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Technical Headline News Archive - April 2008

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Indian Rocket Puts a Record 10 Satellites into Orbit

Senate Rejects FCC’s Media Ownership Rules

Canadian Union Wants More Pay for Workers with BlackBerrys

National Semi Cuts 130 Jobs

China Mobile Market Share Hits 70% as Growth Rate Continues on Upward Trend

Government Skills Policy Damaging Electronics, Says Lord Leitch

SEMI Suggests Semiconductor Market Losing $4B Annually to IP Infrigement

Copper Nanowires Grown by New Process Create Long-Lasting Displays

Epcos Acquires NXP's RF MEMS Business

Loral Spins a Giant Web in Space as First ICO Bird Comes Alive

ICO Launches DVB-SH-Based Mobile TV Satellite

Industry Groups Combine to Boost WiMAX Roaming

Flextronics Earnings Beat Estimates; Shares Rise

U.S. Air Force Pursues Promise of Carbon Nanotubes

Beating the Codebreakers with Quantum Cryptography

New A123 Systems Li-Ion Battery Could Help Electric Cars Dominate the Roads

Canadian Car Parts Maker Testing Electric-Compressed Natural Gas Hybrid

Federal Reserve Expected to Cut Rates One More Time

Wind Turbines Can Trigger Epileptic Fits and Seizures

Tech Gizmos Increasingly Target Toddlers


FCC Updates Public and Broadcasting Manual

Microsoft Device Helps Police Pluck Evidence from Cyberscene of Crime

USPTO and EPO to Pilot Patent Prosecution Highway

Spectrum 'Spaces' Hold Allure for Technology Companies

Hittite's Q1 Revenues Rise 19% Year-on-Year

STMicro Posts 1Q Loss; Hurt by Dollar, Charges

EC: UK Government Ripping off Mobile Phone Users

FCC's McDowell Says It is on 'Collision Course' with First Amendment over Localism

'Tiny Radio Antennas' Under Skin Could Act as Remote Sensors of Humans' Emotional, Physiological State

Mobile Rich Media Advertising to Near $2.8B by 2012

Possible New Element Could Rewrite Physics Textbooks

The Making of a New Collider

Radio Free Europe Says It's Under Cyber Attack

Canadian Car Parts Maker Testing Electric-Compressed Natural Gas Hybrid

'Sticky Nanotubes' Hold Key to Future Technologies

Northern Lights Glimmer with Unexpected Trait


India Becomes World's Second Largest Wireless Network

Union Calls for Cancer Research into Semiconductor Workers

Defense Companies Report First-Quarter Earnings

Court Finds FCC Violated Administrative Procedure Act in BPL Decision

Mobile Shipments of 289M in Q1 Exceed Expectations

GPS Units Headed for Commodity Future

iPods Cause Allergies

High-Tech Contributions to Prez Candidates Top $25M

Number of Mobile Phones Now Exceeds Australia's Population

Shanghai Drivers Warned About Unlicensed Radios

Doomed Chernobyl Reactor to Be Buried in Giant Steel Coffin

DISH’s DVB-SH Testing Could Gel with 700 MHz Plans

A Computerized Combat Glove

International Electronics Blues Band Lives Again

Matsushita Profit Surges on Sales of Cell Phones, TVs

A ¼ of the Way There: HDTVs Reside in 25% of U.S. Households (not mine, though)

U.S. Coast Guard Selects Selex Surveillance Radar System

Wireless Fuels Verizon's Q1

Low-Carbon Electricity is Needed to Power Plug-In Hybrids

Coffee May Protect Against Breast Cancer (more good news from the coffee front)


Light Research Opens Door for Optical Storage and Computing

Electric Dirt and Street Motorcycles Make Debut

Petrol Stations Run Dry Ahead of Grangemouth Refinery Strike

Self-Assembling Method Could Lead to Inexpensive Diamond-Like Crystals for Technology


Cellphone Market Q1 Growth Fastest Since 2006

Ericsson's Shares Soar on Better-Than-Forecast Sales, Profit

DoD May Push Back on Apple's P.A. Semi Bid

Carl Zeiss to Focus on Nanotechnology in North American HQ

NASA Plans 5G Communications 'Nanosats'

UK Engineering Body Calls on Government to Act over Registration

Is RIM Behind the Curve in 3G Handsets?

Telecoms Firms Face New Competition from Disruptive Innovators

New Features to the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)

ARRL Lab Test Engineer Leaves HQ Staff to Work for Synergy

BAE Systems to Develop Secure Military Communications Network

Silence on Tax Exemptions Hurting Indian Startups

DTI Says Intellectual Property Theft a Growing ?Concern

Microsoft Issues Final Threat to Yahoo

Motorola Reports Handset Unit Losses Reach $194M

Obering Would Welcome 'Missile Defense Race'

Greenpeace Founder Now Backs Nuclear Power

Load Up the Pantry

Testing and Improving the Exceptional Vision of Athletes

Bill's Billions Dwindle in 08Q1


RIM to Open New R&D Facility in Germany

Ad-Funded, Free Telco Reaches 100,000 Clients in UK

New 'Anechoic Chamber' Key to Mobile Phone Research

The State of the Global Telecosm

NextWave Wireless Puts its U.S. Radio Spectrum Up for Sale

Anadigics Sales Rise 10% to a Record $74.4M

Silicon Nanotubes for Hydrogen Storage in Fuel Cell Vehicles

Motorola Loss Widens, Phone Sales Weaken

Skyworks Exceeds $200M Quarterly Revenue Guidance

U.K. Set to Unveil Defense Technology Plans

High-Speed Bluetooth Integrates Wi-Fi

Secure Communications Via Space

At NAB 2008, Technology Advances Despite Industry Concerns

Qualcomm Quarterly Profit Up, Raises '08 View

TriQuint's Profits Hit by Military/Network R&D Costs

EU Galileo SatNav Project Gets Final Greenlight

China Ties U.S. for Most Web Users

Ford Swings to $100M Profit in 1st Qtr, Beats Wall Street

'You're Dumped': Texting Makes Life Easier for Cowards


FCC Chief Says No Need for New Regulation of the Internet

Engineer Charged With Passing Nuclear Info to Israel

NFC Technology May Bring Wave of Change to Mobiles

Intel Invests $500M in Taiwan WiMax

TowerStream: First With 802.16e in the US?

SEC Charges Broadcom with Stock Option Backdating (I thought we were done with these)

Sony Ericsson 1Q Net Profit Slumps 48%

Initial $1.16B BAMS Contract Goes to Northrop

Antenna Expert L. B. Cebik, W4RNL, Dies at 68

Data Prices Fall, Usage Booms

Photoluminescence in Nano-Needles

From Crackberry to "Lax" Berry

Cultural Divide Leaves Telcos, TV a World Apart

EADS Buys U.S. Civil Security Business

Samsung Chairman Falls on Sword, Takes Full Blame for Scandal

Mobile Service Providers Lead All Industries in Brand Value Growth

Era of Cheap Food Ends as Prices Surge (might be cheaper to drink your biofuel)

Oil Nears $120

Bionic Eye Implants Make Blind 'See Again' in Pioneering Operation

Arctic Ice More Vulnerable to Sunny Weather (Wow! Who would have guessed?)


Web Site Aims to Limit Channels for Fake Chips

Taiwan President-Elect Aims to Lure Tech Investment

AT&T 1Q Net Up 22% on Strong Wireless Growth

China Passes U.S. with 220 Million Online

Lockheed, Rice U. Team Up for Nano R&D

First Steps to Topological Quantum Computer on GaAs?

World's Fastest Satellite Internet Connection to User Terminal Via KIZUNA

Solar Silicon Boom Wanes as new Plants Sprout

The Race to Build the Biggest, Baddest Telescope Continues

Nearly 20% of Mid- and High-End Mobile Devices Will Run a Linux Operating System by 2013

Powerful Antenna Attached to NASA's GLAST Satellite

Laptops as Earthquake Sensors

Carphone Warehouse Dumps Personal Data in Street

Primitive Alien Life May Exist, Stephen Hawking Says

NAB 2008 Attendance Down

Oil Near Record-High on Supply Woes, China Demand

Rough Re-Entry & Landing May Point to Quality Control Problems in Russia (yikes - how would you like to fall through the atmosphere it that contraption?)

Aerodynamic Truck Trailer Cuts Fuel and Emissions by up to 15%

Venture Capital Firms Back Electric Cars


'Nerdic' Geek Speak Taking World by Storm?

Tower Erector Group Issues Safety Checklist

Australia State Bans Laser Pointers, Lists as 'Prohibited Weapons'

Communication from Car to Car - DLR Brings Mobile Communications Network into Operation

Saint-Gobain Acquires GaN Substrate Maker Lumilog

How a Google Engineer Hacks His Energy Usage

NEC Electronics to Show Larger Loss

Breakthrough in Nanotechnology by Uncovering Conductive Property of Carbon-Based Molecules

ARRL to Discontinue Web Classifieds

Vietnam's First Satellite Launched After 13-Year Preparation

China Supplier Survey: Rising Manufacturing Costs Increase Product Prices

Growth of World Trade Drops Sharply

Senator Urges FCC to Block XM-Sirius Deal

Experiencing Virtual Products Prior to Product Development

1st Ever to Marriage in Space to be Conducted by Virgin Boss

Bikini Atoll's Nuked Coral Reef Bounces Back to Life

World’s Rich Shrug off Credit Crunch (there are 8 million millionaires, and I'm not one of them)

Attacks in Middle East, Nigeria Send Oil to Record $117.40 (terrorists' coffers are looking pretty good these days - are you happy?)

See Mercury, the Elusive Planet

Russian Space Capsule Lands Hard, 260 Miles Away from Target Site


Google Shares Soar 20% to Record 1-Day Gain

Music Has Its Own Geometry

HD Enthusiasts Crying Foul over Cable TV's Crunched Signals

Russian Agency Demands Registration for All WiFi Devices


Rensselaer to Require All Engineering Students to Study Abroad

Nerds Might Live Longer

AIA: Spend More on Defense

Manchester University Makes Single Atom Graphene Transistor

Los Alamos National Laboratory Develops New Terahertz Tuners

LG Electronics Posts Strong Q1 Profit on Handsets

Chromium's Hidden Magnetic Talents Discovered

BAE Systems Develops Anti-Jamming GPS Receivers

FCC Weighs Dispute Over Network Practices

USPTO Introduces Its New Financial Profile System

Amateur Radio Well Represented at National Hurricane Conference

Plasmonic Imager Could Slim Down Spy Satellites

Motorola Names New Cell Phone Chiefs

German Whizz Kid Got it Wrong on NEO Calculation: NASA

Crackdown on Cell Phones on Public Transit Ignites Debate

5.2 Mag Earthquake Hits Illinois

WiFi Devices Vulnerable to Location Spoofing Attacks

AT&T to Cut More than 4,000 Workers After 2007 Acquisitions

NASA Spacecraft Fine Tunes Course for Mars Landing on May 25


U.S. Patent Chief: Applications Up, Quality Down - Approvals at 42%

Raytheon Demonstrates GaN Advantages in Radar Components

RFMD Expands Product Portfolio to Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Components

European 3G Base Breaks 80 Million Mark

Alenia Opens Electromagnetic Emission Test Chamber

Wireless for Process Manufacturing to Reach $1.1B in 2012

Nokia Profits Up - Misses Forecasts

Electric Solar Wind Sail Could Power Future Space Travel in Solar System

Wireless Security Gets Boost from New Products

World's First Thermal Nanomotor Propelled by Changes in Temperature

DHS Extends Stay for 20,000 Foreign High Tech Grads (doing the jobs Americans can't do, per DHS)

Worldwide Semi Equipment Spending to Drop 20% in 2008, Gartner

March Radio Ad Revenue Drop Worst Since 2001

GAO Concerned About DOD Gear on eBay

Austrian Town Bans Ringtones on Public Transport

Micro Sensor and Micro Fridge Make Cool Pair

Canadian Police Taze Ticketless Riders Fleeing from Train Inspectors

Finally! The 'Robot Hall of Fame'

Clothes that Monitor Health


Magnificent Seven Band Together for 4G Showdown

Hong Kong Plans a 'Wireless Lifestyle'

Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test Scheduled for May

Zuma Says Foreign Skills Welcome in South Africa

Artificial Material May Revolutionize Electronics

After Stumbles, Boeing Has a Lot Riding on GPS 3

France Telecom Reportedly Weighs $54B TeliaSonera Bid

Campuses on High Tech Alert

T-Mobile USA: 3G, Going on 4G?

IBM Invested $7.9M in 2007 Lobbying; Does Tech Favor Democrats?

China Moves to Bolster IP Laws

Cubans Mob Phone Stores as New Government Begins Offering Unrestricted Cellular Service

Tesla Sues Former Auto Designer

Space Radiation May Cause Premature Ageing in Astronauts

EDN Names Winners of 18th Annual Innovation Awards (what - no one nominated RF Cafe?)

Connecticut Students to Get $100 Cash for Passing AP Tests

Zoombak Unveils Universal GPS Locator

EU Inflation Highest in 16 Years

61% of Americans Want Indecency Rules for 'Net Radio'


Taxes in the U.S. Due Today (the freeloaders are counting on you - BTW, ½ our population pays 0 taxes)

E-Filing Fees Under Attack (those who pay most taxes are charged, others free)

U.S. Overwhelmed by H-1B Visa Requests

WiMAX Demo Shows a 50 km Broadband Internet Connection at 450 MHz

Cubans Line up for Their First Cellular Phones (1st text messages sent: "get me outta here!")

EADS Seeks to Build Up North American Division

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market to Exceed $13B by 2014

Oxford University Makes Digital Radio Breakthrough

Nokia Launches New Phone with Electronic Wallet

Social Engineers Get Caught in the Web

Getting Wired for Terahertz Computing

Majority of Australians Say Mobile Internet is Too Expensive

Toward a Quantum Internet

Russia Should Promote Hi-Tech, Not Just Space Services - Putin

Patent Office Curriculum Teaches Kids Respect for Intellectual Property

Black Hole Pioneer John Wheeler Dies at 96

Cornell Robot Sets a Record for Distance Walking

Laser Triggers Electrical Activity in Thunderstorm for the First Time

Retailing Chains Caught in a Wave of Bankruptcies

Boeing Successfully Flies Fuel Cell-Powered Airplane

Oil Sets New High Above $113/bbl

California in for a Devastating Quake Within 30 Years - 99% Mag 6.7 or Greater


Ericsson Signs $1.44B Worth of GSM Contracts in China

U.S. Electronic Warfare Spending Driven by IEDs

Supply Index Gauges Product Demand by Engineers

Australia Requests Bids for $8.8B Broadband Network

More Safety for Cell Phone Batteries

QST Contributing Editor H. Ward Silver, N0AX, Named "Amateur of the Year"

New Drug Protects Against Radiation Damage (great news for obsessive cellphone users!)

Molecular Waterproofing for Mobile Phones Gets Investment Funding

CSR Shows Low Power Bluetooth for Medical Body Monitor

THz QCL Operating Temperature Raised by 10°C

Scientists Find a Surprise When They Look for What Binds in Superconductivity

Growth in Ringback Tones 'Cash Cow' for Mobile Market

How to Make Graphene

Fortress Technologies, Telos Team on U.S. Army Front-Line Mobile Communications

U.S. Housing Collapse Spreads Overseas

Railway Cellphone Attacker Escapes Jail

Geological Survey Calls Find Largest Reserves Outside Alaska

Supercomputers Simulating as Close as Possible to Reality

US Banks Citigroup and Merrill Lynch Reveal Fresh $15B Loss


U.S. Stocks Slide on Unexpected Drop in General Electric Profit - "Shocking"

IBM Makes New Bubble Memory

Organic Materials May Be Wave of the Future in Digital Signal Processing

Flat Electronic Component Orders Reflect Industry’s 'Wait and See' Attitude

G-7 Signals Concern on Dollar's Slide, Weaker Growth


Airbus Starts World's Largest RFID Project

U.S. High-Tech Lobbying Grows

FCC Fines Major Retailers over DTV Transition Rules

More Cities Offer WiFi on Buses

State Parks Blaze Trails for Wireless Internet Service

Powerful New Satellite to Debut over Pacific

Canada Blocks $1.31B Bid by U.S. Company for Satellite Company

NXP, ST Combine Wireless Operations for Handset-Focused Joint Venture

EU Strikes a Blow Against Data Hoarding

Can You Hear Me Now? Taliban Fears Cell Phones

MIT Creates Art from Computer Viruses

QPC Lasers Ships High-Power Miniaturized Ultra laser to Prime

Sunnier Prospects for Polysilicon

Denmark Is Most Networked Economy

Stop 'Stealing' from Contractors, Chiefs Told

Business Giants Install 'Power Nap Pods' to Boost Productivity of Workforce (bottom pic looks like the Get Smart 'Cone of Silence')

Raytheon Wins Contract For Radar-Jamming Variant of It's Miniature Air Launched Decoy

Expert Foresees 10 More Years of Research & Development to Make Solar Energy Competitive


Scientists Take Drugs to Boost Brain Power

FCC Approves Emergency Text Messages

Kansas Becomes 26th State to Have PRB-1 Law

GSA Ranks Chip Vendors, Saw Fabless Sales Up 7% in 2007 (Intel still #1)

Olympic Torch Emits 11 Million Pounds of CO2

Air Force Secretary Wants More Routers in Space

Modernized GPS Satellite Begins Operations

India May Raise 3G Spectrum Reserve Price

R&D Firm Developing Passive Ultra-Wideband RFID

New Zealand Mobile Costs Too High by International Standards

Telos to Develop, Deploy Secure Wireless Networks at Army Tactical Operations Centers

Solar Balloons to Power Remote Areas?

Radio Still the First Source for New Music

Printed Electronics Seeks New Territories

Broadcasters Form Traffic Consortium

Lentz: Content-Centricity Key to DOD Communications Security

'Well Above-Average' Hurricane Season Forecast for 2008 (are these the same folks that bombed the last two years?)

Nokia to Pay $314M to Close German Plant

DoCoMo Cell Phones Mobile Fragrance-Equipped


U.S. Hits Cap on H-1B Visa Petitions for Fiscal 2009

Electronics Market Set to Grow 5.9% - iSuppli

Nokia Plans Swiss Research Facilities

Newly Discovered Fundamental State of Matter - Superinsulator Created

First Mobile WimMAX Certified Products on a Roll

Microsoft Ends Support for Visual Basic 6.0 (there is a LOT of legacy test automation code out there in VB6)

Weak Dollar Set to Drive 15,000 Tech Jobs Cuts in Israel

Battle Gets Down and Dirty Over TV White Spaces

GSM Family Subscriptions Reach 3 Billion Worldwide (like the old saying goes - "The family that uses cellphone together, get brain cancer together.")

Mobile Location Based Services Revenue to Reach $13B Worldwide by 2013

Shift to Internet of Advertisers Spelled Disaster for CBS News Staff (iow, the Old Media is dying)

AMD Slashes 10% of Workforce

GAO: Feds Live Lavishly on Credit Cards

New Anti-Terror Weapon: Hand-Held Lie Detector (coming to an HR office near you)

Sub-Saharan African Growth Remains Robust, but Global Forecast Slashed

How New Technology Keeps the Olympic Torch Flame Burning (except when it needs to be extinguished due to worldwide protests... read what someone posted on The Torch)

Oil Prices Head Towards $109/bbl

Breakthrough in Biofuel Production Process


Engineers' Algorithm Picks Kansas to Win NCAA Championship

EU to Allow Cell-Phone Use on Airplanes (and you thought screaming babies were bad!)

Harris Gets More Radio Work from U.S. Marine Corps

Robots Seen Doing Work of 3.5M People in Japan

Hamburger-Making Device Wins Purdue's Rube Goldberg Engineering Contest

Home Automation Group Uses Enocean Radio Layer

Seven Men Arrested over SMS Scam

Huge Growth Seen for Mobile Broadband

'Radio Index' Report: Radio Audience Remains Loyal

Vacant Airwaves Spur TV-Tech Turf Battle

First Korean Astronaut Blasts Off

'The Grid' Could Soon Make the Internet Obsolete

GPS Technology Helps Cut Down Fuel Costs and Pollution

Teenagers Turning Their Back on Nokia - Prefer Sony Ericsson and Samsung

Physicist: Secrets of Universe Soon to Be Unlocked

TDRS-1 Satellite Reaches 25 Years of Age

Alert: Climate Change Hits Beer Production

Medical Errors Cost US $8.8B, Result in 238,337 Potentially Preventable Deaths for 2004-2006


Domain Name Sells for $2.6 Million (buy RFCafe.com for only $1M)

Ballmer Threatens Yahoo with Hostile Takeover

SiBeam Gains $40M in Funding for mm-wave ICs

NTT DoCoMo's Share in Japanese Mobile Phone Market Sinks Below 50%

Field Day Station Locator Up and Running

Virginia First State to Require Internet Safety Lessons

Nanotechnology Now Used in Nearly 500 Everyday Products

AT&T Plans Fast 4G Wireless Rollout

U.S. Military Prepares Cyberwarfare Offensive

Older Americans Among Those Opting for Cell Phones over Landlines

France Mulls Slicing 3G License into Blocks

Icera Sirific RF Baseband Tie-Up Takes on Qualcomm

EADS Astrium to Buy Surrey Satellite from University of Surrey

Innovative Atom Trap Catches Highly Magnetic Atoms, Cools Atoms to Almost Absolute Zero

Boeing Updates Tanker-Protest Documents

Aerospace Jobs Going to Mexico

Longer-Lasting Batteries for Laptops

'Toxic Socks' Raise Concerns; Unknown Risks from Nanosilver Cited

Brits Kickstart Broadband Spectrum Offer


91,400 High-Tech Jobs Added in the U.S. in 2007

Potential Hydrogen-Storage Compound Could Fuel Hydrogen-Powered Cars

IBM Eligibility for Federal Government Business Reinstated by EPA

Testing Shows XP Still Outperforms Vista


Senate Prepares to Debate Patent Reform Bill

Verizon to Use New Spectrum for Advanced Wireless

Motorola Cuts Another 2,600 Jobs

Vodafone Warns About Indiscrete Public Conversations

BAE Systems May Cut Nearly 600 Jobs

Planning Skills Make Engineers Good 'Field Operatives'

Cell Phone Usage Continues to Increase in the USA

Global Temperatures Have Not Risen Since 1998

AT&T Wanted Unrestricted Spectrum

Google Mulls Next Moves on U.S. Wireless Networks

CTIA: From 'Can You Hear Me Now?' to 'Can You See Me Now?'

Skype Unlikely to Get FCC OK on Opening Wireless Networks

Parents Should Use GPS Phones to Track Teens

Kerry (aka Lurch) Tells FCC: Don't 'Rubber Stamp' DOJ Decision On XM-Sirius

Girl Beaten and Shot Dead by Her Father for Using Facebook


Intel Unveils Tiny Chips Tailored for Mobile Internet Gadgets

Who Got H-1B Visas Petitions Approved Last Year?

Superconductors Could Help Spacecraft Hover

Nanotubes Connect at 1 GHz

Microchip Car Immobilizer System Cracked

Engineering 'Mindset' Doesn't Include Politics

Jules Verne Vessel to Dock with Space Station

British Employees Using Job Offers to Haggle for Pay Rises

USPTO and IP Australia to Pilot Patent Prosecution Highway

The 25 Most Disruptive Companies

Cell Boosters Coming for the Home

Bush Sees 'Unprecedented' Cooperation with Russia on Missiles

Source of Solar Wind Discovered

Software Engineer Arrested for Stealing Telecoms Trade Secrets

Americans Prefer Energy Fix to Cancer Cure

Software Tackles Production Line Machine 'Cyclic Jitters'

Michigan Fifth-Grader Finds 27-Year-Old Mistake at Smithsonian Science Museum

Feds Ready for Ipv6


Duh! Science Confirms the Obvious

Half of Online Americans Say Radio is 'Important' in Their Lives

South African Pupils Seek to Improve Math Results Using a Mobile Phone

Graphene Super Transistors (Apr 2008 Scientific American has great article on graphene)

Court Rejects U.S. Patent Office's New Rules

Transparent Computer Monitors? First 'Active Matrix' Display Using Nanowires

Indian Electronics Group Interested in Buying Motorola Handsets Division

New Editions of The ARRL Repeater Directory Now Shipping

Semiconductor Materials Grew 14% in 2007

Motorola to Stop Singapore Mobile Phone Production

Survey Says US Consumers are Now Satisfied with Their Wireless Service

FCC Says No to Skype's Petition for Open Networks

ESA Confirms SSTL's GIOVE-A Full Mission Success

UC Berkeley's College of Engineering Places 3rd Nationwide, Following MIT and Stanford

WiMax-Based Service Integrates Cellphone, TV

Massive Job Cuts in Space Program Likely

Mobile Commerce is Japan's E-Commerce

Researchers Compress Music Files 1000x Smaller than MP3s

Dell to Cut 8,800 Jobs, Closes Desktop Plant to Save $3B


Wanted or Not, H-1B Visa Process Starts on April 1

NXP RFID Encryption Cracked

RFMD Announces Retirement of Two Co-Founders

Babbage's 8,000-Part Difference Engine Heads for California

TI integrates GPS with Bluetooth, ULP and FM

Hybrid Satellite-Cellular Networks: New Radio Opportunity or Bust

Samsung Wife to Be Questioned

Nitronex and Merrimac to Develop Highly Integrated PAs for Wireless Infrastructure

IC Stockpiles Seen down as Suppliers Cut Back

Pentagon Awards Research Grants

Lost Without Your Mobile? Sounds Like a Case of 'Nomophobia'

Nanoelectronics: Compression of Light Directly Observed by Scientists

Nonelectric Hybrid Engines

IBM Suspended from Seeking New Federal Contracts

Banks Ask New York Court to Dismiss Clear Channel Suit

Lockheed Martin Wins $766M Military Radio Deal

Ten Exotic Planets Outside Our Solar System Discovered with New Technique

Hackers Flood Epilepsy Web Forum with Flashing Lights (soulless smart alecks)

IOC to Beijing: Open Internet During Olympics

Index Shows SA Factory Activity to be Near 5-Year Low

USA 2008: The Great Depression

Huge Meteorite Impact Found in UK -- Britain's Largest

Innovative Power Products Resistors Terminations

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