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Technical Headline News Archive - February 2009

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Trapped Motorist Triggers Nationwide LG Handset Recall
Keithley Discontinuing Test Product Line, 6% Layoffs
Power Line Communication Sees Increasing Interest for Smart Grid
GaAs Device Market Consolidates on Top 3 after 9% Growth in 2008
Scientists Control Plasma Bullets
Study into Mobile Phone Health Risks for Adolescents
WiMAX Faces Competition from HSPA, Not LTE
Smoldering Bolds: New BlackBerry Gets Yanked from Shelves Again
Single Polymer Chains as Molecular Wires
'Realistic' Robot Einstein Causes Reactions
Raytheon to Produce GPS Navigation Anti-Jamming GPS Antenna System
Mobile WiMAX Market Up 5% in 4Q08; Cisco, Huawei Begin Challenging Market Leaders
First Solar Breaks Solar Energy's $1/Watt Barrier
Flexible Screens Get Touchy-Feely
NASA's Chief Climate Scientist Stirs Controversy with Call for Civil Disobedience (Government official now calling for riots?)
ESA Names Crew for Mars 'Mission'
DOD Acquires 5 Supercomputers
Maxim Offers Online Simulation for Power-Management Design
Bosch Earns Fast ROI from RFID
EC Gives Green Light to French Solar Energy Project
New Launch Date Set for Discovery
Arsonists Torch Berlin Porsches, BMWs on Economic Woe
More Flock to Job Sites... Even if They Currently Have Jobs
Self-Programming Hybrid Memristor/Transistor Circuit Could Continue Moore's Law
Semi Revenue to Decline 20% in 2009, 3 Research Houses Predict
Verizon Wireless' Florida Network Ready for Waves of Spring Breakers
Young, Wealthy - and Going Wireless
New Army Field Manual Deals with Electronic Warfare
Professor, Wife Accused of Defrauding NASA of Hundreds of Thousands of Taxpayer Dollars
Growth Back on Track As China Telecom Records First Gain
Bosch Earns Fast ROI from RFID
Sandel, FreeFlight Systems Collaborate on HTAWS with Radar Altimeters
Mitsubishi Takes Stake in Cambridge-Based RF Power Start-Up
Cable TV Companies Nervously Embrace Web
Radio Amateurs of Canada Elect New President
Bartering Booms During Economic Tough Times
Mathematical 'Snowfakes' Mimic Nature, Advance Science
Random Antenna Arrays Boost Emergency Communications
Government Commits to Open Source Procurement
Scientists Mull Future after Carbon Satellite Crash
U.S. Retail Auto Sales Fall Nearly 38% in February
Windows 7 Coming as Soon as September
Internet Savvy VP Asks for a Website's "Number"
Spansion Cuts 3,000 Jobs to Save $225M (a contraction at Spansion)
IEEE Standards Association to Build Awareness of Patent Pools
Western European Mobile Phone Market Now in Recession
Army Gets Help with Scientific Research Program
Nokia Seeks 1,000 Voluntary Layoffs
Hybrid Tag Includes Active RFID, GPS, Satellite and Sensors
TR10: Nanowire Racetrack Memory
Nokia Siemens Wins $1.11B Worth China Deals
Boy Scouts Updates Radio Merit Badge Requirements
Gravitational Lensing: Astronomers Harness Einstein's Telescope
Learn Math by Gesturing
NPL and Cranfield Become European Piezo Design Centres
Cable Companies Look for a Win with Online TV
Scientists Prove Graphene's Edge Structure Affects Electronic Properties
'Doomsday Machine' Suddenly Has American Rival
British Lord Jailed over Fatal Road Accident After Sending Text Messages
N. Korea Preparing to Launch Satellite: State Media
Scientists Build Computer Model for Snowflakes
Chips with Everything
New Plasma Thruster Powers a Coke Can Rocket—and Could Power Satellites
Confirmed: MS Office 14 Delayed Until 2010
Franchising Heats Up as Economy Cools Down
Nevada Bill Would Outlaw Some RFID Security Research
Micron Tech to Cut up to 2,000 More Jobs in Idaho
Foreign Secretary Sees Need to Invest in R&D in a Downturn
Navy to Get Help Analyzing New Technologies
EU to Oblige Microsoft to Offer Competitors' Browsers (will they require Volvos sold there to offer Chevy engines?)
The 10 Emerging Technologies of 2009
Nokia Offers Unpaid Leave to Staff to Avoid Compulsory Redundancies
Competing Colliders in Friendly Race to Find Elusive Particle
Find out Where TV's 'White Spaces' Are
Vodafone Announces 500 Job Cuts in the UK
Carbon Nanotubes can be Separated, Says Oxford Team
Eight Years in Orbit for Swedish Research Satellite
Need for Speed: A History of Overclocking
Rocket with NASA Global Warming Satellite Crashes
'Smart' Parking Meters Catching on Across U.S.
2008 Was Earth's Coolest Year Since 2000
Microsoft: Laid-Off Can Keep Extra Pay After All (how is that fair to those who did not get the mistaken extra?)
Gmail Service Outage Points to a Hole in the Cloud
Top-Secret Navy Vessel Needs a Home
North Korea Prepares Long-Range Missile Launch
Two-Tailed Comet Lulin Makes Closest Approach to Earth Today
Man Shoots TV over Converter Confusion
Recession to Wreak Havoc on Semiconductor Sales
Survey: Axed Employees Often Walk Out with Corporate Data
Secrets Behind High Temperature Superconductors Revealed
50 Mbps Comcast Network to Be 65% Complete this Year
EU Implements Energy Regulations for Electrical, Electronic Equipment
NASA Defers Setting Next Shuttle Launch Date
Non-Polar InGaN Lasers Near Green Light
Fermilab, European Accelerator Race for Glory
Fingerprint Recognition Makes NFC Secure
Nokia/Qualcomm and the 'New' Wireless Landscape
The Great Trash Heap in the Sky
Americans Watch Yet More TV, Nielsen Reports
Cheap Hydrogen from Scraps - No Pt Required
"Hidden Order Mystery in Materials Science Solved
Microsoft Seeks to Elevate Nation's Tech Skills
Vodafone to Cut Hundreds of UK Jobs
Survey Finds: 17% of Shoppers Spent Over $100 on Mobile Apps in 2008
Atomic-Sized One-Stop Shop for Nanoelectronics Created
"Task Force on the Auto Industry" Drive Mostly Non-American-Made Vehicles
Report Reveals Potential for Wireless Communications in Factory Automation
Experiment Simulates Astrophysical Particle Emission
Graphene's Edge Structure Affects Electronic Properties, University Proves
New Silver-Based Nanoparticle Ink Could Lead to Better Flexible, Printed Electronics
Arctic Ice Mass the Size of California Not Missing after All - Satellite Sensor Error (somebody break the bad news to AlGore)
Proposed Law Might Make Wi-Fi Users Help Cops
Intel Denies Problem with Solid State Drives
Tech Salaries Increasing, Despite Economy
Atomic-Sized One-Stop Shop for Nanoelectronics Created
Cyberspace Defense Requires Broader Planning
LG Shows Off Phone with Transparent Keyboard
Sophisticated Nano-Structures Assembled with Magnets
Chinese Handset Production Growth Down to Single Figures
Light Instead of Current: Activation of Neurons with Light by Means of Semiconductor Photoelectrodes
John Kanzius, K3TUP, RF Cancer Cure Investigator, Dies (he is the flaming water guy)
A Cheaper Solar Concentrator
Fermi Telescope Sees Most Extreme Gamma-Ray Blast Yet
States Agree to Hg Treaty Talks (I remember my elementary school teacher handing us blobs of Hg to play with)
U.S. Broadband Stimulus Likely to Aid Smaller Firms
Eclipse Seen by Moon Probe as Earth Blocks Sun
Skylon Spaceplane Gets Cash Boost
Beijing Blanketed by Snow after China Seeds Clouds to Beat Drought
250 DVDs on a Quarter: New Method of Self-Assembling Nanoscale Elements Could Transform Data Storage
EU €9.2M Research Project Combines Diamond and GaN
Cops Clock Man Driving 137 mph in '93 Honda Civic
Senator to Force Vote on Fairness Doctrine
New Service Unmasks Blocked Cell Phone Call Numbers
SEMI Announces Five New Technical Standards
Study Sounds Warning on R&D Expenditure in Europe
Researchers Develop Power-Storing Passive RFID Tags
Sprint Nextel Reports Loss of 1.3M Customers in Q4 '08
Climbing into Space by the Rope (aka the space elevator)
Hams in Australia Assist with Massive Brushfires
Online Jobsites Flooded with CVs (resumes)
Russia's Telecom Sector to Undergo Critical Changes
Nonstop Parties, Patent Trolls and Members Choice Awards
Is the U.S. Ready for a Major Cyber Emergency?
EU to Phase Out Traditional Light Bulbs by 2012
New Imaging Technique Reveals Atomic Structure of Nanocrystals
San Francisco Launches Several Electric Auto Recharge Stations
EU Mergers and Takeovers
What a Mess! Experts Ponder Space Junk Problem
Mechanical Engineers Rock Out on Guitars They Construct Themselves
Judge Knocks the Thunder Out of 'Vista-Capable' Class-Action Suit
Metal Falls from Sky, Crashes into NJ Business
Stimulus Saves Microsoft Billionaire Allen Hundreds of Millions (so much for change)
Senator Feinstein Leaks Existence of Highly Classified Predator Base in Pakistan
New Tech Start-Ups Can Rise from the Economy's Ashes
MWC: Seeking U.S., European Harmony on 700 MHz
Nokia 3G Deals with Qualcomm, Broadcom Could Hurt TI
Moversa Debuts Universal NFC Chip
FCC White Space Device Rules to Take Effect Next Month
Plugging in Molecular Wires to Capture Light Energy
Verizon Announces LTE Deployment Plans - Going Live in 2010
CSR Bets on Mobile GPS Upturn
17 Mobile Companies Adopt Micro USB Standard
Hams Can Still Help with Digital TV (DTV) Conversion
Over 177 Million Internet Domains Registered
Was Einstein Wrong?: A Quantum Threat to Special Relativity
Cellular Modem Shipments Exceeded 35 Million in 2008
Science Funding Survives Stimulus Cuts
High-Definition Video Over Wi-Fi
Strange Green Comet Passing by Earth Next Week
Liberty to Bail Out SIRIUS XM Radio
Stealthier Mac Attacks
Geek Chic Gatherings for Technology Loving Women
Superconductivity: The New High Critical Temperature Superconductors
Engineers Tune a Nanoscale Grating Structure to Trap and Release a Variety of Light Waves
Nokia to Buy Chips from Qualcomm
GSMA Mobile World Congress Puts Near Field Comms (NFC) in Spotlight
Recession Could Lengthen the Twilight of Dial-Up
New Plasma Transistor Could Create Sharper Displays
Northrop Grumman Team Completes GPS OCX System Design Review
Vodafone Shows Off Latest "Google Phone"
EU President Sees Progress over Telecom Stalemate
Japan Unveils New Space Rocket, Hoping to Boost Prestige
Stimulus Big Winner: Battery Manufacturing
Universal Cell Phone Chargers Coming Soon
New Tech Start-Ups Can Rise from the Economy's Ashes
Can Mobile Phones Finally Replace Point-and-Shoot Cameras?
The Problem of Space Junk
Violence is Common at the Workplace
Now They're Going Too Far: Outrage Brewing over Proposed 1,900% Beer Tax Hike
IEEE to Form Balloting Group on BPL EMC Standard
ESA Hopes to Clean Up Space Junk
LG Chooses WiMo for Smartphones
FCC Publishes Its Rule Review Plan for 2009
Ofcom Digital Dividend: Cognitive Access
Raytheon Wins Contract to Develop Next-Generation Jammer Technology
Scientists Prove Graphene's Edge Structure Affects Electronic Properties
Casinos are Warned About Card-Counting iPhone App
UK Consumer Tech Prices Start to Rocket
New Silver-Based Ink Has Applications in Electronics
Lost in Space: 8 Weird Pieces of Space Junk
NXP Borrows Another $200M
Carbon Nanotube Avalanche Process Nearly Doubles Current
First-Ever India RFID Pavilion to Debut at RFID Journal LIVE! 2009
Sprint Announces Aggressive Phone-Recycling Plans
Weekend Fireball in Daytime Sky Was Not Falling Satellite Parts
GM Europe Unions Seek Spin-Off of Opel, Saab
NASA Again Postpones Discovery Launch
Flared Pin Fin Heat Sinks Provide Unparalleled Cooling Power
Novel Quantum Effect, Quantum Spin Hall Effect, Directly Observed and Explained
Butterfly Effect Benefits Photovoltaics
Tiny LEDs, New Method of Producing PCBs Among Innovative Technologies
Europe's Economic Slump Deeper than Expected
Hamsters on Treadmills Provide Electricity Through Use of Nanogenerators
EU Lays Out Voluntary Space Code
Spammers Break Hotmail's CAPTCHA Yet Again
Changes to ROHS Coming
ST-NXP Wireless Changes Name to ST-Ericsson, 85% of Employees in R&D
Pentagon Faces Long-Term Budget Woes
Ofcom Plans Spectrum Auction in 3G Shake-Up
Samsung Shows Off Solar Powered Touch-Screen Phone
IEEE Approves 1902.1 Standard for Wireless Visibility Networks
New Refrigeration System Based on Magnetics Are More Economical and Quieter
Nortel Completes LTE-TDD Wireless Demo in China
Broadcom Combo Chip Solution Integrates Bluetooth, GPS and FM Radios
Novel Quantum Effect, Quantum Spin Hall Effect, Directly Observed and Explained
British Aerospace Leads Team to Consolidate U.S. Navy Computer Network
FCC Tells 1/4 of Requesting TV Stations They Can't Switch on Feb. 17
Test Study Finds 3G Reliability Faults
Telecom Industry Faces Test at Mobile World Congress
Qualcomm Targets Sub-$150 Smartphones with Lower Cost Chipset
Favorite Passwords: "1234" and "password" (hard to believe this is still the case)
Global Economy Hits U.S. Broadband Uptake Hardest
A Better Way to Make Nano Stuff
Satellite Collision Puts Hubble at Risk
Note to Cell Phone Junkies: txtng + date = :(
World Stocks Sag on Concerns about Obama Plans
Expired Russian Cosmos Satellite Collides with Active Iridium Satellite
Applied Materials Layoffs Reach 2000, End-Market Deterioration
67 Computers Missing from Nuclear Weapons Lab
Scientists Discover Material Harder Than Diamond
Mexico to Fingerprint Phone Users in Crime Fight
Southwest Airlines In-Flight Wi-Fi Test Begins
Major Foundries Report Declines, Analysts Expect Q2/Q3 Pick-Up
New High Frequency Amplifier Harnesses Millimeter Waves in Silicon for Fast Wireless
ST Plans Mobile Assault with Ericsson Venture
Broadband Tax Credit Cut from Stimulus Bill (of course the "real" stuff is all still there)
South Korean W-CDMA Base Exceeds EV-DO in 4th Quarter
Engineers Revolutionize Nano-Device Fabrication Using Amorphous Metals
Get Ready for the 2009 ARRL International CW DX Contest
Tesla Motors to Show Off Electric Sedan Next Month
Micron's Highest Density Multi-Chip Package for High-End Mobile Phones
Mobile Congress to Debate Benefits of Long Term Evolution (LTE)
Sirius XM Radio May File for Bankruptcy
Biggest Solar Deal Ever Announced — We're Talking Gigawatts
Ericsson to Demo 42 Mbps Mobile Data Downloads
NIST Discovers Material for Improving Magnetic Sensors
Qualcomm Adds Support for NFC Technology to Chipsets
National Inventors Hall of Fame Honors Chip Technology
Groups Team for NFC Enabled Phone Designs
Nokia to Close R&D Site - Cut Handset Production at Factory
'Safer Internet Day' Observed Internationally
Intel Announces $7B Investment Plan in America
Harris Radio Demonstrates High-Capacity Airborne Communications During CAPSTONE II
Scientists Control the Spin of Semiconductor Quantum Dot Shell States
Emcore's Growth in PVs Tempers Optical Communications Slump
Organic RFID Breakthroughs Detailed
IEEE Takes the Initiative on Sustainability
GSMA Claims 4 Billionth Mobile Phone Connection
Hybrids Powered by Air
Silicon Wafer Shipments Declined in 2008
$300M in Stimulus Package for Green Golf Carts
U.K. Teenagers Average 31 Hours per Week Online
Google's Grid Meter Looks to Save Homeowners Some Green
NASA's Great Observatories Celebrate International Year of Astronomy
Global Warming Alert: Maine Breaks All-Time Cold Record of -50°F
Top 10 OEMs Consume a Third of All Semiconductors
CSR Merges with SiRF to Add GPS to Comms Chips
ESA Extends 3 Key Space Missions
End Users Plan to Invest Strategically in RFID in 2009
Sweden Breaks 30 Year Old Commitment to abandon Nuclear Power
Samsung Using Broadcom Chips for EDGE Phones
Public Beta of an Electronic Mailing Alternative to the Post Office
Satellite Malfunction Halts Chinese TV Programs
Intel to Invest $7B on Factory Upgrades
EU Signs Pact with Internet Networking Sites
Northrop Objects to Congressional Cuts to E-2D Program
ALMA Observatory Installs First North American Antenna
Atom-Smasher Relaunch Delayed to September (Earth-swallowing event not so soon)
Colorado Amateur Radio Operators Win Legislative Victory
French Navy Sunk by Conficker Worm
ISSCC: IMEC Attempts Universal Phone Chip at 45nm
Unnatural Selection: Evolving, Improving, Implacable Robots
Solid State Drives Not Worth the Price for Many
U.S. Analog TV Shutdown Bolder, Riskier than Most
FAA Says Hackers Broke into Agency Computers (did they get the CIP device?)
Flawed Intel Chip Technology Leads to Processor Breakthrough
Not Everyone Cheers as Wi-Fi Takes to the Skies
German Defense Forces Look to Rohde & Schwarz for Military Software-Defined Radio Technology
Test & Measurement - Top Trends for 2009
Antenova Reports Strong Sales Growth in Mobiles
New Material Derived from Graphene May Have Many Applications in Future Electronics
Nanoscopic Static Electricity Generates Chiral Patterns
New Date Set for European Science Satellite
Toshiba Moves into NFC Capable SIM Market
Shuttle Discovery Facing More Delays
United Airlines Tests RFID to Speed Baggage and Passenger Check-In
Does Obama 'Buy American' Plan Signal Problems for Offshore Outsourcing? (oh, wait, that was just a campaign promise to fool the unions)
Agilent to Exit Automated Optical, X-Ray Inspection Business
Microsoft to Launch Cell Phone Software Store
3M Targets Renewable Energy
Newfound Comet Lulin to Grace Night Skies (2° separation from Saturn on Feb 24)
Research: More Auto Dollars Should Go to Radio
NASA Giving Away Zero-Gravity Flights on the "Vomit Comit"
New Smart Material Bends Under Internal Heat Source
U.S. Leads the Spam Field
General Motors to Invest $1B in Brazil Operations - Money to Come from "Stimulus" Bill
Judge Rules in Favor of Amateur in Palmdale Antenna Support Structure Case
Who's Messing with Wikipedia?
College Engineering Prank Ends with Five Arrests
Intel Shifts China Operations, 2000 Jobs
Broadband Funding in Stimulus Plan Sparks Debate
International Rectifier Cuts 850 Jobs, Consolidates Manufacturing
Outsiders Storm Smartphone Market
ON Semi to Close Fourth Fab, Plans Another 350 Layoffs
FCC Proposes Multiple $1M Plus Fines for Junk Faxes
Drippy Faucets Offer Lesson in Physics
Mobile Phone Location Tracked to Locate Murderer
Angry French Workers Protest TI Layoffs
Russia Says Verbal Deal to Keep ISS Open Until 2020 
Cracking a Controversial Solid State Mystery
Broadband Stimulus Funding Sparks Debate
Sharp to Cut 1,500 Jobs, Forecasts Annual Loss
Bad Economy Lifts Telepresence Sales 
GM Forges Ahead with Volt Despite Money Problems
What's Happening to All the CRT TVs? 
Next-Gen 'Sixth Sense' Device Created at MIT 
Making Magnetic Monopoles, and Other Exotica, in the Lab
Some TV Stations to End Analog Signal on February 17
Will Microsoft Make Its Own Smart Phone?
GE Chief Warns on U.S. Depression Threat
Senator Wants Government Censorship Reinstated for Radio Stations (her husband founded the failed Air America, BTW, but that can't possibly be her motivation)
Deutsche Bank Posts First Loss Since WWII, Rejects State Aid
Germanium-on-Insulator Materials Have High Hole Mobility
Canada Sheds 129,000 Jobs in January
U.S. Jobless Rate Jumps to 7.6%, 598k Jobs Lost
Tech Firms Battle U.S. Job Protection Laws While Importing Workers
New Material Derived from Graphene May Have Many Applications in Future Electronics
Global Mobile Market to Exceed $900B in 2008
Atmel Buys IP for ZigBee Mesh Networks
GM Selects LG Chemical to Build Volt Batteries
MIT Researchers Turn Any Surface into Touchless Screen
Canada Braces for 'Wi-Fi on Steroids'
TWC in '09: Job Cuts, WiMax & Wideband
9-Year-Old Whiz Kid Writes Apple iPhone Application
Introducing the White Spaces Database Group
Graphene for the Green Grid
Toward 'Invisible Electronics' and Transparent Displays
Swedish Amateurs Granted New Privileges
World's Fastest Electric Bike Hits 150 mph
Space Weapon Ban Proposal Met with Skepticism
Test Tube Chemistry Inside a Carbon Nanotube
DeWalt - Not Your Father's Power Tools
Smart-Grid Standards an Issue in Economic Stimulus Bill
Monster Job Board Breach Highlights Weak State of Computer Security
House Bill Would Strike Radio's Exemption from Performance Royalties
Pranks with Electronic Road Signs Stir Worry
Man Killed by 'Exploding Mobile Phone'
HP and Nokia Benefiting from Declining Semiconductor Prices
Navy Command Seeks Modernized GPS
Google (aka Big Bro) Latitude Service Lets You Track Your Friends Via Their Cellphones
Alcatel-Lucent Writes Off $5 Billion in Assets
IBM Raises the Goalpost: 20 Petaflops in Three Years
Chip-size Passive RFID Tag Promises Long Range
Japan's Electronics Industry Shocked by $22B in Losses
Rules Change Approved, DTV Delay May be Debated Today
Garmin to Launch a Range of Mobile Phones
EC Approves $586M Aid for Nano2012 R&D Program
Wi-Fi Geolocation Made Easier
Officials Work on Pentagon's Need for Space Capabilities
Managing Energy with Swarm Logic
NASA Delays Discovery Mission to Space Station
LED Market to Exceed $33B by 2013
Europe's Space and Science Heads Meet in Hungary
COROT Discovers Smallest Transiting Exoplanet Ever
Semiconductor Sales Fell by 22% in December - SIA
Computer Chips May 'Repair' Nerves
Microsoft to Blitz Market with Six Editions of Windows 7
MIT Student Presents Revolutionary Guitar Design
U.S. Becomes Top Wind Producer, Solar Next (sorry, Obama cannot get credit)
Software Decides Who to Sack in Downturn
Semiconductor Sales Fell by 22% in December
Motorola Swings to 4Q Loss, Suspends Dividend
IBM Building Fastest-Ever Computer for U.S.
Passport RFIDs Cloned Wholesale by $250 eBay Auction Spree
Starhome Predicts Data Roaming Usage Increase - Average of 35-45%
Japan to Build Hi-Res Optical Surveillance Satellite
Plastic Solar Cells for Portable Electronic Devices Coming Soon
Distress Beacons at 121.5 and 243 MHz Phased Out
East Asia Builds World's Largest Radio Telescope Network
1/3 of Adults Without Internet Don't Want It
FCC's Copps: 'We Cannot Have a Seamless DTV Transition'
Nanotechnology Makes Supertelescopes Much More Sensitive
Northrop Grumman Prototype Ground Control System Successfully Controls GPS Test Satellite
Iran Satellite Launch Stokes Fears Over Nuclear Plans
USPTO Completes Successful Pilot of Continuing Education for Practitioners
Cellphones Warm up to Magnetic Coupling
Capture of Nanomagnetic 'Fingerprints' a Boost for Next-Gen Information Storage Media
Wireless App Development on the Rise
Google Earth Plumbs the Ocean Depths
Punxsutawney Phil Sees His Shadow, 6 More Weeks of Winter Ahead
Britain Considers Whether Its Citizens are Entitled to 2 MBps Broadband
Nanoscopic Static Electricity Generates Chiral Patterns
Comcast Testing WiFi in Commuter Rail Stations
Google Out to Expose Internet Traffic Chokers
Global Semiconductor Sales Fell by 2.8% in 2008
Stanford Writes in World's Smallest Letters
TI Cancels Planned Sale of Wireless Baseband Unit
Dark Days for Japan's Chipmakers
Nominations Open for APRE Engineering Achievement Award
Navy Awards Undersea Communications Work
Shocking: Environmental Chemistry Affects Ferroelectric Film Polarity the Same Way Electric Voltage Does
Smulyan Reiterates Call For FM in Cellphones
Smallest Quantum Dots Ever Created
Human Error Caused Google Glitch
Comcast Sets Up Commuter Hotspots in NJ
ISRO-Built Satellite Fails after Five Weeks
Worst January on Record for Stocks
Two Rockets Fly Through Auroral Arc
USPTO to Host Roundtable on Deferred Examination
New 'Moon-Rocket' Hardware Test Successful
Freescale Posts $4B Loss, Could Sell Cellular Business in Piecemeal
Telstra Keeping Us from Ambitious Radio Telescope Project
Nano-Size Fridges to Cool CPUs
Google Users Get Bogus Warning on Site Searches (I got that on Saturday)
NEC Cuts 20,000 Jobs, Consolidates 6-inch Lines






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