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Samsung 3Q Profit Triples to Record as Sales Jump

UK Wafer Firm Helps Push GaN into the Mainstream

Cellphone Market Growth Raises Price War Fears

3.3V Mixer Downconverts RF with Good Linearity

Mobile Phone Market Turns Corner in 3rd Quarter, More Gains Expected in Q4

Scientists Build First 'Frequency Comb' to Display Visible 'Teeth'

GS1 Taiwan Pushes for EPCglobal E-Seal Standard

Wrapping Solar Cells Around an Optical Fiber

NTT DoCoMo Q2 Net Profit Drops 20%

Pinning Down Superconductivity to a Single Layer

DoD Open-Source Memo Could Change Software Landscape

New Technologies with Scary Problems

New Celestial Map Gives Directions for GPS

Chop Shops for Converting Your Car to Electric Power

Will Droid Put Motorola Back on Top?

Antenova Launches Internal FM Antenna Module for Mobile Device Applications (this beats using the ear bud wires!)

Anadigics Upbeat on Future Wireless Markets

Marketers and the iPhone Mom Opportunity

Space Junk Threat Delays Spaceship's Departure

Report: Good News Ahead for Internet Radio?


Misdialed Number Leads to Angry Texts, Shooting

Bluetooth Group Drops Ultrawideband, Eyes 60 GHz

AMD's Ruiz Allegedly Linked to Largest Hedge Fund Insider Trading Case in History

Swine Flu Could Overload Internet Bandwidth Capacity

Plastic Radio Case Slashes Assembly Costs

All-Electric Spintronics Created

CSR Has Buoyant Q3

NASA's Ares I-X Moon Rocket Makes First Test Flight

Microsemi to Close Arizona Fab

Northrop Grumman Tests Prototype Antenna for Radar Active Electronic Scanned Array

Intel, Numonyx Claim Phase-Change Memory Milestone

Electric Driveways Plug-In Hybrids to Smart Grid

FCC Issues First Amateur Waiver for Government-Sponsored Disaster Drill

Harvesting Energy from Basic Actions Examines Battery Stocks

Obama Signs Bill that Kills DoD Pay-for-Performance System

Celebrating 40 Years of the Net

Acoustic Hyperlens Could Sharpen Ultrasound Imaging

Agilent Teams with Stanford for Nanoscale Devices

NBA to Stream Complete Live Games on Cell Phones


Cell Phones Said to Weaken Bones

High-Energy Batteries Coming to Market

Hyperlens Harnesses Metamaterials for Ultrasound, Sonar

Semiconductor Recovery Commences

Google Steps into Another Market: GPS for Phones

More Chip Firms Top Estimates

Digital 'Ants' Take on Computer Worms

Researchers Create All-Electric Spintronics

Beam is Back! The LHC Restarts

2009 RFMD® Aerospace & Defense Product Selection Guide

Nokia Invokes a 'NATO Defense' Strategy Against Apple's iPhone

Xerox Develops Silver Ink for Cheap Printable Electronics

Physicists Discovering Ways to Build Rogue Waves out of Light

Massive Call for Mobile Rate Cut

Google Finds Partners for PowerMeter Monitoring

ITT Wins $169.3M U.S. Navy Radar Upgrade Contract

Renesas Agrees Transfer of Chip Equipment Business to Hitachi

Probably Guilty: Bad Mathematics Means Rough Justice

Stimulating Development in UV AlGaN Emission


Engineering and Science on the Up in Schools and Universities

College Students - the Fastest Growing Smartphone Segment

U.S. Awards $3.4B in Smart Grid Grants

Tektronix Buys U.S.-Based Test Services Business

Organic Electronics to Benefit from New Materials

Navy Grapples with 'Relentless Pace' of Technology Change

Daylight Savings is a Waste of Time (I agree, time to do away with it)

Sending Science Down the Phone: New Technology Will Map Research Across the World

Metro Details Some of Its RFID Successes

FCC Expands Use of Web 2.0 Tools for Open Internet Inquiry

Graphene Sheet in Oil Wells Could Make All the Difference

Smartphones Vulnerable to Attacks on Information from Smartcards

Spansion Cuts More Jobs

The Genius Brothers Behind Google Wave

Ares I-X NextGen Manned Mission Booster Prepaers for test Launch

Particles are Back in the LHC

Northwest Airlines Pilots Tell NTSB that Laptops Distracted Them

Spiraling Flight of Maple Tree Seeds Inspires New Aerial Surveillance Technology

'Little Buddy' GPS Device Keeps Tabs on Your Kid

Real Unemployment Number per U.S. BLS


Net Set for 'Language Shake-Up' (coming soon: 射频咖啡.com)

Senate Bill Would Kill DoD Performance Pay, Curtail Sole-Source Contracts

Bluetooth Headset Shipments to Shrink 28% in 2009

3-Axis MEMs Gyro Chip Debuts

Mobile Net 'Heading for Data Jam'

DARPA Project Demos Wafer-Scale Graphene-on-Si FETs

Smartphone Security Threats Likely to Rise

Scientists First to Trap Light and Sound Vibrations Together in Nanocrystal

Transforming Nanowires into Nano-Tools Using Cation Exchange Reactions

Consumer Electronics Enforce Automotive Security Discussion

Freescale CEO Optimistic But Still Cautious About IC Market

$5B SatCom May Augur DISA-GSA Deals to Come

It Will Be a Lovely Day Tomorrow [for semi] - Future Horizons

Massachusetts General Uses RFID to Better Understand Its Clinics (what a disaster Mass-Care is!)

Suspected Meteorite Crashes to Earth in Latvia

Japanese Automakers Rev up Efforts in Hydrogen Cars

Savi Provides DoD with RFID Supply Chain Tracking Technologies

McCain's 'Real Stimulus' to Go Head-to-Head Against FCC's 'Net nNeutrality'

Lunar Lander Contest Reaches Endgame


WHO Confirms Cellphone Cancer Link (talk on cellphone, smoke a cigarette, what's the difference?)

Semico Research Sees Strong 2010 for Chip Industry

Japanese Firms to Develop Small Nuclear Reactors

Rechargeable Batteries Extend Their Reach

Galloway Forest Park: One of the Darkest Places on the Planet

Microsoft Sales Fall; Cost Cuts Please Investors


Army Places New Orders for Standards-Based RFID Tags

Ericsson Maintains Leadership Among Network Equipment Vendors

Avago Claims First Travelling Wave Amplifier for Digital Comms

AT&T Profit Dips but Wireless Results Strong

Nano-Antennas Transmit, Receive Light as Radio Waves

Security Consultants 'Doubtful About Mobile Phone Security'

Synthetic Cells Deliver Battery Power

Share Photos of Your Best Geeky, Techie Costume

Transforming Nanowires into Nano-Tools Using Cation Exchange Reactions

NASA Advised to Skip Moon Mission

White House Panel Sees Little Point to new NASA Rocket (after all, what good has ever come from an aggressive space program?)

What’s the Business Case for NFC in Banking?

Tellabs Enters the 4G Core Market with WiChorus Buy

Developing Countries Must Boost Broadband: U.N. (because it's free!... no, wait, somebody else pays for it, right?)

SumbandilaSat Now OSCAR 67

Mozilla Aims to Revolutionize Web Layout with New Firefox Font Support (remember FF didn't even support Symbol font!)

Japan Debut for Mobile Fuel Cell

Microsoft Opens First Retail Store


Windows 7 Launches Today (I have an HP on order w/Win7Pro, i7-920, 9GB - tired of sloooow)

SEMI: Bookings Rise Y/Y for First Time Since May 2007

Motorola Wins WiMAX Based Smart Metering Contract

Rensselaer Wins Radiation Model Grant

Verizon CEO Blasts Net Neutrality, 'Dumb-Pipe' World

First "White Space" Network Launched

EE Times: 15 Sobering Predictions, Cures for Economy

Nokia Sues Apple for Patent Infringement

Physicists Develop Multifunctional Storage Device for Light

TriQuint Misses Analyst Estimates

Investment in Smart Materials

Microchip Engineering Seminars Tour UK

Four Radio Amateurs Killed in Plane Crash While En Route to CQWW Phone Contest

Americans Tweet Like a Flock of Canaries

Navy Unveils 'Hybrid' Warship

Broadband in a Backpack

Volunteers Wanted for Simulated 520-day Mars Mission

Munich Airport Says RFID Improves Dolly Management

Single Phone Charger for All Mobile Phones Gets ITU Support

U.S. Bailout Execs Pay Cuts up to 90% (will yours be next? want to bet?)

New Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected to 531k (while national debt approaches $12T)


Sweden is Burning Biofuel Made from Those Waskley Wabbits

DARPA Propels InP Electronics Towards a Terahertz

Optical Gold Nanoantennas Now Possible

Scientists Bend Nanowires into 2-D and 3-D Structures

Research Tackles Wind Turbine Interference with Radar

Foiling Car Theft with Your Cell Phone

Commerce Under Secretary Awards 600,000th Design Patent

Allocation Hits the Analog IC Industry

24-Carat Gold 'Snowflakes' Improve Graphene's Electrical Properties

Outdoor 802.11n Wi-Fi for High-Speed Hot Spots

SSDs Inch (2.54 cm) Toward the Desktop

Brighten Up - It's a New Plastic Optical Fibre Technology

STMicro Narrows Loss on Improved Sales

FCC Issues Public Notice on Amateur Service Communication During Government Disaster Drills

Michael Green to Succeed Stephen Hawking at Cambridge

Self-Assembly Used to Make Molecule-Sized Particles with Patches of Charge

Over Half a Billion People to Use Mobile Money Transfer Services by 2014

Nuclear Power Renaissance?

Sun Cutting Up to 3,000 Jobs as Awaits Oracle Deal


High-Speed Chase Ends When OnStar Halts SUV (Big Bro has arrived)

Top U.S. Scientist Accused of Espionage

Higher Jobless Rates Could Be New Normal

Army Explores New Paths to Secure Communications

Touch Project Explores RFID-Enabled Consumer Applications

Off-Grid Charging for Mobile Phones to Power $2.3B Market Opportunity

U.S. ISPs Grab IPv6 Addresses

Is IBM Handing Over Key IC Technology to China? (why not? everybody else has)

LHC Now Colder than Deep Space

Bluetooth Low Energy Chips Set to Boom

Google Offering Free In-Flight Wi-Fi

TriQuint Wins $16.2M DARPA 'NEXT' Contract for GaN IC Research

Cell Phones to Go 3-D

TI Shows Bluetooth Device Powered by Coin Cell

UCLA Study: The Internet Is Altering Our Brains

NASA Unveils New Rocket for Historic Test Flight

The Tech Catastrophe You're Ignoring

Apple Profits Up 47% on iPhone Sales

Using Mobile Internet at a Dinner Party: Rude - In the Toilet: Less So

Microwave Tissue Soldering (not electronics, but interesting/gross)


Customers Say New PG&E Meters Not Always Smart

Counterfeit Electronic Components Standard Issued by SAE International

Smallest Electronic Component: Researchers Create Molecular Diode

Broadband Test Offers Street View - Find the Fastest Regions

Cable/Telco Competition Brings North America Slowest, Costliest Broadband

Running Electronics Using Light

More Airlines Add Wi-Fi

Vishay Chip TV Antenna Covers Whole UHF Band (what we need is an FM chip antenna)

Nokia Debt Ratings Downgraded on Concerns About Handset Market

Neural Prostheses Go Wireless

Army Demos Electronic Jammer for Helicopters

Broadcast Radio One Step Closer to Paying Performers' Royalties

Microtune Unveils Integrated Receiver Platform, Reduces Workforce

Next Stop: Ultracapacitor Buses

Scientists Find Trawl of 32 New Planets

Phone Stalkers Torment Egypt Women

U.S. Broadcast Industry Group Finally Standardizes Mobile Digital Television

Nanopatterns Improve Thin-Film Solar Cells

Hurdles Remain as FCC Ponders Internet Data Rules (trouble's brewing - this is unFairness Doctrine for the Internet)

Windows 7 Set for Low-Key Launch


GPS Causing Truckers to Crash Into Bridges

Interactions Between Massless Particles May Lead to Speedy, Powerful Electronic Devices

China ROHS Catalog Makes a Late Appearance

Signs of Recovery Seen in Electronics Supply Chain

Brazil Telcos Team Up on Network, Government Lobby

No Sign of Recovery for Nokia Siemens


'Magnetricity' Observed for First Time

DoD Budget Forecast Threatens New Technology Deployments

Reduce Radio Wave Exposure, Warns French Government Agency

The Pocket Spy: Will Your Smartphone Rat You Out?

AT&T: Google is an Evil Empire that Must Be Stopped

Fujitsu Develops First mm-wave GaN Transceiver Amplifier Chipset

New Israeli Battery Provides Thousands of Hours of Power

Sony Ericsson 3Q Loss Widens; Gets New Financing

Royal Academy to Get Engineers Talking

Police Forces Adopt Smartphones

TI Wireless Transceiver has Programmable Baseband

Carbon Nanotube Conductors

New Concept May Enhance Earth-Mars Communication

Tiniest Test Tube Experiment Shows Reaction of Melting Materials at Nano Scale

Graphene: Unraveling the Secrets of a Magic Material

GS1 Releases Guidelines for RFID-based Electronic Article Surveillance

FMC and Femtocell Equipment Forecast to Hit $7.4B in 2013

TVs of the (Near) Future

Space-Elevator Contest Rescheduled for November 4

Commercializing Garbage to Ethanol


Study Charts Links Between Mobile Phones, Tumors

Fast Internet Access Becomes a Legal Right in Finland

Photonic Six Pack Provides Better Quantum Communication

Future of Electricity May Be Found in Thermoelectric Cells

It's Official: Your Bullying Boss Really is an Idiot

Wi-Fi Direct Aims to Be the 'Bluetooth Killer'

FCC's Net Neutrality 'Will Limit the Freedom of the Internet'

Building the World's Most Powerful Laser

The Hot New Musical Instrument: Your Smartphone

SmartGrid Tech Will Bring Huge Savings to Companies

NASA Retires Tracking, Data Relay Satellite TDRS-1

Quantum-Limited Measurement Method for Nanosensors

US Wireless Industry Bottoms in IT Quality Report

Natural Gas Changes the Energy Map  - Bad News for OPEC

California Poised to be First to Ban Power-Guzzling Big-Screen TVs (why does anyone still live there?)

Nokia Swings into Quarterly Loss on NSN Write-Down

Could Observatory Lasers Damage Satellites?

Airport Tests Full-Body X-ray System

World's Smallest Computers Made of DNA and Other Biological Molecules Made to 'Think' Logically

Internet Use Cuts Depression Among Senior Citizens


Three People Killed While Erecting Ham Antenna

Three Indicted for Counterfeit IC Sales to US Navy

BAE Systems Upbeat About Defence Electronics Business

Artificial Black Hole Created in Chinese Lab

Foundry Revenues Rise Amid Intensifying Competition

Europe to Fall Behind U.S. on Broadband

Apple Developing Radio App for iPhone

Evolution of the Cell Phone

Wi-Fi Alliance to Support Peer to Peer Wi-Fi Connectivity

Laser Weapons are Here: ATL Test Attacks Moving Targets from the Air

♪♪ Happy Days ♪♪ are Here Again for Intel

Moshe Kam Wins IEEE Presidency - Congrats!

Will Solar Speed Up Emerging Cell Phone Revolution?

Wal-Mart Takes Inexpensive Mobile Plans Nationwide

Motorola and Imagine Bring WiMAX to Ireland

FCC Chief Seeks Broad Open-Internet Rules (back-door Unfairness Doctrine attempt)

Vatican Celebrates History of Astronomy

Wi-Fi Still Rules As Consumer Electronics Network Connections Grow

Atlantic Hurricane Season Quietest in a Decade

Tektronix Pushes Mixed-Signal Scopes to 20 GHz

Internet's Inventor Regrets the Whole Slash (//) Thing

Dollar Loses Reserve Status to Yen & Euro (...and the Fed just keeps printing worthless dollars - time to throw the bums out!)


Contractors Go Toe-to-Toe over Mobile Radio Business

Three Charged with Selling Counterfeit ICs

New Method Reveals All You Need to Know About 'Waveforms'

Manufacturing Trending away from China

Australian Smart Phone Market Soars 29% in First Half 2009

New Radio Tech Can See Through Walls

Software Tool Gauges Antenna Exclusion Zones

USPTO Rescinds Controversial Patent Regulations Package Proposed by Previous Administration

The Sidekick Catastrophe: A Curse for Microsoft, but a Blessing for Motorola?

Supply Chain Sees Order Upturn

French Startup Extends Depth of Field for Camera Phones

Working Towards ZnO/GaN Light

US Mobile Ad Revenues to Reach $4.2B in 2015, 70% from Search

Detecting Light with Graphene

Tips for Better Wi-Fi on the Road

For Brits, Switching On is the New Switching off

In-Road Electric Vehicle Charger

Is the Internet Falling Apart?

The U.S. Lets Go of the Internet – Will Anyone Notice?


Analog Vendor Study Reveals Designer Priorities

'Digital Dirt' Can Haunt Your Job Search

University Uses ZigBee Transceivers Network to Track People

Michigan Households Get RFID-Enabled Rewards for Recycling

Femto Forum Announces Femtocell Interoperability Testing Program

Virgin Galactic Adds Satellite Launches to Space Tourism

Firms 'Mishandle Sensitive Data'

IBM Claiming Ultra-Fast Optical Comms with Carbon Chips

Growing Geodesic Carbon Nanodomes (Buckminster Fuller's ultimate dream - a fullerene geodesic dome?)

What Will Talking Power Meters Say About You?

DOD's Pay-for-Performance System May Be Near End

Physicists Find Nature's Limit to Faster PCs

FCC Demands to Know Every Detail about Google Voice

Will Voice Control Become the Norm for In-Car Tech?

WiMAX in Emerging Markets: A Niche Rather Than Mass Market

Astronomy Fans Left Disappointed after Much-Touted Lunar Impact

Google's Wireless Strategy Starts to Take Root

Researchers Make Silicon Nanowires at CMOS-Compatible Temps

Acer Sees Revenue Up as Tech Demand Returns

Wall St. Rises on Economy Optimism, Weak Dollar (woo-hoo, past 10,000 any time now!)

Expect 22.8% Performance Boost from Next Week's Firefox 3.6 Beta


Nuclear Engineer from CERN Lab Arrested for al-Qaeda Links

Silicon Pillars Yield Like Metal

Security, Reliability Gives Telcos Edge in Cloud Computing

Let the Science Catch Up

Tough Choices for Feds Giving Out Broadband Money (aka my tax money)


EU, Others Propose 15 "Substances of Very High Concern"

NYPD Tracking Cell Phone Owners

Wireless Operators to Spend $3.3B on LTE Base Stations

Heat Diode Paves the Way for Thermal Computing

10 Electronics Industry CEOs Shown the Door in 2009

High Hopes and Big Risks in Tech Earnings

It's Oh So Quiet … Are Tech / Telecom Trade Shows Done For?

Superfast Broadband Extends Reach

Physicists Measure Elusive 'Persistent Current' That Flows Forever

More Than 1/3 of U.S. Employees Are Teleworking

Atomtronic Transistor and Diode Could Advance Quantum Computing

Teen Allegedly Assaults Family after Phone Taken

Squeezing Light Out of Silicon

SiGe Experts Push CMOS Envelope for Light Peak Transceivers

Physicists Seek to Keep Next-Gen Colliders in One Piece

Puzzled Physicists Solve Decade-Long Discrepancies

No Big Flash from NASA's Moon Crash

Configurable Radio IC Design Service Available - IMEC Tech Forum

Is China Beating the U.S. in Clean Tech?

FCC Chairman: Spectrum Deficit Could Set Wireless Data Back 50 Years

Microsoft to Replace Works with Ad-Supported 'Office Starter 2010'


LCROSS Module Slams into the Moon Friday Morning (11:31:30 UT / 7:31:30 am ET)

RF Switching Options: The Right Fit Might Come with a Loss

FCC Chairman Warns of 'Looming Spectrum Crisis' (everything's a crisis with the gov't)

For Future Superconductors, a Little Bit of Lithium May Do Hydrogen a Lot of Good

Specialty Foundries Seek New Growth Strategies

IBM 'In Anti-Competition Probe'

Obama Puts Scientists, Engineers in Spotlight

Large-Scale Cousin of Elusive 'Magnetic Monopoles' Found at NIST

10 Tech PR Stunts that Spectacularly Failed

Infineon Invests $15M in Dresden Wafer Fab

Next: The Pill Bottle Cap with a Cell Phone

Researchers Create Smaller and More Efficient Nuclear Battery

Leti: Cu-based Catalysts Can Make Si Nanowires

Senate Introduces Companion Bill to HR 2160 - The Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Enhancement Act of 2009

FCC: Comment Sought on Impact of Middle and Second Mile Access on Broadband Availability and Deployment

Dell Plans First U.S. Smartphone with AT&T

Commercial Rocket Claims Lunar Lander Prize

Nordic Releases Flash-less Versions of Wireless Microcontrollers

Firefox 3.6 Public Beta Slated for 10/14


Salt and Paper Make Disposable Batteries

August 'Actual' Chip Sales Hint at Double Dip

Mobile Devices a Money Pit

ARRL Gears Up for Fourth Annual Online Auction

Air Force Activates New Cyberspace Defense Unit

Physicists Demonstrate 3-Color Entanglement

Boosting Frequency-Breakdown Trade-off for AlGaN HFETs

Samsung Expects Strong 3rd-Quarter Profit

Blasted into Space from a Giant Air Gun

Rolls-Royce Joins More than 200 Companies Actively Recruiting Purdue Students

WiMax vs. LTE: The Rematch

Microcontroller for Smart Power Meters Thwarts Tampering

Telemedicine Spending to Approach $3.6B Annually by 2014

AT&T is Losing Its Voice

Apple Joins an Exodus of Companies from U.S. Chamber of Commerce (a politically correct move)

Acquisitions: Cull the Managers

Airport Scanners to Read Personal Aura

NASA Telescope Discovers Giant Ring Around Saturn

Colorado Ski Resort Has Earliest Opening in 40 Years

Airlines: Please Take a Healthy Dump Before Boarding to Save Fuel

RFID Helps Women Dress for Success (well, not really)


19 Purdue Graduate Students Receive NSF Fellowships

Nobel Prize in Physics Honors Fiber Optics, CCD Developers

Lithium to Aid Hydrogen in Future Superconductors

Bad Global Economy Reverses Telecom Privatization Trend

Foundry Industry to Consolidate

New Thermoplastic Elastomers Offer New Options for Green Wire Insulation

4.6 Billion Mobile Subscriptions by the End of 2009

Semi Industry Continues to Shed Inventory

IBM Researchers Develop Analytics Technology for Telecommunications Industry

Government Anti-Leak Document Leaked

Wireless Carriers Uneasy About ‘Net Neutrality’

IMEC Chief: Innovation Only Way Out of Recession

FTC: Bloggers Must Disclose Material Connections to Endorsed Products

Oldest National Amateur Radio Society Marks 100th Anniversary

Woman Distracted by Cell Phone Struck, Killed by Train

Tetris Is Good for Your Brain

Microsoft's Windows Phones Hit the Market

LCROSS Module Slams into the Moon Friday Morning (11:31:30 UT / 7:31:30 am ET)

Canada's TSX Rises Sharply as Resource Stocks Rally

Plasma Rocket Could Travel to Mars in 39 Days


Honda Claims Breakthrough in Carbon Nanotube Conductivity

'Ten Most Wanted' Patent Litigator Gets Busted

IEEE-USA Launching Its Third Online Engineering Video Competition - $5k in Prizes

How Neutrinos Could Revolutionize Communications with Submarines

FBI Offers Advice During New National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Light at the End of the Tunnel for Chip Firms

GPS-Guided 155-mm Artillery Rounds Provided to U.S. Army by Raytheon

17 Startups Join the EE Times' Silicon 60

Technology Unemployment Rises in Q3

Mobile Data, Emerging Markets Key to Continued Growth in Telecoms Market

Graphite Mimics Iron's Magnetism

Columbus Antennas to Take to the Skies

IEEE Certifies Biometrics Professionals

Student Develops Innovative Rocket Motor

Private Space Technology Powers Up

FCC: Keep Stay on Ownership Rules Change

Brazil's Bid for Tech-Powered Economy

Computer Makers Aim to Banish Boot-Up Blues

Great Time for Consumers: America Is On Sale

ICANN Investigates Anonymous Website Owners


USPTO Expands Pilot Program to Reduce Pendency and Improve Patent Quality

'Trash Can' Nuclear Reactors Could Power Human Outpost on Moon or Mars

Google Bites Bing Back - Recovers Share

NASA MESSENGER Spacecraft Approaches Mercury

Teen’s DIY Energy Hacking Gives African Village New Hope (impressive)

Red Hat Takes Software Patents to Supreme Court

New Electronic Concept: How Hybrid Motors Could Become Cheaper


802.11n Wi-Fi Certification Program Finally Begins

Researchers Integrate Fuel Cells on Chip Level

2009 Outlook Improves, Growth Expected in 2010

Global Chip Sales Increase 5% Month-on-Month

Solar Supply Chain Burned by Disappointing Demand, Oversupply (eco-zealots not willing to lay out their own cash)

UK Court Orders Writ to be Served via Twitter

Wi-Fi Signals Used to See Through Walls

DoD Looks to Industry for Best Technologies to Help Combat Troops

'Stakes of the Chip Industry Have Never Been Higher' - IEF 2009

Helix Wind to Begin Testing Wind Turbines to Power Cell Phone Towers

IBM Takes On Google in Business Web-Mail Market

Semico Tips IC Forecast, Growth Drivers

iPhone's Global Success is More Marketing Myth Than Reality

Obama Admin Seeks Ban on Texting Truckers, Bus Drivers

Thousands of Cellphones Confiscated in California Prisons

IEEE Gears Up for College Programming Competition

Sony Shows Off 3D TV Technology

The Audi e-tron Concept Electric Car

Engineers Plug into Draft Smart Grid Specs

Homeland Security Wants 1,000 Cyber Experts

U.S. Jobless Rate Reaches 9.8% in September (17% really)


EU Launches Free Satellite System to Fine-Tune GPS

Increasingly, States Push for e-Waste Recycling

Nanomaterials Under Study by the EPA

Broadband Becoming a Basic Human Need, Says ST-Ericsson (next it will become a right so taxpayers will pay for everyone)

UK Broadband 'Not Fit' for Future

Eight Digital Alternatives to Paper Business Cards

Semiconductor Inventories May Create 'Artificial Bump' in Q3 Sales

GE Shows Off 1TB DVD-Sized Disks at the Emerging Tech Conference

Which Chip Makers Will Rule in 2018?

IRCs: Out with the Old, In with the New

European Semiconductor Industry Welcomes EC Report on Key Enabling Technologies

TSMC Set to Increase Capital, R&D Investments

Last UK Radio Broadcaster Delisted from Stock Exchange

U.S. Urges 'Cyber Hygiene' Effort

Greenspan Sees Growth Slowing as Stocks 'Flatten Out'

Everything Over IP Transitions to IP Over Everything at DoD

Controller Boosts Telescope Output by Damping Noise

Chinese Knockoffs Move Beyond Gucci Bags

Siemens Signs Wind Turbine Contract

Office of the Attending Physician: Congress' Elite Health Care for a Mere $503/Year (no waiting, full-service, free testing & drugs)

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