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Technical Headline News Archive - December 2010

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Millions Gathering Worldwide to Ring in New Year

How to Ring In the New Year with Apps

2010: The Year Technology Replaced Talking (an interesting way to put it)

Top Ten Scientific Breakthroughs of 2010

2010 in Review: The Fortunate Winners and the Pathetic Losers

Top Wireless Stories of 2010

Hackers Crack Open GSM Mobile Network

World's Teensiest Battery Could Drive Big Innovations

UK Government Changes Tax Rules to Promote R&D

China to Cut Crucial Rare Earths Export Quotas

Hits and Misses in Five-Tech Forecast

Woman Charged in Tech Company Insider Trading Probe

Skype’s New iPhone App Allows Video Calls

Skype Could Be Designated Illegal in China

11 Notable Smartphones of 2010

Boeing, Fujitsu to Offer Holistic RFID Solution to Airlines

Boxed Software Isn't Going Away Any Time Soon

Eight Botched Environmental Forecasts


ARRL Shows IBEC BPL Systems Are Interfering, Violating FCC Rules

Online Holiday Shopping: $30.8B Spent

A Common Charger for Mobile Phones Now Expected in Early 2011

The Year in Mobile

Web-Connected TVs Already at 21% of Market

Skype Videocalls, Internet TVs, to Strain Networks in 2011

Canada Is Most Web-Addicted Nation

Next-Generation GPS Gadgets

Japan Nanotech Team Creates Palladium-Like Alloy

Artificial Intelligence to Transform Web

Intel Launches Solid-State Drive

China Defends Rare Earth Quotas as In Line with WTO

Duh! The Most Obvious Scientific Findings of 2010

Texting Trolley Driver Admits Guilt in MA Crash

Sony Files Phone Patent Complaints Against LG

How to Make MiFi Work with PCs and Smartphones

Raytheon Wins $52M to Retrofit U.S. Navy Radars


Santa Brought Fewer Gadgets in 2010

2010's Top Science Videos Around the Web

Over 7 Trillion Text Messages to Be Sent in 2011 (I've sent 1 [one] in my life so far)

Technology and Innovation Award Winners Revealed

Physicists Read Data after Storing Them in Atomic Nuclei for 112 Seconds

The Year in Materials

2011 Cyberattack Targets: iPhone, Facebook, Foursquare

HTC to Open Third U.S. R&D Office, Adds 45 Jobs

Paul Allen Revises Patent Suit Against Tech Titans

Sony to Launch PlayStation Smartphone in Spring

ST Buys Powerline IC Company for SmartGrid Applications

WiFi Overload at High-Tech Meetings

Apple Sued Over iPad and iPhone App 'Sata Leaks'

UK Card Association Tries to Suppress Student Research

Technology Transfer from GE to China will Directly Compete Against the Boeing/Airbus Duopoly

Ins and Outs: Executive Changes in 2010


What is 4G? and How Does 4G Differ from 3G?

Edible iPhone Treats Selling Like Hot Cakes

They're Spending $50B. You'll Be Paying.

Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer

The Biggest Tech Hits and Misses of 2010

Automotive MEMS Hits Record High

Santa: A Claus-et Physicist

Comcast FCC Concessions Include $10 Broadband for Under $20k/Yr Incomes (yet more wealth redistribution)

How Influx of iPhones, iPads Impacting Enterprises

Just 21% Want FCC to Regulate Internet

2010 Technology of the Year: Synchronization

The Year in Materials

Earth Project Aims to 'Simulate Everything'

Alcatel-Lucent Pays $137M to Settle Bribery Lawsuits

Gigantic Storm with Huge Tail Erupts on Saturn

10 Things Web Users Should Fear in 2011

Cheaters Find an Adversary in Technology

Watch a Couple NYC Public "Servants" Trash a Parked SUV with a Tow Truck (probably making $100k+/yr, - video)

YTD PCB Shipments Up in November

U.S. Changes How It Measures Long-Term Unemployment


Ka-Sat Internet-Dedicated Spacecraft Lifts Off

Man Quits Job, Makes Living Suing E-Mail Spammers (over $1M thus far - way to go!)

Unexploded Homemade Bombs Found in Colorado Cellphone Store

NXP Sells Off Can Tuner Operation (that's can tuner, not canned tuna)

Straight Key Night - January 1, 2011

Amazon: Wi-Fi Kindle is Best-Selling Product Ever (buy a Kindle here)

Siemens Targets Electric Car Business

Tesla Shares Whacked as Post-IPO Lock-Up Expires

Gadgets Bring New Opportunities for Hackers

WiFi Breakthrough Could End Jams

Taiwan’s AWSC Wins Orders from Japan for GaAs Switch Products

Ceiling Lights in MN Send Coded Internet Data

At Dutch Festival, Visitors Used RFID to Critique Art, Share Opinions

Christmas Comes Early for China's Electronics Supply Chain

Motorola Acquisition Boosts Android Streaming

Blizzard Paralyzes NYC, Boston


Office Space is Shrinking as Firms Focus on Efficiency

First High-Temp Spin-Field-Effect Transistor Created

Microwave Ray Gun to Stop Terrorists

Worst Security Disasters of 2010

Icicle Shape Can Be Much Stranger Than Thought

Affordable Alternative to Mega-Laser X-FEL

Top e-Mergers & Acquisitions of 2010


NORAD Tracks Santa

NextGen-Equipped Sleigh to Be Flown by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

The Curious Evolution of Holiday Lights

IBM Predicts Holographic Calls, Air-Breathing Batteries by 2015

Orbiting Junk Rivals Weapons as Major Threat to Space Use

The Smallest Welding Job Ever

Online Sales Rose 15% This Holiday, Beating In-Store Growth

General Motors Turns to Ham Radio to Solve Antenna Problem

Cool Military Gear Would Make You an Office Superhero

Researchers Develop First High-Temperature Spin-FET

Leaked iPad 2 Cases Show Camera, Larger Speaker

College Students Use Cell Phones in Class, Despite Adverse Affects

ITC: China's IP Enforcement is Still Lacking

As NFC Enters the Mass Market, So Too Should NFC Security

Wi-Fi RFID Tag Withstands Surgical-Equipment Sterilization Processes

Ten Most Compelling Independent Telco Stories of 2010

Financial Times Names Steve Jobs as Person of the Year

Solar Eclipse to Be Seen on January 4, 2011

Wal-Mart Invests in Chinese e-Commerce Firm


Texts, Web Really Do Allow Santa to Be Everywhere

Smartphones Being Used for Holiday Shopping

America's Original Startup: The Phone Company

Engineers Build Radio Receiver out of Graphene

Electromagnetic Field Problem Delays Rollout of New Commuter Railcars

Solar Sails Could Deter Asteroids

Minnesota Man Hacked Neighbor's WiFi, Threatened VP (good reason to secure your router)

26% Use Cellphones for Political Purposes

Softbank to Test NFC in Japan

Mobile Equipment Market to Top $270B in 2011

World's Fastest X-Ray Camera Sees Through Melting Metal

Navy Launches Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System

Skype Still Struggling after Worldwide Outage

Risk Assessment in Nanotechnology Is a Risky Business

Air Force Gets Help with Wireless Network Expansion

Smart Carpet Keeps Track of Patients When Caregivers Can't

When Was the Battery Invented?

Better Control of Building Blocks for Quantum Computer

Tesla: Is It a Short?

'Spiral' Escalator Could Give Crowds a Lift (this is cool)


ITO Coating Prevents Iced-Up Windshields, But Blocks Radio Reception

Japanese Taxis Add Wi-Fi Hotspots

For Better or Worse, Here Are the FCC's New Net Neutrality Rules (subjective terms like "reasonable" used throughout - scary)

Do Commercial Electronics Threaten Military Security?

Raytheon Company Announces Agreement to Acquire Applied Signal Technology

LG to Spend $12B to Turn Electronics Around

Undermining China's Monopoly on Rare Earth Elements

Investors Enter 2011 in Bullish Mood (those evil rich guys)

Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. Students Fails Military Entrance Exam (thank your Public Schools - need more TQs on global warming and the wonders of Communism)

Ofcom Rules BT Infringed Competition Law on Wholesale Calls Pricing

Market for Mobile Communications Gear Nears $1/4T Mark

'World's First' Glasses-Free 3D TV Hits Stores in Japan

A Way to Make the Smart Grid Smarter

Drive to Optimise Imaging and Optical Communications

The Physics of Christmas Wrapping

Laser Twinkles in Rare Color

New Congress Vows to Reverse FCC's 'Internet Takeover'

Sony PlayStation Phone to Be Released in April - Rumor

Thermoelectrics Could Harvest Car Exhaust Heat

Major Christmas Bomb Plot by Usual Suspects Disrupted in England


Rare Earth Scarcity Gauged by DoE

Rare Earth Mining in the U.S. Gets a Second Chance

Researchers Discover Möbius Symmetry in Metamaterials

2010: The Year in Space

Cell Phone Mobile Payment Market Set for Takeoff 

Portable GPS Devices Head in Wrong Direction as Sales Slip

Indian Economy to Grow by $2.7B for Each Percentage Rise in Mobile Broadband Penetration

Dear Tech Early Adopters: Manufacturers Don’t Care About You

FCC Expected to OK 'Net Neutrality' Rules Today (just like Chavez's doing - see below)

Venezuela Lawmakers Pass Bill to Tighten Regulation of Internet

Science Minister Announces Funding Plans

Microchip Taps Irish 3G Antenna Technology (a Blarney antenna?)

To grow 4G Coverage, AT&T Spends $1.9B on FLO TV's Wireless Licenses

RFID Inventory Tracking - Goodbye Databases

Is the Fade-Out of College Radio Bad for Engineers?

Renewed IRA Provision on Charitable Giving Makes It Easy to Support ARRL

Smallest Periodic Table Fits on Human Hair

MasterCard and AEPM Publish Interoperable NFC Specifications

LED Lighting to Reach $15.4B in 2011 as Market Share Tops 10%

Moonwatchers Treated to Total Lunar Eclipse (it was overcast &  snowing at my house - dang!)


FCC's "Julius Seizure" Wants Control of the Internet (add to takeover of financial, insurance & car companies - very Chavezian)

Qualcomm Sells Radio Spectrum to AT&T for $2B

U.S. Proposes Cellphone Ban for Truck Drivers

Lawmakers Pull Cybersecurity Provisions from Defense Bill

As Valuations Soar, Tech Field Starts Feeling Bubbly

Eurotunnel to Get Mobile Phone Coverage by 2012

U.S. Naval Research Lab Launches Nano-Satellite Experimental Platforms

Fears over Crime Fuelled by Smartphone Craze

Plasmon Lasers Overcome Commercial Hurdle

China Gets Sub-$100 Android Phone Design

Finger-Powered Wireless Piezo Switch

Finland and Russia Agree on 800 MHz Spectrum Usage for LTE Services

'Molecular Torch' Between Carbon Nanotubes Emits Electroluminescence

And the Smartest Site on the Internet Is...

Organic Electronic Ratchets Doing Work

Total Lunar Eclipse Monday Night

Steve Jobs Doll Sells for $2,500 on eBay (I predicted this, dang, wish I had bought one)

UK 2000 Global Warming Shriek: Snowfalls are Now Just a Thing of the Past


USPTO to Open First Ever Satellite Office in Detroit

Student Who Conned His Way into Harvard Says Sorry

Ofcom to Make 0800 Numbers Free from Mobiles

White House Unveils Science Integrity Policy (will it apply to global warming?)

Missing Black Holes Cause Trouble for String Theory

Mobile App Market Worth $35B?

Feds Force Local OK Bank to Remove Merry Christmas Buttons (Fed telling private bank what it can display?)


In Spain, Christmas Baskets Come Packed with RFID

Chip Workers Charged in Insider Trading Probe

Multiphysics Simulation Enhances Electronics System Design

Nokia Apple Patent Row Escalates

RFID to Be Featured in Aircraft Maintenance Alliance Formed by Fujitsu and Boeing

Semiconductor Revenue Expands by Record Margin in 2010

Carbon's Magnetic Personality: Persistent, But Only Skin-Deep

UN Mulls Internet Regulation (how to say this delicately?...uh, screw the UN)

10 Technologies to Watch in 2011

Joe Wooller's Attempt at a Keyless Life with Implant

Research in Motion Profit Jumps 45% (good news for Canada, eh?)

Ofcom Wants Free Mobile Calls to Be Free

Visit the download store today.

Collider Creates No Black Holes

1/3 of U.S. Youth Have Smartphones

These Plastics Create Electricity

NSA Speaks Out on WikiLeaks, Cybersecurity

Cloud and 4G Trigger Chip Revolution

Walden to Chair House Communications Subcommittee

'Logic Gates' Made to Program Bacteria as Computers

Electricity Market Reforms Could Trigger Nuclear Investment (waaaaay overdue)


NIST Launches $44M Technology Program

Startup Sector Seen Thriving on Tech Advances (go for it)

World's Smallest Battery with Anodes Built from a Single Nanowire

New State of Matter, Laws of Physics Around the Corner

China Gray-Market Cell Phone Shipments Slow in 2011

Home Labs on the Rise for the Fun of Science

RF and Microwave Assemblies for Aegis Shipboard Radar Systems to Be Provided by Cobham Antenna Systems

Telecommuting Finally Gets the Respect It Deserves

Senators Send Letter Opposing FCC 'Net Neutrality' Rules

UK Firm Claims Li-Ion Cell World Record

China to Raise Duties on Some Rare Earth Element Exports

Energy Dept: U.S. Will Take 15 Years to Break Dependence on Chinese Metals

Gap Between Young and Old Web Users Shrinking

ARRL Receives $1M Gift to the ARRL Endowment

U.S. Telecom Prices Among the World’s Highest

FCC Mandates Minimum Interoperability Level for Initial Broadband Public Safety Network Deployments

Smart Meters Threaten Spectrum Overload

Smart Grid, Strong Grid – Why the Future Will Be Distributed

NTT Docomo Adds NFC Tag Reading to Wide Range of Mobile Phones

Large Uncertainty in Carbon Footprint Calculating (but that won't stop Cap & Trade)


Atomic Weights of 10 Elements to be Altered

Beamsteering Could Cut Mobile Power Consumption by Half

Penn Predicts 6% Chip Market Growth in 2011

Elusive Spintronics Success Could Lead to Single Chip for Processing and Memory

Broadcom Launches Embedded NFC Tags for Consumer Electronics Devices

New Rules Governing Vanity, Club Station Call Signs to Take Effect February 2011

Project to Create Antenna for Military and Rescue Operations

What Utilities Must Consider in Selecting Their Smart Grid Path

Mobile Networks Could Reach 650Mbps Data Download Speeds

3 to Buy Swedish 4G Frequencies from Intel

Most "Broadband" Connections Are No Such Thing

NFC Forum Unveils Device Certification Mark

Curbing Drivers' Texting Hazard

Icann Delays Web Domain Expansion Plan

DISA Moves to Eliminate Contract Redundancies

New Benchmark Ranks Supercomputers More Thoughtfully

Hotels May Lose Repeat Business with Poor Wi-Fi Service

Space Superfund Needed to Clean Mounting Orbital Trash

Time's Person of the Year 2010: Mark Zuckerberg

Gawker Hack Triggers Password Resets at Major Sites


USPTO Allows 12-Month Extension to the Provisional Patent Application Period

Huawei Plans $2B Investment in India over 5 Years

'First Light' of Remarkable Electron Microscope

'Net Use Growing, Radio TSL Falling

Huber+Suhner Ready for the License-Free 60-GHz Band

IEEE Drafts Hybrid Home Net Standard

Best Buy Results Sink Electronics Shares

Google Hides Mathematical Puzzle in Cr-48 Video

Single Quantum Dot Nanowire Photodetectors

American Internet Use Catches up with TV Use

Canada's Telus Forecasts Wireless Growth of Up to 6.5% in 2011

RIM Poised for Strong Quarter, Could Match iPhone Shipments Read

What the Web Knows About You

RFID Makes Common People an Uncommon Store (see today's Cool Video)

Researchers Seek Silicon Nanowire Sensors

The Charging Conundrum: How to Feed Electric Cars?

China Handset Production to Exceed 700M Units in 2010

Yahoo Preparing to Layoff 600 to 700 Workers

World's 5 Biggest Airlines Now from Asia, LatAm (anti-business, social justice politicians have doomed us)

"Dream Act" Promises $6k/yr of Taxpayer Money to Illegal Immigrants to Attend College


Magnetism Relieves Electrons of Their Resistance

Sales Growth Expected to Continue

FCC Launches Remake of Radio Spectrum Technology ("FCC has begun to overhaul the very foundations of radio communications")

Intel Chips to Run Smartphones in Second Half of 2011

Amateur Allocation at Lower MF Gains Formal Support in the Americas

Power Grid of the Future Saves Energy

Nortel Patents in Play, Drawing Broad Range of Suitors

Quantum-Dot LED Screens May Soon Rival OLEDs and LCDs

European Politicos Close to Interference Resolution

Group Finds 5 Main Flaws with Proposed Net Neutrality Rules

Brazil Eyes RFID in Trees for Forest Management

£1M Semiconductor Manufacturing Plan for Nottingham

Connectors Designer Tyco Electronics to Change Its Name to TE Connectivity Ltd. (now there's a good use of company money)

Economy Forces Big Budget Cuts for Science Fairs

The Internet and the 'End of Privacy'

Defenders of WikiLeaks Swarmed Wrong Target

Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight; Best of 2010?


Wireless Execs Sound Off on 4G and Usage-Based Pricing

Pro-WikiLeaks Groups [al Queada, anti-capitalists, et al] Using Botnet to Retaliate Against Detractors

U.S. Cable: Cuba to be Insolvent Within 2-3 Years

Sprint to Sell '4G' Tablet Next Year

Physicists Could Create Something out of Nothing

The Mobile Device Paradox

Police Probe Stockholm Blasts As Act of Terrorism (...by guess who?)


World's Smallest Battery from Nanowires

Mobile Tsunami Makes Landfall in 2011

4-Year-Old Goes on Shopping Spree -- on iPhone App

Climate Change Delegates Sign Petition to Ban Water (these geniuses want U.S. to x-fer 6% of GDP to the cause)

Anticipating Collisions Between Spacecraft and Space Junk

Hong Kong Plans Radio Spectrum Auction in the 850MHz, 900MHz and 2GHz Bands

Government Offers Funding for High-Tech Micro Companies

Mexican Telecoms Revenues Reach $15B

FCC to Hold Forum on Teenagers and Technology (FCC now your kid's nanny?)

Military Bans Disks, Threatens Courts-Martial to Stop New Leaks

Army Faces Communications Challenges in Afghanistan

Megarad-Level Rad-Hard Solid-State Memory Introduced for Military Satellites

Debunking Ham Radio’s Urban Legends

Motorola: Buy Ahead of the Split?

U.S. Shifts $624M to California Bullet Train

Google: We're Activating 300,000 Android Phones Daily

England Has Coldest Opening Week of December Since 1659 (dang global warming strikes again!)

Navy Goes for World Record with Incredible, Sci-Fi Weapon

Laser Incidents Worry Aviation Officials

FAA: Key Data Missing on 119,000 Aircraft in U.S.


DISA's New App Offers Smartphone Security

Latin American Operators Work to Narrow the Broadband Gap

Exotic Transistors with Silicon Credentials

ST-Ericsson Enables 2-SIM Handsets

Net Neutrality Debate Needs a Reset, Says Former FCC Head Powell

Anonymous Recruits WikiLeaks 'Data Army'

FCC Exploring Role in TV Programming Disputes

Telecoms Industry Calls for Swift Adoption of European Spectrum Policy

Qualcomm Lists Challenges in IC Production

How to Effectively Manage and Monetize the Telecom 'Cloud'

Army Tests 'Smart' Rifle in Afghanistan

Phones Calls Used to Redefine UK Regions (Big Brother tracking your behavior again)

Stretchable Silicon Could Make Sports Apparel Smarter

Google Experiments with 'Search Without Search'

Chinese Passenger Train Hurtles Past Speed Record

Spacecraft Saw ULF Radio Emissions Over Haiti Before January Quake

Want a White iPhone 4? It's Good to Be 'The Woz'

RFID Tag to Benefit Store Inventory Management

U.S. Treasuries Hit by Biggest Sell-Off in Two Years

Americans No Longer Think the U.S. Economy is No. 1


Chemists Construct Squishy Memristors and Diodes

Wireless Capex Resumes Growth after Two Years

Teens in U.S. Rank 25th Globally on Math Test, Trail in Science, Reading (but they know their climate change propaganda)

Thin Film Packaged MEMS Resonator with Industry Record Q Factor and Low Bias Voltage

MasterCard 'Hit by Anonymous WikiLeaks Revenge Attacks'

WLAN Equipment Market Up 14% in 3Q10

What Graphene Offers for Future Electronic Devices

Smart Meters and LTE Hold Key for UK Suppliers

Georgia Tech-Led Project Yields SiGe Prototype for Space Electronics

Google Android Phones Biggest Network Hogs

Samsung Signs Carbon Nanotube Deals

Radiated Efficiency: A True Measure of Antenna Performance

Saddle Up for ARRL's 2010 CW Rookie Roundup!

X Particle Could Explain the Universe (I personally explain it with a Y particle)

TV Screens May Be Produced on Plastic Rolls

Physicists Demonstrate Teleportation-Based Optical Quantum Entangling Gate (beam me up, Scotty)

NASA Sold Computers with Sensitive Data

Internet Explorer 9 Will Feature "Do Not Track" Functionality

UK Slipping Behind the Pack in Broadband Technology

Lowest Pay Raise for Military in Nearly 50 Years? (that will help drive out existing troops, to be replaced with more compliant genre)


Study Links Cell Phones to Child Misbehavior

Indian Parliament Paralyzed for Month by Scandal

MilTube Brings Secure Video-Sharing into Army Fold

Apple's Communication Gap Irks Business Buyers

Nanosatellite Successfully Ejected from Free-Flying Microsatellite in Space

Sprint Aims to Phase Out iDEN over Next Two Years

Backpackers Trek the Globe with Tech Toys

The Technological Ups and Downs of a Korean Reunification

Man Arrested for Smuggling ICs to China

Quantum Dot Displays Start to Shine

Bad Virus Put to Good Use: Breakthrough Batteries

Google Phone Set Up for E-Payments

Intel Advances Quantum Well FETs

What Exactly Is a 'Sputnik Moment?'

UK Firms Offered Funding Support for Space Technology

NASA's Arsenic Microbe Science Slammed

Research in Motion Had Solid 3rd Quarter Sales

Man Has Camera Implanted in His Head for Exhibit

AT&T Ranks at the Bottom in Consumer Satisfaction

Immense Plasma Blast Erupts from Sun


Charles Manson Busted for Having a "Cell" Phone

Internet Addresses to be Used Up in January

Radio-Controlled Airplane Videos Ney York Harbor - Creates DHS Stir

Use of Smartphones by Bargain-Hunting Consumers is Changing the Retailer Relationship

Government Reveals Super-Fast Broadband Plans

WikiLeaks Ready to Release Giant 'Insurance' File if Shut Down

Google Works with NXP to Put NFC in Android Phones

Rabbit Ears Perk Up for Free HDTV

Wafer Prices Dropped in Q3, Says GSA

Americans Spend Over 1B Hours Annually on Voicemail - and They Hate It

Is VZW's 4G Network Too Fast for Its Own Good?

Pure Nanotube-Type Growth Edges Toward the Possible

Wireless Carriers Join Forces on Mobile Tap-to-Pay -- But Will It Fly?

Suit to Snuff Out 'History Sniffing' Takes Aim at Tracking Web Users

High-Tech Currency Leads to $110B Problem (now the Fed can't even print fiat bills reliably!)

First Privately Owned Spaceship Set to Launch into Orbit Tuesday

Russian Satellites Crash into Pacific Ocean After Failed Launch

Motorists Could See $3 Gas at Pumps by Christmas (already $3.09 here in Erie,PA)


Texas Man Injured When Droid Screen Explodes

France Prepares for 1H 2011 Mobile Spectrum Allocation

Radioactive Mercury Decays into Uneven Chunks

Verizon Wireless Dialing Up Home Phone Service

UK Computer Pioneer Wilkes Remembered

Don't Track Technology is Simple, Experts Say

Army Looks to EW Specialist Rodale Electronics for Antennas in Potential $13.5M Contract


Electricity and Light in One Chip

ARRL Strengthens the Case for Mandatory BPL Notching

NASA Engineers Develop 'Blacker Than Black' Nanotubes

BT to Trial One Gigabit Broadband

Unemployment Hits 9.8% (we were told $T bailouts would keep it below 8%)

EU to Set 2013 Limit for 4G Spectrum Release Today

Global Semiconductor Sales Flat Month-on-Month

Science Funding for the Little Guys

Rural Small Businesses Underwhelmed by Satellite Internet

Moderate But Not Disappointing Growth Years to Follow Record 2010 Sales

The Smartphone Race Heats Up

Courts Drawing Line Against Warrantless Phone Data Searches?

Verizon's 4G LTE Network Launches Dec 5 with Plans Cheaper Than 3G

GE [owns NBC/MSNBC] Received $16B in Bailout Funds (CEO Immelt on Economic Advisory Board)

IC Execs Upbeat About 2011

Los Alamos Linear Proton Accelerator Gets Upgrade

Unmanned U.S. Spacecraft Returns After 7-Month Trip

WikiLeaks Out for Hours after Amazon.com Pulls Plug

How the Feds Use Credit Card Companies to Conduct Instant Surveillance

China Passenger Train Hits 300 mph, Breaks Record


NASA Finds New Life Form Based on Arsenic

Man Died in Less Than 2 Hours After Being Bitten on Toe by Snake While Sitting at Home Computer

Motorola to Break into Two Companies on January 4

Project Pioneers Use of Silicon-Germanium for Space Electronics Applications

Plessey in Talks over Job Cuts - Up to 1/3 or Workforce

COTS: Now Maybe a Four-Letter Word

ARRL Homebrew Challenge Has New Dedicated Web Page

Dwindling Lithium Supply Could Drive Up Price of Portable Electronics

Fusion Power Reactors Brought Closer to Reality

FCC: Promoting Expanded Opportunities for Radio Experimentation and Market Trials

Verizon Wireless LTE Announcement Launches 3-Way 4G Claim Fest

October Chip Sales Were Flat

Samuel T. Cohen Inventor of the Neutron Bomb, Dies at 89

Sahara Desert Project Aims to Power Half the World by 2050

The Secret of Golf Balls Revealed: Dimple Dynamics

FCC Backs Usage-Based Broadband Pricing (why is the FCC dictating prices?)

U.S. Proved Natural Gas, Crude Oil Reserves Soar (while we buy ours from other countries)

Saudi King Takes Up Entire VIP Wing at New York Hospital

U.S. Now to Bail Out the EU... with More Debt?

Fed Bailout Went Beyond U.S. Banks to Industry, Foreign Firms & Banks (I've never smoked, but I feel like I should be having a cigarette right about now)


FCC Chairman Julius [Caesar] Genachowski Pushes Net Neutrality (a nefarious power grab)

NASA Creates Buzz with 'Extraterrestrial' Announcement

GPS Not Working? A Shoe Radar May Help You Find Your Way

NOI: Promoting More Efficient Use of Spectrum Through Dynamic Spectrum Use Technologies

4G Is a Myth (and a confusing mess)

Making Graphene Nanomachines Practical

Samsung Offers NFC Chip for Mobiles

The Rules of Digital Snooping

Wireless Firms Playing Bigger Role in Linux

IBM Licensees to Use Photonics-on-Silicon Interconnect Next Year

Samsung Gets Serious About NFC for Smartphones

France Offers to Buy 14% of ST

FCC Proposes Steps to Open TV Spectrum to Wireless

Millions to Lose Unemployment Benefits (99 weeks not enough?)

EEF Report Notes Flaws in Britain's Supply Base

'Super Telescope' Waiting for Technical Fix

Cracker Barrel Tests Charging Stations

Europe Threatens Inquiry into Phone and Cable Fees

Ball Lightning 'May Explain UFOs'

How Capitalism Saved the Pilgrims (socialism nearly doomed them)

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RF Cafe began life in 1996 as "RF Tools" in an AOL screen name web space totaling 2 MB. Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The World Wide Web (Internet) was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems blazed along at 14.4 kbps while tying up your telephone line, and a nice lady's voice announced "You've Got Mail" when a new message arrived...

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All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other rights of ownership to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other rights of ownership to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

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