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Technical Headline News Archive - January 2010

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Freescale Losses Narrow as Re-Structuring Declines
Levitating Magnet May Yield New Approach to Clean Energy
Mobile Phone Sales Making a Comeback
Brazil Could Spend $10.7B to Create State Internet Company
New Studies Highlight Needs of Boys in K-12, Higher Education (after decades of focusing on girls only)
AWEA Reports Wind-Generation Record
Cold Keeps MN Wind Turbines from Spinning
Hand-Held Cellphone Laws Aren't Reducing Crashes
Engineered Metamaterials Enable Remarkably Small Antennas
Analyst Rails Against the Fab-Lite
U.S. Chip Industry Expected to Be Second Only to Retail in Job Declines
Smart Meters Rise to 212M in 2014
FCC Notice of Proposed Rule Making to Revise and Clarify Vanity Call Sign Rules
Quantum Computer Simulates Hydrogen Molecule Just Right
Cable, Wireless Industry Propose Another DTV Transition, Broadcasters Object
Shiny Gadget, Icky Name: iPad Jokes Fly on Web
Automakers Jockey for Position in EV Market
Why a Sustained ASP Turnaround Could Be a Mirage
Peering Inside an Artificial Sun
Samsung Jumps Back to Profit in 4th Quarter
Shipments of Wi-Fi ICs Grew ~28% Last Year; 802.11n Will Lead the Wi-Fi Chip Market in 2010
Army Let Contractor Get Too Involved in Program, IG Says
How Many Argon Atoms Can Fit on the Surface of a Carbon Nanotube? (is that a nerd riddle?)
Australia Seeks Views on the Regulation of Mobile Phone Jammers
Google Attack Spotlights 'Zero-Day' Black Market
Windows 7 is Fastest-Selling OS in History, Microsoft Posts Huge Earnings (sorry Unix and MacOS guys & gals)
Biggest and Brightest Full Moon of 2010 Tonight
Energy-Harvesting Rubber Chips Could Power Pacemakers, Cell Phones
Nokia Posts 65% Jump in Quarterly Profits
ST Owns EU-Registered iPad Patent
Q4 Numbers Show Light at the End of the Tunnel
Motorola Posts 4Q Profit But Outlook is Low
Plasmonic Waveguide Makes Silicon Shine
AT&T's Earnings Rise 26%, Driven by Wireless
IEEE Works on Coexistence of Wireless Nets in TV White Space
UK VC Investment Boosted by Government Funds
U.S. Air Force Selects ODIN to Monitor and Maintain RFID Network
Wireless Optical Transmission Key to Secure, Safe and Rapid Indoor Communications
Digital Quantum Batteries Inspired by Plasma TVs
Scientists Extend Black-Hole Frontier
Decorated with Electric Current, Nanoribbons Align with Expectations
Taiwanese Smartphone Industry Shipment Reaches New High in 4Q 2009
European R&D is Subsidizing TSMC
NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch on February 7
StartPage - New Search Engine Does Not Store Your IP Address
IBM Opens Bandgap for Graphene
VoIP Calling Over 3G Arrives on the iPhone
GM (Government Motors) to Pay $1,000 to Toyota Owners to Switch Brands [more of my tax money]
Industry Acts to Get More Engineering Graduates
Nokia Research Center Unveils Mobile Radar Concept
UD, U.S. Army Partner on Research and Development of Antenna Technology and Composite Materials
3 UK Hits 10,000 3G Site Landmark
IEEE Works on Coexistence of Wireless Nets in TV White Space
Single Photons Observed at Seemingly Faster-Than-Light Speeds
A Safer Way to Coat Long-Lasting Solar Cells
Tech Use Up with Kids; Parents Losing Ground
Earnings Roundup: ST, IDT, RF Micro Post Profits
The Light Bulb Goes Digital
FCC Inquiry into Google, T-Mobile Early Termination Fees for Nexus One
Using Degrees of Freedom to Get Hyperentanglement
Mindspeed Visualizes an Opening in the Base-Station Market
LG Reports Record Revenues - Phones Weak on Price Cutting
Tyco Electronics Reports Fiscal 7% YoY Increase
China Says No Curb on Google Mobile Technology
Apple Profits Increase 50%, Boosted by iPhone Sales
Mt. Washington's 231-mph NH Wind Gust No Longer World's Fastest
Obama Aims to Ax NASA's Moon Mission (he's no JFK)
India Plans Manned Space Mission in 2016
Electronic Warfare Goes on the Offensive
Top 10 OEMs/ODMs Accounted for More Than 1/3 of 2009 Semiconductor Demand
China Scientists Lead World in Research Growth
Semi Market Heads to Double Digit Annual Growth Rates
Sources: NASA Won't Get $1B Budget Boost (looks like no jobs to be created or saved at NASA)
First Call Using Inmarsat's New Global Sat-Phone
GM to Build Its Own Electric Motors
Intel Leads Resurgent Chip Market
Glasgow Scientists Predict Mass of New Particle
Early LTE Deployments Are no Faster Than HSPA
In Digital Combat, U.S. Finds No Easy Deterrent
X-Rays Promote Growth of New Crystals
Mobile Cloud Application Revenues to Hit $9.5B by 2014
Airport Security is a Tech Firm Gold Rush (lots of RF content)
Only 3% European Enterprises Use RFID
Verizon Mobile Subs Strong but Wireline Disappoints
PA House Bill Targets Motorists' Cell Phone Use
SEI Explains Polarization Clues to Optimal GaN Green Laser Stripes
Scientists Look for ET on Earth
Solar Eclipse Images Show Dazzling Corona Detail
VC Investment Fell in 2009, Q4 Signals Change
Consumer Electronics Majors Plan Price Hike up to 5%
USDA Handing Out $310M for Rural Broadband Projects
Ericsson to Cut 1,500 More Jobs as Profit Plunges (truth - paying:3rd world non-paying customer ratio too low)
New Threats Compel DOD to Rethink Cyber Strategy
802.11n Will Lead the Wi-Fi Chip Market in 2010
Explaining the Peculiar 'Random Laser' Phenomenon
Bill Gates: Economic Recovery Will Take Years
Study Shows Driving Hinders Talking
Money Makes People Happy, Especially If They're Paid by the Hour (I never liked being salaried, aka free overtime)
Europe Betting on Payout from Intel Labs' Gambit
8 Gadgets That Will be Huge in 2010
Supercomputers Explore Nuclear Energy
New Life for Magnetic Tape
National Semiconductor Expands Power Supply Design Tool
'Cult' of Apple Hangs on Wednesday Announcement
ITT to Build IR Focal Plane Array Sensor for James Webb Space Telescope
Web Filters Cause Name Change for a Magazine
Microsoft Office is Obsolete, or Soon Will Be
China Accuses U.S. of Using Cyberwarfare
HR Execs Say the 2010 Job Market Will Be a Mixed Bag
EU Commission: WEEE Laws Poorly Implemented and Enforced
Sun Microsystems Piloting RFID Tagging for Financial Customers
NASA Will Miss Congressional Deadline for Asteroid Tracking
USPTO: Nominations Sought for National Medal of Technology and Innovation
Carrier-Provided WAN Optimization Goes Virtual
China's GDP Growth Accelerates to 10.7% in 4Q
A Lawyer's View of the Risk of Black Hole Catastrophe at the LHC
Recognizing Technology's Inflections
Army Shares Ideas Through MilBook
Semiconductor Inventories in Good Shape, Key to 2010 Recovery
Astronauts Finally Get Internet Access in Space
Netted Iridium 'Radios' Prove Indispensible in Battlefield Test
Sony Ericsson Reports 6th Consecutive Quarterly Loss
Army Betting Big on Laser Weapons
NXP Moves to End IC Counterfeiting
Organic Transistor Paves Way for Neuro-Inspired Computers
Arkansas Tech Opens $10M Business College Hall
Solar-Flare Forecast Method Now Possible
BT Puts Price on Higher Speed Broadband
Gartner Sees 2010 tech Spending up 4.6%
DOE Provides $12M for 4 Early-Stage PV Firms
China Hits Back at Clinton on Net Freedom
LED Headlights Beam Beyond Premium Cars
Newly Released Windows Fix Addresses Both New and Old IE Browsers
Doctor's Office Hit by Meteorite
Nokia to Offer Free Navigation Services for Handset Users Worldwide
Intel, Carnegie Mellon Develop RF-Activated 'Green' Nano-Solder
Solar Market Begins Recovery in 2010
Plug Your iPod into Your T-Shirt for Power?
Handsets, Cost and Connection Speed Holding Back Mobile Internet Adoption
Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon Has the Attention of the USAF (w/ Video)
CT Scans Can Now Peer Inside Nukes
The 2009 ARRL Periodicals on CD-ROM Now Shipping
Cree, Hynix, Skyworks Post Strong Results
Kids' Electronic Media Use Jumps to 53 Hours a Week
FCC Forms Consumer Task Force
Third of Australian Motorists Send Text Messages While Driving
British Engineers Slam Home Wind Turbines as 'Eco-Bling'
How Fast Is Your Web Connection?
Pixelligent, Brewer Science Win $8.2M Project in NIST Technology Innovation Program
100M Cellphone Users in Grip of Tetris Addiction
Tim Berners-Lee Unveils Government Data Project
Ford Rolls out Next Generation Sync Technology
Climate Change Authority Admits Mistake (this is major)
Clinton Demands Unrestricted 'Net Access in China
TSMC Moves Fab Builds, Expansions Ahead to Meet 'Urgent Increases in Customer Demand'
Nextreme Squeezes Peltier Cooler in TO-8 Laser Can
Scientists to Conquer Casimir Effect, Enable NEMS
Breakthrough in Developing Super-Material Graphene
Mobile Download Speeds of 84Mbps for Scandinavia (that is amazing!)
Will Your Mobile Phone Replace Your Wallet?
Earthquake Survivor Calls iPhone a Life Saver
EADS Astrium Develops Space Power Concept
A New Breed of Laser TV
AMD Chases Qualcomm as Second-Ranked Top Fabless IC Supplier
Logan to Offer Free Wi-Fi for 2 Years
Nitrogen Qubits Now Generate Stronger Signals
Offshore Wind Power and Wave Energy Devices Create Artificial Reefs
North Sea Company Uses RFID to Catch Fish Crates
Companies Better off Hiring CEO from Within in the Long Term
Bing In, Google Out on iPhone?
Robots Inspired by Nature
U.S. Cracks Down on Energy Star Violators
GA to Consider Outlawing Texting While Driving
How to Disappear from Facebook and Twitter
Plessey Starts Recruiting Engineers for Chip Business
New ARRL Web Site Coming Soon
Tech Job Cuts Hit 4-Year High (hope & change?)
New Superconductivity Mechanism Found in Iron Compound
USPTO Launches Interactive Model Predicting Average Patent Pendency Timeframes
Exotic Symmetry Seen in Ultracold Electrons
Tablets Take Off in 2010 but Solar Power May Struggle
Airbus Signs Contract for High-Memory RFID Tags
ST Joins CEA-Leti E-Beam Lithography Program
German Solar Power Policy Change Threatens Market
Electric Control of Aligned Spins Improves Computer Memory
Centre to Encourage Virtual Engineering
Motorola, VTech Settle Patent Lawsuit
China Details Homemade Supercomputer Plans
Lower Call Rates to Hit Indian Telcos' Results
UK Considers Higher Penalties for Driving While Using Mobile Phone
Under 10% of IPv4 Addresses are Left (we were told none would be left by 2003)
IEEE Creates Web Portal on Smart Grids
Graphene-Based Nanomat Could Lead to Next-Generation Catalysts
Google Postpones China Mobiles after Censorship Row
Foreign Firms Edge out Locals in U.S. Patent Awards
Hundreds of Wireless Microphones in 700 MHz Band to Go Obsolete
Plug Being Pulled on Decades-Old Navigation System
Wiley Studies RFID Use to Manage Textbook Returns, Halt Piracy
ARRL Board Elects 15th President: Kay Craigie, N3KN
Harnessing the Divas of the Nanoworld
Space-Based Router Promises More Reliable Communications
Handset Market Recovery in Focus after Weak 2009
ViaSat to Provide Upgraded Radio Comms in MIDS JTRS Navy Contract
Consumers Will Spend $6.2B in Mobile Application Stores in 2010
Walking and Using Phone is Risky
Bleak Fab Tool Outlook Seen as IC Biz Slows
France Joins Germany Warning Against IE Browser
Google Reveals Chinese Espionage Efforts
Companies Fight Endless War Against Computer Attacks
Customized Cellphone Rings Are So 2004
Peering into the Nano World with a Nanolens
Newton's Original Manuscripts Going Online
Unions Will Dodge O's Health Tax (What? Only non-union America pays? What about 14th Amendment guaranteeing equal protection?)
World Misled over Himalayan Glacier Meltdown
Silicon Valley Questions Google China Stance
Network Flaw Causes Scary Web Error
German Government Warns Against Using IE
'Nanodragster' Races Toward the Future of Molecular Machines
Intel Outlook Points to PC Industry Recovery
NASA Listens for Sign Mars Phoenix Survived Winter
Global Mobile Revenues to Exceed US$1 Trillion for First Time in 2013
Applied Micro Circuits Cuts 11% of Workforce
Europe to Lead World in Tech Spending in 2010
Bleak Fab Tool Outlook Seen as IC Biz Slows (see below)
Hit Outlook 'Reset' Button and Be Ready for IC Boom in 2010 (see above)
India's Engineering Outsourcing Market May Reach $55B
Silicon Timing Device May Reduce Manufacturing Costs
Chinese Hackers Pose a Growing Threat to U.S. Firms
Arbitron Study Shows 35M Satellite Listeners
Nanostructures Hold Promise as Fast, Tiny RRAM Switches
Hybrid Cellular Companies Could Enhance AT&T with Satellite Service this Year
Verizon Wireless Lowers Plan Prices
A123 Systems to Supply Plug-In Hybrid Batteries
FCC Looks at Ways to Assert Authority over Web Access
Smaller High Tech Gizmos Lighten Ladies' Handbags
Patch for Flaw in Key Internet Protocol
A Look Back at the Chinese Telecom Industry in 2009
Mobile Security Market to Exceed $4B by 2014
MS Admits Explorer Used in Google China Hack
ESA Leader Wants Decisions on the Future of the ISS
TSMC to Recruit 3,000 Engineers
Army iPhone App Downloaded 20,000 Times
Amtrak to Add Wi-Fi to Some Trains Free
Quantum Entanglement Achieved in Solid-State Circuitry
Signs of Tech Turnaround in Taiwan
Half of New LG Smartphones in 2010 Will Be Based on Android OS
Next Generation Cell Networks
Kemet Adds 25V Chip Capacitors to Aerospace Range
NIST Analyzes Nanoparticles' Toxicity
Kodak Says Apple, RIM Infringe Camera Phone Patents
Radio Pulses from Pulsar Appear to Move Faster Than Light
Nokia Leads Greenpeace Electronics Ranking
Quantum Computer Calculates Exact Energy of Molecular Hydrogen
FCC: Comments Sought on Privacy Issues Raised by Center for Democracy & Technology
Cox Teases Fed-up Wireless Consumers with New Service
8 Principles to Moving Ahead in Your Career
Toyota Intros 8 New Hybrids
U.S. Economy Still Hemorrhaging Jobs Despite Stimulus
Giant Magnetic Loop Sweeps Through Space Between Stellar Pair
Mystery Object to Whizz by Earth Wednesday
Consumer Electronics Companies Witnessing 30% Growth in Sales
Why Nerds Must Rescue the American Economy
Scientists Identify Transition Between Easy and Difficult Tasks
Licensing 2.6 GHz Band Vital for Mobile Broadband - GSMA
Tesla to Use High-Energy Batteries from Panasonic
w/o a Technology Breakthrough, Battery Costs Likely to Limit Widespread Adoption of Electric Cars Over the Next Decade
Tiny Electric Cars Get a Jumbo Jolt of Hype at Detroit Auto Show
ARISS Notes Record Number of ISS-to-School Contacts
“Wet Computer” Will Mimic a Biological Brain
Ford to Bring Electric Vehicle Battery Design In-House
Google 'May Pull Out of China after Gmail Cyber Attack'
USDA Approves First UHF RFID Tag for Animal Identification System
TV on the Go, Faster Peripherals, and Wireless Power
Nexus One Bombs: Only 20,000 Sold in First Week
UK Universities Warn That They Face 'Meltdown'
VLT Captures First Direct Spectrum of an Exoplanet
Hewlett-Packard CEO Got $24M Pay Package for 2009
New Report Predicts Explosive European Growth for Mobile Broadband
Is 'Golden Age for Inventors' at Hand?
Doomsday Clock to Change on January 14
Forrester Says Tech Recession Is Over
Solar Cells Made Through Oil-and-Water 'Self-Assembly'
Quantum Leap Keeps Them Out of the Lab
DOD Gets Ball Rolling on Insourcing
Mid-Infrared QC Laser Most Efficient in the World
RFID Journal to Feature 'Selling RFID to Big Companies' Workshop
Point-to-Multipoint Now a Significant Driver of Microwave Backhaul Market
Bell Labs Forms Group to Green Communications Networks
Reducing GaN HEMT Degradation with InAlN Barrier
Hydrogen Hopes for EHG Technology
NI Releases LabView for Robots
South Korean Military Bans USB Flash Drives
Ford Plans to Create About 1,000 EV Jobs in Michigan (maybe EE jobs, too?)
UK Powers Electric Vehicle Battery Consortium with £1M
TV Can Shorten Your Life
New Research Suggests Neanderthals Were Not Stupid (will Geico need to change its Caveman commercials?)
Mobile Phones Powered by Coca-Cola
Bell Labs Leads Efforts to Cut Telecommunications Energy Consumption
Growing Nanowires: European Research Paves Way for Faster, Smaller Microchips
A Dozen Companies to Watch in the IPO Landscape
Plessey Reborn as UK's Newest Semiconductor Firm
A Suggestion for the FCC: Less Spectrum, Not More
PM Singh Says India Can Be the Solar Power Leader
A Solid Case of Entanglement (I'm still an entanglement agnostic)
Hot Gadgets at Show: Wireless Charging, iPhone TV
Tech Firms Targeting Mom as the Real Decision Maker
Study Finds RFID Readers May Affect Pacemakers  (so, that wasn't just sticker shock when the clerk scanned your purchase)
FCC Seeks Public's Help in Reform Effort:  Reboot.FCC.gov
Online Job Openings Rise for Technology in December
India May Have to Reduce Available 3G Licenses
China Ends U.S.'s Reign as Largest Auto Market (what % of hybrids or EVs? no mention)
China Becomes Biggest Exporter, Edging out Germany
Microchip Acquires Embedded Wi-Fi Startup
Battelle's DOE Labs Bask in $½B Stimulus Bonanza
14th Coolest December in 115 Years
Poorer Pupils to be Given Free Laptops (while having HDTV and premium cable subscription they manage to pay for)
Nanoscience Goes 'Big': Discovery Could Lead to Enhanced Electronics
Bye, Bye Bad 2009. Welcome to a Sunnier 2010
2010 Likely to Be a Year of Telecom M&As
Global Warming Causing Frozen Iguanas to Fall from Trees in FL
Truphone Brings WiFi Calling to Android Devices
FCC Delays National Broadband Plan
Europe Grinds to a Halt as Freezing Cold, Snow and Ice Create Havoc (dang global warming!)
Femtocell Gadgets on Their Way to Wireless Households
2009's Year's Most Amazing Scientific Images (PopSci)
Under the Lid: Analog Test is Suddenly the Critical Ingredient
DoCoMo Develops 8-Band Power Amplifier for Mobile Phones
Indian Telecom Market Crowded by New Entrants
Wireless in Sport and Fitness Equipment
Japanese Scientists Invent Printable Lithium Battery
Intel Rolls Out Tiniest Transistors Ever
Physicists Solve Difficult Classical Problem with One Quantum Bit
Comcast, FCC Take Net Neutrality to Court
Cellular Broadband Chipset Shipments Expected to Grow 35% YoY Through 2014
Plastic Logic Device Showcases Organic Transistors
Motorola Phones Are Holding Their Own
Bold New e-Readers Grab Attention at CES
Government Backs UK Photonics Manufacturing Research with £4.7m
India's Urban Tele-Density Crosses 100% Mark
Thieves Follow, Rob Apple Store Customers
Toshiba Pitching $10,000 Cell TV in the U.S.
Y2K-Type Bug Hits German Cash, Credit Cards
Cell Phone Radiation Might Improve Memory (until you die of brain cancer)
Pi (π) Calculation Smashes Records
2009 Sees Surge of New Amateur Radio Licensees
EU's Delayed Navigation System to Take Off in 2014
Microsoft and HP Show Off 'Slate' PC
The 5 Best Places for TV on the Internet
FSU Receives Record 'Resistive' Magnet
Dell to Enter U.S. Smart Phone Market with AT&T
NSA Certifies Viper Phone for Classified Communications
Enthusiasm for Wi-Fi in Consumer Electronics Continues to Grow
Is the Internet Full? AT&T's Dire Warnings
Twitter for Cars: Ford Tech Reads Your Incoming Tweets Aloud
Growing Europe's Nanowires
Samsung Expects Strong Q4 Profit
THz Fiber Optic Test System for F-35 Fighter Stealth Surfaces to be Developed by Picometrix
Energy-Harvesting Power Chip Has 950 nA Quiescent Current
Upgrading the Laptop's Touch Pad
IE8 Takes Top Spot in Browser Ratings
AT&T Eyes Wireless in Auto, Tracking Devices
The Cookie That Won't Crumble
The First Dishwasher-Safe Mobile Phone
ITT Reorganizes $6.3B Defense Unit (uh-oh, hope no layoffs to ensue)
Nanowires Made of 'Strained Silicon' Show How to Keep Increases in Computer Power Coming
Ericsson Maintains Lead in Infrastructure Services Market
'Ferropaper' is New Technology for Small Motors, Robots
Nexus One: More Than a Phone, Less Than a Game-Changer
FCC Sets Agenda for Next Ownership Workshop (this is where they decide 'fairness')
Carnegie Mellon Students Devise RFID-Enabled Mirror
Chip Inventory to Remain Lean in Q1, Says iSuppli
Japanese Project Aims to Turn CO2 into Natural Gas
Throw Less Spectrum at It
First Dedicated 3D Networks Coming to TV
Security Experts Warn Hackers Could Threaten More Drones Soon
Harris Receives $119M Order for JTRS-Approved Falcon III Tactical Radio Systems
NCVEC Releases New Technician Class Question Pool
Aeroflex Expands LTE Test Design Centre in Scotland
"Emergent" Images to Outwit Spambots
Nokia Adds 14 Patents to Complaint, Citing Steve Jobs' 'Great Artists Steal' Comment
Berkeley High May Cut Out Science Labs Because "They Favor Whites" (your education "professionals" at work)
Top 25 Predictions for Semis in 2010
FCC Told U.S. Needs to Open Airwaves
Quantum Age Edges Closer
TI Claims Highest Power Class-D Audio Amp
Horizon to Show Home Fuel Cell Technology that Charges Gadgets
China Enjoys a Burst of Internet Freedom as Great Firewall Falls -- Briefly
Internet Radio Stations Are the New Wave
Pre Pay Mobile Broadband to Reach a 1/3B Users by End of 2013
Researchers Create Single-Molecule Transistor (hasn't that already been done?)
Adding Technology to Geometry Class Improves Opportunities to Learn
CES 2010 Flashpoints: The Platforms for the Next Decade in Electronics
Sky Highlights for 2010
Top 25 Companies with H-1B Visas in 2009
Imaging Nanoparticle Self-Assembly
NASA's Kepler Telescope Detects 5 New Exoplanets
Air Force Gets Support for Space Launch Efforts
Americans' Job Satisfaction Falls to Record Low
More Efficient UV Lasers
Is 2010 the Year of Wireless Congestion?
Special Transistors Could Power Microfluidic Devices
8 Tech Trends to Watch This Week at CES
November's Averaged Global Chip Sales Beat Expectations
Culprit in Wi-Fi Failures: Chicken Wire (interesting - but maybe a solution for tinfoil hat people)
Cheaper, Stronger Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles
Smartphone Owners Find Poor Mobile Website Functionality a Turn-Off
Think Your Browsing Is Private? Think Again
November's Averaged Global Chip Sales Beat Expectations
Google to Launch Nexus One: First Foray into Smartphones
India Delays Mobile Number Portability Until April
Brits Use the Same Password for Everything
Second Lockheed Martin F-35B Arrives at Navy Test Site
Hole in Moon Might be Suitable for Colony
Global Warming Causing Record Global Deep Freeze
Hong Kong Air Pollution: 'Life-Threatening' Levels (good thing they are exempt from pollution rules)
Gadget Makers Focus on Cost-Effective Temptations
Amazon Top Online Retailer for Customer Satisfaction
Britain Facing One of the Coldest Winters in 100 Years (it must be everywhere else that is warming globally)
Google Plans Big Mobile Announcement
WISE Telescope Jettisons Cover
"Entrepreneur Visas" Proposed for the U.S.
AT&T: End of the Wireline Telephone is in Sight  (doubtful, except maybe in cities)
China to Be 3rd Biggest Wind Power Producer (U.S. #1, Germany #2)
Technology Not as Advanced by 2010 as Some Had Hoped
Equipment Makers in Executive Exodus
Digital Piracy Hits the e-Book Industry
Top Scientific Breakthroughs of 2009
The Year in Energy
The Year in Robotics
China Mobile Executive Removed from Post (poor guy will probably disappear forever)
Electronics Banned on U.S. Flights
Quelling Casimir: Scientists to Control Quantum Mechanical Force
U.S. Army Fires TALON Laser-Guided Rocket Rounds from OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
Ancient Earth Carvings Found in Amazon Jungle
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