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Technical Headline News Archive - February 2010

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

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Engineers Tired of Being Outshined by Scientists
Near-Frictionless Diamond Material Created Using Nanotechnology
India Ups Spectrum Charges for Mobile Firms
What is Time? One Physicist Hunts for the Ultimate Theory
New Graphene 'Nanomesh' Could Change the Future of Electronics
Apple Says Children Were Used to Build iPhone, iPod
Online Gaming Sweeps China
Quantum Physics Breakthrough: Scientists Find an Equation for Materials Innovation, 100,000x Faster
Raytheon Wins $886M Contract to Develop Next-Generation GPS Control Segment
NIST Announces $50M Available for New Research Facilities
23,000 Expected to Lose Jobs after Shuttle Retirement
FCC Allows Robotic Device in Amateur Band
NEC, Casio and Hitachi Delay Handset Merger Plans
Quantum Measurement Precision Approaches Heisenberg Limit
Material Traps Light on the Cheap
Electronic Problems that Can Cause Car Troubles
Researchers Say Eye Strain a Concern as 3-D TVs Debut
India's TRAI May Allow Digital Cordless Devices in Unlicensed Spectrum
New Graphene 'Nanomesh' Could Change the Future of Electronics
France Telecom Profit Down 26% on $1.35B Charge
Rocket Engine Passes Fiery Final Tests
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Readers Weigh in on EVs
AT&T Tops in PCWorld's 3G Network Testing
Caught on Tape: Selling America's Secrets
The Worst Timed Spin-Off in Semiconductor History
Tiny Ear Listens to Hidden Worlds
Group Wants More Ethnic Media in Census Efforts (translation: need to count more Illegals)
Toshiba Adds 180GHz RF to 40nm CMOS in One Device
FCC Looks to Clear the Air(Waves)
Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue to Grow 20% in 2010 (that is what the "experts said last year)
The Top Ten Capex Spenders This Year
Bluetooth Group Explores Apps in Smart Grid
France Telecom Profit down 26% on $1.35B Charge
The Story Behind Google's Doodles
Water May Not Run Uphill, But Practically Flies off New Surface
British Consumers Adopt Online Shopping Habits More Than Anywhere Else in Europe
TV White Space Networks Tested
Wind Energy for Landfill Sites
No Quick Post-recession Recovery for Telecoms Operators in Western Europe
U.S. Would Lose a Cyber War, Former Intel Chief Warns (what's with "former" military people that can't keep their mouths shut?)
56% of Public Wi-Fi Users Connect with Mobile Device
Mil/Aero Group Foresees Shift to Optical in 2012
ARRL Continuing Education Online Course Registration
National Semiconductor Has Capacity for the Semi Upturn, Says CEO
Tech Talk Podcast: The Future of Cellphones
How to Spot Suspicious VoIP Signals
New Jobless Claims Rise Unexpectedly Due to Global Warming in the NE
Sat-Nav Systems under Growing Threat from 'Jammers'
Chemical Element 112 Named 'Copernicium'
UN Warns Environment Could Suffer under Tidal Wave of Old Electronic Gadgets
IR Doubles Power Switcher Frequency with GaN
U.S. January Mass Layoffs Edge Up on Weak Manufacturing (so how is it we will double our exports?)
Consumer Confidence Lowest Since 1983
Turning Math into Cash
Study Quantifies Tlectron Transport Effects of Placing Metal Contacts onto Graphene
DOE Ponies Up $10B in Financing for Solar, Nuclear Plants (that won't even pay the legal costs of lawsuits filed to keep nuke plants offline)
Junctionless Transistor is Ready for 20-nm Node
Lobby Group Warns of High Smartphone SAR Levels
Carbon Life Forms to Create Like-Minded Microchips
New Photonic Material May Facilitate All-Optical Switching and Computing
ARRL DX Phone Contest Brings DX in Full Force to the HF Bands!
Sparking Interest in Engineering
Army Vows to Cut 7,000 Contractor Jobs This Year (no jobs saved or created there)
'Millennials' an Always On, Texting Generation
FCC: 1/3 of U.S. Lacks Broadband (wrong, satellite BB service available everywhere)
Qualcomn Gets Smartphone PA Support from RFMD
A $3.5B Effort Aims to Help Tech Start-Ups
Metamaterials Antenna Supports Multiple Bands
FCC Will Submit Broadband Plan to Congress on March 17
Stars Can Teach Us a Thing or Two about Manufacturing Carbon Nanotubes
CERN on Trial: Could a Lawsuit Shut the LHC Down?
Silicon Wafer Revenues Fell 41% in 2009 (remember all year claims were of a pick-up... never believe an expert prediction in markets or weather)
Intel Plans $2B Fund to Invest in U.S. Companies
Top-5 Mobile Phone Vendors Lost Market Share in 2009
World's Largest Cruise Ship Launches RFID-Based Passenger-Tracking System
Scope Kit Makes Four 30 GHz Channels
USPTO: Recently Announced Changes to USPTO's Examiner Count System Go into Effect
Many Still Leery of Web, Survey Shows
Photons Led Astray: Investigating the Random Motion of Quantum Particles
It's a Golden Year for Lasers
USC, NSF to Shoot for Science Literacy (could be good, but probably not)
Broadband Tax Condemned as 'Unfair' by MPs
AT&T, Verizon and Sprint 4G: Not So Fast
SAIC Wins $351M TO for Technical, Engineering Services to Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane Division
Smart Neighborhood Grids on Their Way
Injured Colorado Skier Uses Amateur Radio to Summon Help
What Radioactive Plutonium Feels Like
Junctionless Transistor Could Simplify Chip Making
'Mountains' of E-Waste Threaten Developing World
School Webcam Spying Holds Lessons for Businesses
Quantum Leap for Phonon Lasers
For Chip Makers, the Next Battle Is in Smartphones
Management of Wireless Services Can Save Companies 10-35% of Costs
RAB Announces 2009 Industry Earnings Down 18%
RFID Readers That Sense Distance
Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands at Night (combo IR camera and out-the-window view)
Google Can Sell Power Like a Utility
Nanotechnology Sparks Energy Storage on Paper and Cloth
Scientists to Restart World's Most Powerful Atom Smasher
Spies and Hackers Exploit World Cyber Rule Void
CU Physicists Use Ultra-Fast Lasers to Open Doors to New Technologies Unheard of a Few Years Ago
Power Naps Boost Your Brain
Broadband Plan's Working Recommendations for Key National Priorities Unveiled
PleaseRobMe.com Wants to Turn Into a Real Security Operation
Fuel Cell Financials
Climate Scientists Withdraw Journal Claims of Rising Sea Levels (hope you didn't sell your prime oceanfront property yet)
U.S. Experts Close in on Google Hackers
NFC Demand is Here; Bring on the Handsets
Can the Internet Be Food for Your Brain?
Silicon-Coated Nanonets Could Build a Better Li-Ion Battery
Government Motors (GM) CEO Receives $9M Pay Package (what about that $500k cap for bailout fund CEOs that Obama promised?)
Life's Smallest Motor Moves Like a Seesaw
Motion Picture Academy Honors Nerds of Filmmaking
Business Group Calls for U.S. IP Strategy Plan
Most Precise Test Yet of Einstein's Gravitational Red Shift
Semiconductor Obsolescence Leads to Gray Market Practices
Public Schools to Open Doors for After-Hours Internet Access
Hittite's 1W Power Amplifier Modules for Telecom, Test & Military Applications
New Study Shows Vacationers Not Happier after Their Break
PA School Used Webcams to Spy on Students at Home
Photosynthesis: A New Source of Electrical Energy?
Harris Wins $25M Contract for Communications Backbone of Army Battle Command System
Silicon Valley Takes Helm in Wireless World
Internet Will Drive Sales Growth, Says Digi-Key (people not reading print magazines)
Police Push for Warrantless Searches of Cell Phones
Hollywood Movies Follow a Mathematical Formula
Google Leverages Wireless Supply Chain to Reshape Mobile Business
2 Chinese Schools Said to Be Tied to Online Attacks
Broadband Stimulus Update: RUS Sends out Rejection Notices
GSA, DISA Launch Commercial Satellite Solicitation
Silicon-on-Sapphire RF Switch from Peregrine
U.K. Government Unveils Secret 'X-Files'
Pollution Problem Looms from Discarded CRTs
U.S.: Fake Parts Threaten Electronic Market
Wireless Operators Facing Data Capacity Issues
Can Graphene Nanoribbons Replace Silicon?
A Step Towards Germanium Nanoelectronics
Nokia Remains Top Gog in Handsets, Despite Growing Smartphone Competition
RFID System Tracks Trips, Fringe Benefits, for Bike Commuters
More Than 75,000 Computer Systems Hacked in One of Largest Cyber Attacks
Get On the Air for the ARRL Rookie Roundup
Agilent's New LTE Applications Target 4G System-Level Designers
How Does the Proton Get Its Spin?
MegaPhase Introduces "Cash for Cables" Trade-in Program
More Than 1B Mobile Workers Worldwide by Year's End
1-Step Graphene Doping Could Enable CMOS Graphene Transistors
Scientist Finds PageRank-Type Algorithm from the 1940s
Distributed Energy Development
How to Make the Internet a Lot Faster
Tech Industry Catches Its Breath
HP Profit Jumps 25% (helped by the 2 new computers I bought)
Stimulus Plan Home Weatherizing Program Cost Taxpayers $57,362 Each (Cash for Clunkers "only" cost $24,000 per car)
Top UN Climate Official Resigning
Feds Allow Prison Phone Jamming Test
Military Could Lose Its Technological Edge
Gold and Silver Nanowires Bond Naturally, Stay Strong
Sony Ericsson Censured Over "Misleading" Television Advert
Smartphones Under Growing Threat from Hackers
EU Project to Define Next Gen Design Methodologies
Near-Threshold Computing Could Enable up to 100x Reduction in Power Consumption
Internet Addiction: A Mental Illness?
Verizon Will Let Users Make Free Skype Calls
MIT Researchers Simplify Energy Harvesting Circuits
Astronauts Bask in Spectacular Views from New Space Windows
ISO Releases New RFID Standard for Supply Chain Applications
First Signs of Broadband Plan Scale-Back Include Dig at FCC Predecessor
QEX -- the March/April 2010 Issue Coming Soon
New Results Confirm Standard Neutrino Theory
Sights and Sounds of the 2010 Toy Fair
U.S. Officials Rehearse Fending Off Cyberattack
Bill Gates and the 'Nuclear Renaissance'
Obama Announces $8 Billion for New Nuclear Power Plants (don't be fooled by sudden interest in nuclear - they will spend 'Stimulus' tax money to build, but will never commission plants)
GE Hitachi's Answer to Nuclear Waste
French Government Offers €3M Funding for NFC and RFID Innovations
Smartphones a Growing Problem for Networks
FCC - Broadband: Our Enduring Engine for Prosperity and Opportunity
Vodafone Debuts Cheapest Mobile Phone Ever
Turning to Video to Help You Land a Dream Job (I've been promoting video resumes for a long time)
The Hottest Science Experiment on the Planet
ITU Sees 5B Mobile Subscriptions Globally in 2010
Silicon-Coated Nanonets Could Build a Better Li-Ion Battery
RIM Debuts New BlackBerry Browser to Challenge iPhone
Diamonds Could Advance Quantum Science, Technology
A Billion Consumer Devices to Be Powered Wirelessly by 2019
FCC to Propose Higher Broadband Speeds
Space Industry Key to UK Economy
GM Scientists Create Remarkable Releasable Adhesives
Failure to Address Women Loses Mobile Operators $13B a Year
Astronauts Move Old ISS Docking Port
Testing Times for LTE Systems
Qwest Profit Falls 39%
Google and Yahoo Raise Doubts over Australia's Planned Net Filters
Lake Erie Frozen Over for First Time in 14 Years (I live in Erie, PA - dang global warming!)
Single-Step Technique Produces Both P-Type and N-Type Doping for Future Graphene Devices
Intel's Gargini Pushes III-V-on-Silicon as 2015 Transistor Option
Scientists Turn Light into Electrical Current Using a Golden Nanoscale System
Wireless Carriers Unite on Mobile Apps Project
Teardown: Falling Costs to Make Femtocells Soar in 2010
MWC2010: RF Transceiver Tackles Cost of Femtocells
ITU Sees 5B Mobile Subscriptions Globally in 2010
Metal Oxide 'Can Transform'
Diamond-Based Nanowire Devices Now Possible
TNT Express Says RFID Keeps Its Cages Rolling Across Europe
FBI Knows Where You Are, Thanks to Your Cell Phone
Ericsson's CEO Foresees Industry Shift
Trouble in Space Station Construction
Laser Weapon Knocks Down Missile in Test
Photographing the Invisible
Cities Prepare for Life With the Electric Car (lawyers looking forward to electrocution lawsuits)
Microsoft Launches Windows 7 for Mobile
The Great Climate Change Retreat
Court Finds Constitutional Significance in Defendant's Failure to Password-Protect Home Wireless Network
U.S. Successfully Tests Airborne Laser on Missile
Breakthrough for Mobile Television
Recovery Expected to Continue in Electronics Supply Chain
Agilent and Silicon Hive to Demonstrate Programmable Digital RF Processing at 2010 Mobile World Congress
RFMD to Present Innovative New Products and Technologies at 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
New UK Tax Bombshell: 20% VAT (time for Brits to have a Tea Party of their own?)
International Patent Filing Declines
Coil in Wall Could Wirelessly Power Multiple Electronic Devices
Motorola Says Will Split in Two in Early 2011
Sparse U.S. Listings Prompt Rush on China I.P.O.s
FCC May Pay Broadcasters for Airwaves
Stanford Finds Computer Science Students Cheat More Than Others
U.S. Ranked 2nd on Useful Connectivity Scorecard
Endeavor Astronauts Install Node on Space Station
Wireless Eliminates Ground Loop Noise
Microwave Update 2010 Comes to Southern California
Frisbee Inventor Fred Morrison Dies at 90
Mobile World Congress Preview: Netbooks to Soar, Femtocell Gadgets May Flop
Rethinking Networking
Home Computers Around the World Unite to Map the Milky Way (MilkyWay@Home)
Printable Electronics PETEC to Develop Flexible Displays with AZ U.
Feds Push for Tracking Cell Phones
Poor Plastic Selection Caused Toyota Gas Pedal Failures
Ultra Hybrid Gets 500 Miles Per Tank
Russia Nabs Meteorite Smuggling Ring
Rare Snowfall in Rome as Cold Snap Grips Italy
First CMOS 3G Power Amp Heads for Mobile World Congress
Report Warns Silicon Valley Could Lose Its Edge
ITU Digitizes Historical Archives
Artech House Announces "Discrete Oscillator Design..."
Nitride Semiconductor Illumination Through Sapphire Pyramids
Wi-Fi at the Speed of Light
Google to Offer 'Ultra High-Speed' Broadband in U.S.
California Water Utility Uses RFID to Reduce Terrorism Risk
Smartphone Market Gaining Momentum
Efficient Solar Cells from Cheaper Materials
MIT: Unraveling Black Hole Spin
France Falls Under Internet Censorship
Iran Shuts Down Gmail, Announces National E-Mail Service
Government Calls for Action on Mobile Phone Crime
Porsche Has Flywheel Generator
Cyber-Attack Strikes Washington to Test Government Response
Sweden Beats U.S. to Top Tech Usage Ranking
Top Efficiency: Solid State Lighting
Tracking the Sun
Physicists Discover How to Entangle At High Temperature (there's a double entendre in there somewhere)
Extra Large Carbon with Heaviest Halo Nucleus Discovered
GSA, DISA Ready $5B Satellite Opportunity
Wafers to Get Bigger
Toyota Recalls: Deeper Engineering Implications
Technology Forces Career Change on Burglars
Hittite's New January 2010 Selection Guide Released
Ericsson: We Have Nothing Against Femtos
High-Performance Microring Resonator Developed
Wireless Control in the Process Industries: Blasphemy or Common Sense?
A 50-Watt Cellular Network from India
Perfectly Shaped Solid Components
Mobile Broadband Investment Set to Soar As HSPA Connections Pass 200M
Science Wins in U.S. 2011 Budget
China Confirmed as World's Top Exporter
Your Cell Phone Company's Dirty Little Secret
Hybrid Opportunities for Suppliers of Automotive Electronics
A Short Video History of Negative Tech Ads
Space Shuttle Endeavour Docks at Space Station
Win 7 Battery Life Issue: What's Making Notebook Batteries Die?
New Solar Observatory to Unlock Sun's Mysteries
Motorola Retains Top Spot in U.S. Handset Market
Smartphone Keys Get Quantum Trick
BT Confirms One Millionth Wi-Fi Hotspot
Certifications No Substitute for Technical Acumen (who'd have guessed)
Fractal Patterns May Be Key to Semiconductor Magnetism
ULP Bluetooth Module Aims at Watches
Streaming Video Drove 72% Global Increase in Mobile Data Consumption
Micro Solar Cells Handle More Intense Sunlight
Azimuth Systems Launches New Field-to-Lab Solution with the ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator
Sapphire Faces Shortage in Second-Half of 2010
Security Chip That Does Encryption in PCs Hacked
Reboot.FCC.com (sounds nefarious)
Get Ready for the ARRL DX CW Contest
ISSCC - Solid State Circuits Take Center Stage
An Engineer's Quest to Caption the Web
Beer Is a Rich Source of Silicon and May Help Prevent Osteoporosis (missed the obvious... beer-based ICs)
Astronauts Inspect Shuttle on Way to Space Station
Nokia to Cut 285 Jobs in Finland
An Analyst's 10 Reasons to Be Cheerful
Second 'Quantum Logic Clock' Based on Aluminum Ion Is Now World's Most Precise Clock
ZTE Takes Top Spot in Chinese Patents Rankings
Rockwell Collins Advances Next-Gen GPS by Tracking New Military Signal
U.S. Solar Market to Double in the Next Year
Graphene Transistors that Can Work at Blistering Speeds
Meshing of U.S. and Allied Defense Sensors Gaining Importance
2010 ARRL Field Day Packets Now Available
Cree Breaks 200 lm/W Barrier, Demos 208 lm/W in Lab
Wireless Control in the Factory: In Search of a Standard
Swiss Farm Store Tries RFID-Enabled Self-Serve Shopping
IBM Unveils Eco-Friendly Chips
Endeavour Lifts Off on Two-Week Mission
Australia to Become "The Science Country"
Wolfram|Alpha Makes a Strong Argument for Virtual Keyboards
Army Needs Radar Fire Control to Help Defend against Rockets, Artillery, and Mortar Rounds
Freezing Point of Supercooled Water Varies with Electric Charge
20 Essential Things to Know About HTML5
China Shuts Down Training Website for Hackers
Corning Sheds Light on FTTH Optical Trends
Universities Log On to Hand-Held Mobile Apps
USPTO Announces Interim Procedure for Patentees to Request Patent Term Adjustment Recalculation
Quantum Computing Leap Forward: Altering a Lone Electron Without Disturbing Its Neighbors
Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health
Agilent's Collaboration with CMC Microsystems Provides EDA Tools to Universities and Colleges Across Canada
Your Job Really Can Bore You to Death
High-Tech to Keep Super Bowl on Track
IBM Demos 100-GHz Graphene Transistor
EU Says Chip Industry Is Second Highest R&D Spender
High, Not Flat: Nanowires for a New Chip Architecture
Prius Problems Put Spotlight on Car Electronics
Record-Breaking LHC Collisions Offer First Glimpse of Physics at New Energy Frontier
Micronetics Introduces Our ROHS Compliant MW500-1840 VCO
Key Milestone Reached on Road to Graphene-Based Electronic Devices
ZigBee Firm Signs Ismosys for European Metering Move
NEDA Targets Counterfeit Components with Return Guidelines
Highways Agency Evaluating Mobile Phone-Based Driver Monitoring
NASA Invites Public to Tweet Questions to the ISS
Scientists to Exhume Remains of Danish Astronomer Tycho Brahe
iPhone Apps Could Spy on You
Optus Buys Australian 3G Radio Spectrum from Qualcomm
Net Neutrality Objections Fade, Congress to Pass NBCU + Comcast
How Legal Wiretaps Could Let Hackers In
U.S. Teens Lose Interest in Blogging
Pluto's Dynamic Surface Revealed by Hubble Images
Microsoft to Patch 17-Year-Old Computer Bug
FCC May Redraw Spectrum Allocations in Broadband Plan
Army Developers Envision Radios with Smarts
Panel: Outsourcing is 'Cruel' But Necessary
Smartphone Market Grew 39% in Q4 2009
First Germanium Laser Brings Us Closer to 'Optical Computers'
S. Korean, U.S. Firms Embroiled in Chip Espionage Case
EU Blasts Sweden over Failure to Store Data on People's Phone Calls, Email
Hitachi Returns to Profit, Replacing CEO
Crane Completes Tender Offer to Acquire Merrimac Industries
Sun's Chief Executive Tweets His Resignation
Scientists Hope LHC Will Answer Big Questions
China, U.S. Vie for Mantle of World's Biggest Hacking Victim
Russia Plans to Promote Technology Innovations
Hittite's New SMT Mixer Targets 7 to 43 GHz Up/Downconversion Applications
Google to Enlist NSA to Help it Ward off Cyberattacks
Growth at Qualcomm and Broadcom
Obama's 2011 Budget Could Revive the Nuclear Energy Industry (Hurrah for that!)
Woman Accused of Rigging Radio Contest, Pocketing Winnings
A Look at the Weird Places We've Stuck Tetris
Phishing Attack Nets €3M of Carbon Permits
Is U.S. Bullying Toyota on Recall to Help Government Motors (GM)?
100 mm Graphene Wafer Grown
Irish Government and Alcatel-Lucent to Expand Bell Labs
Physicist Discovers How to Teleport Energy
NIST Shrinks Antennas 50x with Metamaterials
Japanese Regulator Approves First LTE Device for Sale
Google Shuts Down Airport Wi-Fi Promotion
High-Security Chip Cracked
Dot-Com Crash Catches Up with Venture Capitalists
New 'Underwater Plane' to Explore Ocean Depths
Leaner Defense Budget Aims for Realistic Reform
Robins AFB Airmen in 5th Mob Deploy to Haiti (that is my old group)
UK Monopoly Watchdog Seeks to Intervene in Orange-T-Mobile Joint Venture
MEMS Sectors Suffer, Thrive in Tumultuous 2009
Study Links Excessive Internet Use to Depression
Flying Radio Station Broadcasts Help to Haiti
Is This a Bluetooth 3.0 Phone or What?
If a Meteor Strikes Your House, Is It Yours?
1 MW Tidal Power Project
New Spider-Man Device Could Let Humans Walk on Walls
Passengers Laid Bare as Full Body Scanners are Introduced at UK Airports (what more must we endure in the name of political correctiness?)
Graphene Wafers Ready to Fab Carbon Chips
Defense Contractors Must Adapt to Survive
First Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Device Announced by Sony Ericsson
Revenue Gain Expected in 2010 Consumer Electronics Market
Spray-On Liquid Glass is About to Revolutionize Almost Everything
NCVEC Releases Second Technician Question Pool
Budget Charts a New Course for NASA (new mission is to boldly go where no Earth climate monitoring satellite has gone before)
Superconducting Hydrogen... Maybe
Cree LED to Hit 1,500 Lumens
More Studying 'On Home Computers'
73% of People Use Blank Password Everywhere
Marine Aviators Test Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System, Begin Operational Assessment
Hubble, Sky Survey Catch Rare Asteroid Crash
Leaked Climate Change Emails Scientist 'Hid' Data Flaws
U.S. 'Severely Threatened' by Cyber Attacks
Physicists Discover How to Grow Graphene
Global Chip Sales Declined in 2009 (see below)
2009 Sales Above Expectations (see above)
FCC: "The Best Broadband Plan for America: First, Do No Harm"
AT&T to Invest $2B in Mobile Network
New EU Battery Recycling Rules
Navy Commissions Cyber Defense Command
Samsung Jumps Back to Profit in Q4
Chevy Volt to Hit the Roads (quietly) Soon
DirecTV Explores Wi-Fi, G.hn Networks
December European Semi Sales Grow Y-o-Y
Saudi Issues First Private FM Radio Licence
DARPA Pushes Submarine Laser Communications Technology for ASW Operations
Intel, Micron to Announce World's Densest Flash Memory
ARRL It Seems to Us: Where Are the Spots?
Is Calling E.T. a Smart Move?
Roll-to-Roll Printed Plastic Displays
Results of Study on Cellphone Use Surprise Researchers
Google's Next Step in Hardwiring the Internet
Reinventing the Power Grid
Supercomputer Shares Universe Simulations
Berkeley Nucleonics Academy RF Boot Camp - RF Cafe

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