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RF Cafe began life in 1996 as "RF Tools" in an AOL screen name web space totaling 2 MB. Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The World Wide Web (Internet) was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems blazed along at 14.4 kbps while typing up your telephone line, and a nice lady's voice announced "You've Got Mail" when a new message arrived...

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Technical Headline News Archive - November 2005

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Northrop Grumman Will Upgrade Joint STARS in $532M Contract
Judge Rejects BlackBerry Settlement Pact
Left-Handed Metamaterials: Cheaper Mobile Phones or GPS with Enhanced Performance
U.S. to Global-Warming Conference: Rejecting Kyoto Was Right Idea
New Orleans Launches Free Wireless System to Attract Residents
Microsoft Offering Previews of New Windows OS
Analysis: China's Ambitions for Space
US Air Force Unveils Hand-Held Laser Gun  (set on "stun")
Harris Awarded $4.8M Contract for Multiband Manpack and Handheld Radios
Putin Fires Head of Space Company After Launch Failures
Wireless Networking Investment Boom Underway
RFID Network Set to Launch in 2006
Nokia Aims for Wireless Sweet Spot
Researchers Develop Hybrid Silicon Laser
New Material Is Super Springy and Strong
DARPA Names BAE Systems to Build Integrated Battle Command Program
FCC Abandons E911 Deadline
ICANN Weighs Lifting Restriction on Single-Letter Domains ($,$$$,$$$)
Web Sites Offer Private Cell Phone Information
VoIP Growth Outpacing Traditional Voice
Drilling Tiny Holes a Major Engineering Advance
Yale Engineers Make Standardized Bulk Synthesis of Nanowires Possible
"War of the Worlds" on the Web - Man Arrested for Fake Report
Cyber Monday Marks Online Shopping Season
ITT to Supply Air Force with Air Surveillance Radar System
The Worst Products of 2005
Freescale Says Silicon Nanocrystal Could Replace Conventional Flash
Wafer Workers Agree to Pay Rate Cut to Keep Jobs
New Study Suggests Ways to Brighten Nanotube Light Sources
Japan Probe 'Almost Certainly' Collected First-Ever Asteroid Samples
Momentum Grows to Meld Tech Platforms
China Aims to Put Man on Moon in 15 Years
One in Six U.S. Web Users Sell Online
Power-of-Two: New Releases of Agilent Technologies ADS / Eagleware GENESYS Seminar
New Study Suggests Ways to Brighten Nanotube Light Sources
Teen in Crash May Have Been Text Messaging
GM Expects to Sell More Vehicles Abroad than in U.S.
130 Streetlight Poles in Baltimore Cut Down
Homeland Defense Market will Triple in Size by 2015
Bose Makes Car Jump over Obstacles
ARRL Partners with Salvation Army in Holiday Toy Drive
SIG Updates Bluetooth Cores Roadmap
IEEE-USA Applauds Rep. Pascrell for Introducing H-1B Reform Legislation
Successful Pilot Test of Integrating Mobile and IP Telephony in Denmark
Marconi Returns to Profit Ahead of Sell-Off
RIM's Shot
Inside a Quantum Dot: Tracking Electrons at Trillionths of a Second
Spaceship Award Winner to Design High-Thrust Rocket
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Techmas
JAXA Says Probe Touched Down on Asteroid
Toxic Flow Reaches Chinese City
Low Scores for Microsoft as Xbox Launch Hit by Shortages
Verizon Sues Alleged Cell Phone Spammer
Scientists Engineer Bacteria to Create Living Photographs
Probe Gets Set to Land on Asteroid Again
U.S. Navy Submarine Makes First Launch of Underwater Glider
On Engineering Employment
RFMD Expands POLARIS Shipments into Edge Handsets
Report Warns Congress of Eroding IT, Science Sectors
U.S. Electronics Production Strong Again in October
Russian Government to Award 3G License Through Tender
NRL Demonstrates Fuel Cell-Powered Unmanned Aerial System
Digital Satellite Radio Market Will Grow to 55M Units in 2010
'FBI-Paris Hilton' Worm Called the Year's Worst
TI to Sell Sensor, RFID Division
Gartner Raises Chip Market Forecasts
'Scientific American' Honors Google Founders
Growing Terrorist Bomb Threats Spur Robot Development
Little Fish, Big Growth
Brown Researchers Claim first Silicon Laser
Forecast Top 20 Chipmakers of 2005
Army Seeks Contractors for $5B Satellite Communications Deal
Google Unveils Tool to Map Shopping Trips
Microsoft to Open Standard Behind Office
Einstein Equation: 100 Years Old
Magnetic Fields Revealed In Technicolor
China's Improved Diplomacy on Show During Bush Visit
Popular Programs Suffer Wave of Internet Attacks
RFMW Announces YouForm™ High Quality Cables
Zensys' Z-Wave Chip Named International CES Innovations 2006 Design & Engineering Award Honoree
Report: A Third of China Handset Makers Gone by 2006
Lockheed Martin Builds Missile Defense Radar for Marines
Balkan Refugee Wins Entrepreneur Award
Radiation Resistant Computers
Emirates Orders 42 Jetliners from Boeing fro $9.7B
Broadband Ready to Board More Corporate Jets (finally, connectivity on my private Gulfstream!)
Mirrors to Banish Austria Town's Winter Darkness
GM to Close Nine Plants, Lay Off 30,000
Croatia to Mark Tesla's 150th Birthday
Copper Ridges Nearly Double X-Ray Sensor Performance
The Allied Defense Group Acquires Global Microwave Systems
GPS Technology Raises Concern on the Job
Lockheed Martin Conducts Successful Sea-Based Missile Intercept
Survey: Employees Steal Office Supplies (now that's never happened before)
RFID Isolation Curtains for EPC
SIA Lowers IC Forecast for 2006, 2007
The Show Goes on for Stephen Hawking
NASA Collects Gravity Data to Test Einstein's Theory
Television Networks Worried BPL will Interfere with Local TV Reception
Russian Customs Says Mobile Handset Imports Soar YTD
WFI to Build Tuscon, Ariz. Mesh Network
Qualcomm Repeats China 3G Ownership Claim
Ofcom Starts Review of Spectrum Used by Analog TV
SIA Ready to March on Washington
Internet Access on Display at APEC Summit
Heavy-Lift Ariane Rocket Orbits 2 Satellites
What's in a Name? For Town of DISH, Free TV
Cheap Laptops Are Planned for Kids
Millimeter Wave Technology Announces RFID Isolation Curtains for EPC Microwave Absorber Material
U.S. to Keep Control of Internet Address System
U.S. Electronics Companies in Malaysia Register Q3 Growth
A Complex Christmas
Sales up, but Consumer Confidence Wanes, Says CEA
U.S., China Growing Closer
Lockheed Martin Wins $2.9B Order for F/A-22 Raptor
SIA Sees IC Industry up 8% in 2006
Chinese 'Lunar Real-Estate Firm' Sues to Lift Ban on Sales
Pentagon Teams with Italy to Develop Anti-Radiation Missile
Researcher Gives Computers A 'Human' Face (& body)
New Japan BMD Radar Tracks Russian Missile Test
Raytheon Wins $1.3 Billion Army Contract for Cruise Missile Defense
Researchers Create Faster, More Efficient Laser for Communications
New Technology Extends Satellite Control System Life by at Least 15 Years
Plastic Diode Could Lead to Flexible, Low Power Computer Circuits
Internet Use Spreading Throughout Iraq
European Early-Stage VC up in Q3
Eat Almonds, Exercise, Stay Smart (die anyway)
No Resolution on Internet Control Foreseen at Summit
Army Seeks Battery for Future Hybrid Vehicles
Sony U.S. Execs: Expect a Robust Christmas Season
Online Help-Wanted Ads Fell in October
Dispiriting Days for EEs
U.S. May Begin to Lag Behind in Patents
M/A-COM Awarded $4.75M Radio Communications Contract by U.S. Army
E-911 Rule May Rein in Some VoIP Links
World Wants More Say in Control of World Wide Web
IBM Machine Again Tops Supercomputer List
Lockheed Martin Starts High-Rate Production of F/A-22 Raptors
Math's Negative Image Adds up to National Problem
Andrew to Acquire Skyware Radio Systems
Austrians Ignoring Cellphone Car Ban Law
Dark Days for U.S. Newspapers - Internet Rules
The K7RA Solar Update
No Growth Spike Seen for Fab Tools
Optoelectronics Poised for Strong Growth
Sony Halts Shipping Music CDs with Anti-Piracy Scheme
EU Takes Swipe at U.S. Internet Oversight
Rocket Plane Aiming for a Record Flight
Researchers Find Gravitational Wakes in Saturn's Rings
Tracking Phones for Traffic Reports
NanoMEMS Research, LLC Awarded Phase I SBIR Grant by NSF
Audiocourses.com Announces Completion of a Hardware Upgrade
Robbing Four Banks, on the Cellphone All the While
China's Latest Boom Industry: Spying on British Businesses
Survey: Number of Wireless-Only Users Increasing
Reductions in DOD Battle Management and IT Spending
Study Says Disconnect Plagues Workplace
Capacitor Failures Hit Dell Q3 Profits
Boeing 777-200LR Sets New World Record for Distance
Viruses Exploit Sony CD Copy-Protection
Thailand's Top Mobile Operator Reports Drop in Q3 Net Profits
Bush Taps Tate for FCC Post
Intel OKs Share Repurchases of up to $25 Billion
Mobile Phone Makers to Stay In-House, Says iSuppli
Cars Soon May 'Talk' to Roads, Each Other
Army Names M/A-COM for Land Mobile Radio
RoHS and WEEE: Determining the Risk
European Space Agency Frets Over Pure Tin (RoHS issue)
Lockheed Martin Makes Long-Range Radars for Pakistan
Einstein's Relativity Theory Proven with the 'Lead' of a Pencil
South Africa to Unveil Its Flagship "Eye of Africa into Space" Telescope
2006 Will Be a Critical Year for Broadband Wireless Technologies
Zensys and ControlThink Introduce New PC Software Development Kit
Z-Wave Alliance Provides Compliance Test Tool to Its Members
Tech Firms Warned on Human Rights
Holy Toledo! A Surprising Leader (#5) in Wireless Access
Gates Warns of 'Sea Change' in Memo
FSU Physicist Aims to Find out What 'Almost Nothing' Weighs
Samsung Aims to Invest $47B in R&D by 2010
Paper-Thin Battery Firm Raises a Further $30M
Japanese Giants Create 45nm Powerhouse
TSMC October Sales Hit Another High
Nanosys Raises $40M After Pulling IPO
Challenge to IEE (U.K. version of IEEE)/IIE Merger Moves Forward
Samsung Readies Long Lasting Fuel Cells
U.S. Space Program may be Falling Behind
AMD Surpasses Intel in U.S. PC Market
Cruise Ship Thwarts Pirates by Using Sonic Weapon
Women More Likely to Enjoy a Joke (If this is a joke, I don't find it very funny. Get it...? ...man (me)...less likely to enjoy a joke...never mind)
Mathematicians Take a Swing at Baseball Award
FCC Clarifies VoIP Disconnection Deadline
Sweden Runs on Biofuels en Route to Cleaner Cars
Power Tools Becoming Test Bed for Portable Energy Innovation
RFID President Responds to 'Spychips' Book
Qualcomm Claims Nokia Infringes its GSM Patents
Harris Awarded $18M Contract by Boeing for Joint Direct Attack Munition Anti-Jam GPS Electronics
Yahoo to Buy Stakes in European, Korean Portals
Quantum Chaos
Vast Cyberlibrary Unveiled by Google
Scientists Show How Thinking Can Harm Brain Cells
Chinese Company Closed for Selling Land on the Moon
Teledyne Acquires Microwave Technical Solutions Assets from Avnet
Meaningful Entry-Level License Privileges are Top Priority, ARRL Says
Stealth U.S. Chipmakers Make $2.5B China Investment
Senate Approves 2009 for End of Analog TV
Carbon Nanotube Membranes Allow Super-Fast Fluid Flow
Telescope Puts South Africa on the Astro-Map
Big Troubles May Lurk in Super-Tiny Tech Nanotechnology Experts Say Legal, Ethical Issues Loom
Motorola Develops 'Polite' Phone to Help Reduce Incidents of Distracted Drivers
Scientists Debunk TV Band-Sharing Interference Allegations
HiEnergy Technologies Announces first Domestic Order of CarBomb Finder(tm)
Researchers Explore Nanotube Interconnects
DARPA Selects Ball Aerospace for Interstellar Navigation Program
Archaeologists Find Copernicus' Grave in Poland
DARPA Funds Solar Power for Battlefield
Hubble Snaps Picture During Prime Time for Mars Observations
MIT Maps Wireless Users Across Campus (Orwellian, no?)
Yahoo Redesigns its Online Mapping Service
Nokia Launches Mobile-TV Phone
U.S. Spending on Online Content Jumps
Electronic Shipments Decline in September
Lightning Research Sparks New Discovery
EE Times VCC Moves Above $1.8 Billion
Sanyo to Unveil Eco-Friendly NiMH Battery
Chips Tied to World Economy, Future Horizons Reports (well duh)
Raytheon Designs UAV Radar with DARPA Grant
Harris Supplies GPS Modules for Boeing Missiles
IBM Creates Chip that Slows Light
Nokia Achieves Cellular Calls Over Wi-Fi
WiMax to Grow, 3G to Dominate
Physicist Sees Terahertz Imaging as Ultimate Defense Against Terrorism
Worries Rise Over Telecom Mergers
$3.6B IT Research Program Approved in Europe
Online Versions of Windows, Office Unveiled
Measuring the Tiny Force that Limits How Far Machines Can Shrink
Mitsubishi Electric Receives Orders For Superbird 7 From SCC
Boeing, Engineering Union Begin Contract Talks (there are engineering unions?)
INTRACOM: Strategic Partnership Agreement with Axxcelera Broadband Wireless
Ford to Debut Pickup With Mobile Office
In-Flight Demonstration of Innovative Combined Antenna/Solar Array
Student Satellite (SSETI): Can You Hear Us?
Survey: Business Presentations are Boring
FCC OKs Multibillion-Dollar Telecom Mergers
Russia, China Propose Joint Mars, Moon Missions
Startup Claims Breakthrough in Fuel Cells
Pluto Found to Have Two More Moons
Berkeley Nucleonics Academy RF Boot Camp - RF Cafe
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