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Technical Headline News Archive - June 2008

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Siemens Prepares to Slash Its Workforce - by 17,000
Lending a Mobile Phone in Qatar Can Lead to Jail
NASA to Attempt Historic Solar Sail Deployment
100 Years Later, Tunguska Remains Mysterious
Ex-Intel Head Grove: Electric Transportation 'Has to Be Done'
Quantum Computing Breakthrough Arises from Unknown Molecule
BAE Systems, Micromem to Develop Nanosensor Technology
USPTO Independent Inventors Conference Set for August 8-9
Pregame SatCom Problems May Spill over to Beijing Olympics
Anadigics Launches First Programmable Gain Amplifier Optimized for DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modems
How the Evolution of CISPR Standards Continues to Shape the Requirements for Anechoic Chambers
President Bush Appoints 2008-2009 Class of White House Fellows
Researchers Peer into Water in Carbon Nanotubes
SBE Seeks 100 kHz for EAS Communications
Component Distribution Alive in China
LEDs Moving in on CFLs in General Lighting
Wireless Company to Allow Other Carriers' Devices
Tiny Magnet Allows Disabled People to Operate Wheelchairs with Tongue
Using a Grating with a Grade, Engineers Trap a Rainbow
Microsoft Stops Selling Windows XP
Tickets Soar in N.J. for Cell-Phone Talkers
California to Drivers: Drop the Cell Phone, Dude
Chip Companies All Charged Up over Smart Meters
Wi-Fi 802.11n Standardization Remains Elusive
First Exciton Integrated Circuit Built
Fabless Semi Revenue Up 16% y/y in Q1
Buzz Aldrin: U.S. Risks Falling Behind in Space Race
IBM's "Noise Free" Nano Lab
Semiconductor Industry Dynamics Will Get Worse Before Getting Better
German University Apply Carbon Nanotubes to Flexible Electronics
Sony Ericsson Issues Profit Warning
MEMS Market Tops $6 Billion
Filling the SATCOM Gap
Nanomirrors Could Enhance Telescopes and Semiconductor Chips
Umicore to Double Germanium Substrate Capacity
Video: 60 GHz, Wi-Fi, UWB Face Off at Panel
Nearly Quarter of European Homes Have Cut Their Landline
Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Folds into LiMo Foundation
NBC4 Offers Commuters Real-Time Traffic-Cam Views on Their Mobile Devices
Next Spacewalk Will Have an Explosive Twist
FCC Opens Inquiry on Embedded Advertising
Americans Conducted Nearly 7,000,000 Web Searches for the iPhone in April
Martian Soil Good Enough for Asparagus
Threats to GPS
New Satellite Will Provide Early Warning System of Dangerous Asteroids
Avalanche Photodiodes Target Bioterrorism Agents
StopBadware Cites Malware's China Syndrome
Oil Reaches $142 on View Dollar Will Keep Falling
Garmin Introduces Astro GPS Dog Tracking Collar
Consumer Satellite Broadband to Overtake Broadband VSAT
China Orders Phone, Internet Moratorium to Focus on Olympics Preparation
Chrysler Will Offer Wireless Internet Access in 2009 Models
Cambridge Radio Frequency Services to Map Radio Environment Across the UK for Ofcom
RoHS Report Comes Under Scrutiny in Brussels
NASA Develops Highest Resolution Visualization System to Date
Transoceanic Building Boom is Fueling Internet Growth
FCC Should Reserve 100 kHz of 700 MHz Band for EAS Communications
44% of Internet Traffic is Peer-to-Peer
Excitonic Transistor Switches Optical Signals
ITT Wins $44.9M Contract to Upgrade Sweden's Air Defense Radar
Wireless Backhaul Via Satellite Worth $4.3B Through 2017
Air Force Cyberwar Headquarters Staff to Operate Virtually
Man-Made Tornadoes Could Power the Future
Evidence of Massive Asteroid Impact on Mars
Updated European Risk Assessment Concludes Bisphenol is Safe for Continued Use in Consumer Products
Texting Letter Combo on License Plates Offensive - Free Replacements Offered
Transportation Researchers Calculate Number of Crashes Due to Bad Weather
The Quiet Little Pop of the Mac Security Bubble
U. S. Supreme Court Strikes Down D.C. Gun Ban Declares That the Second Amendment Guarantees an Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms
High-Technology Brain Drain Takes Heavy Toll on U.S. Military Projects
Father of FM and TV Stereo, Eilers Dies at 83
EPA Issues Energy Star Specs for TV, Video Boxes
RFID Devices Interfere with Medical Electronics
Advances in Wireless Systems Increase Their Reliability in Industrial Applications
Broadcom Co-Founder Samueli Admits Lying to SEC
Streaming Royalties May Affect Terrestrial Radio
Group Aims to Manage Boom of Devices
Metallic Glass Could Revolutionize Aircraft Structure (maybe Scotty's transparent aluminum isn't so fantastical after all)
A Record-Breaking Optical Chip
2007 ARRL Annual Report Now Available
Physicists Develop 'Impossible' Technique to Study and Develop Superconductors
Apartment Guide Launches Mobile Phone GPS Apartment Search Application
iSuppli Calculates BOM for iPhone 3G
Unencumbered AWS-III Spectrum Worth $2.8B, Phoenix Center Analysis Finds
More States Say Cellphones and Driving Don't Mix
How Will Microsoft and Google React to Nokia?
British Police May Get U.S. 'Pain Ray' Guns
Haley Makes 'New Case for Radio' at NYSBA Event
American Airlines Testing In-Flight Internet Access
Moon-Bound NASA Spacecraft Passes Major Preflight Tests
'Shake-Up' for Internet Proposed
1 CCTV Camera Per Every 14 U.K. Citizens
Single-Digit Growth in Semiconductor IP Market Pushes Consolidation
Nokia and Vodafone Lead Move for Single Mobile Standard
Darpa Hunts for Mad Science Chief
Home Net Chip Does UWB, Coax, Ethernet
Tech Sector Shows Strong Growth in U.S. Cities
Nokia Siemens Wins Iraqi GSM Contract
Cisco: Mobile Data Traffic Could Double by 2012
Scientists Reveal Why Glass is Glass
Teleco Industry to Make $1T Promoting Environmental Improvements
Anadigics Launches Family of Active Splitters Designed for Set-Top Boxes with Multiple Tuners
The Car that Reads Road Signs and Tells You the Speed Limit
Faster Optical Switching
Wireless HDTV Technologies to Gain Popularity
Supercomputer Explores Biochemical Landscape to Find Memory Switches
NASA: Fewer Employees to Lose Jobs with Shuttle Program Demise
New Solar Dish Could Transform Energy Production
Global Space Industry to Meet in Scotland
Earth Will Not Be Gobbled Up by Black Hole During Big Bang Experiment, Reassure Scientists (...and if they're wrong, well...)
FCC Encourages Broadcasters to Test Analog Shutoff
Fujitsu Develops First Impulse Radio Transmitting at Over 10Gb/s in Millimeter Band
Bleak Prospects Seen for Mobile WiMax
AMR Research Study Finds U.S. and China Are the Riskiest Geographies for Sourcing and Manufacturing
FDA Answers Questions About CFLs and UV Radiation
Sen. McCain Offers [taxpayer-funded] $300M prize for New Auto Battery
Fewer Students Pursue Computer-Related Degrees
Experimental Phone Network Uses Virtual Sticky Notes
Sprint Asks FCC for Delay in Vacating 800 MHz Spectrum
PicoChip Unveils Low-Cost Femto Chip
Bike-Loan Schemes Flourish with RFID
Telenor Takes Action to Stop Russian $3.8 Billion Lawsuit
Exciton-Based Circuits Eliminate a 'Speed Trap' Between Computing and Communication Signals
House Sends Pro-Space Message to Next President
35 Million Computers Headed for Landfills
Google Android Plans Hit Delays
Frozen Water Confirmed on Mars
Radio Gets Busy after Midwest Floods
1,000,000 Names to the Moon... and Counting
IC Insights: What to Watch For in the Second Half
Internet Addiction is a 'Clinical Disorder'
Falling Exam Scores Blamed on Wikipedia: 'Littered with Inaccuracies'
Destruction Therapy Promises Workplace Peace by Sledgehammer
Panasonic Claims Record Gain of 22 dB at 26 GHz in GaN ICs
Loran Update Recommended for GPS-Replacement Backup over Jamming Fears
Office Workers Now See Less Sunshine Than Coal Miners
RF Modules Key to New Mobile Designs
German Ham Claims First DXCC on 432 MHz
Sharper Satellite Images
North American Semi Equipment Bookings Decline 37% Y/Y
New Technique to Optimize Computer Speed
House Overwhelmingly Approves NASA Reauthorization Act
Moto Stock Sinks to New 5-Year Low
Exciton-Based Circuits Eliminate a'Speed Trap' Between Computing and Communication Signals
South Africa Bans Long Contracts and SIM Locking of Handsets
White Patches Found in Mars Trench Are Ice
California Takes a Slide in Tech Rankings
Wi-LAN Sues Motorola, RIM and UTStarCom
Electronic Instruments on NASA Phoenix Mars Lander Working Effectively
Astronomy Without Borders on Show in China
High Gas Prices Drive U.S. Consumers to Find Deals on the Internet
Life in Outer Space? Astronomers Hunt Aliens
Scientists Discover a New Mathematical Formula...for the Perfect Cheese Sandwich
Survey Suggests Scientific Sins are Common
Hams Ready to Respond to Iowa Floods
IEEE Seeking Nominations for Awards & Recognitions
Brazil, Russia, India and China Set for Mobile Boom
Wireless Sensor Nets Seek "Killer" Application
Sweden Adopts Law Allowing Official Eavesdropping
Video Resumes: Lights, Camera, You're Hired
Photonics and Nano Particles Brighten LEDs
California Hands-Free Law to Go into Effect July 1; Ham Radio Not Affected
Engineering Students Launch Record-Breaking Balloon
Harris Selected for Potential $58M Contract for New NASA Space Suit Comms System
Picowatt Chip Sets Low-Power Record
Gadget Buyers Seen as Assertive, Even Arrogant
Radio Still Important to Young Listeners
DOD Reassures Users About Privacy
Chinese-Born Engineer 1st to be Sentenced for Espionage Under New IP Law
Opportunity is Busting Loose and Going for It on Mars
Low Cost Quantum Dots for Biological Research Produced Through Microwave Synthesis
In Weak Economy, Forgoing $4 Lattes for Home Brews
California Teenagers Face 38 Years in Prison for Hacking into School Computers
1 in 3 IT Staff Snoops on Colleagues
University of Nottingham Develops Technique to Grow Bulk Cubic GaN
Silicon Valley Engineer Testifies Before Congress on Need to Retain Talented High-Tech Students and Professionals
Some Employees Buy Own Laptops, Phones for Work. Employers Too Cheap
UK Online Ad Spending to Overtake TV This Year
Worldwide Semi Equipment Billings $10.56B
Firefox 3 Browser Released
Science Books Fetch Astronomical Prices
Lower Costs Drawing Users to Mobile Internet
49 Million European Notebooks Will Have Mobile Broadband by 2013
FAST-DOT Ultrafast Laser Project Kicks Off
Mentor Says Cadence Offer Too Low
NASA Phoenix Lander Bakes Sample as Arm Digs Deeper
Philadelphia Revives Citywide Wi-Fi Project
Perfecting a Solar Cell by Adding Imperfections
Intel Runs Most of World's Fastest Computers
Windows for GPS
NASA Competition Winners Announced
Al Gore's (aka Mr. Green) Personal Electricity Consumption up 10% Y/Y
Nanotechnology, Biomolecules and Light Unite to 'Cook' Cancer Cells
Harris to Supply More Multiband Terminal for U.S. Navy Satellite Program
Alcatel-Lucent Wins $1 Billion Chinese Contract
Breaking Phone-Call Encryption
First Image from CUTE-1.7 +APD II Amateur Radio Satellite
Cadence Bids to Buy Mentor Graphics
Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Billings $10.56B
Digi-Key Corporation and TriQuint Semiconductor Announce Worldwide Distribution Agreement
Broadcom Sock Up After ITC Patent Ruling
Acoustic Cloak Designed
U.N. Telecoms Body Urges Global 911
Mobile Web Becoming More Affordable, Will Boost Advertising
Motorola Receives WiMAX Forum Certification for WiMAX WAP 25400 Access Point
Global Uranium Supplies Sufficient for Nuclear Needs with New Generation Technology
FCC's Martin Says OK to Sat Radio Merger
Corporate Mergers Affected by Leaks to the Media
Coffee Drinkers Have Slightly Lower Death Rates
The Spy in Your Mobile: Shops Track Customers by Tapping into Phones
Parents Fear Accompanying Students on Trips After Accidental Death Award
Toyota Hybrid Battery Outpaced by Demand
Intel Spins off Solar Unit
Sega Makes Robot Girlfriend for Lonely Men
Lockheed Martin Program Director Inducted into GPS Hall of Fame
RF Remote Spec Planned for Consumer Devices
Research Finds U.S. Mobile Internet Users Ready for 2D Barcode Technology
Future Phone Memory Could Be Made from Plastic
NAB Report Scopes Broadcast Opportunities from FM-Capable Cell Phones
Boeing Likely to Throw Its Hat into Galileo Ring
Designing Microchips that Contain Multiple Selves (IC ID?)
The Coming of the Nerdettes and Linux's Big Chance
Honda Rolls Out Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car
Bandwidth Hogs Face Limits on Internet Usage...
Europeans May Have to Pay to Receive Phone Calls
Government Agencies Represented More Than 1/2 of New Satellite Business
USPTO: Changes in Requirements for Signature of Documents, Recognition of Representatives...
Cleantech, Photovoltaics Shine in VC Scoreboard
Radio Tester Handles FM and SINCGARS Radios
High Gas Prices Boost Interest in Segway Scooters
Nokia Unveils Two New Business Phones
Motorola Cuts 150 Jobs from R&D
GE Takes Majority Stake in PrimeStar Solar
Airplanes of the Future Could Be Self-Healing
World-Record Supercomputer Mimics Human Sight Brain Mechanisms
To Support Emergency Efforts, Verizon Wireless Launches Broadband Network in Iowa City
Motorola Cuts 150 Jobs from R&D
U.S. Space Shuttle Lands Safely after Installing Japanese Lab
1780 British Warship Found in Lake Ontario
500-Year Historic Flood Levels in Cedar Rapids, IA (home to many RF/Microwave companies: RFMD, Skyworks, Rockwell Collins, etc.)
WiMAX Forum Establishes U.S. Testing Base
University of Florida Professor Designs Plasma-Propelled Flying Saucer
Unstable and Uncertain World Drives Trends in Defense Spending
Quantum-Entangled Images Show Hidden Details
Doubling Laptop Battery Life
Cree Launches First Catalog GaN MMIC Amplifiers
BMW Builds Roadster Made from Cloth
Designing Microchips that Contain Multiple Selves
Goodbye to Batteries and Power Cords in Factories
Russia to Launch Its First Weather Satellite
Israel Serves as Testbed to Californian Solar Energy Project
Clearwire: We're Ready for Primetime
Launching the World's Fastest Cellular Modem
Get Your First Look at NASA's Next Spacesuit
Targeted Ads Designed for Your Cell Phone
Qualcomm Ups Forecast with Strong 3G Sales
Ariane 5 Lofts Twin Birds for European Defense and Turkish TV
Broadcasters Facing Hurdles Shipping Equipment for Olympic Games
Exxon Dumping Stations, Says No Money in Selling Gas
Delphi Team Awarded $5M DOE Funding to 1/2 Size and Cost of Electric Propulsion Inverters
Engineers' Salary in India Growing Fast; China, Not So Much
Silicon Wafer Revenue up 22.5% in 2007
Commercial Satellite Industry Revenues Jump 16% in 2007
China Earthquake Blamed for Reduced Cellphone Demand
Toshiba to Ship 160GB 1.8-Inch HDDs
Phoenix Lander Has an Oven Full of Martian Soil
North America - Slowest Ever Annual Growth, but 3G Development is Positive
Web Site Offers Insiders' Look at Major Employers
Intel Continues to Work on Tera-Scale Chips
FCC Adopts $6 Million in DTV Enforcement Orders
Rice Expected to Sign Czech Radar Deal
ARRL Continuing Education Online Course Registration
Electronics Sales Turn Cautious, IPC Reports
EOS/ESD Symposium Set for September
Cell Phone Company Spared Government, Not Consumers, from Costly Fees
Arecibo Joins Global Network to Create 6,000-Mile Telescope
STOVL Stealth Fighter Makes Debut Flight
£355m Telescope Launched to Discover Black Holes and How Speed of Light Works
Sergey's Big Adventure: Earth Isn't Enough
Makers of Rad-Hardened ICs Strive for Smaller, Lighter, Less Power
SIA Cuts 2008 Sales Forecasts, Projects Future Expansion
That 'Cheaper' iPhone Will Cost You More
Security Hole Exposes Utilities to Internet Attack
EU Mobile Data Market Growing Rapidly Driven by Spread of Mobile Broadband
Worldwide Study Indicates Strong Consumer Demand for a Better Mobile Web
Physicists Reveal Secrets of Newest Form of Carbon (graphene)
Underwater Communication with Robotic Fish
Student-Led Project Deploys Community Wireless Network Across Southampton
Pollution Kills 10,000 a Year in Southern China (the poor souls need to walk the streets with masks and respirators on!)
DoD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for May 2008
Lockheed Martin, NASA Ames Team Selected to Design New Solar Mission (they'll be going at night to avoid heat problems J)
SA Manufacturing Output Rebounds
'Super Paper:' New Nanopaper More Break-resistant Than Cast Iron
U.S. Could Face Glitch in TV Converter Box Program
A Moon-Based Telescope - Built In Situ
The Mobile Phones That 'Cook' Popcorn - A Hoax?
USA is Sole Wealthy Nation in the Top 10 of High Growth Wireless Markets
Canada Happy with Wireless Auction ... So Far
Intel, Samsung, Others Form WiMax Patent Pool
GM Shows off Safety Technology Using 5.9 GHz DSRC
Six Top Firms Announce WiMax Patent Alliance
New ARRL Extra Class License Manual Now Shipping
INPUT Reports $1T in Active Federal Contract Opportunities
TSheets is First to Allow Users to Clock In and Out With Mobile Phones
U.S. Cell Phone Sales Down 22% in Q1 2008
Apple Confirms 3G iPhone Launch
Sun Goes Longer Than Normal Without Producing Sunspots (uh-oh, could spell trouble for the religion of Global Warming)
Ships Face Loss of Broadband Cover
USPTO to Publish New Rules Regarding Ex Parte Appeals Before the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences
Thin-Film Solar Market to Reach 9GW in 2012
Roadrunner Breaks Computer Speed Barrier
Perfect Night Vision? New Superlattice Structure Enables High Performance Infrared Imaging
World's First Bionic Hand Wins Britain's Top Technology Prize
Diodes Completes $176M Acquisition of Zetex
IEA Cuts World Oil Demand Forecast
Health Risk of Long-Term Mobile Phone Use to be Studied by Scientists (again)
Excessive Mobile Phone Use Affects Sleep in Teens
Minneapolis Limits Vehicle Idling to 3 Minutes (there will be a lot of cold Minnesotans waiting in their cars next winter)
Military Spending Up 45% in 10 Years
Supercomputer Sets Record
New ARRL Extra Class License Manual Now Shipping
In-Flight Broadband Service Revenue to Approach $1B by 2012
Astronauts Complete Third Spacewalk at Space Station
Surprising Graphene: Precise Measurement Reveals Strange Properties
Teen Drivers Ignore Cell Phone Restrictions
Man on Skydiving Trip Dies After Jumping Without Parachute
Giant Telescope Mirrors for the Moon Could Be Made with Carbon, Epoxy and Lunar Dust
As Analog Shutdown Nears, Antenna Reality Emerges
Small TV Stations Struggling with Digital Conversion
Thermoelectrics Cool Night Vision Goggles
House Committee Approves NASA Funding Bill
Stinger Systems Stun Waveform Radically Different than Taser's
Navy Missile Intercept Successful
Broadcom Co-Founder Nicholas Indicted on Drug, Fraud, Conspiracy Charges
British Police Switching to BlackBerry Smartphones
A New Superconductor - FeAs
FCC Chief's Free Broadband Plan Delayed
Global Smartphone Sales Up 29% in 1Q 2008
Balloon-Based Solar Energy Project Seeks Funding, Partners
Canada Lagging Behind G8 in Space Capabilities
Comcast Pledges Speedier Internet by 2010
Google's Larry Page Lobbies for Access to White Spaces
New 'Quasiparticles' Discovered; May Pave Way for New Quantum Computer
Boeing Fires New Thin-Disk Laser Achieving Solid-State Laser Milestone
UK Regulator Consults on Further Radio Spectrum Sales
Goodbye to Batteries and Power Cords in Factories
Toyota Develops New Fuel Cell Hybrid
Buzz Lightyear Finally More Than 'Just a Toy' (To infinity and beyond!)
Hong Kong's Websites the World's Riskiest
Researchers Secretly Tracked 100,000 Cell Users Outside U.S. for Six Months
Instant Messaging Helps Tardy Employees
Confirmed - Verizon Wireless Buys Alltel
Mobile Linux Gains Stature in U.S.
U.S. Marine Corps Awards Harris Corporation $118M in Orders for Falcon II(R) Multiband Manpack Radios
NASA, Google Expand Relationship with 40-Year Agreement
WiMax Field Trials Set for Taiwan
Devices Help Improve Indoor Cell Phone Coverage
TomTom GPS Completes $4.3B Buy of Tele Atlas
Farnell is Positive About European Component Sales
Nano-Tech Process Produces Plastics That Are 10x More Stretchable
Spansion Cut 500 Jobs, Expands in Asia
Skyworks Qualifies WIN for GaAs pHEMT Foundry Services
Nokia Siemens CEO Slams 'Silly Pricing'
DOJ Says Appeals Court Was Wrong to Reject FCC Indecency Policy
GM Shelves SUVs, Prepares to Roll Out the Volt
Xilinx Cuts 250 Jobs
Are Microbes the Answer to the Energy Crisis?
A NonoSensor Simply Made
Starbucks Overwhelmed by Demand for Free Wi-Fi
Hidden Messages Buried in VoIP Chatter
Morse Code Returning to MARS Toolbox
Wi-Fi, PAN Clash at 60 GHz
How to Make Microwaves on a Chip to Replace X-rays for Medical Imaging and Security
Freescale's East Kilbride Fab Closing, R&D Remains
DoD Weapons Procurement Broken, Auditor Warns
TriQuint Moves up in Power Amp Rankings
Hemlock's $1.5B Polysilicon Expansions Coming Online for Solar, Semi Industries
Proposals for Operation of New Zealand's Managed Spectrum Park at 2.5 GHz Band
U.S. Unmanned Systems Market Demand Increasing in Near Term
Key to Optical Illusions Discovered
South American Mobile Data Revenues to Rise to $23B by 2013
Knocking Back Rocks from Outer Space
Opto Market to Grow at 12% to $31B by 2013
Wind Power Moves into Deep Waters (except off Cape Cod, where notable wealthy politicians do not want to look at them)
Small Telco CEOs Ask FCC, Congress to Deny Qwest Bid
Half of Internet Users Pay a Monthly Bill Online
Flying Squirrel Man Smashes Distance Record as He Beats Local Plane to Airport
Space Shuttle Blastoff Damaged Launch Pad
USPTO: Revision of Patent Fees for Fiscal Year 2009
DoD Launches Engineering Research Program
Oklahoma City Gets World's Largest Municipal Wi-Fi Mesh Network
Discovery Shuttle Docks, Brings Hope to the ISS
Hams Head into Space
CDMA Subscribers Passes 450M Mark
Canadian Spectrum Auction Passes $2B Mark
Germany to Earn €1B from CO2 Rights Sales
Wireless Vision Implant Lets Patients Perceive Visual Images
U.S. Census Bureau Releases TV Stats
Measuring Quantum States Could Yield New Chip Cooling Scheme
DOE Report Says More Wind Than Coal Planned for US Grid
Europe Again Lags in Global Chip Sales
30th Anniversary of Packet Radio
Phoenix Finally Digs up a Scoopful of Martian Soil
EU to Promote Standardized Emergency Phone Number
Time Warner Cable Tries Metering Internet Use
Micro-Robots Dance on a Pin's Head
ARRL Welcomes Yaesu as Principal Sponsor of Logbook of The World Web Site
Engineers Whip up First Long-Lived Nanoscale Bubbles
Prototype Fuel Cell for Handsets Eyes 5x Run-Time Boost
E. Coli Bacteria Computer Solves Complex Math Problem
Startup to Take on Bluetooth
Nanotech Pioneers Win Kavli Prize
April Semiconductor Sales Up 6% Year-on-Year
Phyworks Demos 10G Copper Interconnects
China Unicom Buys China Netcom in $56B Stock Swap
The Digital Revolution is Over - Claims New Research
Talking Distractions: Why Cell Phones and Driving Don't Mix
New Unifying Theory of Lasers Advanced by Physicists
Phoenix Mars Lander Has Short-Circuit Problem
WiMAX Summit: Don't Believe (or create) the Hype
Businessman Drops 100M Rupiah ($11,200) from Plane
Discovery Shuttle Nears Space Station After Flawless Launch
Hacker Changes Mars Lander's Web Site, Redirects Traffic
Optoelectronics to Show Good Growth Through 2013
Mac Hits Record 7.8% Market Share
Why Are Senior Female Scientists So Heavily Outnumbered by Men?
Space Shuttle Discovery Carries Japanese Lab "Hope" into Orbit (a perfect launch!)
Satellite Companies DISH, EchoStar Sue TiVo
SEC Investigates Insider Trading Scheme Concerning Freescale, ATI
Femto Forum Lays Down Femtocell Law
BlackBerry Leads, iPhone Follows U.S. Smartphone Sales
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