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Technical Headline News Archive - July 2007

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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FCC Auction May Not be a Boon for Consumers

Upcoming Rules Could Break Open Wireless Market

USPTO and the Japan Patent Office Launch Electronic Priority Document Exchange

Intel, SiRF Work on GPS for Mobile Platforms

Carbon Nanotubes Aim for Cheap, Durable Touch Screens

U.S. Man Charged with Illegal Export to Indian Aviation Firm

New Technique May Speed the Development of Molecular Electronics

Boeing Wins $80M Contract for European Missile Defense Work

New Influences are Shaping User Expectations for Mobile Handsets

ARRL Board of Directors Acts on Background Checks

Pennsylvania Man Survives Being Struck by Lightning Twice

Sharp Combines LCD, Solar Wafer Production

Potential Flaws in Electronic Voting Systems

Caffeine and Exercise Can Team Up to Prevent Skin Cancer - yet another vindication of my lifestyle!


People Taking Their BlackBerry Handsets to Bed With Them

DoD Black Project Spending Hits $31.9 Billion

Avago Plans 600 More Job Cuts in Outsourcing Initiative

Health Symptoms Are Not Linked to Cell Phone Tower Emissions, Study Finds

Cell Phones and PDAs Revolutionize How Consumers Find Homes on REALTOR.com

Radars Without Missiles - An Empty Defense Shield for the E.U.

University of Delaware-Led Team Sets Solar Cell Record (η=42.8%)

Motorola to Embed Video Projector Inside Mobile Phones

Texas Company Provided Sabotaged Computer

Next Major PC Company to Go Linux Will Be HP

The Real-Life "Doctor Who" Who Believes He Can Build a Time Machine (the article incorrectly claims he is the only Black physics professor in America - a simple Google search proves otherwise)

College Science Success Linked to Math and Same-Subject Preparation

Satellite Multimedia for Mobile Phones

NASA Faces Congress Scrutiny as Russia Denies U.S. Astronauts Had Chance to Booze


Shuttle Computer System Sabotaged

That Cell Phone in Your Hand is a Tracking Device

FCC Commissioner Lauds BPL in House Testimony; ARRL Responds

Motorola Unit Aims to Bill US$60M from Comms Devices in 2007

Google, Sprint in Pact for WiMax Mobile Web

Humans Deal Computer a Loss in Poker Challenge

FCC Opens Comment Window on PSRA/PSSA Rulemaking

Electronic Access Control Systems to Reach $6.1B by 2010

Möbius Strip: 'Endless Ribbon' Mystery Solved

Blended Wing Body Plane Takes Successful Test Flight - European Antennas Onboard

Coalition Takes Run at Cybersquatters

E.U., U.S. to Make GPS and Galileo Compatible

Internet Censorship Spreading

Killer Electrons in Space Are Now Less Mysterious

Ex-Telecom Minister in Prison for Helping Islamists in Bangladesh


Boom Times Predicted for Municipal WLANs

Foundation for Amateur Radio Announces 2007 Scholarship Winners

EADS Reports 93% Drop in First-Half Profits

Global Fuel Cell Demand to Reach $8.5B in 2016

RFMD Begins Production of Polaris 3 Total Radio

E.U. Wants Wider Use of Low-Frequency Radio Spectrum

WiFi Phone Sales Expected to Top $145B in 2010

Philippines Telcom Giant Acquires Satellite and Mobile TV Provider

Dancing Atoms Hold Prospect of Superfast Computing

Government Drives 3G Wireless Transition in China

Sony Q1 Profit More than Trebles on Digicam

WiFi Phone Sales Expected to Top $145 Billion in 2010

FBI, China Police Bust Biggest Software Piracy Ring Ever

House Panel Trims DoD Contracted Services

Multibillion-Dollar Mars Trip Proposal Stirs Controversy


Sonex Aircraft Previews Electric Aircraft at EAA Fly-In

Femtocells Mobilize to Fight Wi-Fi in the Home

World Airport Security Equipment Market to Reach $131.7B by 2010

Chipmakers Say Worst is Over After Dire Quarter

Local Players Missing in Growing Indian Electronics Market

Nano-Sized Generator Gets Big Power Boost

Streaming Royalty Fees on Hold

A Picture-Perfect Sun - Compliments of SOHO

Scientists Produce Firsts with Light Burst

U.S. Capable of Defending Taiwan, Commander Says

RFID for Whiskey Bottles in South Korea

RoHS 1 Year Later: Supplies of Leaded Solder Drying Up

IBM, STMicroelectronics to Create Chips Together

Forecaster Cuts 2007 Hurricane Outlook - Duh!

New Communities Cater to Amateur Stargazers


RFID - The New DotCom Bubble?

Insatiable Demand for GaAs Drives 29% Year-on-Year Growth for Substrates

GPS-Trusting German Trucker Gets Tangled with Swiss Tree

Cellphone-Based Business Value Jumped 29% in 2006

Confusion Dogs the Launch of 3G Services in India

Logitech Takes Wrap off Tiny Cordless Laser Mouse

Zarlink U.K. Analog Fab Closed by Flooding

Japan Quake Reveals Fragility of Modern Industrial Systems

NXP Warns of Soft IC Market for Q3

RFID Chips: High-Tech Aids or Tools for Big Brother?

Motorola Needs to Save Itself for America's Sake

U.S.-China Joint Probe Nets $½Billion in Fake Software

Passwords Are a Piece Of Cake -- for Cybercrooks

Young Keep it Simple in High-Tech World


Northrop Grumman Rumored to be Buying Scaled Composites (Burt Rutan's company)

Cellphone-Free City Planned for Canadian Valley

15 Years of the SMS

Apple's iPhone Vulnerable to Hackers

Startup Launches Microwave-Powered Light Bulb

BOC Edwards Re-Brands as Edwards

Microsoft Plans Release of 'Windows 7' in three Years

GaN-Based LEDs the Main Consumer of Nitride Materials

Huge Tainted Dust Plumes from China Cause Changes in Climate

Domain Name Sales are Red-Hot-Dot-Com (RFCafe.com available for $2.5M)

Google May Bid in 700-MHz Wireless Auction

Wireless MP3 Players on Market by End of Year

Duke: iPhone Didn't Cause Power Outages After All

NASA Mars Rovers Braving Severe Dust Storms

New Chinese Ballistic Missile Submarine Spotted on Google Earth


DoD Opens Spectrum Relocation Office

Wireless Study May Clean up Computer Area

Conference to Trial Printed Organic RFID in Badges


Bermuda Customs Confiscate BlackBerry Handsets

Number of Published Science, Engineering Articles Flattens, but U.S. Influence Remains Strong

SimSat Balloon to Launch Next Week

LG Electronics Unit Says 1st-Half U.S. Sales up 39%

Google Invests in 3G Femtocell Manufacturer

Nokia Speeds up GPS on Their Handsets

Multi-Gigabit Wireless Research Could Soon Make Wired Computers and Peripherals Obsolete

WiMax Technology Gets Two New Allies; Clearwire and Sprint Nextel

Current Terrorism Nuclear Threat Worse Than During Cold War

Computer Plays "Perfect" Game of Checkers

Thomson Scientific Adds Military Specifications, Standards to Offering

JROC Recommends USAF Control of UAVs, but Navy Objects

IBM Gets the Lead out of Its Chip Packages

Nuclear Terrorism Bigger Threat Than Missiles: Ex-U.S. Defense Chief


iPhones Overwhelming Wireless LAN at Duke University

Moore's Law Under Fire Again

Motorola Posts Q2 Loss on Lower Handset Sales

E.U. Endorses Nokia's Mobile TV Standard

IEEE Adopts 'One Entity, One Vote' for 802.20 Mobile Broadband

Nokia Starts Global Positioning Service

U.S. Senate Shelves $648B Defense Authorization Bill

Swedish Woman, 75, Has World's Fastest Broadband Connection

Inexpensive Solar Cell Technology Created

WLAN Increases Worker Productivity by 21%

U.S. Offers $968M in Grants for Disaster Technology

Helicopter Flight Trials for EGNOS

Information Security Market Forecast to Reach $79B by 2010

Engineers Discover Natural 'Workbench' for Nanoscale Construction


Boeing to Submit Proposal for Global Positioning System 3

Flextronics Buy of Solectron Gets U.S. Antitrust Nod

Intel Leverages Universities for Research

Mobile Broadband Stretching Backhaul to Its Limits

High-Tech Car Options Slow to Catch On

RIM Launches Dual-Mode Cellular, Wi-Fi BlackBerry

RFMD Expands Capabilities in Beijing Facility

TriQuint Cuts Q2 Income Guidance from $6M to $1-2M

Broadcom vs. Qualcomm: Patents and the International Trade Commission

Non-SMS Data Revenues Exceed $10 billion in 1Q07

Laser Spy Camera that Spots Polluting Drivers (Big Bro coming to London)

Russia, U.S. to Hold Joint Military Exercises in Germany

One Giant Leap for Space Fashion: MIT Designs Sleek, Skintight Spacesuit

Talk Radio Hopes Politics, Advertisers Boost 2008 Elections


IBM Opens Its Software Patent Treasure Trove

The Strangest Insurance Claims for "Lost" Mobile Phones

Researchers Call for More Funds, Easier Immigration

Electronics Makers Break Out 'Green' Initiatives

NAB Announces 2007 Marconi Radio Award Finalists

U.S. Could Reach GPS-Galileo Agreement this Week

Britain To Beef up Anti-Corruption Laws After BAE Claims

iPhone Could Impact the Mobile Video Market

Hackers Fake Job Ads to Steal Corporate, Government Data

London to Get Free Wi-Fi Between Central London and Greenwich

Airborne Laser Team Tracks Airborne Target Compensates for Atmospheric Turbulence

On a Wire Or in a Fiber, a Wave Is a Wave

Microsoft Music Copy Protection Cracked Again

Firefox Takes on IE Dominance in Europe


World's Largest Nuclear Plant Leaks Radioactive Water After Earthquake

Blame the Sun for Dropped Cellphone Calls, Says Math Professor

Electronic Component Orders Bounce Back from Dip in June

U.K. Survey Finds Technology Hampers Memory

Handset PA Suppliers Set for Consolidation

3G Handset Market to Exceed 1.3 Billion Units in 2010

New Kind of TV Remote for the Overly Challenged Couch Potato

Copper Thefts Trigger Widespread Crackdown

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Correspondence Posted

Higher Efficiency Organic Solar Cell Created

EADS Agrees on Restructuring of Management

Drug Allegations Made Against Broadcom Co-Founder

KVH Launches Next Generation Maritime Broadband Service

Web Photos Now Have Zero Credibility (except for RF Cafe photos)


Text Messaging Blamed for Fatal, Fiery Crash

Australia Has Coldest June Since the 1950s

New Lens Device Will Shrink Huge Light Waves to Pinpoints

Nevada Parents Blame Internet Addiction for Child Neglect


AT&T Turns up First Metro Wi-Fi Mesh Net

China's Booming Weather Modification Program


IEEE Meeting Advances Broadband Over Powerline Specs

FCC Issues EAS Order

Samsung Stock Soars on Icahn Takeover Rumor

Sony Ericsson Profits up 54% in Q2

New Phenomenon in Physics Discovered on Illumination of Metal Surfaces

Growth in Broadband Slows Dramatically

iPhone Turns Focus on Greater Wi-Fi Use by Handsets

WiMAX Forum® Designates First North American Based Certification Lab

Analysts Forecast 7-Year Wait Before LEDs Penetrate Home Lighting Market

Electro Energy to Develop Advanced Technology Battery for High-Altitude Airship

Military Secrets Easy to Find Online

Real Estate Websites Boom, Despite Market Slump

100 'Significant' Spammers Identified as New Crackdown is Predicted

Florida to Adopt Tough Auto Emission Standards


Lightning Strikes Reported by iPod Users

Ford Says Hydrogen Cars Close to Mass Production

Nokia Seen Gaining from Motorola Woes

Ofcom: Opportunities to Free up Public Sector Spectrum for New Uses

Toronto Joins Raleigh, NC, in LED City Initiative

U.S. Wireless Networks to Become the Next "Dumb Pipes"

Understanding Killer Electrons in Space

HSPA Connections to Reach 40 Million by End of 2008

South Africa Hot Spot Use up 300% in Year

Scientists Work on Disappearing Technology

Like Having a Cell Phone Tower in Your Home

Al-Qaida Biggest Threat to U.S., Says Top Intel Analyst

Typhoon Eurofighter Jet Ready for Action

Russia Declares Its Independence in Space


FCC Chief Backs Some Open Access in Airwave Auction

SIA, SEMI to Announce Encrypted Chip Markings

STMicroelectronics to Close 3 Plants; Move Impacts 4,000 Jobs

WikiPatents Wants Your 2 Cents Worth

U.S. VC Investments Overseas: "Strategic," "Cautious" Still Watchwords

Two Tower Climbers Die After Fall

Helium Balloons Carry Man in Lawn Chair 193 Miles - Uses GPS

Teen and Tween Cell Phone Calls Rise During the Summer

JP Morgan Discredits Own Report on Possible iPhone Nano

Global Warming Could Outlaw Sports Cars in the EU

Improved Shuttle Readied for Trip to Space Station

Volunteers Requested to Sort Galactic Census


Accidental Presidential EAN Message Sent in Illinois

High-Energy Capacitor Achieves Ultra-High Capacitance

RFID Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2007-2017

New Rules Could Rock Wireless World

China's Trade Surplus Soars 85.5% to Record in June

Fluorescent Light Bulbs Can Become 'Toxic Time Bombs'

A Hacker's Nasdaq

An Electronic Cure for Cancer?

Report from China: Labor Costs Rise; Jobs Shift to Remote Areas

Google's Postini Buy Threatens Microsoft

Argentine Capital Gets First Snowfall in 90 Years (dang global warming!)

Baseball Goes Solar

Laser Tattoo Removal - Erasing the Follies of Youth


Sprint Hangs Up on High-Maintenance Customers

China to Surpass U.S. This Year as Largest Broadband Market

New FCC Rules May Impact Linux-Based Devices

European Patent Office Increases International Searching Authority Fee

Verizon Copper Cutoff Worries Some Users

Handset Sales to Grow 4% Through to 2012

Rural India Plugs into Wi-Fi

Ford, SoCal Edison Join to Promote Plug-In Vehicles

Inexpensive 'Adaptive Optics' Achieved by Sandia's Optical Clamp

UCLA Student Gets Paris Hilton's Old Cell Number (that's cell phone number, not jail cell number. I'd auction it on e-Bay)

Micro Air Vehicle in Use in Iraq


Electronic 'Crowd Behavior' Revealed in Semiconductors

Microsoft's $1 Billion Red Ring of Death

Thumbs Up or Down? Peers Review Your Patent Application


Earth is Smaller Than Assumed

Superstars Flying 222,623 Miles Total to Get to the LIVE EARTH Concerts - That's a Huge Carbon Footprint

Biomedical Engineers Use Electric Pulses to Zap Cancer Cells

House Science Committee to Evaluate NASA Earth Science Budget

'Eurobot' a Hit with Astronauts


Motorola Faces $101M in Severance Charges for Layoffs

Microsoft Expands into Canada to Beat H1B Visa Crunch

Mechatronics Transforms Driving Experience

European Plans for RFID Unveiled

Wearable Power Competition Announced

4-Year-Old Girl Calls 911 Nearly 300 Times Using Disconnected Cellphone

Researchers Prove Existence of New Type of Electron Wave

Norwegian Hacker Says He Can Bypass AT&T on iPhone

Transparent TV from Active Inc. (and H.G. Wells)

Today's Waste, Tomorrow's Fuel: Sustainable Energy from Urban Waste

Next President to Face 'Hard Questions' on Defense Budgets

Apple Under Fire: Releases iPhone Battery Replacement Plan

NASA to Buy $19M High-Tech, Recycling Toilet from Russia


e-Waste Program to Stop 1.2 Million Tons of Junk

Satellite Broadband Services Industry Has Enormous Growth Potential

Broadcom Protests Qualcomm's Request for Presidential Veto

Lawsuit Victory Means Free Mobile Phones for 15,000 Americans

Snapping Turtles, GPS, & Wireless Transmitters

Japan to Conduct Missile Interceptor Test in December

Remotely Controlled Nanomachines

Massive Martian Dust Storm Drains Rover Batteries

The Car System That Tells You When You're Going to Crash

New Approach to Fixing Spreadsheet Errors Could Save $Billions

Study: Women Don't Really Talk More Than Men


The Scientific Flash Behind the Fireworks

Gadget Boom to Drive up Energy Demand

70 dB True rms Power Detector Covers DC to 3.9 GHz

Rate of U.S. Broadband Growth Slowing

Semico: IC Industry in 'Downturn'

Contract Manufacturers Look to Vietnam as Production Rises in Southeast Asia

Stink Bullets and PKD's Sheep Dip Isolator

Microgravity Tower Will Offer Reduced-Gravity Environment for Wide Range of Research

India Angles to Be Solar-Industry Hub

Atlantis Lands at Cape Canaveral

NASA Satellite Captures First View of 'Night-Shining' Clouds

UK-Based Trio Admit Inciting Terrorism over Web


EE Times Updates List of Emerging Startups

Intel Favors RF Startup with Money, Advice, Contacts

iPhone Coughs up First Bugs

Nano-Sized Light Source is Invented

Philips Rids Itself of GaAs

Smart Electric Meters Save $$$

World's First X-Ray-Free Electron Laser on Course to Completion

FLIR Systems Announces U.S. Customs and Border Protection Contract

EU Urges Anti-Terror Cooperation After UK Bombs

China to Allow Foreign Investment in Defense

Mexican Telecom Tycoon Overtakes Bill Gates as World's Richest Man

British Terror Probe Focuses on Doctors (wonderful)

Dead Airman's Affidavit: Roswell Aliens Were Real

Video Games Rob Reading, Homework Time


Forum Formed to Focus on Femtocell Development

Young Engineers Satellite (YES2) Given Green Light for Launch

Bell Canada Accepts $32.9B Private Equity Bid

U.S. Army to Combine Satcom Programs

SIA: May Chip Sales Inch Up

The Impact of Outsourcing the Manufacturing Process on Innovation

Energy-Harvesting Conference Covers Cutting-Edge and Established Technologies

Apple Sold 525,000 iPhones Since Friday's Launch

Curious Gadget Fans Smash, Dissect iPhones

Motorola's Razr2: Answer to iPhone Debuts in South Korea

France Says Defense Budget To Stay Near 2% of its GDP

Before the Big Bang

Private Orbital Effort Scores Second Success

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