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Technical Headline News Archive - November 2010


Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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British Man Convicted for Deliberate Interference, Operating Without a License

Berners-Lee: Apple, Facebook Are Enemies of the Web

Mobile Voice Call Volumes Overtake Landlines in Sweden

Vodafone Cuts European Mobile Data Roaming Costs

Spectrolab Mass Produces Record 39.2% Solar Cell

Methane-Powered Laptops? (1. eat beans, 2. set laptop in lap, 3. compute)

NIST Aims Quartz Microbalance at Nanotech (these are the gov't employees I don't mind paying for)

Smart Power Devices Help Electronic Systems Designers Push the Bounds of Device Size and Efficiency

Google Earth 6.0 Beta Has 30% More of Earth's Surface in 3D

'Hactivist' Claims Responsibility for Wikileaks Outage

France Plans LTE License Auction in 2011

King Abdullah Proposed Implanting Gitmo Detainees with Microchip to Track Movements via Bluetooth

Saudi Arabia Chief Financier of al Qaeda, per Wikileaks (didn't we just sell them $60B in arms?)


Cyber Monday Predictions (give a gift of RF Cafe software to your loved one)

Survey: Consumers Don't Seek Out FM on Cellphones

Comcast Hit with Massive Internet Outage

USPTO to Host Roundtable on Best Practices for Trademark Prosecution in the Current Electronic Environment

Four-Way Entanglement Converted to Light

Brand Loyalty Low Among Smartphone Users

Inside Offers NFC System-in-Package for Mobile

Wi-Fi lifeline Reaches Remote Himalayas

Tuning an 'Ear' to the Music of Gravitational Waves

How Korean Tensions Can Hurt Tech

Startup Raises VC for GaN-on-Si Factory

Scientists Create Highly Ordered Artificial Spin Ice Using Nanotechnology

NASA Approaches Industry for Radiation-Hardened Designs Able to Withstand Rigors of Mission to Jupiter

Anonymous Takes Down Record Industry Websites

Technology Transfer Initiative to Boost Space Industry

Wind Turbines Great... If You Don't Live Anywhere Near Them.

Cables Obtained by WikiLeaks Shine Light into Secret Diplomatic Channels (here is scumbag Pfc. Bradley Manning's photo)


Homeland Security Seizes Internet Domains

Mobile Video Calling to Take Off in 2011

Pulsing Stars Could Fill in for GPS Satellites

U.S. Briefs Allies About Next WikiLeaks Release (we still have allies?)

High-Speed Chips Communicate Data up to 100x Faster than Wi-Fi

Windows Phone 7 Gets Jailbroken

Somali-Born Teenager Held in Oregon Christmas Bomb Sting (yelled "Allahu Akbar!")


Terahertz Technology Could Help Aircraft to Land

Net-Dedicated Satellite Ready for Launch (to fill in "not spots")

Apple Kills Steve Jobs Doll for Copyright Infringement

FCC Issues Retailer Second Citation in 18 Months for Marketing Non-Compliant RF Devices

Ontario Microwave Startup Raises $8M

Switzerland to Auction Off Radio Spectrum Next Year

Short, on-Chip Light Pulses Will Enable Ultrafast Data Transfer Within Computers

Are Security Scanners Safe?

R&D Spending in UK Not Decimated by Recession

Physicists Create a 'Super-Photon'

PCB Shipments Up over Last Year, But Plateau in Recovery May Have Been Reached

Edible RFIC Chips Herald New Healthcare Tracking

FCC's Move to Modernize 911 with Texting, Video, Begins December

'Fourth Generation' Internet Arrives in Hong Kong

LHC Strips the Early Universe Bare

Soyuz Carrying Americans, Russian Lands

Sirius, XM Will Merge in Canada

U.S. Government Has Bought 25% of All Hybrids from GM & Ford in 2009/2010 (it's just taxpayer money)

Major Cold, Snow Hit UK (more global warming)

Sharp Christmas Price Drops Seen for Flat-Panel TVs


Put Down the Smartphone and Pass the Turkey

Einstein's 'Biggest Blunder' Turns Out to Be Right

Physicists Create New Type of Light

FBI Warns of SMS and Phone-Based Phishing Scams

How to Use a Pulsar to Find Starbucks

FCC Delays December Net Neutrality Meeting

Broadband in Europe Speeding Up

NASA Revives Saturn Probe, 3 Weeks after Glitch

NXP's Mifare to Add NFC Support to SIMs

Apple Tests Carbon Composite for iPad Housing

Deficit Hit-Men Target NASA's Post-Shuttle Plans

Proposed 9-1-1- Modernization Could Cost $87B

E-Readers to Open up $1B Semiconductor Opportunity in 2011

Electronic Pickpocketing Puts Your Credit Cards at Risk


Wireless Power Charging and Transmission Market to Reach $11.8B by 2020

Bill Could Give Homeland Security Power over Tech Giants

Facebook Closer to Winning 'Face' Trademark

Rare Apple Computer Fetches $210,700 at Auction

OSU Boosts Nitride Tunneling Current to 118A/cm2 at –1V

Quantum Hard Drives on the Horizon

Negative Temperature, Infinitely Hot

Internet Society: Biggest Threat to Internet is Government

Analog Devices Wins MEMS Microphone Patent Case

Wireless Changes Everything, Says Murata European Exec

NASA’s Plan to Save Astrophysics from Space Telescope’s Budget Overruns

Scientists Crack Materials Mystery in Vanadium Dioxide

FCC Mulls Web Traffic Rules for December Meeting

China Restarts Rare Earth Shipments to Japan

Teaching Kids Gratitude Instead of Entitlement (teach the parents while you're at it)

China, Russia Quit Dollar


FCC Updating 911 for the Texting Generation

Most Americans Check Work Email over the Holidays

EE Times Seeks Nominations for Top EEs

Ultrathin Alternative to Silicon for Future Electronics

Verizon Boosts Broadband to 150 Mb/s

Cars Become Hotspots, Fueling Wi-Fi Growth

World-First to Provide Building Blocks for New Nano Devices

Web inventor Tim Berners Lee Hits out at Facebook, iTunes

America's Worst Cities for Finding a Job

USPTO Extends Deadline for Patent Application Exchange Program by 1 Year

RIM Sees No Ban on India BlackBerry Services

Built-In Car Wi-Fi Shipments to Rise to 7.2M in 2017

Enhanced Efficiency When Determining Band Gap in Solids

Volume Cap Based Pricing Kills Appetite for Mobile Data

Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats Per Oxford Scientists (we need a study to know that?)

So Windows Is Now 25 Years Old

Researchers Carve CPU into Plastic Foil

Lockheed Martin Proposes Mission to Far Side of Moon

SpaceX Awarded Commercial Reentry License by FAA

Saudi's Kingdom, Alwaleed Buy $500M of GM IPO (that'll help pay the $7k tax rebates for the Volt)


DARPA Funds 100% Wireless Distributed Computing Experiment

Startups Backed by the CIA

Damaging Graphene to Create a Band Gap

Ultra-fast Broadband Requires Smarter Marketing in Europe and the USA

Printed and Thin-Film Electronics: £2B in 2010

New Cell Phone Designs Aim to Save Battery Life

Commission Takes Aim at Defense Budget

Verizon Grabs for Internet Speed Crown in New Plan

Controlling Self-Catalysed GaAs Nanowires on Silicon

Huge Rocket Launches Secret U.S. Spy Satellite

Threatened by a Copyright Lawyer?

Highest Efficiency Solar Cell to Be Produced by Boeing

The Broadband 'New World Order'

Cox Communications Plans Wireless Phone Service

Chip Firms Reap Fruits of Investment, Says SiLabs

Telework for Federal Employees Gets Big Push

Steve Jobs Action Figure Looks Real (that iPod 4 won't receive the way he's holding it)

1,000 mph Car Project 'On Track'

Pessimistic Fed to Slash Growth Forecasts - Higher Unemployment


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Launches Twitter Account

Universe’s Quantum Weirdness Limits Its Weirdness

Broadcaster Group Signs on for Mobile DTV

Taxpayers in Deep Water on GM 'Investment' (I certainly didn't choose to invest)

U.S. in Vast Insider Trading Probe

'The Shallows': This Is Your Brain Online


Forensic Engineering: Is It For You?

Silicon's Long Good-Bye

On the Way to Lead-Free Technology

Brazil Has More Mobile Phones Than People

Google's UK Wi-Fi Data to be Deleted

Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Sets Limits on Einstein's 'Spooky Action at a Distance' (certainly)

Apple Investigating Teenager Selling White iPhone Conversion Kits

FCC Chairman Under Fire at Web 2.0

LinkedIn CEO: We're Adding a New User Every Second

The Dawn of 4G - It's the Total Experience Not Just the Network

Google Hiring 2,000 Globally

Web Censorship Bill Sails Through Senate Committee

The Real Reasons Cell Phone Boosters Are Suddenly Taboo

Mobile Carriers Launch Venture to Aid Adoption of NFC in Phones

Radio Wave Treatment Reduces Effects of High Blood Pressure

'Chaogates' Hold Promise for the Semiconductor Industry

Top Judge Says Internet 'Could Kill Jury System'

China's New Drone Fleet Raising Eyebrows

A Cometary Blizzard


FCC Chief on Net Neutrality: Trust Me (don't let the FCC or the TSA touch your "stuff!")

Court Demands Indian Premier Address Telecoms Scam

2mm-High, 3,300µF Tantalum for RF Transmitters

Date Set for 4G Airwaves Auction

Oxford Startup Claims Big Step Toward Plastic Chips

Emergency Broadcast System Coming to Cell Phones

Canadian Operator Sells Saskatchewan Radio Spectrum

ARRL Introduces Exam Review Software for Ham Radio Licensing

Cellphone Carriers Try to Control Signal Boosters

Rochester Electronics Expands Products for Rad-Hardened Space-Level Semiconductors

NIST Realigns Labs to Improve Decision Making, Strengthen Interdisciplinary Research

Scientists Claim Breakthrough in Antimatter Hunt

Three Good and Bad Signs in IC Market

CERN Scientists Capture Anti-Hydrogen Atoms

Light Bending by a Black Hole May Offer Proof of Extra Dimensions

Chinese Woman Jailed over Twitter Post

Cell-Phone Chips to the Rescue

Toyota to Sell Plug-In Hybrid in U.S., Europe, Japan

Viewers Pull Plug on U.S. Cable Television

Low-Tax States Will Gain Seats, High-Tax States Will Lose Them


Auction for Cellphone Bandwidth Was Rigged, India Says

Consumers Poised to Put Their Money Where Their Mobile Devices are This Christmas Season

Job Seekers Find Bias Against the Unemployed

Operators Warming to Near Field Communication (NFC)

Amateur Radio Station YARC Recognizes NRA's 139th Birthday

Thermoelectric Power Generator Microelectronics for Aerospace Applications Introduced by Nextreme

U.S. Networks Rally Behind "Wallet Phones" as NFC-Capable Android Nears

E-mails Asking for Personal Information Are Not from ARRL

New Forms of Highly Efficient, Flexible Nanogenerator Technology

DOD Plugs Alternative Power Sources into Battlefield

EU R&D Provides Long-Term Focus for Chip Industry

Smart Grid Needs More Broadband Spectrum, Researchers Contend

Methane-Powered Laptops May Be Closer Than You Think (obvious comment withheld)

UK Mobile Broadband Network Upgrade to LTE Not Economically Viable Until 2015

Automating the World's Largest NFL Stadium

FBI Seeks Wider Wiretap Law for Web

Interview: Europe's New Patent Chief

Neil Young Warehouse Blaze Started in Hybrid 'LincVolt' Car

U.S. Web Traffic Rerouted via China Telecom

Government Employees Owe Billion$ in Delinquent Taxes


IPC Strikes Back at Greenpeace for "Bad" Science

More Professors Give Out Hand-Held Devices to Monitor Students and Engage Them

'Chaogates' Hold Promise for the Semiconductor Industry

Alcatel-Lucent Introduces Emergency Alert Solution for Wireless Carriers

'Space-Time Cloak' Could Conceal Events

LightSquared Puts Satellite in Orbit for Hybrid Satellite/LTE 4G Network

NASA to Launch Small Science Satellites from Alaska

11 Defense Contracts Worth Watching

Google's Android Will Support NFC

U.S. Scientists Significantly More Likely to Publish Fake Research

Online Education Grows by Almost One Million Students

With Spectrum Challenges, Operators Look to Alternative Frequency Bands and Technologies

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless Jointly Building Mobile Commerce Network

What Happens When You Breathe in Nanoparticles

Semi industry Good at Managing Down-Cycle; 'Appalling' at Managing Up-Cycle

Mil-Spec Right-Angle Micro Circular Connectors Introduced by Omnetics

Dedicated LTE Spectrum in Asia-Pacific Could Create 2 Million Jobs by 2020

Advanced Process Fab Utilisation at 97% in Q3

China Entering the Commercial Airliner & Regional Jet Market, Record Orders

Internet Fuels Bad Self-Diagnoses and 'Cyberchondria' (...a great new word!)


Huge Antenna Launched into Space

Maxwell's Demon Demonstration Turns Information into Energy

Smartphone Sales Taking Toll on GPS Devices

Taiwan Projected to Be #1 in Wafer Capacity

German Politician Calls for Abolition of European Roaming Charges

New Laptops May Boot Instantly, Thanks to Faster Memory

Debunking and Closing Quantum Entanglement 'Loopholes'

Sprint and Clearwire at Odds over 4G-Capable Devices That Only Use 3G

U.S. to Retake Supercomputer Throne from China

Making Memory Out of Silicon Oxide

Online Distributors Attack Market from All Sides

Motorola Eyes Split intoTwo in January

Quantum Computers Easier to Build: Can Tolerate Faulty or Missing Components

Ford Electrifies the Focus

China Hi-Tech Fair 2010 Ready to Open

Majority of Mobile Operators Believe That Social Networking Will Dominate by 2015

Maya Pyramids Pose Acoustic Riddle (maybe the screams of all the sacrificed-alive souls)


Is the Phone Call Dead?

U.S. Cellular Plans LTE Trail in 2011, Commercial Launch in 2012

Swedes' E-mails to Be Stored for 6 Months

NSF Leads Effort to Make Ethics Resources Available to Researchers

British Military Will Spend £650M on Cyber Warfare

Saudi Arabia Blocks Facebook over Moral Concerns (offends sharia law - coming to your country if you don't vote carefully)


Electronica: TSMC Spends $5.9B; Hires 10,000 People

How Mobile Apps Are Disrupting the Car-Rental Business

Supercomputers 'Will Fit in a Sugar Cube', IBM Says

Comms Algorithm Pioneer Wins Kyoto Prize

Final Agenda Announced for RFID in Defense

Apple 1 Computer for Sale: Only $160k

New Forms of Highly Efficient, Flexible Nanogenerator Technology

Social Networking Will Displace Corporate E-mail

Australia's $43B Broadband Plan Faces Key Vote

New Ultra-Clean Nanowires Have Great Potential in Solar Cell Technology and Electronics

Scientists Image the Sea Monster of Nuclear Fusion: the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability

Double Digit Volume Growth Returns to SIM Card Market

Recharge That Electric Car Wirelessly

Motorola Fires Back at Microsoft, Claims Patent Infringement

Graphene's Flaws Make It Stronger

The U.S. Approach to Supercomputing May Be a Dead End

Malicious Websites Jump Dramatically in 2010

The Leonid Meteor Shower Revealed: Shooting Star Show's Brilliant History

Virus Targets Automation

EnviroMission to Build Solar Tower Power Stations


Novel Type of Magnetic Wave Discovered

Digi-Key Joins Support for Future Designers (aka students)

Sugar and Slice Make Graphene Real Nice

FDA Rules May Create "Innovation Wasteland" for Medical Electronics

China Stakes Its Claim as U.S. Rival in Innovation

HP to Pay $16.25 Million to Settle DOJ-FCC E-Rate Fraud Investigation

Branded 'Dumbphones' Being Squeezed Out

Global Handset Sales up 35% in Q3

NIST Updates Debugging Software

New Probe Memory Could Achieve User Densities over 10 Tb/inch^2

China May Be Bigger Economy Than U.S. Within Two Years

Novel Metamaterial Vastly Improves Quality of Ultrasound Imaging

Wireless Service Providers Say the "Capacity Crunch" Impacts Brand Perception

Duracell Expands Smart Power Portfolio with Wireless USB Charger

U.S. Patent Office Lets Green Technologies Jump the Queue for Another Year

Global Plan Emerging to Combat Asteroid Threat

FCC Opens Inquiry Into Google Data Collection

GE to Buy 25,000 Electric Cars by 2015 (Immelt major player in Cap & Trade, will buy Gov't Motors' Volt, hmmm....)

General Electric to Sink $2B into China Development As Production Moves from U.S. (unions listen up! so much for Green Jobs in America)

NASA Telescope Reveals Huge Gamma-Ray Bulge at Center of Milky Way


Pills to Cary RFID Tag

Human Augmentation and Wireless Power Devices Set to Become $1B Markets by 2020

FCC Issues Report and Order on Vanity and Club Station Call Signs

The Enticement of Free Wireless

Samsung: Ready for Big Foundry Push

Nokia Hit by No-Brand Vendors Success

Federal Workers' Pay Topping $150,000 Doubles Since 2008 Election

Electronics Thermal Management in Advanced Power Microelectronics is Aim of DARPA NJTT Program

ISPs to Get Net Piracy Law Review

New Chip Technology Makes Way for Exploding Number of Internet Users

U.S. Business Smartphone Sales to Increase; Education and Professional Services Lead the Way

Nanoparticle Study Focuses on High-Manganese Steels

Mobile Operators Say Messaging to Play a Dominant Role in the Future of Mobile Marketing

Military Says Missile-Like Object Wasn't Missile (BS, no ordinary jet contrail looks like that)

Ground Broken at World's First Spaceship Factory

Ultrafast Imaging of Electron Waves in Graphene

Study Links Hypertexting to Poor Health, Habits

Higher Exports Help Shrink U.S. Trade Gap

Google Instant Preview: Making Linked Pages Visible Improves Search


Sun Unleashes Most Powerful Solar Flare in Years

Solar Shield to Protect Power Grids from Sun Storms

Broadband Usage Rising, But Income and Education Gaps Remain

Quantum Computers May Be Much Easier to Build Than Previously Thought

Intel Joins Wireless Broadband Alliance

Defence Cuts 'Could Benefit' Engineering Industries

Windows Phone 7 Hits U.S. Wireless Carriers Today

A123 Plugs into Global Battery Market

Quantum Computers a Step Closer to Reality Thanks to New Finding

Nanogenerator Powers Up

LightSquared to Launch “Factory of Wireless Bits”

Nearly 1/3 of Europeans Have Downloaded at Least One Mobile App

Chip Sector Hopes for Normality after End of Boom

Apple Plans New Bluetooth Devices for iOS and MacBooks

Samsung Unveils Continuum Phone

Efficient Power Benefits Medical Electronics

Microvision Buys Portfolio of Motorola Patents

World Action Plan Emerging to Combat Asteroid Threat

Offshore Wind Power Poised for Major Growth in U.S.

Volcker Sees No Quick Way to Cut Unemployment (clue: free businesses of government regulations so they won't go overseas)


DST Alarm Glitch Could Trouble iPhone Users

A Bendable, Light-Bending Material

'Super-Hero' Material Stretched into a Possible Electronics Revolution

The 7Gbit Wi-Fi Poised to Change the World

Post-Election, FCC Opts Not to Move on Net Neutrality

Broadband Usage Growing Even as Gaps Persist

Expectations Are Rising, Says Electrocomponents CEO

Quantum Memory for Communication Networks of the Future

New Molecule Works as Heat Battery

Royal Navy Website Attacked by Romanian Hacker

Taming Thermonuclear Plasma with a Snowflake

Landlords Attract Tenants with Free Wireless Internet

Mobile Scams Costing Users 5x More Than PC Scams

Nanogenerator Powers Up

Imec Leads Development of Stretchable Electronic Fabrics

Weak Growth in Over-Hyped Mobile Data Traffic Dampens Need for LTE

Handset Market Grows to 346M in Q3

Web Browser Pioneer Backs New Way to Surf Internet

18 Iconic Products That America Doesn't Make Anymore

Global Governments to Borrow $10.2T in 2011


Is Your Laptop Cooking Your Testicles?

Triple-Mode Transistors Show Potential: Researchers Introduce Graphene-Based Amplifiers

IPC Holding Tin Whisker Conference Dec 6 & 7

LHC Switches to Smashing Lead Ions

Transparent Conductive Material Could Lead to Power-Generating Windows


Burma Hit by Massive Net Attack Ahead of Election

Electrical Brain Stimulation Improves Math Skills (maybe living under those high voltages lines is not such a bad thing)

Alcatel-Lucent Wins $4B Contract from Verizon Wireless

Cloaking Effect in Atoms Baffles Scientists

SIA Alters IC Forecast

UK Copyright Laws to Be Reviewed

Positronium Scatters Like an Electron

Deutsche Telekom Hurt by Lack of iPhone in U.S.

New Satcom Contract Opens for Business

Another Foxconn Worker Dies at South China Plant (possibly while building your iPhone)

Learning in Dorm, Because Class Is on the Web

Clearwire Losses Widen - Announces Job Cuts, WiMax Network Rollout Delays

New Super Close-up Images from Comet Flyby (amazing - within 435 miles of it!)

Wireless Printing on the Rise

Few Use Geo-Location Aware Phones (well, Big Bro probably does)

Light-Harvesting Material Could Lead to Transparent Solar Panels

Why Power Users Hate Fancy Web Design (aha! maybe this is RF Cafe's secret as well)

Gravity Eases Its Pull

Mimicking Photosynthesis in New Electronics

Beer Lubricated the Rise of Civilization, Study Suggests


Warning Labels on Cellphones Sought

Large Hadron Collider Pauses Protons; Enters New Phase

Panasonic Invests $30M in Electric Car Maker Tesla

Deutsche Telekom Quarterly Profits Rise by 8%

Japan to Put $6B into Fab in 2011

Is It Time to Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time? (I have advocated doing this for years)

Cameron Reveals Silicon Valley Vision for East London

Extraordinary Light Enhancement Technique Proposed for Nanophotonic Devices

Intelsat General Selects XTAR to Deliver X-Band Capacity to Manpack Terminals

Europe's Component Market to Grow

'Life Feels About Over' for Local Access TV

High-Tech War Requires Innovation, Cutting-Edge Resources from Home

Military Ready for War in Cyberspace

When the Tech Guy Is 13 (or Even 10)

A Step Toward Holographic Videoconferencing

Aircraft Bomb Finds May Spell End for In-Flight Wi-Fi (thank peaceful religion members yet again)

Wireless Technology Could Slash Health-Care Costs

Denver Voters Reject Plan to Track Space Aliens

Storms in FL Delay Final Space Shuttle Launch Again

34 Warships, 800 Rooms, 40 Aircraft, 6 Armored Cars for Prez Trip to Mumbai (very costly eco-/econ-wise, but it's only taxpayer money - the Fed will just print $1T more)


Wi-Fi, HomePlug Groups Unite on Smart Grid

Major Companies Reduce R&D

European Specialists to Define Security Standards for Smartphones

Happy Birthday, Radio!

Raytheon's Space Fence Program Completes System Design Review

Broadband Coming Wirelessly to the Australian Bush

Air Force MARS Gets New Leadership

Hotel Guests Use Cellphones to Unlock Their Doors

Army Moves to Equip Troops with Handheld Technologies

Fourth Flavor of Neutrino? Physics Experiment Suggests Existence of New Elementary Particle

It's Digital, But Is It Art?

U.S. Army Building GSM Mobile Network in Afghanistan (that will make it much easier for terrorists to communicate - good job!)

Yttrium Oxide Breaking Down Under Pressure

Bluelog: Bluetooth Site Survey Tool

Anritsu Claims LTE Terminals Test Milestone

Growth of $27 Billion U.S. Business Spending on Wireless Data Slows

The "Bring Your Own Device" Policy

Qualcomm Eyes Europe Growth Via Acquisitions

Google In 'Significant Breach' of Data Law, UK Says


European iPhone Users Get Late Start Thanks to Daylight-Time Glitch (when will we end the inane DST thing?)

Researchers Claim Better 'Quantum Tunneling'

Can the U.S. Rare-Earth Industry Rebound?

Wireless Charging Technology for Electric Cars Unveiled

Radically Simple Technique Developed to Grow Conducting Polymer Thin Films

2010 ARRL Field Day Results Now Online

Microreactor Speeds Nanotech Particle Production by 500x

Online Distributor Sees Market Growth Next Year

FCC Report Could Help Clarify Reverse Auction Plans

Physics Experiment Suggests Existence of New Particle

4G Wireless Reaches the New York Area

Wi-Fi sales Up, But ASPs Shaky

Corporations Going Totally Wireless

The Making of a Mind-Blowing DIY Sun Photo

Space Shuttle Discovery Ready for Final Launch Wednesday

New Hi-Tech Engineering Centre for Leicester University

Google Sues the U.S. Government (aka suing the one you're sleeping with)

Unemployment Offices to Add Armed Guards as 99-Weeks of Payments End (no appreciation for 13 weeks of unemployment + 86 weeks of welfare)

Fed Easing May Mean 20% Dollar Drop


Diode-Like Device for Electromagnetic Waves Created

Apple Enters Top 5 Mobile Handset Vendor Ranking

U.S. Could Lose the SciTech Edge to China, Experts Fear

September Chip Sales Up, Says ESIA

Lights Out, Phones On: Many Teens Text All Night Long

Are 'Patent Trolls' the Secret Heroes of the Tech World?

Improving Energy Efficiency with Hall-Effect ICs

Scientists Investigate Atomic-Scale Mechanisms of Nanowire Growth Process

Hybrid Material Enables Power-Producing Fabrics

Apple Takes the Lead in USA Smart Phone Market with a 26% Share

Cognitive Capabilities Represent a Significant Wild Card in Spectrum Game

Navy Researchers Choose RF Micro Devices to Improve GaN Power Electronics Technology

Apple Sues Motorola over Multitouch in Android Phones

20 W Ku-Band Amplifier Uses GaN on SiC

French Spin Off Offers High-Speed Net to Remote Communities

Air Force Extends Satellite Support Pact

Nokia Taking Less-Flashy Road to Growth

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

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