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Technical Headline News Archive - February 2007

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Nokia-Qualcomm Patent Suit Stayed by ITC Judge
Industrial Use of License-Free Wireless is "Booming"
Lead-Free Evaluation and Protocol Highlight Military Technologies Conference March 27, 28
States from Maine to Oregon Brace for Daylight-Saving Time Computer Bug
Analog TV Nears Sign-Off as DTV Mandate Approaches
The Enduring Mystery of Light
Teens Spend More Time at Computers, Become Less Active as They Grow Older
Does Age Affect a Pilot's Ability to Fly?
NASA Delays Shuttle Atlantis Launch Due to Hail Damage (why was it rolled out so early, anyway?)
Researchers Working on Laser System to Deflect Asteroid Collision with Earth
Online Addict Dies After "Marathon"
Stocks Fall As Chinese Stocks Take a Hit
Washington State Considers RFID Restrictions
Thailand to RFID-tag All Vehicles
Invisible RFID Ink Tattoos - "Dattoos"
The Murky Ethics of Implanted RFID Chips
Iraqi Telecom Market Awaits Liberalization in 2007
Automated-Home Protocols Proliferate
Judge Delays Nokia - Qualcomm Lawsuit
Coffee: Aroma, Taste and Dietary Fiber (it just keeps getting better!)
Cost Now Driving Factor in Semiconductors
Scientific Literacy: How Do Americans Stack Up?
EDA CEOs Predict Strong 2007
Europeans Begin to Write Off Low-Lying Coastal Areas Due to Global Warming
Hail Damages Shuttle on Launch Pad
WRC-07 Preparatory Meeting Underway in Geneva
India Poised to Be an R&D Hub for Projects Outsourced from Developed Nations
Tech Camps Blast China Export Plan
European Spacecraft Makes Mars Flyby
1/3 of U.S. Internet Users Have Tried Using a Wireless Connection
New Stamping Process Creates Metallic Interconnects, Nanostructures
Huge Patent Verdict Spotlights U.S. Patent Debate
Paralysis Beam from Peak Beam Systems
Army Asks Industry to Design Magnetometer and EM Sensors to Hunt Buried Mines
U.S. Government Funds Fuel Cell Project
Lockheed Martin Team Qualifies to Bid on First FAA Nextgen Program
11 Dead, Over 100 Hurt at Kite Flying Festival in Pakistan
EPA Car Mileage Ratings Adjusted Down
ARRL Seeks Comments on New HF Digital Protocol
IEEE Begins Standard to Optimize Radio/Spectrum Usage in Wireless Networks
CDMA Industry Witnesses Record Breaking Growth
Hitachi Unveils Powder-Sized RFID Chips to Track Data
European Telecommunications Market Growth Slows
Europe Set for Billion-Euro Gamble with Comet-Chasing Probe
U.S. Solar Use Growing Despite Manufacturing Woes
Legislators Barring Electronic Distractions
RIAA Fights Back, Threatens Open Wi-Fi
Mystery Cell Phone Charges
Microsoft Ordered to Pay $1.52B to Alcatel-Lucent in MP3 Case
Minnesota Law to Force Companies to Use Wind, Sun to Produce Energy
Russian Rocket Explosion Creates Dangerous Space Junk
Bosch's New MEMS Sensor Monitors Car Batteries
Scientists Build a Better Rocket Engine
Skype Files FCC Petition to Open up Cellular Nets
Former DuPont Scientist Pleads Guilty in Theft
U.S. to Discuss Easing Tech Trade Curbs with India
Chip Plant Usage Rate Hits Lowest in Nearly 2 Years
Space-Station Astronauts Go Outside to Fix Antenna
Photonic Laser Thruster Could Be the Near-Light Speed Engine of Future Spacecraft
Fire in the Ice: Gas Hydrate Project Could Unlock Vast Energy Resource in Alaska
Cisco, Apple Agree to Share "iPhone" Moniker
Scientists Create Autonomous Robots That Can Stand, Crawl, Wiggle and Even Roll
Space Radiation Could Be a Mars Mission-Killer
Egypt Blogger Jailed for Insulting Islam
EPA Issues Nanotechnology White Paper
International Electronics Mfg. Initiative Previews 2007 Electronics Technology, Trend Roadmap
European Rules for UWB Finally Decided
Answer the Doorbell with a Mobile Phone
Semiconductor Insights CEO Dies in Diving Accident
Energy-Harvesting Modules Extend Wireless Device Independence
Bill Gates: My Kids Get Limited Computer Time
UWB Polymer Antennas First to Achieve Mass Production
Cell Phone Market to Shift
Used Hard Drives Offer Treasure Trove of Private Information
Reconsider the Electron: A New Spin on Memory
Space Station Needs Help, Glenn Says
A Diving Suit with Mobile Phone Holder - Oh, and One for a Kalashnikov
IEC Releases Standards for EME test of ICs from 150 kHz to 1 GHz
USA Requiring Phones to Work with Hearing Aids
Scientists Aim to Put Unmanned Robotic Cars on Roads by 2030
Mathematical Package Helps in Circuit Design
Xerox Invests $4.5 Million in Nanotech R&D
Wikipedia Enters List of Top Ten U.S. Websites in January
Science Needs Entrepreneurs, Google Co-Founder Says
Australia to Ban Incandescent Bulbs, Go Fluorescent
SIRIUS and XM to Combine in 13 Billion Dollar Deal
Onboard Threat Detection System for Big Brother Airlines
Hitachi Develops Speck-of-Dust Size RFID Tags
Academic Calls on Government to Open Cellular Nets
Canada Planning New Radio Spectrum Auction
India Is the New China at World's Biggest Wireless Fair
Inventor of TV Remote Control Dies at Age 93
Americans Sending Mixed Signals on Science
NASA Launches Five Satellites to Probe Northern Lights
Texas Researchers Claim Fastest Photonic Waveguide
Clock Comparison Yields Clues to 'Constants' Change
Congress Takes Up Alternative Energy Debate (mostly lawyers & history majors)
Watches Lose Ground to Cell Phones
Daytona 500 Cars Fly Without Leaving the Ground
Coming Back to Ham Radio after 50 Years
When Science and Unproven Fears Collide
Global Profit Hunt Sends Phone Operators to Emerging World
Engineers Week (EWeek) Programs Grow
U.S. Debates Response to Chinese Anti-Satellite Test
Technology Shakeout After 3GSM as Intel, Nokia Abandon HSDPA Plans
ECMA Developing Standard for the 60 GHz Band
Technology Enables Circuit Printing on Packaging
Nokia Plans Up to 700 Job Cuts
Nokia, Motorola Introduce Custom GPS Nav Services
U.S. Considering Next Move on China Piracy
A Mobile Phone for Your Pets
Study: Women's Desks Four Times More Dirty Than Men's
New Energy Source: Scientists Convert Heat to Power Using Organic Molecules
Flexible Electronics Reach Consumers, Manufacturing a Challenge
Rosetta Correctly Lined Up for Critical Mars Swing-By
Government Research Spending to Slow in 2007, Industry to Take Up Slack
Professor Resolves Einstein's Twin Paradox
'Last Mile' May Be Light-Centric
WiMax Patents - Up for Sale
Microsoft's "Cognitive" Radio for Broadband in TV White-Spaces
Motorola Ranked 4th Among America's Best Corporate Citizens
First Cell Base Station Powered Alternative Energy
UN Watchdog Unveils New Symbol for Radiation Risk
U.S. and Australia to Extend Cooperation on Patent Search and Examination Services
New Technology May Monitor Behavior of Airline Passengers
Scientists Dubious of Quantum Computer Claims
Woman Talking on Phone Killed by Train
Invention: Edible RFID
Is EMF Radiation the Cigarette of the 21st Century?
3GSM World Congress 2007 Image Gallery
Changing Gold: Precious Metal Not as Noble or Stable as Previously Thought
Silicon Wafer Shipments Grew 20% in 2006
7 Out of 10 Professionals Will Use Mobile Email by Year End
Medtronic Discloses Component for "Brain Radio"
GPS Sneaker Hits Shelves Soon
Golf Could Be at Forefront of Mobile Entertainment Boom
Koreans Say "Be Mine" with High-Tech Valentines
Microsoft Issues Warning on Daylight Savings Time Software Flaw
Chrysler to Eliminate Nearly 13,000 Jobs
Scientists Urged to Run for School Boards
More than 1 Billion Wi-Fi Chips to Ship in 2012
National Academy of Engineering Elects New Members
Quantum Leap: Computer to 'Make Computer History'
Intel's Teraflops Chip Uses Mesh Architecture to Emulate Mainframe
Air Force Kicks Off 5-Part Electro-Optics Research Program - LITE
Navy May Deploy Dolphins to Fend Off Terrorism
Rotten to the Core: How Workplace 'Bad Apples' Spoil Barrels of Good Employees
RFMD Announces POLARIS 3 TOTAL RADIO Transceiver Solution
China Seeks Talks on Space Weapons Treaty
YouTube Founders, Investors Got More Than One Billion in Google Stock
New Insights Into the Electric Circuits of Polar Lights
NARVAL: The First Observatory Dedicated to Stellar Magnetism
DoCoMo Claims 5 Gbps Data Rate in 4G Trial
RFMD Introduces Breakthrough Self Shielding Technology at 3GSM World Congress
Wireless Sensors Extend Internet's Reach
Swiss Officials Consider Mirror to Illuminate Sunless Village During Winter
India's 'Digital Economy' Set to Surge
Riyadh May be 1st City in Middle East Covered by Free WiFi
MIT Experts Foresee Efficient Ethanol Production
Intel Details Teraflops-Capable Chip
Ford Motor Co. LEAPs into Nanotech
Interim Polar System Reaches Full Operational Capability
Angry German Tourist Drops Pants at Airport X-ray Machine
Computer Pioneer Ken Kennedy Dies
Top 10 Scary Uses for RFID Technology
Webb Space Telescope Composite Mirror Will See Deeper Into Space
IEEE's Outlook for 2007
W1AW Special Event, Midnight Exam Sessions to Mark New Amateur Rules
Novel Radio Frequency Treatment Shows Promise for Lumbar Pain
Physical Fitness Has Fallen Since the Days of Ancient Greece
Older Software Not Adapted to Change Clocks for New Daylight Savings Times
Engineer: GPS Shoes Make People Findable
Nano a Major Focus of NIST's 2008 Budget
Quantum Computer 'Orion' Debuts
Broadcom 2006 Up 37%, Despite Q4 Stock Option Costs
Edison's Incandescent Bulb Could be on Endangered List
Solid-State Methanol Proposed for Fuel Cells
Astronauts Wrap Up Third Spacewalk, Sets Record
Scientists to Vie for $25M Climate Prize
Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge Opens, $2M Prize
Towards Quantum Computing: Artificial Atoms Make Microwave Photons Countable
'Frequency Comb' Technique Reveals Colors and Intensity of All Lightwaves Simultaneously
Military Plans to Increase Spending for Electronics in 2008
Inventors to be Honored on Capitol Hill
Global Warming May Help Satellites Fly Longer
UK Approves World's First Offshore Wind Hybrid Plan
New Mask-Based Lithography Method Allows Arbitrary 3-D Shapes
Princeton University Joins Google Book-Scan Project
India's Next Wave? The Domestic Electronics Market
NXP Pays $285 Million for Silicon Labs' Cellular Unit
Strange Sightings in Triad Skies (a few miles from my house - but I have a tin foil hat so I'm not worried)
Astronaut to Nab U.S. Spacewalking Record After Today's ISS Mission
YouTube Founders Split $650 Million in Google Payday
Fiscal 2007 Budget Bill Favors Science Agencies
Germany Planning Second 3G Auction
Maxwell's Demon: Nano Machine of the Future Captures Great Scientist's Bold Vision
911 Images Could Mean Info Overload
RFMD Introduces Complementary Cellular Components for 3G Multimode Handsets
Kodak Hopes to Rule Desktop Printer Market With Cheaper Ink
China Picks Site for Satellite Center
NASA Scrambles for Alternate Mars Landing Site
Bill Gates Publicly Passes the Microsoft Security Torch to Mundie
Spaceship for Sale on eBay May Win Half a Million Dollars
Here is the eBay Auction
Massive Hacker Attack Slows But Fails to Bring Down Internet
Space Shuttle Astronaut Arrested on Attempted Kidnapping, Battery Charges
Intel, IBM Unveil New Hafnium Transistors
Cybercrime Study Says Computers Are Hacked Every 39 Seconds - Yikes!
Cellphones Drive Semiconductor Sales Upwards
Contrarian Analyst Predicts 2H Slowdown
MIT Develops 'Optics on a Chip'
Israel Increases 2006 R&D Grants by 22%
Researchers Wind Resource Off Mid-Atlantic Coast - Could Power 9 States
Premium Text Messaging Vacuums Wallets
Sophisticated Space Weather Tool Under Development
Azimuth Systems Joins The Fixed-Mobile Convergence Alliance
GPS Upgrade Will Require Complicated Choreography
Iran Will Claim to Have Cure for AIDS on February 11. Common Cold Next on Their Hit List.
FCC Affirms Preference for Unlicensed Use of Empty TV Channels
China Set to Launch Rival to GPS, Galileo
R&D Foundry Firm Hatches in Silicon Valley
2007 Handset Sales Growth Forecast Raised
U.S., Japan Authorities Join in Siemens' 'Black Money' Probe
China R&D Spending Jumps in 2006
Romanian President Thanks Bill Gates for Easily Pirated Software
Controlling Electrical Properties Of Organic Semiconductor Materials
USPTO to Unveil FY 2008 Budget
Sunita Williams Sets Space Walk Record for Women
Comments Sought on Next Version of Internet Protocol
Space Station Moves to Avoid Chinese Satellite Debris
Huge Public RFID Sensor Mesh Proposed in Australia
IEEE-USA President Seeks to Bolster U.S. Competitiveness, Preserve Engineering Jobs, Maintain America's High Standard of Living
Broadcom Announces Industry's 1st Single-Chip Wi-Fi for Mobile Devices
Police 'HeadCam' Trial Sees Arrests Jump 85%
Engineering Education Prepares for 2020 & Beyond
Semiconductor Market Continues Upward Trend
Computer Virus Found in Car Navigation Systems
Board Maker Drops U.S. Name to Gain Global Appeal
Farewell to the Floppy Disk
Study Reveals Social Obsession with Mobile Phones
Yellow Snow in Siberia Poses No Health Threat (why does a certain Frank Zappa song come to mind?)
Super Bowl Ads: Still a High-Stakes Game
Israeli Company Working on Flying Car for Military, Rescue
Space Commercialization Contract Signed
Theory Stretches the Limits of Composite Materials
Use a Mobile While Driving in the U.K. = Lose Your Vehicle
Rocket Launch Accident Destroys Dutch Communications Satellite
Portable Drive Connects to Cell Phones Wirelessly
Harris Demonstrates Super High Frequency Antenna Control Unit in Extremely Adverse Sea Conditions
Silicon Intellectual Property Panel Puzzles Selection Process
GMV Signs Galileo Contracts Worth Over 40 Million Euros
Shifting Technology Roils Mobile TV
California Lawmaker Wants to Ban Traditional Light Bulbs
Coast Guard to End Search for Missing Computer Scientist Jim Gray
RF Technology Used to Track Heart Patients Progress from Home
Micro-RDC to Help USAF Develop Rad-Hardened Electronic Components
Ultra-Sensitive Measurements of Changes in Images Using Slow Light
Space Station to Get Bigger Faster
Windfreak Technologies SynthHD PRO - RF Cafe
Triad RF Systems Amplifiers - RF Cafe
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