlyer Readied for Record Flight
Taiwan Police Seize 60,000 Suspect AMD CPUs
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