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RF Cafe began life in 1996 as "RF Tools" in an AOL screen name web space totaling 2 MB. Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The World Wide Web (Internet) was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems blazed along at 14.4 kbps while typing up your telephone line, and a nice lady's voice announced "You've Got Mail" when a new message arrived...

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Technical Headline News Archive - June 2005

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Etch-A-Sketch to Be on U.K. Cell Phones
Philips Readies Platform for Sub-$20 Mobile Handsets
How to See NASA's Comet Crash in the Sky
AeroVironment Test-Flies Liquid Hydrogen-Powered UAV
Sun Shines on German Job Queues in June
Boeing Boosts Order for Raytheon Radar
Mobile Phone Production Accelerates in Q2, Says iSuppli
The World's First 8-Port Network Analyzer from 300 kHz to 8 GHz
RF Micro Devices 100 Millionth Component to Samsung
Near-Field Comms Initiative Swells Membership
U.S. Electronics Manufacturers in Malaysia See Slower Growth in 2005
Redline To Develop 3.5 GHz WiMAX Radio
Congressional Hearing to Assess U.S. Nanotech Program
Startup Draws VC Funds for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery
Raytheon Eyes Advanced Air-to-Ground Radar Research
BAE Systems Wins NASA Grant for Super-Cold Semiconductors
$13 Billion Nuclear Fusion Site Gets Green Light in France
Time to Revisit Relativity
Hubble Captures Outburst from Comet Targeted by Deep Impact (July 4th is the impact date)
NASA Ready for July Shuttle Launch
Faulty Cable Crashes Pakistan Internet
The Essential Amateur Astronomer - Don't Forget the July 4 Deep Impact
U. of AZ Set to Cast First Mirror for World's Largest Telescope in July
Cable Firms Win Internet Access Case
Northrop Grumman to Develop Battlefield Airborne Communication Node
Web Phones Hit The Road
M/A-COM Develops New Lightweight Cable Assemblies for Mil Airborne Apps
Boonton Electronics Announces the New 4500B
Micronetics Acquires Stealth Microwave
Ericsson to Reportedly Lay Off 130, Move Jobs to China
Sales of SUV's Plummet as Athletes Buy Cars with Better Gas Mileage
House-Price Bubble Set to Hit Semis, Warns Analyst
Wave of Unofficial WiMAX Interoperability Testing Begins
Mixed Bag for May Sales
Alignment of High-Tech Naval Radar for L-Mart
Boeing Set to Build Another 22 Super Hornet Radar Systems
Canadian Hospital Goes All Wireless
MIT Physicists Create New Form of Matter
Astronomers' Holiday Special - A July 4 Comet Bash: Don't Miss It
New Software Changes Wireless Technology Functions on Demand
Military Might Draft XM Satellite Radio
DoCoMo Claims 1-Gbit/s Speeds in 4G Trial
Swedish Military Selects U.S. Comms Equipment for Software-Defined Radios
Polysilicon Shortages to Cause Wafer Price Hikes
Investors Flock to Clean Tech
Fuel cell specs for notebooks released
Rockwell Collins Tackles Survivable Comms for U.S. Nuclear Forces
Microsoft Aims to Lead Smartphone Market Within 3 Years
Senators Want Space Shuttle to Keep Flying
USAF Awards Raytheon $752M Contract For Taiwan Early Warning Radar
U.S. Durable Orders Soar 5.5% in May
UCI Scientists Use Nanotechnology to Transmit Information Electronically
Location-Based Services Gathering Market Steam
Security Issues Threaten U.S. Science
EADS Picks Alabama Site in Battle With Boeing
NSF Award to Enhance RFID Tags
Mars Express Radar Ready to Work
Women, Minorities Lag Behind in Tech Jobs - Find Someone to Blame
Report Gloomy on U.S. Space Program's Future
EADS Offers Jobs in Bid for Pentagon Work
WebMed Goes Wireless to Improve Patient Healthcare
China Set to Delay Issue of 3G Licenses
Future Horizons Sticks with 15% 2005 Chip Market Growth
Jack Kilby, Co-Inventor of the IC, Dies at 81
Cellphones Take up Driver's Attention
Europe Moves Closer to Software Patents
Cars that Run on Overnight Charge Catch Si Valley VC's Eye
Semico Sees Chip Market Fall Until Q4, Raises Annual Forecast
Firefly Battery Technology Earns Powerful Backing
Top 10 Cell Phone Wish List
Solar Sail Spacecraft Stops Communicating
Base Realignment and Closure: Brace for BRAC
NASA Demonstrates Innovative Nanosatellite System
Germany Threatens Funding Cut for Galileo
Techno-Rebels Spread Wireless Network Vision
Winter Begins in the Southern Hemisphere
China Gets its Head into Gear
European Students Anxious to Launch Their SSETI Satellite
Camera, MP3 player ... Wallet?
Enhanced Wi-Fi Gear Heading Downmarket
Boost for SiC in Power Grid Systems
Semico Raises '05 Rev Forecast by 2%
Panel Studies Lead Contamination in Pb-Free
Open-Source Rival Calls Linux "Garbage" (ouch)
China Devising 300-mm Silicon Wafers
Russian Rocket Carrying Military Satellite Crashes in Siberia
Positioning System Uses Wi-Fi, not Satellites
Online TV News Show Debuts
IT & Programming Jobs Losing Luster in U.S.
IC Insights Ranks Hot, Cold IC Markets for 2005
Super High-Density RF Connectors Tout Performance up to 100 GHz
Companies Blend Existing Business Plans with Homeland Security
China Cracks Down on Web and Expats
Turning Books into Bits
U.S. Military Space Policy Debated
Finding the True Measure of Nanoscale 'Roughness'
Russia, China Join Against US 'Star Wars'
Voice Over Wi-Fi Gets a Push
White House Endorses $409B Defense Spending Bill for FY2006
E-GPS "High Accuracy Everywhere" Mobile Location Technology
NASA Eyes Plutonium Powered Spacecraft
Wave of Consolidation Sweeps Maturing Wi-Fi Field
Hyperventilating Over "Space Weapons"
Future Giant Laser Threatened by Cuts
Wireless World: Some Kinks in the System
Communication Chips and the China Market
Power Puts Moore's Law in Danger
Cingular Opposes Cell-Phone Use on Planes
Japan's Fab-Tool Book-to-Bill Jumps to 0.91
Paying Parking Meters With Cell Phones Tested
Lockheed Martin Receives $121M Navy Contract
Advances in Mobile Telecommunications Set to Revolutionise Broadcasting
Space Shuttle Discovery Successfully Rolls Back to Launch Pad
Rapid-Scanning Doppler On Wheels Keeps Pace with Tornadoes
Holographic Movies Show Promise for Medical & Military Applications
Aerospace Dominates Russian Trade in 2004
Chip Makers Gearing up to Meet Growing Demand
U.S. Expected to Dominate Supercomputer List
U.S. Computer Science Hiring up Sharply
Start-Ups on Cash Crusade
GaAs Still Beats CMOS for RF Amplifiers, Experts Say
Global Market for Mobile Location Technologies Looks Good
British Telecom Soft-Launches 'World's First' Fixed-Mobile Service
Updated: China's Foundry Industry to Slow in 2005
Aeroflex Announces New Super High Performance Frequency Synths
Radiall Introduces Lightweight Coax Connectors for Space/Mil Apps
Sensor Fuses Radar with IR and Opto
First U.S. Airline Gets Nod to add Wi-Fi on Flights
Astronomers Discover Most Earth-Like Extrasolar Planet Yet
Northrop Grumman Reaches Significant Technical Milestone for Maritime Global Hawk Program
Raytheon Unveils Missile Defense for Planes
Finland's Mobile Licensing to Set Trend in Europe
The Camel's Nose is Now Under the Tent in Internet Sales Tax
'Freedom,' 'Democracy' Taboo Words on Chinese Internet
Nokia Aims at U.S. Market With New Mobile Phones
Air Force Moves Ahead With SATCOM Bandwidth Improvements
T-Mobile: 450,000 People Paid for Wi-Fi
Fighting The War Against Chip Obsolescence
Startup Creates RF CMOS Design House in Taiwan
You Can do Better, Survey Tells EDA
Infineon Sampling 6-Band Transceiver for UMTS Phones
Jigsaw Laser Radar to Travel Aboard UAVs
Raytheon to Study Network-Centric Radio Waveforms
Companies Push on Fixed-Mobile Convergence
NASA Contracts for an Electric Propulsion Demonstrator
Intel Sets up $200M Venture Fund in China
New Meta-Material RF Device has Negative Refraction Index
Nokia Bullish on Mobile Growth
Hydrogen-Cell Truck Makes X-Country Trip
Europe Pledges Support for Planned Russian Spacecraft
U.S. Demands Answers From Israel Over China Arms Sales
Microsoft Joins Yahoo! & Google in Censoring China's Web
DSL Powers Ahead to Reach 107M Subscribers
Jigsaw Laser Radar to Travel Aboard UAVs
China to Build 20 New Fabs by 2008
Research Shows that Bluetooth can be Hacked in Milliseconds
FCC's Martin Says Broadband Deployment is Top Priority
Intel & Nokia Team to Push Mobile WiMAX
New Lithium-Ion Cell Claims Best-in-Class Performance
Tiny Flying Web Server Set to Swarm
World's Fastest Method for Sending Data in Cell Phones & Computers Created with Nanotubes
FCC Speeds up Digital-TV Deadlines
Blackberry Maker (RIM) at Impasse in Patent Flap
"Metal-Decorated" Nanotubes Hold Promise for Fuel Cells
Borings Jobs a Health Hazard
600,000 Join Millionaire Ranks in 2004 (Certainly NOT Me)
North Korea has Nuclear Bombs, Building More: Official
FCC Orders Set Makers to Add DTV Tuners by March 2006
Component Orders Dip in May
MIT's Nanoprinter Could Mass-Produce Nano-Devices
Nanotech Breakthrough Said to Increase Wireless Speeds
Sales Precede Release of Popular New Syscan RFID Bluetooth Reader
Report: 802.15.4 Market Could Grow 200% by 2009
Is the RF Carrier Dead for PONs?
Alcatel Offers GSM in the WiFi Spectrum
IEEE Investing in Tomorrow's Engineers
SIA Projects Record Chip Sales in 2005
Europe's Chipmakers Tumble in iSuppli's Q1 Rankings
Look, Ma, No Coins! RFID Vending
Crusading for Rights in China
Google Takes Title of "Most Valuable Media Company" from TW
Firefighters Want SAR Study on Sell Towers on Station Roofs
Bacteria Turn Toxic Waste into Electricity
Study: A Molecule is, in Fact, a Transistor
Boeing Projects $2.1T Market for New Commercial Airplanes
World not Addressing Dangers of Russian Nuclear Stash
Giga Scale IC Introduces Industry's First IC Economic Analysis Engine
Seattle Tops List for Wireless Web Access
Mobile Phones Steer Listeners Clear of LA Traffic
China Orders All Web Sites to Register or Shut Down (isn't Communism wonderful?)
L-Mart Awarded $22M for USMC Missile Defense Radar Upgrades
Nanotube Water Doesn't Freeze - Even at Hundreds of Degrees Below Zero
Japan Aims to Start Missile Defense Development with U.S. from 2006
Pentagon Focuses on Ground Radio
Japanese Family Wants to Donate Einstein Letters
United Airlines Cleared for Wi-Fi Onboard
Analyst Ups IC Forecast for '05 but Drops '06 Projection
DoD Will Spend $5.7 Billion on Tactical Communications by 2010
WiMAX To Thrive, Despite the Hype, Report Predicts
EE Times' Venture Capital Counter Activity Dropped in May
Federal Anti-Municipal Wi-Fi Bill Introduced
Microtune Tunes in to Mobile TV Opportunities
Agilent Chip Division Up For Sale, Say Reports
United to Launch In-Flight WiFi Service
Teledyne acquires Cougar Components
Millennium Simulation - The Largest Ever Model of the Universe
Opportunity Crawls Its Way Free of Mars Sand Dune
Aerojet Wins NASA Contract for Electric Propulsion Demonstrator
Wireless Networks on Verge of Makeover
Next MS Office Edition to default Documents to XML
Harris Team Awarded $6.6 Million Airborne Laser Radar R&D Contract
Russia Would Counter Space Militarization
Dell Unveils Low-Lead Computers (RoHS)
Politicians, Visas and Stock Options
Microsoft Admits Popular MSN Site Hacked in Korea
Is the Concept of the Channel Over?
Cree Closing Silicon Microwave Business
That's a Lot of Bluetooth
Firms Form Alliance to Bring Powerline Nets to Homes
VideoComm Technologies Announces New 5.8Ghz Wireless Transmitter & Receiver
Sypris Features Microwave Testing at IEEE Symposium
Silicon Navigator Unveils Library Smart Technology™ -- Multi-dimensional Optimization Enabler
FCC Told to Hang up on Midair Cellphones
Canada To Get 3G Network
SiRF pays $20M for Motorola GPS Chipset Lines
Hitachi, Renesas Claim 3D Packaging Breakthrough
U.S. Home Offices Are Big Opportunity for Tech Providers
Rocketeers Pick Canadian Launch Site
ESA Turns 30! A Successful Track Record for Europe in Space
Historians Uncover Drawing for Hitler's Nuke
Northrop Grumman Electronic Warfare Upgrade for Ships Gets Go-Ahead
VDC Reports on RFID Middleware Market
MEADS International Signs $3.4B Design & Development Contract
Engineers in Politics
Airbus Delays Deliveries of A380 Superjet
Nanotechnology's Everywhere: Paint that Dries in 3 Seconds, Real Cultured Diamonds
Getting Ready for Comet Tempel to be "Bombed"
First Major Grass-Burning Power Station Planned for Britain this Year
Pentagon Spending $122B on Internet Connection to Remove the Fog of War
WiFi Lemon Turns to Cell Phone Lemonaide
Actual Semiconductor Sales Growth at 4.7% in April
Wireless Transceiver Links Devices Implanted in Humans
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