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Cell-Phone Balloons May Soar over ND

More 3G/WCDMA Operators Combine with EDGE

Reshuffle at Nokia Affects 200 Jobs

"Point-and-Search" for Cell Phones Hits Japan

India Set for Electronics Growth

USAF Picks Lockheed Martin to Build $2B Network

General Dynamics Will Upgrade Army Communication Network

Samsung Develops Fuel Cell for Media Players

Survey Says Workers "Monkey Around"

Nuclear Power Could Cut Time to Pluto from Years to Weeks


Middle East Poised for Rapid Spread of 3G Services

Congress Seen Not Easing TV Rules for Telecoms

Google Heads to Court to Protect Users

WiMAX Relying on Government, Qualcomm Says

RIM Gets Favorable Ruling in InPro Patent Litigation

Using Mobile Phones Reduces Error Rate In Hospital Care

'Electronic Discovery' Industry Blooming

Understanding Phenomena Controlling PEM Fuel Cell Performance, Durability

Agilent Technologies Announces Breakthrough


Idaho Telecommunications Company Getting Out of BPL

Analysis: Accurate Prognosis of Electronics Industry Difficult

BlackBerry Shutdown Fears are Overblown

Web Anonymizers Suddenly Get Very Popular

WiMAX Prognosis Examined in Reports

3G Retains its Buzz, but Potential is Still Unclear

Air Pollution May Have Darkened China Skies

Microsoft May Not Be Off Hook in Europe

Rivals Jockey for 4G Lead

7 Myths About the Challenger Shuttle Disaster


Lockheed Martin Remains Top DoD Contractor in 2005

RFID Market to Grow 10-Fold by 2016

Intel Claims World's First 45-Nanometer Chip

Microsoft Posts Record $11.8B Revenue

Soldius Debuts Solar Golf Bag

Net VoIP Calls Could Hide Hack Attacks (yikes - back to landlines!)

Bell Helicopter Tests Unmanned Tilt-Rotor Craft

U.K. Music File Sharers Ordered to Shell out Thousands

Air Force Will Test Hypersonic Plane in 2007

Researchers Find Signs of Extra Dimensions of String Theory


Demand Grows for COTS Technology in European Military Communications Market

RF Micro Devices Delivers Record Quarterly Revenue

New GPS-Based Spyware Could Prevent Canadian Drivers from Speeding

Small Businesses Lagging in RoHS Efforts

Sales Up, Profits Under Pressure at Nokia

Scientists Study Scientific Secrecy

Engineers Develop Smallest Device to Control Light

Magnetic Spin Details May Lead to New Devices

Scientists Spot a New Earthlike Planet

Scientists: 'Superhuman' Enhancements Will Be Ethical Conundrums of Future (I need something right now)

Google Praised, Chided for Sanitized Site

U.N. Lends Backing to the $100, Hand-Cranked Laptop (no kidding)


Worldwide Hotspot List Tops 100,000 Mark

Seoul, Korea Top Wireless Hotspot Worldwide, San Fran Top in U.S.

Competitiveness Bill in Congress Targets Research & Education

ARRL Board Ramps Up Focus on Grassroots Lobbying, Disaster Planning

Trade Group Offering RoHS Compliance Certification

Standards Loom for RoHS Materials Declaration

Navy Extends Raytheon Avionics Contract

Chinese Design Competence on the Rise

Isle of Man Seeks to be Switzerland of Space

Microsoft to Open Windows Source Code for EU

U.N. Reports Rise in Cybersquatting


Report Slams Impact of Nanotechnology Research

Better Cellphone Service Through ... Balloons?

IC Foundry Market to Grow 32% in 2006

Opera Releases 'Mini' Mobile Phone Browser

Poor Work Performance Blamed on Internet

Shanghai Boosts Development of Space Industry

Stressful Times Result in Hardier Boys

Spacecraft Skin 'Heals' Itself

Nerves Fraught After Exam Device Malfunction

Carbon Design Systems Establishes Japanese Subsidiary


New Super-Gun to be Tested in February

Europe Overtakes U.S. as Largest Computer Market

Darker Days in China as Sun Gets Dimmer

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects BlackBerry Patent Appeal

South Korean High-Speed 'Net Users Reach 12.2 Million

CA Tech Sector Sees Sign of Comeback

EADS Space to Play Central Role in Galileo Sat Nav Test

Higher Education Fuels Stronger Belief in Ghosts

New Nanotube Theory Announced

Japan's Former IT Hero Arrested


Joel Harrison, W5ZN, Elected ARRL's 14th President

IEEE Group Approves 802.11n Draft

Millicom Contemplates Asset Sale

Sony Cuts 400 from U.S. TV Plant

NASA Pluto Probe uses Plutonium-Powered Generator

Format War Looms for New Wireless Standard

Japan Hits S. Korea's Hynix with 27.2% Tariff

U.K. & U of Bristol Reports Progress with Self-Healing Spacecraft

Iridium to Supply Communications for Ham Radio Antarctic "Dxpedition"

Google Stand Could be Good for Business


Shutdown "Imperative" in Face of Still-Unresolved BPL Interference, ARRL Says

First WiMAX-Certified Products Announced

China Issues Homegrown 3G Mobile Phone Standard

U.K. Study: Cell Phones Pose No Risk of Brain Cancer

Carbon Nanotube, Molecule Joined to Create New Transistor

Motorola Earnings up 102%

IEEE Confirms Next-Gen Wi-Fi Standard

Humans Hard-Wired for Geometry

Lockheed Martin Awarded $144M Navy Undersea Surveillance System Contract

Toward a Quantum Computer, One Dot at a Time

NASA Launches New Horizons Spacecraft to Pluto


U.S. to Open WiMAX Spectrum

RFID to Stay Hot in 2006

Ultrawideband Task Group Agrees to Disagree

Earth's Limited Supply of Metals Raises Concern

H-1B Visa Exemption Cap Reached

Sandia Researchers Seek Ways to Make Lithium-ion Batteries Work Longer & Safer

First Magnetic-Levitation Elevators to Debut by 2008

British Student's Million $$$ Pixel Site Targeted by Hackers

Losing Sleep Undoes Rejuvenating Effects New Learning Has on Brain

Study: Men Enjoy Seeing Bad People Suffer

Microjets May Transform Flying - SUVs in the Sky

Agilent Technologies Announces Plans to Expand EDA Product Portfolio


Internet Users Judge Web Sites in Less than a Blink

Applied Wave Research Claims "Radical" Enhancements to Tool Suite

NTP Suggests 30 Days Before BlackBerry Cutoff

Digital Universe Opens for Public Tryout

Evolving Needs of Warfare Spur MILSATCOM Demand

Liquid-Cooled Avionics Enclosure Dissipates 100 W per Slot

Google Surprisingly Popular in China

Microsoft Planning June Launch for Search-Result Ads (ala Google, Yahoo!)

Cloning Cult Offers Job to Disgraced Scientist

Nano-Size Battery to be Implanted in Eye to Power Artificial Retina

Agilent Technologies Announces Mobile WiMAX and 802.11n Design Exploration Libraries

Sell-Off Shuts Down Tokyo Stock Exchange


Websites Selling Your Cellphone Records for Just $100

Ultrawideband Group May Disband - UWB Anarchy

Motorola Invests in Home Nets Startup

Semiconductor Used to Generate Entangled Photons

SOI Market "Red Hot"

Pluto Probe Prepares for Launch

Maryland Judges to Get Crash Courses in Science

Internet Explorer 7 Will Flush Its History

Boeing Announces Largest Satellite Contract in 9 Years with Mobile Satellite Ventures


EU Reopens Software Patent Debate

Man Sets Rubik's Cube Record: 11.13 Seconds

High-Tc Junctions Show Promising Quantum Effects

Treasury Secretary Proposes Hybrid Car Tax Credit

Microsoft Planning June Launch for Search-Result Ads

EU Mulls Plan to Create Rival to MIT

NASA's Stardust Probe in 'Excellent' Condition upon Return to Earth

Army Ends Lockheed Contract for New Spy Plane

NASA Restructures Aeronautics Research


ARRL Presidential Election to Highlight ARRL Board of Directors Meeting

Mobile Phone Manufacturers Expect Slowdown

FCC Invites Comments on League's "Regulation by Bandwidth" Petition

Confab: Chips, China Good Investments

Tyco's $12B Electronics Biz to Split Off

U.S. Engineers Week Zeroes In on Youngsters

Success! Stardust Capsule Lands on Earth

Online Classes Popular on Campus as Well as Off

Photos Document Snowflake Variety

First Galileo Signals Transmitted by GIOVE-A


Surge in Sale of Disposable Cell Phones May Have Terror Link

U.S. Details Tax Breaks for Hybrid Cars

Microsoft Plans Launch of Search Ad System

Pentagon Funds Fuel Cell Research

U.S. Leads in IC Design - For Now

Tyco to Spin-Off Electronics Business in Breakup

Blackberry to Support Google's Mapping, IM Programs

Stardust Comet Probe Returning to Earth with Rare Samples

Entangled Photons Seen as Route to Secure Comms

Artificial Retina Battery Research Gets Funds


Industry Steps Toward 802.11n

Groups Set to Approve Next-Gen Wi-Fi Spec

Beam Weapons Almost Ready for Battle

Engineers Create New Mathematical Method

Scientists Drill Possibly World's Smallest Holes

Penn Predicts 20% Chip Market Growth for '06

Study: Nanotechnology Laws Behind Times

Wi-Fi Services in Asia to Reach Nearly $1.3 Billion in 2010

Companies Demonstrate 480 Mbps Bluetooth over WiMedia UWB

Nanorings May Lead to Magnetic RAM

Study: Teens Optimistic About Innovation

How Dangerous is Wikipedia?

Zensys Wins CNET Best of CES Award


Millennium Cell Receives $1.7 Million in 2006 Defense Bill for Hydrogen Battery

Agilent Technologies Ships Genesys 2005 RF & Microwave Design Software

Mobile Phone Revenues to Decline

China's President Details Technology Thrust

Raytheon Collects $500M in Pentagon Missile Orders

Study Raises Concerns About Nanotech Safety

Modest Semi Growth, Potential Upside Surprises for 2006

Batteries Shrinking Alongside Electronics

Magnetism Flicks Switch on 'Dark Excitons'

The New Defense Market

Public to Look for Dust Grains in Stardust Detectors - Ala SETI@home

Apple Shares Hit Record High on Intel News

European Tech Giants Craft Search Engine - Google Competitor


Another Israeli Fabless Chip Maker to List on Nasdaq

World Looks for North America for RFID for Strength

Nokia, Kyocera Resolve Patent Dispute

China Became Worlds Largest Chip Consumer in 2005

Companies Could Profit by Adopting Military Technology for Civilian Market

Solar Equipment Biz to Grow Tenfold

Motorola Drags Google, Kodak into Cell-Phone Business

NASA's Stardust Spacecraft to Return first Comet Samples to Earth

Consumer Confusion Could Dim Hopes of CES

Satellites Capture First-Ever Gravity Map of Tides Under Antarctic Ice

Hidden Companion to North Star Found


China Becomes Largest IC Market

Ultra Wideband Market Grows

EE Times' Predictions for 2006

Turn Down That Radio! Years of Loud Noise May Lead to Tumor

TriQuint Semiconductor and RFMW Announce Distribution Agreement

American Superconductor Designs Electric Motor for DD(X) Warship

NASA Had No Choice but to Buy Soyuz Flights - Pathetic

Navy Funds Research on Electric Rail Gun

Physicists Capture Small Numbers Of Atoms In Laser Traps

Tiny Crystals Promise Big Benefits for Solar Technologies

RFMW Announces Distribution Agreement with EMC Technology


Vista RF Signs New Sales Organization in France

Vista RF Announces New High Power Splitter-Combiners

A New Family of Self-Assembling Nanolattices

Outlook up for ICs, Equipment

China's Homegrown 3G Standard Ready for Network

IBM to Halt Contributions to Pension Plan

Municipal Wireless Boom Just Beginning

NG Shipsfirst Advanced Tech Microwave Sounder Flight Instrument to NASA

EDA Vendors Eye Consumer Market

Motorola Plans Cell-Phone Google Feature


Cell Phones Tied to Family Tension

Zensys Receives Investment for Z-Wave Technology

Nanocrystals Eyed as Solar Cell Material

Manufacturing Decline Could Slow U.S. Net-Centric Plans

Army will Fund Hybrid Vehicle Research in 2006

USA Online Sales of Handsets Double Previous Year

Microsoft Ships 'Emergency' WMF Patch

Broadcom Claims First Wi-Fi Video Phone Chipset

Apple Seen Among Top 3 Stock Picks for 2006

Spammer Gets $11 Billion Fine

Satellite Radio/MP3 Players Unveiled at CES


Missouri Researchers Find World's Largest Known Prime Number

EDA Stocks up on Nasdaq Surge

DoD Pushes Development of Superconducting Wire

CEA: No Slowdown in Consumer Electronics

Samsung Electronics' Market Value Tops $100B

Steady End Demand Predicted to Prompt 11% Semi Growth

Nokia Sees Surge in Bluetooth Phone Market

Sparks Will Fly at Vegas Electronics Tech Show

Motorola Unveils New Cellphone/BT/FM Music Radio Service

Google to Partner on Internet PC & Custom OS


Federal Spending on R&D Drops

iPod's Designer Receives National Honor

Spaceport Partners Get Down to Business

New Scientist: Science Holiday Round-Up

New Scientist: Technology Holiday Roundup

EE Times' Top 10 Stories for 2005

CONDOR's First Look at the Universe

LEDs Brighten the Future of Rural India

Online Shopping Hit New Highs in 2005

Google Gets Sued Over Talk Service


Dim Outlook Seen for Solar Energy in '06

Samsung Takes Lead in T-DMB Phone Race

How to Use Your Extra Leap Second of Existence

Top Tech Stories and Predictions for 2005, 2006

"E-Cycling" Puts New Life in Electronic Junk

Men, Women Use Web for Different Purposes

NASA's Spirit and Opportunity Still Probing Mars After Two Years

Annual Gadget Show is Biggest Ever

USMC Increases Ceiling on HF Radio Contract with Harris from $75M to $586M