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Technical Headline News Archive March 2007

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Alert: Bogus "arrl.net User Support Team" E-mails
Far Infrared Light Can Be Used For Anti-terror Devices, Faster Wireless
Lightning Strike Kills Illinois Student at High School Track Meet
Nanotubes Could Improve Thermal Management in Electronics
China to Pursue Space Instead of Socialism
Philips to Sell AAA Battery Powered Cell Phones
Solar Cell Push Benefiting Thin Film Equipment Suppliers
Single-Chip ZigBee Platform Enables 20-Year Battery Life
Study Says Nanotubes Keep Cell Phones Cool
MEMS Device Controls Human Cells
Radio Telescope Produces First Light
Discera Raises $17.5M, Expands Distribution for MEMS Oscillators
Smart Sunglasses
China Eyes Military Uses of Cyberspace
I.T. Spending to Reach $102B by 2012
How Long to Run from One End of TV to the Other? 12 Seconds!
U.S. Has Lost Its High Tech Edge, New Report Finds
Chilean Airliner Narrowly Misses Flaming Pieces of Falling Satellite
Chirp Spread Spectrum is Basis for New Standard
First Terahertz Bandpass Filter Targets Unused Spectrum
Femtocells Pose Threat to Voice-Over-Wi-Fi, Cellular BTS Deployment
Shaped-Foil Inductor Could Reduce Size, Cost for Energy Applications
EU: Telecommunications Competition Must Increase
Study Finds Radio Spectrum Auctions Prone to Anti-Competitive Behavior
U.S. Missile Defense Chief Argues for Missile Shield in Space
Japan, Germany Team on Nanoelectronics
Au, Cu Nanoparticles Take Center Stage in Search for Hydrogen Production Catalysts
USA SMS Traffic Almost Doubled in 2006
Scientists Unlock Physical, Chemical Secrets of Plutonium
Outsourcing of R&D Set to Increase - Despite Concerns About Control
FCC Testing Web-Over-Airwaves Device
Electricity-Conducting Plastic Could Lead to Hardier Gadgets
RFID World 2007: Is RFID Ready?
Under Fire, Motorola Fights Back with Wave of Products
Alcatel-Lucent Claims Fiber Transmission Milestone
ITT Fined $100 Million for Illegal Tech Exports
20% of Mobile Content Downloads Fail
Boeing Prepares Fuel Cell Demonstrator Airplane for Ground and Flight Testing
Microsoft Billionaire to Be Next Space Tourist
NASA Seeks New Research Proposals
Japanese Man Sentenced to Death for 3 'Suicide Web Site' Murders
Coming Soon: The Most Realistic Virtual Reality Room in the World
2007 Military Technologies Conference Underway in Boston
UWB Radios Check in for Wireless
Scientist Claims Nanotech Threat is Exaggerated
GEIA Lead-Free Solder Guidelines Due by Early 2008
Wal-Mart Rethinks RFID
Life with RoHS: How is the Directive Doing in Europe Today?
Tyco Electronics Expanded its RFID Solutions with Integrated RFID Antenna / Reader Stands in Turnkey Systems
Strong Demand for WiFi/Mobile Convergence
Glitch Knocks Out Japanese Spy Satellite
IBM Develops Super-Fast Chip to Send Data
Nintendo's Wii Becoming Big Hit in Nursing Homes Nationwide
Phone-Based Therapy Eases Depression Long Term
Mobile Phones Unlikely to Cause Cancer
SMIC to Provide RF Test Service
Intel Confirms $2.5 Billion Fab in China
FCC Takes Another Stab at Net Neutrality
Vonage Says Market Overreacting to Court Ruling
UWB Radios Check in for Wireless
BAE Systems to Provide Air Force, Marines with Radar Warning Receivers
Nanotubes Used as Semiconductor Material
Higher Magnetic Fields Yield Benefits
Europe-Wide Weather Alarm System Launched
Flexible Battery Power
Japanese Solar Satellite Reveals Huge Energy Blasts
Survey: Nearly 1/3 of Americans Don't Want Internet Access
ARRL Offers Alternate Approach to "Regulation by Bandwidth"
Strategy Analytics: RF Component Profits Strong in Fourth Quarter 2006
Report: Offshoring's Cost Advantage Slips
DoD Awards $6 Million for Research on Quantum Electronic Systems
Hole Found in Protocol Handling Vital National Infrastructure
'Underwater Radio' Gets Funds Boost
FCC to Look at Future of Broadband Internet Access
Russia Replaces Frequency Management Agency
Terahertz Laser Has X-Ray Vision
AT&T CEO 2006 Compensation Valued at $60.7M
FCC Classifies Wireless Broadband as "Information Service," not "Telecommunication Service"
U.S. May Back Down on Tech Export Policy
Study Shows Radio Listeners Shifting to Wireless Internet for Music
Scientists Consider Using Giant Microwave To Defrost World's Largest Squid Ever Caught
Nanotechnology Being Used In Next-generation LED Lights
Harvard Dropout Bill Gates Finally Gets a (honorary) Diploma
Auto Companies: Hydrogen-Powered Cars Won't Be Easy to Make
Doubling of NIST Budget Sought to Boost Standards Work
Top 10 Emerging Mobile Markets Ranked
Motorola Replaces CFO, Slashes Outlook
EU Commissioner Slammed for Stance on Mobile TV
Circuit-Chip Designers Hope New Technologies Will Extend Moore's Law
Slow But Steady Growth Projected for U.S. Tech Sector
Any Google Wireless Handset Might Be of the Wi-Fi Variety
France Opens Secret UFO Files Covering 50 Years
RFID Is meeting Aerospace and Defense Supply-Chain and Asset-Management Requirements
Court Backs FCC in VoIP Case
Math Team Solves 120-Year-Old, 248-Dimensional Puzzle
Falcon 1 Video Suggests Stage Collision
Fortran Creator John Backus Dies
2006 Semiconductor Equipment Sales at Highest Level Since 2000
Keynoters Sketch Out Future of Handsets
Belgians to Start Paying with Cell Phones
Laptops to Replace Desktops as Dominant Form pf PC By 2011
Innovative Fuel Cell Project Aimed at Meeting Large Power Needs
Verizon CEO Pay Valued at $20.2M in 2006
U.S.-Russian Space Tensions Increase
New Optimization Technique Reduces SDR Memory Requirements 50%
ICANN Pulls the Plug on RegisterFly
Hydrogen Cars Face Technological Hurdles
Study Details Catastrophic Impact of Nuclear Attack on U.S. Cities
Elderly Phone Focuses on Sight, Sound, Emergency
UK Firms Wasting US$2 Billion on Telecoms Costs
Crazy-Sounding Ideas May Help Combat Global Warming
Gartner Analyst Says Intel Fab is Chinese Wishful Thinking
Thailand Plan to RFID-Tag Every Animal in the Country
Next Generation of LEDs Developed
Computer Tech Accidentally Erases Info on Alaska's $38 Billion Oil Fund
Biofuels Center Grows in the West
Philippines Building World's First "WiFi Highway
U.S. Digital TV Converters to Sell for About $60
New Reason to Hit the Gym: Fighting Memory Loss
'Work Less!' Global Companies Tell Top Manager
Warrants Needed to Search Mobile Phones
Unwanted Wireless Signals Bounce Off This Paint
Defense, Space Sectors See Significant Upturn in Demand in the U.S.
Amateur Radio Shut Down in Iraq
Standards Bodies Agree on Common Patent Policy
Lufthansa Flying Airbus A380 to U.S.
Wireless in the Sky: Hearst Builds Tower of the Future
GPS Sneakers Soon to Hit Retail Stores
New Magnetic Switching Method Could Dramatically Speed Up Data Storage
China Bans Firm from Selling Land on the Moon
National Geographic Publishes Guide to Using a Camera Phone
Most Computer Attacks Originate in U.S.
GPS-Guided Artillery Shells Head to the Middle East for Deployment
Partial Solar Eclipse Lined Up for Asia, March 18-19
Chip Foundries Fret Over the Downturn
Plans for Mobile Phone Coverage on London Underground Put Back
Phone Companies Eye Largest U.S. Government Telecom Contract Ever
CeBIT 2007: Europe Opts Out of RFID Regulation
Galileo (GPS equiv.) Development Stalled Over Profitability Questions
SEMI: February Book-to-Bill Remained Steady
Italy Bans Mobile Phones in Classrooms
Google Working on Cellphone (translated from Spanish)
Nanoident Opens Manufacturing Facility for Organic Semiconductors
Huge Reservoir of Frozen Water (aka Ice) Found on Mars
'Manly Men' Bounce Back Better From Injury
Woman Says, "Yahoo Betrayed My Husband", Now in Jail
NIST Likely to Lift Windows Vista Ban if Microsoft's New OS Passes Muster
'March Madness' Gambling Can Be First Step to Addiction
FY08 NASA Budget Request Insufficient for Space Exploration Program
USPTO Issues 1st Patent Under New Accelerated Examination Program
OK Teen Bags $100,000 Intel Science Prize
IEEE Moves to Promote Broadband-Over-Power-Line by Developing Standard
Polysilicon Shortage Will Drive Competition Between IC, Solar Cell Makers
BenQ Offices Raided by Police
European Providers of High-Rel Electronic Components, Services Form Alter Technology Group
U.S. Automakers Ask Congress for Help in Dealing With Global Warming
Micronetics Receives $1.45M Order for Military Power Amplifiers
IC Insights' top 25 IC firms: 'Haves versus have-nots'
Website Uses Math to Pick NCAA Winners
Company to Start Selling Portable Internet-Radio Player
New Form of Matter-Antimatter Transformation Observed for 1st Time
Disk-Based Photocopiers Seen as Next Identity-Theft Weak Point
MIT to Put Its Entire Curriculum Online Free of Charge
Government to Give Out [Your] Money for Digital-Television Conversion
Spectrum-Based WiFi Network Attack Threats on the Rise
EU Hopes to Rally Telecom Ministers to Cut Roaming Fees by Summer
2nd Draft of 802.11n Standard Approved
Georgia Tech Research Institute Researchers Patent Radar Warning System Device
Qualcomm Raises Quarterly Outlook, Shares Jump
Compact Wind Tunnel Enables Thermal, Airflow Testing on PCBs, Components
Research Could Lead to More Efficient In-Car GPS
New Walkman Phone from SonyEricsson
Daylight-Saving Bug Ends Up Being No Big Deal
Apple Patches 45 Bugs In Massive Security Update (hmmmm........)
People Do Strange Things to Improve Indoor Cellphone Coverage
Clock Ticking for Analog Televisions
Keep a Bluetooth Eye on Your Kids
China Cellular Chip Market Hits Record High
2007 Semi Outlook Dims, Forecaster Says
Philips Sells 887M TSMC Shares in $1.7B Deal
Motorola Invests in Wireless HDTV Developer
Intel Gets Approval to Build $2.5 Billion China Fab
Internet TLD Name System in Growing Danger
Physicists: Sorry, You Can't Travel Back in Time
U.S. Media in Crisis - but Hope for Wireless
Scientists Observe 'Magnetic Reconnection'
Motorola to Close Ireland R&D Center, Cut Jobs
New Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Developed at Swiss Technology Institute
Low-End Cellphone Cost Dips to $25
Cable, Telcos Compete Over Wireless
Oil That Fries Your Burger Can Run Your Car
8GB Memory for Mobile Phones
Ultra-Slim Bluetooth-Enabled "e-Paper" Device Prototype
A Step Toward Fusion Energy
Nokia Sees India as 2nd Biggest Market by 2010
Game Over for China's Net Addicts
Physicists Control Supersonic Helium Beam
Italy Tests Prototype of Unmanned Space Shuttle Castore
ARRL Position on the American Red Cross Background Check Policy
Study: Cellphones OK in Hospitals
Funding Woes Halt Plans to Search Out Potential "Killer" Asteroids
New Insights into Origin of Earth's Magnetic Field
Technicians Scramble to Update Computers for Daylight Saving Time
World's First WiMAX Roaming Agreement
Telecoms Investor - World's 3rd Richest Man
Gates, Buffett Top Billionaires Ranking (out of 946)
3M Claims Patent Infringement on Li-Ion Batteries
Net Worth of U.S. Households Skyrockets
Satellite Repair Robot Launched from Cape Canaveral
Samsung Launches World's First Hybrid Hard Drive
"Publish or Perish" Attitudes Make Profs Balk at Online Publication
Invisible for Electrons: Scientists Fabricate Ultra-Thin Membranes
Hole in Pajamas Reveals Internet Plagiarism
Star Trek's 'Tricorder' Realized
University Team Claims Single Electron Transistor Breakthrough
China May Mandate Use of National RFID Standard
Advanced Technology Program Plans to Award New Grants
NEC at Risk for Losing NASDAQ Listing
Nokia Investigating Nanotechnology
February 2007 U.S.'s Coldest in 113 Years
Microsoft Shows MEMS Display, Gesture Keyboard
Solar Technology Gets White House Boost
Rocket Plane Roulette - A Lawyer's Fantasy
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR on the Way
Global Market for Mobile Computing Worth $88.9 Billion by 2011
Startup Makes 2.4 GHz ISM Band Antenna the Size of a Rice Grain
Return of the Commodore: Early Tech Company to Restart Production (I had a Commodore 64!)
Study Tallies Up Total Global Digital Data, Finds Looming Storage Shortage
Asian Pollution Possibly Contributing to Global Warming (Huh? Possibly?)
Chinese Spacemen to Reach Moon in 15 Years
FAA May Ditch Microsoft's Windows Vista and Office for Google and Linux Combo
Warning: Don't Spam This Scotsman
French Startup Tackles Full-Chip Signal Integrity
3G Explosion Sees Australia Through 100% Mark
Raytheon Files Patent Suit Over Infrared Detectors
SMSs in Canada Top 4 Billion in 2006
Vision System Highlights New BMW Electronics
Nuclear Scientist Develops Super-Powered Dust Rag for Clean Rooms
DOE Plans New Nuclear Bomb
Russia Set to Launch Satellites from Submarine
32% of All Wireless Connectivity ICs Will Be Integrated in 2011
Panasonic Rolls Wi-Fi Skype Phone
Firefly Energy to develop Carbon-Graphite Foam Battery for DoD
Worried China Bans New Internet Cafes for a Year
New Nanoscale Engineering Breakthrough for Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles
Scientists Construct Complementary Circuits from Organic Materials
Abolishing the SIM Card for GSM M2M Platforms
World's First Ideal Anti-Reflection Optical Coating
Vikings May Have Used Polarized Crystals to Navigate
PrePay Cell Phones Used to Assist Insider Trading Fraud
Carmakers Adding High-Tech Perks
Italian Parents Beat Up Principal Over Cellphone Ban
ARRL: Application Avalanche Under Way as New Codeless Testing Regime Ramps Up
Italian Parents Beat Up Principal Over Cellphone Ban
ARRL: Application Avalanche Under Way as New Codeless Testing Regime Ramps Up
MEMS Switch Tops 26 GHz
New Graphene Transistor Promises Life After Death of Silicon Chip
ARRL Seeks to Force FCC to Produce Documents on BPL Complaint Dismissals
Researchers Bend Nanowires to Create New Class of Electronic Components
European Retailer Embeds RFID Chips in Shoes
Verizon Wireless Kicks off Mobile Phone TV
Wireless USB Chip Debuts
Satellite Radio Giants Sued over Buffer Patent
NASA Releases Dazzling New Photographs of Saturn
Germany May Send Moon Shuttle by 2013
Teen Who Posted `Catch Me' on Web Caught
Sleep Deprivation Affects Moral Judgment
RFID-Tagged Luggage System May be Implemented Globally
Scientists Develop Thinnest Material Ever - Only One Atom Thick
Tech Companies Hit Hard by Stock Market Drops
Hawking to Make Zero Gravity Flight
A $10 Wok Replaces a $20,000 Satellite Dish
The UK Establishes New Class of Radio License: "Self-Coordinated Links"
Hydrogen Power demonstrates 20-W With Miniature Fuel Cell
Business Water Cooler Stories Can Get You Fired
UN, Silicon Valley Leaders Focus on Technology in Developing Countries
March 3rd Lunar Eclipse Favors East Coast and Europe
Free Cellphone Service Funded by Ads
Physicists Another Step Closer in the March Toward Better Superconductors
Lenovo (ThinkPad) Recalls 100,000 Laptop Batteries
Innovative Power Products Couplers
Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs
LadyBug Technologies LB5944A RF Power Sensor - RF Cafe

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