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Sony Ericsson, Fossil Team Up on Bluetooth Watches - One Step Closer to Dick Tracey

U.S. Still Top Design Influencer; China, India Rising Fast

Sony Battery Woes Deepen on More PC Maker Recalls

New Electron Transfer Method Created

Beijing Secretly Fires Lasers to Disable U.S. Satellites

Solar Flares Could Disable Mobile Phones

Microsoft Sets $250 Price for Zune, Songs for 99 Cents

Future U.S. Nuclear Plant Studies to Begin

China Claims Success in Test of Fusion Reactor

RIM Starts Review of Historical Stock Option Grants

British Man to Use Frequent-Flyer Miles for Trip to Space


GPS Positioned for Mass Cellular Uptake

AT&T to Cut Hundreds of U.S. Tech Jobs

Compact Kinetic Energy Missile Test Successful


Europe Says It Leads in Mobile TV, But Lacks Frequency

Bluetooth Group Assists in Raid on Chinese Plant

NASA Mars Rover Arrives at Dramatic Vista on Red Planet

China Tests Out Fusion Reactor

U.S. Air Force Takes Control of Latest GPS Satellite

Bringing Quantum Effects In Out of the Cold: Bose-Einstein Condensation in the Solid State

U.S. Homework Outsourced as "e-Tutoring" Grows


New UWB Technique Could Speed Deployment

Nokia Shows GPS Enabled Handset

Raid on Unapproved Chinese Bluetooth Product Factory

India to Auction 3G Spectrum

ZigBee's Improved Spec Incompatible With v1.0

World's Largest Superconducting Solenoid Magnet Reaches Full Field

French Surgeons Say Zero-Gravity Surgery a Success

Dresses from High-Tech Fabric Light up Catwalk

Intel Plans Quad-Core Computer Chip

Gallup Poll Finds Americans Overall Strongly Support Space Exploration

Even on the Ground, Space Elevators May Have Uses

World's Largest Scientific Computing Grid Sustains a Million Jobs Per Month


Proposal: Let License-Free Broadband Use FM Radio Band in Subways

Three-Year-Old Boy Buys Pink Convertible on eBay

Report Finds Gender Bias in University R&D

China Readies 3G Trials

Microsoft Spin-Off to Take on MySpace, Facebook

Commercial Rocket Crashes After Launch

On Airplanes, Fiber Optics Poised to Reach New Heights

House Panel Subpoenas HP Executives

Demand for German High-Tech Products Rises

Switching Between Matter and Antimatter -- 3 Trillion Times a Second

NASA Balloon Carries High Altitude Student Platform to the Edge of Space

Sony Launches GPS for Cameras


Dell to Hire 500 Engineers

Semi Suppliers Feel Chill, Brace for the Fall

PXI Express-Based Synthetic Instruments for RF, Microwave Military Applications

Criminals Flock to the Internet

Honda Diesel Engine Could Rival Gasoline Power

Latest GPS Bird Ready for Launch from Cape Canaveral

Students Launch Project to Send Rocket Into Space for Under £1,000

New Device Tests Uncertainty Principle With New Precision

European Aerospace Industry Set to Enter Russia

2 Sentenced to Death in Florida Xbox Killings

Messages That Go `Poof' After Sending Them


League Pledges to Pursue BPL Interference Complaints, Mulling Appeal

WiMax Service Providers Form Global Roaming Alliance

Cingular Wins U.S. Military Contract

Forbes: Ten Trends To Watch in 2006 - Right So Far?

The House of Innovation

Samsung's Quinn Faces Prison Over DRAM Price Fixing

Long-Distance Infrared Switch Can Reflect Light Over >1"

Asia Shivers as Chill Moves on U.S. Economy - What?


The European Patent Debate: Who Decides What's a Patent?

One Dead as MagLev Train Crashes in Germany at 125 mph

U.S. Cities Install WiFi-Enabled Parking Meters

Industry Renews Call to Study Nanotechnology Risks

Senate Telecom Bill Still Short of Votes

The IC Industry's Reversals of Fortune

Russia to Fund Military Electronics

Chip Production Soars, Capacity Creeps

III-Vs & Silicon Come Together: New Hybrid Silicon Laser

U.S. Government Extends Oversight of ICANN

Surprises From the Edge of the Solar System

Commerce Department Loses 1,100 Laptop Computers Since 2001


Motorola Unveils Phone Vending Machines

FCC Seen Backing Airline's Broadband at Logan

SIA Warns of Declining U.S. Production Capacity

Keithley Sponsors Blog for Wireless Design Industry

Femtocells Could Upset Cellular/WiFi Dual-Mode Handset Market

Yale to Make Select Courses Available on the Internet

Mobile Phone Industry Aims to Reduce Pollution

Japanese Chemical Supplier to Spend $1 Billion on Wafer Expansion

Dell Warned of Nasdaq Delisting

L-3 Communications Installs mm-wave Body-Screening Security Portals

Shuttle Atlantis Returns Safely to Earth - Hoorah!

Fuel Cell-Powered Wireless Camera for Homeland Security, Defense


Company Calls for U.S. Version of RoHS

Telecom Hall of Fame Names Laureates

Most 10-Year-Olds Own a Mobile Phone

Civilians, Military Seek Different Kinds of Software-Defined Radio

U.S. Board Maker Pleads Guilty to Exports to Iran

M/A-COM Low-Cost, Lead-Free PQFN Packaged Switch

Broadcom CFO Steps Down Over Options Probe

Small, Low-Noise Oscillator Developed

Huge Market Growth Forecast for UWB, ZigBee

Silicon Valley Clone Planned for India

China Destroys 13 Million Bootleg CDs, DVDs, Software Disks

'Superlens' Reveals Hidden Nanostructures


Motorola to Buy Symbol Technologies for $3.9 Billion!

Airwaves Sale Grosses Record $13.9 Billion

SSC Gets Galileo RF License Until 2037

IMF Warns of Asian Electronics Slowdown

Communications Engineer Launches Retro Phone Appeal

Microsoft Sues Another 20 Alleged Software Pirates

Elevated IC inventories worry analysts

Companies Losing Productivity by Not Allowing Flexible Working

European Space Leaders Meet to Discuss Defence and Security

Worldwide Mobile CAPEX to Exceed $150 Billion by 2012

Psst! Coffee Drinkers: Fruit Flies Have Something to Tell You About Caffeine


Ericsson Revamps Its Structure - Will Hire 500 Engineers

U.S., U.K. Launch Research Coalition

India Designates WiMax Frequencies

Electric Jolt Triggers Release Of Biomolecules, Nanoparticles

Chips Go Toward Laser Light

Unpublished Papers Reveal Lesser-Known, But Significant Research of Sir Isaac Newton

Private Equity Cracks Electronics Industry

Why Private Money Likes Chips

Can You Hear Me When It Counts?

first Female Space Tourist Ansari Hopes Space Travel Will Increase Respect for Earth Environment (as millions of pounds of pollutants are injected into air to get there)

Cheyenne Mountain Exodus Continues

Upgraded Space Station May Rival Venus in Night Sky


ARRL Granted Experimental License for 500 kHz Research by Radio Amateurs

Atlantis Astronauts Complete Final Spacewalk

High-Tech Shopping Carts Face Hurdles

Meet the Real 4 Million Dollar Woman

Sun CEO Among the Few Chiefs Who Blog

Giant Puffy Planet Discovered 450 Light-Years From Earth

China Reports Major Anti-Piracy Move


Smuggling Phones Through a Sewerage Pipe in Hong Kong

Keithley's Metrology Services Earn Rigorous ISO 17025 Accreditation

Wireless Design Contest Offers $20K in Prize Money

OMMIC Launches X-Band & C-Band Phase Shifters, Attenuators

Cyber Crime Becoming More Organized

"Star Trek" Heads Back to TV With Digital Makeover

Chicago Facility Outfits Amputees With Bionic Limbs

NASA 'Ecstatic' About ISS EVA Work

U.S. Orders 36 Van-Based X-Ray Screening Systems for Counterterrorism Applications

Strange New Planet Baffles Astronomers

New Lockheed Martin Solar Arrays Begin Providing Power to Space Station


Einstein Was at Least 99.95% Right

Effectiveness of Missile Interception in Surprise Attack Debated

Cellular Modem Market is Finally Taking Off

New Battery Tech Still Years Away

Engineer Designs Less-Risky Reactor for Clean, Safe Energy

Mobile Phone-Based 3-D GPS Navigation Service

Segway Scooters Recalled for Falling Hazard

IBM-Magna Deal Seeks to Boost Intelligent Auto Systems

Astronauts Unfurl Space-Station Solar Panel

RoHS-Exempt Component Prices Rise

Tiny Fuel Cell Might Replace Batteries In Laptop Computers, Portable Electronics

AT&T Launches Broadband TV Service

Russian Duma Rejects Madonna Space Station Visit


UWB, ZigBee Chipset Markets to Boom

Group Releases Spec for Cellphone Security

UK Leads in Mobile Music Consumption

IBM Unveils first Cell Computer

BAE Works with DHS to Apply Mil IR Countermeasures to Commercial Aircraft

One Billion 3G Cellphone Users by 2010

Marvell Subject to Nasdaq Delisting

BMW to Roll Out first Hydrogen-Burning Car Next Year

Fujitsu Races Along Moore's Law

Wearing a Helmet Puts Cyclists at Risk

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Reaches Planned Flight Path

Meteoric Sonic Boom Rattles Southern New Zealand


Monopoly's New Tokens: A RAZR Phone, Starbucks Coffee, McDonald's French Fries, Prius Hybrid Car

FCC Sets Roadmap for Using Vacant TV Airwaves

Azimuth Systems Announces Voice over Wi-Fi Handset Test Suite

Launch of 2nd Galileo Test Satellite Delayed Until 2007

Patent Sought for "Invention to Eliminate Interference"

Pluto Is Now Just a Number: 134340

LG Electronics Selects RFMD to Support Upcoming EDGE Mobile Devices

Agilent Licenses 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Technology from Remcom

Qualcomm to Link FLO, CDMA Licensing

Linear: No Options Misconduct

Helium Shortage Threatens to Deflate Party Balloon Sales


Post-9/11, Technology Keeps Us a Step Ahead

Freescale Stock Soars Amidst Buyout Buzz

Broadcom's Stock Woes Double

Atlanta Is Most Wired City in the U.S.

Lasers Making Ultra-Precise Atomic Clocks Even Better

3G Phone Owners Want GPS Services

Bosnian Teen Threatened to Kill Father With Grenade for Refusing to Return Her Mobile Phone

Stephen Hawking Looking for Assistant

Shuttle Links Up With Space Station for Delivery

Explosives at the Nanoscale With 'World's Smallest Controlled Heat Source'

Satellite Radio Set to Soar

Fuel Cell Material Advance Overcomes Low Humidity Conductivity Problem


Maine's Governor is Now KB1NXP

Shopping Centers Install WiFi to Attract Customers

Cable Consortium Poised to Capture Large Block of Broadband Wireless Spectrum

One-2wo Particle Punch Poses Greater Risk for Astronauts

70-Year-Old Grandma Wins Nintendo Sponsored "Brain Age" Competition

Atlantis Heads to Space Station on Key Construction Mission


CipherLinx: A New Era of Secure RF

CBS to Use Bluetooth to Beam TV Clips to Passersby

Miami, LA Top List of Cellphone Chatterers

New Battery Technology Announced

Call Quality Affected as More Subscribers Make Calls Indoors

War of Words Between Microsoft and EU

Consumers Wont Pay for Mobile Video

More Stock Options Woes for Broadcom

IRS Joins Bay Area Options Backdating Task Force

Shuttle Launch Postponed Until Saturday

NASA Rover Nears Martian Bowl Goal

Model Rocket Contest Opens Registration


New IBM Supercomputer Aiming for Petaflop

SEC Investigating Over 100 Firms for Option Backdating

RIM Pushes BlackBerry Into Consumer Handset Market

Hewlett-Packard Probed in Media-Leak Scandal

Physicists Develop Nanotransistors

European Scientists Pleased With Lunar Probe's Data

Rockwell Collins Acquires Developer of RF Modem and Networking Products

Eutelsat Comms Delivers Strong Results in 2005-2006

Plant Cells Improve Efficiency of Solar Panels

Microsoft Sets Pricing for Vista Variants

Real-Time Traffic Routing From the Comfort of Your Car

In the Iraqi War Zone, U.S. Army Calls for 'Green' Power


Competitiveness Fading on Re-Election Agenda?

Semi Industry On Track for Record-Breaking Year

Alcatel Wins Contract For German Military Satcom BW Satellites

Korean Air Bans In-Flight Use of Dell, Apple Laptops Over Battery Problem

China Mobile Phone Output Roughly 400 Million This Year

Powerful New Technique: Radio Signal "Fingerprinting"

Full Length Movies on Mobile Phones

Worst Is Yet to Come From Intel

Northrop Grumman Wins Joint Warfighting Center Contract Worth Up To $686 Million

Anheuser-Busch to launch Bud.TV

Atlantis Launch Scrubbed Due to Fuel Cell Glitch

Big Bang's Afterglow Fails Intergalactic 'Shadow' Test


This Cellphone Anti-Theft Service is a Scream. Literally.

Matsushita Recalls 6,000 Notebook PC Batteries

Steve Irwin's Death Clogs Web Sites

China Readies Low-Cost PC Based on Its Godson CPU

Intel's Big Layoff Nears

Applied Materials Bets on Solar Cells As Growth Engine

Dow Corning: Solar Now Primary Focus

Moon Mission Ends Successfully for Smart 1

GPS-Guided Projectile Puts Raytheon-BAE Excalibur Closer to Fielding

Diode Laser Could Be Vital For Safeguarding Aircraft

IRS Gave $318 Million Away in Fraudulent Refunds

New GaN UV Sensor is Highly Versatile

NASA Optimistic for Wednesday Launch


Forbidden Cellphone Detector for Airplanes

New Electrode for Lithium Rechargeable Batteries

Mobile Companies Develop New, Faster 4G Technology

Online Recruiting Rebounds in August

Intel to Cut 10K Jobs on Tuesday

Court Dismisses Broadcom Suit Against Qualcomm

Lockheed Martin Wins Multibillion-Dollar NASA Contract

USAF Awards $49M Contract to Space Data Corporation for Communications System

Wi-Fi Black Magic Boasts Super Signal Range

Chipmakers Look For Loyalty

NASA To Try to Launch Space Shuttle Wednesday

GE Invests $100 Million to Grow its LED Lighting Business