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Technical Headline News Archive - August 2009

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Tiny 'MEMS' Devices to Filter, Amplify Electronic Signals
Airborne C4ISR Laboratory for Electronic Sensors Unveiled
Work on DOD Semiconductor to Continue
A New Language for Phone Networks
DHS: Expect Your Computer to Be Seized Without Suspicion
USPTO Issues Interim Examination Instructions for Evaluating Patent Subject Matter Eligibility
World's Smallest Semiconductor Laser Heralds New Era in Optical Science
Discovery Glides to Smooth Space Station Docking
Majority of Americans Support Ban on Texting While Driving
Folded Nanoboxes Could Open Door to Nano-Circuits
Astronomers Find Coldest, Driest, Calmest Place on Earth
EU Countries to Phase Out Standard Light Bulbs
As Internet Turns 40, Barriers Threaten Its Growth
India Ends Moon Mission
France Questions Apple About Imploding iPhones
July Averaged Chip Sales Up 5.3% on Previous Month
British Plan to Tackle Asteroids (glad to see a country other than the U.S. spending their citizens' money on the issue)
Fires Threaten Mt. Wilson Radio, TV Towers, Comms System
Lockerbie Bomber 'Set Free for Oil'  (one kind of decomposed carbon-based item in exchange for another)
Wikipedia Turns Iffy Entries Orange
Science Agencies Lag in Stimulus Spending
Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet
Is Unemployment the Worst Since the Great Depression?
Court Rejects FCC 30% Cap on Cable Market Share
First Active Handover Between LTE and CDMA Networks Demonstrated
One Billion Wi-Fi Chipsets to Ship in 2011 Alone
Dentists Urge Patents to Stop Texting During Treatment
WPA Wireless Security Cracked in 60 Seconds
FCC to Utilities: Don't Look to Hams to Pay for Your Testing
RFID Stops a Snowmobile in Its Tracks
FCC Announces a Wireless Innovation and Investment Notice of Inquiry
Mathematical Keys to a 6th Sense -- the Lateral-Line System
TechnologyWorld09 for UK Tech Companies Pitching Overseas
Physicists Successfully Predict Stock Exchange Plunge
WCDMA Equipment Up 21% in 2Q
FCC Launches Investigation of Wireless Industry
'Fingerprint' of High-Temp Superconductivity above Transition Temperature
Wireless Cyber Warfare: Why Mobile Networks Pose Great Risk
Failure Not an Option: Heading off Chip Flaws During Design
Medical Imaging May Cause Tens of Thousands of Cancers
Long-Range Taser Reignites Safety Debate
Can Bill Gates Stop Hurricanes? Scientists Doubt It
Leading Futurist: Online Influence is Transforming Society
'Moon Rock' in Dutch Museum is Just Petrified Wood
Health Care Bill Divulges IRS Tax Data
FBI Fears Free Laptops Could Be Malware Scam
'Exploding' iPhones Investigated
Samsung Solar-Powered Phone to Launch in October
Gartner Says Semi Performed Better Than Expected, Ups 2009 Revenue Estimate
SuitSat-2 Now Called ARISSat-1
Nokia Unveils Its First Linux Phone
Manufacturers 'Out of Business'
NIST, U of M Tout Au/Si "Sandwich" for Molecular Switches
Wi-Fi-Enabled Phone Shipments Continue to Double Every 2 Years
Physicist Proposes Solution to Arrow-of-Time Paradox
IBM: Malicious Web Links up by 508%
Solar Panel Prices Fall Sharply
Countdown for Discovery's Launch Begins - Again
Nanoparticle Disappearing Ink
U.S. Recovery Act Funding Goes to Green LED Research
Nokia to Roll Out Its Mobile Money Platform
Entangled Light, Quantum Money
Time Warner Cable to Test TV on the Internet
Russia Reveals Vision for Manned Spaceflight
UK is "Out of Recession" Say Accountants
Toyota Tops 'Clunker' Sales List
Swiss Coder Publicises Government Spy Trojan
Students Reveal Swanky Space Hotel Concept
Huge GSM Flaw Allows Hackers to Listen in on Voice Calls
Lower-Cost Solar Cells to Be Printed Like Newspaper, Painted on Rooftops
Space Shuttle Discovery to Launch with Three Hams on Board
NEC, Renesas Chip Merger Aims for 2010 Start
Steam-Powered Car Breaks Century-Old Speed Record
American Red Cross Launches Emergency Radio Promotion
EU Cars to Phone Home after Crashing
MEMS-Based System Market to Generate $13B Supply Chain Revenue in 2012
RFID Advances Video Game Development
Via Calls for 802.11n Patent Pool
Bad Valve Forces NASA to Call Off Shuttle Launch
Solving the Phase Problem in X-ray Diffraction
Clearwire Applies for Stimulus Funds
Crazy Green-Energy Ideas That Just Might Work
U.S. Debt Clock - Unfunded Liabilities $191k per Person  (this is sickening)
Rise of the Super-Rich Hits a Sobering Wall
Mac Malware Poses as Popular Freeware PDF Viewer
Calling All Amateur Astronomers: Help Solve a Mystery
China Mulls Export Ban on Hi-Tech Minerals
U.S. Broadband Internet Speeds Lags Behind Other Advanced Nations
Engineering Confidence Lifts as 'Recession Ends'
FCC Takes Aim This Week at Protecting Wireless Consumers
Silicon Circuit Board Seeks to Replace ASICs
Consumer Electronics Association Calls for Spectrum Reform
Smart Grid Projects Pick Up Speed
Multitaskers Tend to Be Less Productive
Australians Break Solar Power Record
Illegal Downloaders in Britain May Lose Web Access
Lasers Keep Submarines in Touch Through the Big Blue
Engineer Seeks $60M Bonus from Atmel
ARRL 2009 Field Day Logs Received, Posted Online
South Korea Launches Satellite
Tesla Engineer Boosts EV Range to New Heights
Northrop Grumman Demos Interoperability Between Manned and Unmanned Aircraft
Rewriting General Relativity? Putting a New Model of Quantum Gravity under the Microscope
European Cyber-Gangs Target Small U.S. Firms
New Supercomputer, Cystorm, Unleashes 28.16T Calculations Per Second
Weather Delays Shuttle Discovery launch
Windows 7 Upgrades, Family Pack Will Come to Europe after All
Faster Printable Circuits
The State of Technology Layoffs, Jobs in Boston
Autonomous Tech 'Requires Debate'
Fabless RF Startup Sequoia Communications Shuts Down
UK Firm Wins Funding for Commercial Nanotube Process
Nokia Introduces Its First Notebook PC
Is America Scientifically Illiterate? (I think we all know the answer to that)
FCC - Fee Filer Mandatory for FY 2009 Regulatory Fees
Vietnam Sees Delays in IC Manufacturing Push
BT to Double Wi-Fi Hotspots to 1 Million
UK Manufacturing Companies Freeze Pay
Applied Energetics Wins $3.1M U.S. Army contract for Laser-Guided Energy
Revamped FCC to Investigate of Wireless Competition, Exclusivity (white spaces too white?)
NASA Clears Discovery for Early Tuesday Liftoff
Broadband Booming in the Boondocks
Cellphones Banned in WV High School
Gigantic Jets Blast Electricity into Upper Atmosphere
What's a Planet? Debate over Pluto Rages On
Dell Accused of "Dishonest Business Practices"
World Economy, Semis Seeing Return to Normalcy
College Students with Flu Advised to Avoid Others
Online Radio Service Wins Ruling over License Fees
Google-AT&T-Apple Fight over Net Calls Draws FCC Interest
New Method to Produce Nanoparticle Composites Devised
'Invisibility Cloak' Antennas Could Shrink Cellphones
Company Offers College Textbooks for Free
FCC Launches 3-Pronged Probe into Wireless Industry
Wireless Census Reveals Shifts in Types of Wireless Devices in Use in North America
Worldwide Battle Rages for Control of the Internet
ITT to Upgrade Navy Ship Self-Defense Radar
Global Wireless Infrastructure Revenues Declined 20.9% in Q2 '09
Utilities Explore Wireless Backhaul for Meter Makeovers
Teaching Magnets to Do More Than Just Stick Around
70 Million Femtocell Users of Worldwide by 2014
Southwest Airlines Takes Next Step Toward Wi-Fi
Holes Poked in Hubbard Model, Could Help Solve Enigma of High-Temperature Superconductors
Initial Tests Fail to Find Gravitational Waves
Scientists Make Bendable, Transparent LEDs—Without Organics
First 3-D Patterned Nanostructures
Tech Giants Unite Against Google
Apollo 11 Broadcast Lands NASA an Emmy
Weird Scholarships Nearly Anyone Can Apply For
Air Force Certifies RFID Devices for Aircraft Use
FCC Launches on Twitter
NYPD Crackdown: Hands-Free Or Pay the Fee!
First Signs of Recovery Seen in Electronics Supply Chain, IPC Reports
'Dumbphones' Still Rule, Average Phone Buyer Spends $87
Future of Low-Power Chips in Doubt
EU to Invest in 4G Mobile
SEMI Book-to-Bill Ratio Climbs above Parity
Mainframe Still Refuses to Die
Royal Academy of Engineering Says Autonomous Tech 'Requires Debate'
Science Fiction's Robotics Laws Need Reality Check
Technology Firms More Confident as They Cope with Downturn
New Study Shows Hg in Fish Widespread (wait until all the CFL bulbs in landfills leach Hg into ground water)
Rude Awakening for NASA's Human Space-Flight Dream
Germany Wants a Million Electric Cars by 2020
Heathrow Airport Gets Futuristic Driverless Taxi
Pioneering Internet 'Detox' Center Looks to Cure Online Addicts
Evolving Robots Learn to Lie to Each Other
Long-Standing Sunspot Puzzle Solved
Biologists Urged to Watch for Neurological Weapons
Why Geeks Get the Girls (I got mine)
Employers Using Social Websites to Vet Applicants' Backgrounds
Fujitsu Sends 10 Gbit/s Using 70-100 GHz Impulse Radio
DC Metro Begins Wireless Signal Improvement in Underground Stations
Unemployment Rate for Electrical Engineers Soars to New Record
ZTE First-Half Profits Up 40% - Boosted by Chinese 3G Rollout
TSMC on Equipment Spending Spree
Exploding iPhones 'Isolated Incidents', Say Apple
RIM Losing Fight for Nortel LTE Unit
Blockbuster to Offer Movies on Motorola Phones (is anyone really that desperate?)
South Korea Delays Rocket Launch Minutes Before Blast-Off
Microsoft Appeals Word Ban
Ford Plans Vehicles to Interact with Power Grids
Buzz Aldrin to Accept NASA's Emmy Award
Aquarium Puts RFID on Its Ocean Floor
SETI Telescope Array Produces First Science Results (did ET finally call?)
Average Age of Adult Computer Game Addict is 35
UK Team Attempts Steam Car Record (this is no Stanley Steamer)
Relativistic Navigation Needed for Solar Sails
Wi-Fi via White Spaces
SiGe Can Replace GaAs in Mobile Phones, Says Jazz
FCC Approves Iridium Buyout by Private Equity Group
Active Invisibility Cloaks Could Work at Many Wavelengths
Hong Kong Center Aims to Put China at the Forefront of RFID Growth
Without Warranty Intervention - Tech is Trash
Manufacturers Unite Around Wireless Power Standard
UK Releases UFO Documents
Competition for High-Growth Mobile Chip Market Escalating This Year
Found: First Amino Acid on a Comet  (the stuff of life)
New Piezoelectric Device Works on the Small Scale
Solar Power Cuts Cost of Mobile Networks, Says Huawei
Organic Electronics a 2-Way Street, Thanks to New Plastic Semiconductor
Firefox 3.5.2's Dust-Up with .NET Plug-In
Energy-Aware Internet Routing
Intel Anger after Chips Go On Sale Too Soon
New Nanolaser Key to Future Optical Computers and Technologies
Cocaine Contaminates Majority of U.S. Currency (now dopers can just smoke the bill rather than snorting through it)
Restaurants a Weak Link for Identity Theft
How to Use Math to Choose a Wife
The Smallest Laser Ever Made
Mobile Phones to Warn of Rampaging Elephants in India
Samsung to Upgrade U.S. Fab, Cuts 500 Jobs
Nanospears Promise to Supercharge Solar Cells
NASA Launches New GPS to Be Used for Air Force
Surplus of Applicants for Federal Broadband Stimulus Money Triggers a Delay (sounds like Cash for Clunkers government planning)
RFID Tags Get an Intelligence Upgrade
Health Care Reach Expands with Wireless Monitoring
TomTom for iPhone Spells an End to Standalone GPS
Camera Flash Turns an Insulating Material into a Conductor
EU Web Users Think They're Being Charged Enough for Online Content
L-Mart-Built System Directs Laser Beam in Airborne Laser Simulated Engagement
DNA 'Organises Itself' on Silicon
Obama Administration Will Review U.S. Export Controls
ETSI Forms Standards Links with India
Clever Cat Earns 'High School Diploma' Online
UK Police Banned from Listening to the Radio
Job Board Targets Electronics Distributors
BAE Systems to Lay Off 259; Move Follows 230 Cuts Last October
Pratt & Whitney Considers Connecticut Job Cuts
Planck Sees Light Billions of Years Old
NJ Teacher to Pay $22K Fine for Phone Call
Duke Gains Control of Janus Particles
NIST Improves Precision of Prototype Ytterbium Atomic Clock
Belarus Company Develops Radiation Shielded Clothing (your 1-stop tinfoil hat source)
Experts to Soon Create 'Hidden Portal' (this is cool)
Engineering Company Executives Provide U.S. Economic Advice
Boy Scouts Hunting the Tech-Savvy Generation
High Tech Unemployment Is Up Again
European Distributors Dismayed by Q2 - DMASS
Camera Flash Turns An Insulating Material into a Conductor
Nanowire Advance for Lithium Batteries
Broadband USA Site Announces Application Extension for Bailout Money
Nokia Loses Anti-Counterfeiting Lawsuit in the UK
Crane Wins Harris Contract to Supply T/R Module for WIN-T
U.S. Military Embraces Robot 'Revolution'
Wallet of the Future? Your Mobile Phone
Stephen Hawking Cited in Healthcare Debate
Smartphone Sales Skyrocket
How to Turn Off Palm Pre's 'Big Brother' Data Collection
Government Asks for Terrorist Tech Help
NASA's Moon Plan Too Ambitious, Obama Panel Says
Perseids Perform Beautifully!
Microsoft and Nokia Join Forces to Take on BlackBerry
Hewlett-Packard Cutting EDS Workers' Pay up to 30%
ARRL Responds to FCC's Proposed Allocation for Medical Devices in 70 cm Band
45-nanometer Chips for Ultra-fast WiFi
Nanowires That Behave Like Cells
How Software Found the Air France Wreckage
'Printed Chips' Could Be Boon for Consumers
Young, Gifted.. Jobless in the UK (19%)
Ofcom Pushes for Faster Mobile Number Switches
Mathematicians Set World Record in Packing Puzzle
China Mobile Expecting 80M 3G Subscribers by 2011
Spain Government Approves Digital TV Law
Website Sends Texts into Space  - Anybody out There?
Nanoparticles Reveal Ancient Artwork
Microsoft Shows Off Experimental Designs for OS and Browser
NASA Can't Keep Up with Killer Asteroids
Do Not Miss the Perseid Meteor Showers Tonight!
Sony Ericsson Aims Phone at Angry Mistresses, Wives
IEEE Honors Those Who Engineered the Future
U.S. Sale of Microsoft Word Threatened by Court Injunction
Congress Debates How to Holster RF Weapons
Mysterious Charge Transport in Self-Assembled Monolayer Transistors Unraveled
Global Postal RFID Monitoring System Goes Live
Applied Sees Positive Trends
Canadian Mobile Phone Market Rebounded in Q2
Scientists Make Oxygen out of Moon Rock
Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Down 6% - Smartphones Up 27% in Q2
U.S. Wind Expansion
MEMS Devices to Amplify Electronic Signals
BT to Offer Wi-Fi to Staycationers
Lithium Battery Recycling Gets a Boost
Wireless in Sports & Fitness - Prevention is Better Than Cure
UAV Aircraft and Crowded Civil Airspace: Is it Safe Out There?
Google Joins National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) Board of Directors
Caffeine Injection Gives Google Search a Boost
American College Grads Heading to China for Work  (O.M.G.- is it over for us?)
FCC: Vanity Call Sign Fees to Increase September 10
Nanoelectronic Transistor Combined with Biological Machine Could Lead to Better Electronics
Lockheed Martin Demonstrates Tactical Smartphone Applications
DISA, GSA Detail $5B Satellite Pact
Micron, Intel Develop 3-Bit-Per Cell NAND Flash
Mobile VoIP Paving the Way for All-IP Mobile Services
Computer Scientists Commandeer Electronic Voting Machine with New Programming Technique
Are Android Phones Motorola's Road to Redemption?
Nanoconstruction with Curved DNA
Google Reveals 'Caffeine": a New Faster Search Engine
Femtocell Rollout Accelerating
The Big 3 are Hoarding Canada's Spectrum
Nanowires That Behave Like Cells
Communications Relay Grows with Expansion of UAV Missions
China Mobile Users Face Jail for Sexy Texts
Man Says He Has Cracked Code to Multiply Any 2 Numbers in Your Head - and He'll Share It For a Price
NASA Wants Proposals for Space Taxis
Consumer, Celebrity Bankruptcies May Hit 1.4 Million
What's Luck Got to Do with It? The Math of Gambling
World's First Wireless Pacemaker Gives Patient New Freedom
Why Outsourcing Innovation Makes Sense
Applied Materials Faces Layoffs, Product Cuts
National Semi Claims Record Low Power Opamp
DirecTV to Partner with Comcast, Time Warner in 'TV Everywhere'
A Metal Coating That Repairs Itself
New Heatsink Material Analyzed
EU Ombudsman Says EC Withheld Evidence in Intel Anti-Trust Case
Amateur Radio Station WX4NHC Featured in National Commercial
Joint STARS Surveillance Radar Systems to Be Demonstrated by Northrop Grumman
Virtual Computer Army Takes on the Botnets
Sprint and Samsung Launch Biodegradable Phone
Air Force Used Twitter to Track NY Flyover Fallout
Kepler Telescope Makes Quick Discovery
SRC Funds Analog Research for Safety Apps
Scientists Track Down Source of Earth's Hum
EBay, Government Motors to Start Car-Selling Trial Tuesday
An Elevator to Space? NASA Urged to Explore Advanced Tech
7.1 Magnitude Quake Felt in Tokyo
45-nanometer Chips for Ultra-Fast WiFi
Kepler Spacecraft Sees Its First Exoplanets
Mercedes to Produce a Fully Electric Gullwing
Trucks Win in Cash for Clunkers Game
Engineers Rewrite Asimov's Laws of Robotics to Govern Automatons
Georgia Blogger Blames Russia for Mass Cyber Attack
IMS 2009 Highlighted Student Ingenuity
Execs Rip Financial Engineers, Praise Real Engineers at NIWeek
'Billion-Dollar Capex Club' Smallest in a Decade
USPTO Takes Another Step Closer to Full Electronic Patent Application Processing
Project Seeks to Ensure Army Has Adequate Radio Spectrum
UK ID Card Cloned in 12 Minutes
Large Hadron Collider to Start up at Half Power
RFID Goes to the Dogs
SEC Asks Intel About Terrorist Dealings
RadioShack Would Like You to Call it 'The Shack'
Nanoscale Lasers May Open Door to Faster Computers, More Reliable Internet Access
Congress vs. ICANN in the Battle for Internet Authority
Self-Assembling DNA Makes Super 3-D Nano Machines
NIST Scales up Quantum Computing
Cobham's Military Growth
Orange Selling 3G Wrist Watch Phone
A Browser's View of Your Computer
China Expected to Make up 35% of Total IC Market in 2013
Three Years of High IC Prices Ahead
Congress Buys Itself 8 New Luxury Jets for $550M  (and a couple 737s)
FCC Begins Its Drive Toward a National Broadband Plan
Netherlands Considers Making Spectrum Technology-Neutral
China Cranks Up Fabless Startup Efforts
Deutsche Telekom's 2Q Profit Rises 32%
AT&T Reports Significant Jump in Number of WiFi Hotspots, Points to Smartphone Sales as Key Driving Factor
NIST Scales Up Quantum Computing
Smart Meters and Security: Locking Up the Grid
Effects of 'Strong Coupling' Observed for First Time Between Light and Micromechanical Object
Solar Powered Base Station Trial in Singapore
Kopin Invests in Taiwan Foundry as GaAs Demand Returns
NASA and ESA Unveil Joint Mars Exploration Plan
Denial of Service Attack Knocks Twitter Offline
Georgia Tech Claims 100x Copper Conductivity for Graphene Interconnect
Some Finding New Jobs Despite Being Laid Off
Web Citizens Trying to Kill IE 6
Moon Used As Giant Particle Detector
Obama Announces $2.4B Grant for Electric Vehicles (a much better use of tax money than Cash for Clunkers handouts, aka welfare)
Clyburn Sworn in as FCC Commissioner
China IC Market to Hit $100B in 2013
UK Innovation Investment Fund Releases RFP to Create Largest Tech Fund in Europe
Market Hopes for Upbeat View from Avnet (ah, hope & change)
Seasonality and Weak Economies Lower Mobile Phone Demand in Q1'09
Linux is a Threat to Desktop Business Says Microsoft
Plastics that Convert Light to Electricity Could Have a Big Impact
Two Pennsylvania Nanomaterials Startups Get Funding
USPTO Rejects TiVo's Claims Against EchoStar's Software Workaround
Energy Department to Award Auto Battery Grants
iPhone OS 3.0 Spurs Boom in WiFi Connections
Scientists Manipulate Ripples in Graphene, Enabling Strain-Based Graphene Electronics
$100k Toolbag Lost During Spacewalk Reenters Atmosphere as a Meteor
FCC Issues Citation to The Spy Store for Selling, Importing Unauthorized RF Devices
Income Loss Persists Long after Layoffs
Top Cybersecurity Aide at White House Resigns
Direct Order: No Facebook, No Twitter for Marines
Chinese Teenager Beaten to Death in Internet Addiction Cinic
Overall Chip and Electronic Component Prices to Rise in Q3 (inflation on the horizon?)
Navy Taps Raytheon for Radar Concept Studies
Cell Phone Market Returns to Growth
Iraq Replaces Jordan As the Arab World's Most Competitive Cellular Market
Magnetic Measurements Question Assumptions About High-Tc Superconductors
The Misguided Urge to Regulate Wireless
WiMax is Coming to Ten More Markets
Intel Halts Shipments of Solid State Drives
Services Help Lost Gadgets Find Their Way Home
NFC Vision
Chinese Phone Distributors Protesting Against Nokia
TV and Computer Screen Time May Be Associated with High Blood Pressure in Young Children
What the FCC Can Do for Open Spectrum
Scientists Study How to Stack the Deck For Organic Solar Power
Beachball-Size Rock is Largest Meteorite Found on Mars
AMSAT-UK Launches FUNcube Amateur Satellite Project
Avert Dementia by Keeping Your Brain Active
U.S. Man is First Domain Thief to be Charged
Business Salaries Still Declining
EC Undecided Whether Win7/IE8 Bundling is Unlawful
USPTO Head Kappos to "Refashion" Patent Process
Average Mobile Broadband Usage Doubles in Sweden
Sticky Tape Emits Useful Terahertz Rays
European Commission Approves Aid for Former Nokia Employees
How Smart Grids Could Empower Hackers (worms in your meter)
Global Chip Sales Rise 17% Sequentially in Q2
UK Manufacturing Output Shows Surprise Rise in July
Fitness and RFID Go Hand in Glove
Raytheon Wins Prime Development Contract for Advanced Airborne Sensor
JetBlue, United Give Try Twitter to Sell Seats Fast
Why We Learn More from Our Successes Than Our Failures (School of Hard Knocks not so great after all)
DoD May Ban Twitter, Facebook, Other Social Media
Nanotube-Powered X-Rays
Text Messages Open Cell Phones to Hackers
FCC Investigates Apple's App Store Policy after Google Voice Rejection
Government Considers Seven States for Hg Storage Site
Buffer Boost for InGaN on Silicon Solar Cell
Jury Fines $675k for Boston Student's Music Downloading, $22.5k/Track
Nissan Rolls out Electric Car at New Headquarters
Pentagon Eyes Accelerated "Bunker Buster" Bomb
Top 20 Semi Companies Saw 21% Sales Surge in Q2
Girl Sues College for $70k Because She Can't Find a Job
Laser-Powered Lightcraft "At the Cusp of Commercial Reality"
Skype Could Be Cut Off for Good over Dispute
Engineer and Team Bring Glass Cockpit Technology to Small Airplanes
Government's Cash for Clunkers Computers Crash in Overload
IEEE Communications Society Offering Free Membership

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