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Cell Phones Could Be More Dangerous Than Cigarettes or Asbestos

Mobile Phones 'More Dangerous than Smoking'

Why Some Electronics, and Their Component Alloys, Age More Quickly Than Others

Mobile Broadband Subscribers Increase by 850%

Big Brother's Business is Booming

Brit Cell Phone Users Fear Losing Contact

Telecom Well Poised to Benefit from $70B Streaming Market

Researchers Explore Materials Degradation in Space

Nextreme Patents Nano-Boost to Peltier Heat Pumps

India's People Power is Also Its Problem

Asia Fuels 1.5% Rise in February Chip Sales

Vodacom Faces Lawsuit over Black Economic Empowerment Transaction

FCC Approves ORBCOMM's Next-Gen Constellation

Japan Finishes Missile Defense System Deployment

Technology Driving Motorists to Distraction

Google's Wi-Fi Dreams

Portable Hydrogen-Generating Power System Could Lighten Soldiers' Load

Automated Jules Verne Craft Carries Cargo, Space Station Risk

Micro Chips Could Speed up Detection of Livestock Viruses


Nokia Hits EU Barrier to Navteq Acquisition

Bolts of Blue Lightning Thrusting Upward and Other Weird Lightning Explained

High Prices Spark Fresh Gold Rush in California

Bizarre Ball of Twisted Metal Space Junk Falls from the Sky

Single-Crystal Semiconductor Wire Built into an Optical Fiber

Consumer Telematics Hardware and Services Revenue Will Reach $41B by 2013

Bill Gates May Have to Testify in Xbox Fire Case


EU Opens In-Depth Probe of Nokia's Navteq Purchase

China to Start Tests of TD-SCDMA Phones

DOD Vows to Reduce Contractor Role

Tough Times to Continue for RF IC Suppliers

Keithley, Chinese Research Lab Team for RF Test Development

Foldable, Stretchable Circuits

No Double-Dipping for Copyright Infringement Damages

White House Tech Policy Called 'Magical Thinking'

Doomsday Fears Spark Lawsuit against Fermilab (some idiots believe an Earth-boggling black hole might be created)

Cuba Allows Unrestricted Cellular Phone Service

Research Opens Door to Manipulating Electron Spin

Japanese Researcher Discovers Method for Making Memory ICs from Protein

Brazil - GSM Subscriber Base Passes 100 Million

Australian Farmer Finds Mysterious Ball of Space Junk

CTIA & the Invisible Handsets

Ancient Meteorite Impact Crater Found in Britain

Fingerprint Scans Replace Punch of Time Clocks

Dangerous Flaws Reported in Apple's Safari for Windows


AT&T CEO Says Hard to Find Skilled U.S. Workers

Software Turns Smart Phone into Hotspot

Judge Orders Banks to Fund Clear Channel Buyout

Cellular/3G Market Forecast to decline at a CAGR of Nearly 8% over Next Four Years

ARRL President Appointed to Arkansas State Board

Semiconductor IP Continues Growth Path

Motorola's Breakup Provides Opportunities for Competitors

Japan Voices Concern over China Space Program

MIT’s Palacios Awarded Deshpande Innovation Grant on GaN HEMT

Japanese Scientists, Origami Masters Hope to Launch Paper Airplane from Space

Endeavour Shuttle Crew Lands after Record-Setting Mission

Hyper-Entangled Photons Claim Bit-Encoding Record

AML Communications Wins $1 Million Order from Raytheon

More-Powerful Solar Cells

More Companies Tracking Employees' Time on the Internet

Free Web Version of Photoshop Launches

China Approves Second-Phase Lunar Probe Program


Student Booted from Coffee Shop for Wi-Fi Use Gets Little Sympathy

Carbon Could Enable Fastest Chips

EU Employs SDR Technology for Wireless Public Safety Communications

Motorola Creates Independent Mobile Devices, Solutions Companies

SEMI: Global Equipment Sales Rose 6% in 2007

Cable Companies Discuss Funding Wireless Venture

AMD is "Out of Step with Moore’s Law"

Emirates Airlines Offers In-Flight Mobile Calls

Bridge From Conventional to Molecular Electronics Possible

IBM Pioneering Optical ICs for Computers

Data Centers Nearing Power-Usage, Cost Crisis

In Search of the God Particle

Merger of SIRIUS and XM Attracts Support from Far and Wide

March Madness Does Boost College Applications

Engineers Test Highly Accurate Face Recognition

Sharp Aims for 400mW Blue-Violet Laser Diode by 2010

Clear Channel, Buyers May Sue Banks if Buyout Falls Through

In Japan, Robot Babysitter Always Ready to Play

Two-Seat Space Tourism Rocket Will Fly in 2010


Cornell Builds Record-Setting 4.51 GHz Silicon Resonator

India's Wireless Network Base Will Soon be World's 2nd Largest - China #1

NSA Certifies PDA to Handle Secret, Public E-mail

Billionaire Wall Street Raider Sues Motorola

Budget Cuts Could Shut Down Mars Rover

In-Building Wireless Systems to Exceed $15 Billion by 2013

U.S. Shuttle Endeavour Heads Home After Record Mission

ARRL Continuing Education Course Registration

Houston Turns Around IT White Elephant into Free WiFi for City's Poor

Boeing Tests Two-Pound Imaging Radar Aboard ScanEagle Unmanned Aircraft

Telenor Sued for $1 Billion by Russia's Altimo

Sirius & XM Satellite Radio Merger Gets Antitrust OK

U.S. Pilot Sues Boeing over F-15 Falling Apart

Excessive E-Mails and Text Are a Mental Illness

Top Scientists Warn Against Rush to Biofuel

EE Times Corrects Story on Silane as a Potential Superconductor

Too Much Information? Study Shows How Ignorance Can Be Influential (plausible deniability?)

Windows XP SP3 Due Next Month


'Metafilms' Can Shrink Radio, Radar Devices

Buyback Programs Turn Electronic Trash to Cash

Motorola Looking at UK Job Cuts

WiMax to Make Initial Flight at the Airport

Electrons Can Travel Over 100 Times Faster in Graphene Than in Silicon, Physicists Show

Cellular Use Closing Doors on Red Phone Booths in Britain

FCC to Investigate D-Block Auction

Shuttle Crew Packs up for Trip Home

Google Lauds 700 MHz as a Consumer 'Victory'

South Africa's Big Electricity-Saving Drive to Ease Crisis

Report: New Generation Being Raised Online

China to Probe Online Text Message Spam


Corona Discharge May Enable Self-Cooling ICs

US Astronauts Successfully Complete Fifth Spacewalk

IC Insights: The Sky Isn’t Falling

Iridium Satellite Selects Three Finalists to Design and Develop Iridium NEXT


Diode Professor Takes on 34 Electronics Giants in Patent Spat

Spectrum Auction May Boost Gear Makers' Future

Verizon Wireless Reveals Open-Network Strategy

Station Locator Service New for Field Day 2008

Testing Raises Concerns over 802.11-Based High-Speed Bluetooth

Verizon, AT&T Big Winners in 700 MHz Auction

Nano-Breakthrough: Dramatic Increase in Thermoelectric Efficiency Heralds New Era

NASA 'Thrilled' by Gooey Space Repair Test

AFC Warns Sweden About Spending Cuts

Cheap, Efficient Thermoelectrics

U.S. Trade Court to Probe Sony, Nokia over LED Patent

Losing Airwaves Auction Could Be Best Outcome for Google

Japan Must Lead Way on Nuclear Energy

Dell to Buy $52B in Components from China

IMF Sees US Close to Recession

Sony Charges Customers $50 to Remove Laptop Bloatware


Employers Prohibited from Filing Multiple H-1B Visa Petitions for Same Worker

Tiny Sensor Developed to Detect Homemade Bombs

Qantas Airline to Allow In-Flight SMS and Mobile Data Services

FCC Bans Exclusive Apartment, Telco Service Contracts

Hams On-Hand as Tornados Sweep Through Georgia, Downtown Atlanta

ON Semi Confirms 200 Layoffs

Bridge from Conventional to Molecular Electronics Possible

A Billion GPS Chips Expected to Ship in 2013

Industry Worried About State of Research in India

Australian Wi-Fi Usage Doubles

FlatWire Aims to Short-Circuit WPANs

Court Refuses to Stay Qualcomm Injunction

Inside South Africa's Big Electricity-Saving Drive

Mitsubishi Boasts Record Conversion Efficiency Rate for Solar Cells

Satellite Downed by SDI Missile Left Minimal Space Debris

New 3-D Camera Will Have 12,616 Lenses

$10M Offered for Fuel-Efficient Vehicle in Automotive X Prize

Search for Alternative Power in Military Applications Drives Fuel Cell Development

Semi Revenue Grew Less than 4% in 2007 on Weak Memory Market

Anything That Grows 'Can Convert into Oil'


FCC Closes 700 MHz Auction at $19.5B

'Metafilms' Can Shrink Radio, Radar Devices

Phone Company Retrieves Voice from the Past

Two College Students Find Asteroid

Pent-Up Demand Seen Boosting WiMax in Asia

Loopy Photons Clarify 'Spookiness' of Quantum Physics

Huge Decline in US Consumer Electronics Spending

Asian HB-LED Makers Expanding with Veeco GaN Systems

Sony Ericsson Cuts Handset Sales Forecast - Blames Component Shortages

Science Fiction Writer Arthur C. Clarke Dead at Age 90

Garmin Named Global Leader in Portable Satellite Navigation

Big Wireless Auction Ends, Winners Still Secret

USPTO: Change in Procedure for Requests to Withdraw from Representation in a Patent Application

Nokia Slips in Greenpeace Green Electronics Ranking

Stolen Meteorite Slice Found at Gun Show

New Report on Defense Opportunities Offers Forecasts, Analysis of U.S. Defense IT Market

Tech Puts America on the Map

C3 Defense Enters $20B Private Military Security Market


Outsourcing Giant Expands into U.S., Europe

Almost Half of Japanese Use Cellphones While Bathing

Satellite Misfire to Hurt HDTV Expansion

Credit Crunch Could Fuel Electronics Acquisitions

GPS Tracking Devices by LandAirSea System Reached Record Sales in 2007

Long-Distance Wi-Fi

Researchers Discover a Family of Superconductors

Georgia Tech President to Lead Smithsonian

Omnifield Handheld Antenna Lets You Make EMI and RF Measurements

Audio Engineering Society Celebrates 60 Years

IQE Wins Its Largest Commercial GaN Epiwafer Order

Inventor of the Internet Warns Against 'Big Brother' Systems that Track Sites You Visit

Vanguard I Celebrates 50 Years in Space

EU Opts for DVB-H

Australian Wi-Fi Usage Doubles

Court Upholds Firing City Employee for Excessive Web Browsing

Tech States Still Hiring for IT Jobs

Astronauts Assemble Canadian Robot on 7-Hour Walk


U.S. Engineering Gap: Number of Degrees Declining

Employers Push Manufacturing up the Political Agenda

Better Graphene Transistors

USAF Details Cyber Command Organization

Deutsche Telekom to Buy 20% of Greek OTE for EUR2.5 Billion

First Wireless Video Transmission with Terahertz Waves

Physicists Demand Their Wiki Rights or Else

NextGen GPS Satellite Built by Lockheed Martin Launched from Cape Canaveral

Will Patent Pooling and the NGMN Expose Qualcomm's 4G Royalty Position?

Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Intense Laser Has Clean-Cut Advantage

Nokia noBounds Projects Promises Full HD Video over USB or WLAN

HP Labs Braces for Impact

Single-Crystal Semiconductor Wire Built into an Optical Fiber

Electronic Gadgets Often Full of Computer Viruses

China Shuts Down YouTube, News Access to Censor Tibet Violence

SA Manufacturing Output Declines, Industry May Cut Jobs

Astronauts Flex Arms of Space Station Robot for First Time

Russian Proton Rocket Fails to Take Satellite into Right Orbit


Two-Dimensional High-Temperature Superconductor Discovered

Spacewalkers Attach Canadian Robot's Mechanical Arms

Saudis Use Bluetooth to Flirt

Israeli Town Demands Anti-Missile Laser


Wireless Startups Score $515M

Gates Urges U.S. to Free up More Spectrum for Wi-Fi

Modeling How Electric Charges Move

Fear of Internet Traffic Jams Ahead (RF Cafe pays for dedicated worldwide DNS servers to avert the snarl)

Itron Makes Home Meters That Send Wireless Signals to Utilities

'WiFi on Steroids' Could Help Build SA's Broadband Muscle

Analyst Derides European "Super-Chip" Group Proposal

DoD Science Funding: Really an Increase?

Motorola Hopes the N Is in Sight

Continental Accomplishes First Ever Commercial ACARS Over Iridium Communications Using satLINK

Michigan Amateurs Team Up with State

EU Moves to Catch up on Microchip Revolution

Syria Expands ‘Iron Censorship’ over Internet

Ex-STMicro Exec Proposes Pan-European Chip Company

Crude Oil Rises to Record $111 (while dollar falls and our oil in Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, and E/W coasts goes untapped)

Dollar Hits New Low in Europe and Sinks Below 100 Yen for Second Time This Week

Dollar Falls Below Parity vs Swiss Franc

Slicing Up Silicon for Cheaper Solar

Weather Channel Founder Wants to Sue Al Gore for Carbon Credit Fraud


Americans Panic if Disconnected from Technology

Harvard Hacker Exposes Data on 10,000 Potential Students

CIA Invests in RF Chip Startup

Nokia Court Papers Claim $1B Qualcomm Payments

EU Says "Geeky" Tech Jobs Need New Image

Hardware Needs Limit Software Radio

DOE Investing $13.7M in 11 University PV Projects

Micronetics Gains Order for Space-Qualified Microwave Components

96% of 'High-Speed' Broadband Users Get Slow Service

China Overtakes U.S. as Top Web Market

Copolymers Block out New Approaches to Microelectronics

Gates: U.S. Needs H-1B Visa, Education Reform to Stay Competitive (translation: not enough smart Americans - time to turn the hats around right, pull up the gansta pants, and start studying)

Endeavour Docks with Space Station

UK Defense Ministry Loses 11,000 Military ID Cards

DOD Asks Contractors to Protect Unclassified Data (they have to be asked?)

Hackers Report Breaking iPhone 2.0

Naval Research Laboratory to Design Lunar Telescope


Bush Administration Pressured on H-1B Visa Reform

Electronic Data as Legal Evidence

Compound Semiconductor Substrate Market to Top $1B by 2009-2010

Neuron-Like Molecular Transistor Incredibly Powerful

Lead-Free Issues Continue to Plague Mil-Aero Market

1-Patent Company Snags Deal with AT&T

EU to Develop Printable RFID Tags to Bring Down Price

Bigger Computer Displays Boost Workplace Productivity

Norwegian Radar Order May Open More Doors for SA Company

Homemade Bomb Triggered by a Mobile Phone - Foiled by Philippine Army

Interactive Execs Give the Big Picture on Radio & Digital

U.S. Army to Turn Piles of Trash Into Power in Iraq

Real and Virtual Pendulums Swing as One in Mixed Reality State

Wal-Mart Yanks Linux PC from Shelves

Stocks Boom on Fed's Bank Booster (401k fund managers will all buy here, then sell low)

Security Danger of Wireless Defibrillators Downplayed

Maryland Rejects Ban on Texting While Driving

Thirsty Hybrid and Electric Cars Could Triple Demands on Scarce Water Resources

Rush to Produce Corn-Based Ethanol Will Worsen 'Dead Zone' in Gulf of Mexico (hmmm, not looking too good)

Jules Verne on Track for Long Journey to ISS


Talking on the Phone Tops Public Transport Nuisance Charts

Housing Slump Suppresses Appetite for Electronics

Motorola's Mobile Unit Head Resigns

Micro LEDs Operate from Tiny Amounts of Power

Kentucky Lawmaker Wants to Make Anonymous Internet Posting Illegal

Is Shortwave a Short-Timer?

Exhibit Kits Now Available for ARRL Field Day

IBM to Pump $1B into Unified Communications

Space Shuttle Blasts Off into the Night

Ericsson Predicts Demise for Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Tennessee Congressman to be Honored for Science, Engineering and Technology Leadership

U.S. Universities Join Saudis in Partnerships

Major Advance in Biofuel Technology: Trash Today, Ethanol Tomorrow

Russia Dumps Korean Astro Boy for Astro Girl in Textbook Scandal

FCC Slams Pennsylvania Ham with Forfeiture Order

NextWave's TV Eye on WiMax

Boeing to Protest Air Refueling Tanker Contract


'Jihad' Study Roils Engineering

Driving Study Deals Blow to Hands-Free Phones

Municipal Wi-Fi Will Extend Its Service Area to 30,000+ Square Miles by 2012

EDN's Worldwide Survey of Engineering Salaries

Growing Concern over Safety of Cellphones for Children

U.S. Economic Wobble Hurting Q2 Tech Outlook

Canada's Dexter Space Robot Launches Tomorrow on Endeavour Shuttle

Sprint Phone First to Use Fast Network

TriQuint Buys WJ Communications for $72M

RPI Student Develops Polarized LED

Ground Tests Confirm Satellite Communications for Battlefield

General Dynamics to Provide Satellite-Based Communications Systems, Services to U.S. Navy

Unique Locks on Microchips Could Reduce Hardware Piracy

Northrop, EADS to Invest $600 Million in Alabama Site

China to Launch Second Olympic Satellite in May

Electronic Nose Knows Quality Coffee

Space Shuttle Endeavour Liftoff at 2.28 am on Tuesday


Terror Plots by ETIM Targeting Beijing Olympics, Jetliner Foiled in China

Invisibility Cloak: New Technique to Control Nanoparticles

The Terror Nobody Knows: Thwarted Attacks on the U.S.

European Space Freighter Ready for Lift-Off

Controlling Most Atoms Now Possible


Employers Slash Jobs by Most in 5 Years

WiMax Signals Get Stronger in India

Free Train Wi-Fi Triples Usage for National Express

Freescale Semiconductor Investor Writes Down its Value

Police Raid Exhibitors at German Tech Fair

Galileo Sat-Nav Test Bird Set for April Launch

RFID SmartCard Encryption Cracked by Researchers

IBM: Atomic-Sized Graphene Has Use in Nanoelectronics

HP Labs Takes First Steps in Reorg

Forecast: Half a Billion GSM/UMTS Subscriptions in the Americas by Year End

Study Recognizes Possible Link Between iPods and Crime Rate Increase

Ontario Begins WEEE Directive Compliance

Sony-Ericsson Declared Most Eco-Friendly Phone

Brazilian Boy, 8, Passes Law School Entrance Exam

World-Famous Jodrell Bank Telescope Could Close to Save Government £2.7M a Year

Russia to Launch US Communications Satellite on March 15

$ Falls to New Low Against €

Electronic Structure of DNA Revealed for First Time


Texting Leads to Accidents with Lamp Posts

Germany May Take Wireless Broadband to Rural Areas

AMSAT Announces Plans for 2008

Contract Awarded for 'Fractionated' Satellites

Oil Advances to Record $105.97 as Dollar Drops to All-Time Low

Modeling, Simulation Grow Across Aerospace, Defense Markets

Ex-Broadcom Exec Charged with Stock Option Backdating

Origin of Hiss in Upper Atmosphere Finally Identified

Juicing Up Broadband Speeds Down Under

British Scientists Claim Method to Make Broadband 100x Faster

Denver Airport Wi-Fi System Blocks 'Racy' Web Sites

iSuppli to Trim Semi Forecast with Weakening Pricing, Demand (these guys are like weather forecasters - predictions seem about as accurate as the flip of a coin)

Study: Cell Phone Now Most Vital Device

Bangladesh Adds 2.05M Mobile Phone Users in Jan 08

Putin Signs Decree to Set up Rocket-and-Space Research Center

Genes 'Я' Us: The New Dot-Coms?

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Windows XP (I tried it - it sucks. Page rendering is horrible.)

Magnetic Levitation Gives Computer Users Sense of Touch

Toshiba to Open U.S. Nuclear Power Business (why bother?)


Worker Shortage Looms for Defense Companies

Thai Exam Cheat Triggers Phone-Watch Ban

Mobile Set to Become a Trillion Dollar Industry in 2008

ARRL "Antenna Expert" to Retire

Satellite and WiMax Spectrum Sharing Not Compatible Report Finds

Did iPods Cause a Crime Wave?

Gold Can Be Made Magnetic on the Nanoscale Through Oxygenation

U.S. Mobile Broadband Usage Jumps 154%

Electronics Greener, but Long Way to Go, Says Greenpeace

US Cities at High Risk for Terrorist Attacks Identified

Radio Revenues Off 4% in Q4, 2% for 2007 Overall

The Weather Channel Founder to Sue Algore for Carbon Credit "Scam"

Reality Glooms High Over Russian GLONASS GPS Plans

STMicro Denies Bozotti Exit Rumors (which, of course, guarantees it will happen)

Georgia Tech Tests Wireless Emergency Alert System for Visually Impaired

Wear Your Tech Gear, Don't Schlep It

China Announces Big Rise in Military Spending

Samsung Ships 500 GB Hard Drive for Laptop

Secret Airforce One Flight Data Sent to Suffolk Tourist Website


Google Earth Showed Protesters Way to Conquer Parliament

Fujitsu Makes Carbon Nanotube Breakthrough

Three-Fold Increase in Wi-Fi Use on Trains

Micron to Revamp Sensor Business

Cheaters Beware! Tool Sniffs Out Plagiarism

Pentagon Worried by China in Space and Cyberspace

January Chip Sales Beat Expectations

U.S. House Speaker Pelosi: Congress to Examine EADS Air Tanker Deal

FCC Adopts Simplified Application Procedures for Valcom Antennas

Cell Phones Give College Students False Sense of Safety

OFCNFOEC: The Increasing Demand for Bandwidth

GM Says It Has Lithium-Ion Batteries for Hybrids Figured Out

TriQuint Launches Range of LDMOS Silicon RF Power Transistors

Filipinos Sent 1 Billion Text Messages Daily in 2007

N.M. Attracts Solar Manufacturing Plant

NASA Spacecraft Photographs Avalanches on Mars - Cool

Fuel Cells Make Power for Homes in Japan

IE8 Will Now Conform to Standards


RFID Tags in Garments Worry Privacy Experts

Zarlink Unloads UK Analog Fab for 1 Euro

Mitsubishi Electric to Exit Mobile Phone Ops

UK Court Rules Nokia is Not Infringing Qualcomm Patents

Students with Cellphones May Take More Risks

Semiconductor Business Confidence Down

RFMD Delays Greensboro Fab Investment as it Completes Filtronic Acquisition

FCC Releases 3 Studies on Spectrum Designated to Unlicensed Operations

Daimler Brings Li Ion Battery to Hybrid Cars

Tooling Up for Tomorrow's Clever Cars

Robots Integrate Selves into Japanese Society

Workshops on ITAR and Pb-Free Issues at MAE Forum

Supercomputer Confirms Standard Model Theory of the Universe

Orbital Awarded Contract for System F6 Satellite Program by DARPA

Five More Spacecraft Show Bizarre Speed Changes

Long Workweeks Keeping Americans up Late

One LED if by Land, Two if by Sea?


No Text Messages or Calls for NJ Drivers

Boeing Loses $35 Billion KC-45 Air Tanker Contract to EADS

€ Rises to Record $1.5238 (EU citizens: Now is the time to buy RF Cafe stuff!)

Kilogram is Losing Weight: Redefine Kilogram Based on Universal Constants

Man Asked Friend to Shoot Him So He Could Skip Work

Inexpensive Solar Cells Made More Efficient with New Sensitizers

Oil Giant Saudi to Become Solar Power Centre