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Technical Headline News Archive - September 2010


Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Silicon Photonics Pioneer Gets 'Genius' Award

Scientists Move Objects Across Meter-Scale Distances Using Only Light

ICs Could Run on Heat Waste, Rather than Electricity

GPS, Accelerometers and Gyroscopes Will Add Functions to Many Smartphones by 2013

Science Kits for Kids Under Scrutiny (freaking busy-bodies want to remove incentives for kids to gain interest in science)

Wireless Gains as a Critical Supply-Chain Tool

USPTO Expands the Patent Prosecution Highway to Include Pilots with Austria, Spain and Russia

Edison Study: Radio Still Important to 12-24-Year-Olds

Ground-Penetrating Radar Sought to Detect and Mark IEDs and Other Buried Threats

Analyst Cuts 2010 Chip Growth Forecast to 32%

Indian State to Use Amateur Radio to Assist in Local Elections

Delphi Working to Make Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging a Reality

High Demand Keeps RFID Tag Prices Steady

Budget Cuts Cripple State Cybersecurity Efforts (how about cutting some social programs instead?)

Graphene Ultracapacitor Could Shrink Systems

Ultrafast Laser Pulse Makes Desktop Black Hole Glow Read More 

Dozens Charged in NY in Global Computer Virus Scam

BT to Roll out Fiber Broadband across Cornwall

For-Profit Colleges Hold Rally Against Loan Rules (private=bad, gov't=good, sound familiar?)

Mars, Here We Come! Congress Approves $19B NASA Budget


SIM Card Crime Ring Arrested, Is Your Phone Safe?

UK Government Competition Offers Free R&D Lab Time

Rural Outsourcing Brings Tech Jobs Back to America

PCB Solid Sales Growth in North America Predicted Through End of 2010

ARISSat-1 in Satellite Final Preparation

Texting-While-Driving Bans Don't Reduce Crashes

Researchers Question Mobile Phone Security

CEA: Americans Don't Want Required FM in Cellphones

UK to Launch 3 Satellites

DOD Officials Face Senate ire over Budgetary Measures

Move to 4G Spurs Policy Management Market

Data Revenues Could Overtake Voice in the UK by 2017

European Bank Loans STMicro $470M

Single Electron Reader Opens Path for Quantum Computing

CTIA Statement on the House Passing the Equal Access to 21st Century Communications Act

Adoption of New Services to Spur Telecoms Market in Central and Eastern Europe

Fairchild Expands Efforts in China

NASA Showdown Looms as 1,500 Shuttle Workers Face Layoffs (more like 15k inc'l subs - change they must believe in)

Russia to Launch Commercial Space Station by 2016

UN Selects Ambassador for Aliens (time to defund the UN)


Segway Company Owner Dies after Riding One Off Cliff

Radio Still Drives In-Car Listening

Three Medals for Team USA at the 2010 ARDF World Championships

D.C. Turns to GPS to Monitor Young Criminals

Chip Equipment Firm Expands in Scotland

RIM Unveils PlayBook, the Long-Awaited BlackBerry Tablet

Tech Group Opposes Offshoring Bill

Cell Phone Radiation Detection App Comes to Android

How to Use Your BlackBerry as a Bluetooth Modem

U.S. Mounting First Test of Cyber-Blitz Response Plan

Striding Towards a New Dawn for Electronics

Limited Improvements in UK Mobile Broadband Performance

For Teens, Texting Beats Driving

Physicists May Have Observed Hawking Radiation for the First Time

Army Tests Electronic, Updatable Manuals for the Field

ZTE Working on Multi-System Satellite Positioning Devices

Will Electric Cars Be Made in America?

Measuring Atomic Memory with Nano Precision

Drop in Consumer Confidence Signals Slow Growth

Employers to See Rising Health Care Costs in 2011 (I though health care was going to be free?)


Z-Comm Now Offering Waveguide Adapters & Terminations!

White House Seeking to Wiretap Peer-to-Peer Internet Communications (Skype, Blackberry, etc.)

FCC's Secretive Flip-Flop on Cell Phones and SAR Data

French Tests Find 3G Coverage at 900 MHz Less Reliable Than 3G Coverage at 2.1 GHz

USAF Launches Satellite to Track Space Junk

QinetiQ to Demo Submarine Laser Communications System

New Research Casts Neanderthals as Techies

HD-Over-Wi-Fi Startup Raises $25M

Spin-Out Promises Silicon Optical Transceivers

Telegent Outlines Strategic Product Roadmap for Mobile TV

Scientists Develop New Way to Decipher Hidden Messages in Symbols

Digital Audio Amplifier Cuts Emissions by 70 dB

Thinking Like Hackers, Programmers Find Security Loopholes in 'Secure' Microchips

LHC Spots Unexpected Effect in Proton Collision Aftermath

68% Growth in Global Mobile Data Bandwidth Usage in H1 2010

Defining the 4G App

Microsoft Announcing Windows Phone 7 October 11 in Europe?

Manual Suggests Sellers of Wireless LAN Device Knew It Was Illegal

Worm Hits Computers of Staff at Iran Nuclear Plant

European Central Banks Halt Gold Sales


Technology Developed to Tackle Sedentary Lifestyles

Nokia Owners are Unhappy with Their Phones

Space Station Crew Safely Back on Earth after Textbook Return

Black Strings Are Possible in a 5D Universe

Top Brands Deluge Customers with Unwanted Email

America Losing Science Brainpower Advantage? (probably, just count the number of times "like" is uttered in each sentence fragment by students)


New Ultracapacitor Recharges in Under a Millisecond

FCC Lays New Rules for Devices Working in the 'White Spaces' Between TV Stations

Technology's Biggest Myths

New Risks for Digital Dividend Caused by LTE Interference

Talking to Death: Texts, Phones Kill 16,000

New Nanomesh Material Created: Silicon-Based Film May Lead to Efficient Thermoelectric Devices

IBM Characterizes Single-Atom DRAM

Nano Firms Offered Grants for University Research

U.S. Frees Unused Airwaves for 'Super Wi-Fi'

Europe Wants to End Roaming Charges

Clash of the U.S. Tech Billionaires

Time Moves Faster Upstairs, Confirming Einstein's Relativity

Firm Rolls Digital Golf Glove

JetBlue Signs Deal for Onboard Satellite Wi-Fi

China Steps Up Efforts to Reverse 'Brain Drain'

Contractor Death Toll Surpasses Military's in Iraq, Afghanistan

Facebook Goes Down for Hours

Malicious Computer Worm Launched at Industrial Targets

World's Biggest Wind Farm Opens in UK

GM [General Motors] Must Sell for $134 a Share for U.S. to Recover Investment (currently at 75 cents)


U.S. Handset Replacement Cycle Slowing Down (slow economy blamed)

EECC Tests Find Big Performance Differences for RFID Tags Read in Bulk

RIM Building 2.5M BlackPad Tablets for Q4

Booming China Lures Key Professors Home from U.S.

Satellites Could Come Under Cyber Siege

Thailand's Bid for High-Speed Internet Stalled

America's Richest Techies (I made the America's Poorest Techies list)

RIM: Smartphone OEMs Face Memory Challenges

PBS Show Features History Mystery with an Amateur Radio Twist

A Second Life for Old Vehicle Batteries (glad to see this)

Less Than ½ of Young Adults Password Protect Laptops and Mobile Devices

Is IC Market Going Up or Down?

Facebook to Give Newark, NJ, Schools $100M

Technology That Can Withstand Extremes of Temperature and Radiation Created

Buyers Send iPhones on a Long Relay to China

Flat-Screen TV Prices to Plunge for Holiday Season

FCC to Announce Major Step in Student Connectivity.

Ten High-Profile Players in the Commercial Space Race

Noisy EV Helps Tackle Pedestrian Safety Issues (this just seems stupid)

First Production C-5M Super Galaxy Makes First Flight


The Technology Generation Gap Is Widening

Research Gives Insight into Using Graphene in Electronics

Geckos Inspire New Method to Print Electronics on Complex Surfaces (first insurance, now electronics, what next?)

Chip Market Correction 'Imminent'

No Slowdown for RFID

Intel Taps Junctionless Transistor Research

Universal, Primordial Magnetic Fields Discovered in Deep Space

Smart Grid Market Poised to Hit $9.6B by 2015

An Ultrasensitive Explosives Detector IC

The Fate of Silver Nanoparticle Waste

Lawmakers Call for Smart Grid Access to Wireless Spectrum

USA Education Market Wireless Spending to Reach $6.8B by End of 2014

Handheld Device Detects Illegal Drugs and Super Bugs

2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season Proves to Be a Busy One for Hams

'Mouse-Over' Security Flaw Causes Twitter Trouble

Samsung Unveils iPad Competitor: Galaxy Tablet

RIM May Launch Tablet Device Next Week

Windows 7 Leading to Higher Customer PC Satisfaction

Gold Hits Record of $1296/oz (while Fed prints /devalues dollars)

What's the Most-Stolen Vehicle? It May Surprise You


First LTE Network, First LTE Phone Launch in Las Vegas

MathWorks Updates Simulink for RF Modeling

AT&T to Sell Satellite-Enabled Smart Phone

LOL -- 'Webspeak' Invades Oxford Dictionary

Plessey Plans to run GaN, SiGe at UK Fab

Google Android Smartphone OS Will Overtake BlackBerry, iPhone OSes

True Random Numbers from a Handful of Gates

USPTO Launches Effort to Incentivize Humanitarian Technologies (now the USPTO is doing social engineering)

U.S. Supports Secondary Amateur Radio Allocation at 461-469 and 471-478 kHz

Electronics: Living with Disruption

Overheard Cell-Phone Conversations are Not Only Annoying but Reduce Our Attention

Steve Jobs to Student: 'Leave Us Alone'

Femtocells Lure Embattled Net Operators

Sensors Use Building's Electrical Wiring as Antenna

U.S. Loses #1 Investment Status to Brazil-China-India Market (no surprise, we don't make anything anymore - thanks politicians)

Rocket with Secret Satellite Launched from CA

500M Broadband Lines Overshadow N.America Slowdown

Man's Stolen Guitar Shows Up on eBay 8 Years Later

Twitter Scrambles to Block Worms

UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First (anybody else thinking Orwell here? will you Brits really allow this?)


Silicon Valley Companies Try to Settle DOJ's Hiring Inquiry

Cable Phone Service Beats Telcos Again

TV White Spaces Support Health Care Deployment

Regulations Rise Causing Medical Electronics VCs to Exit Health Care (the ruining of incentive has begun)

Windows Phone 7 Will Be GSM-Only Until 2011

Moves to Bring Mobile Phone Coverage to London Tube Trains by 2012

Better Bugs to Make Plastics

DARPA Wants to Blow Up Military Design Process, Start Over

Silicon Wars: The Middle East Takes on Asia (now you can support terrorism with oil and electronics)

European Broadband Package Paves the Way to a High-Speed Digital Europe

RFID Helps Blind Workers Do Their Jobs

FCC Seeks Comment on Rules for the Digital Transition of Low Power TV Stations

Broadband Gets Global Marketing Campaign

Worldwide Femtocell Revenues Will Reach €931M in 2014

EADS Receives Funding for Lunar Lander

Kids Tracked More Closely Online Than Adults


EU VC Hedge Fund Plans Under Fire

$2M Per Stimulus Job in Los Angeles (heck, that's just the typical gov't pension these days)

States Working Harder to Collect Online Sales Taxes

Facebook Denies Plans to Build Its Own Phone (which, of course, means it will)

Spin Soliton Could Be a Hit in Cell Phone Communication

Jupiter Making Closest Approach in Nearly 50 Years


QST Article Sparks New University Program

Computers Set for Quantum Leap

Wireless Becomes a Staple Commodity

Gasoline Trumps Electricity in Fuel-Efficient Auto Contest (ruh-roh!)

AT&T Planning LTE Launch Mid-2011

Physicists Cross Hurdle in Quantum Manipulation of Matter

Blackberry Firm Profits Beat Expectations

'Conflict Minerals' Law Shines Spotlight on Electronics Supply Chain

August Sees Chip Sales Slip

Can Technology Erode a Mountain of Classified Documents?

Future Mobile Phones Could Hold 3 SIM Cards at Once

iPhone 4 Antenna Issues Fading from Memory: 10 Reasons Why

Motorola co-CEO Says Company Will Release a Tablet in 2011

Carbon Nanotubes Twice as Strong as Once Thought

Doubling Lithium-Ion Battery Storage

India's Mobile Market Grows at 10%

Clever Cars to Mean Safer Driving

Pluto Gets 14 New Neighbors

Military Batteries for SINCGARS, Javelin, Other Combat Apps Provided by Ultralife

Stock Futures Rise on Strength in Tech Sector


Pi Record Smashed as Team Finds Two-Quadrillionth Digit

Senators, Tech Giants at Odds over Patent Reform

Drop in U.S. Consumer Electronics Spending More Than Any Other Large Industrialized Country

Wideband Satellites Transform Battlefield Communications

USPTO Expands Technical Training Opportunities for Patent Examiners

Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 9 Beta

HTML 5 Touted as IE 9 Performance Booster

GPS Capability Advancing, But Adoption Slightly Behind

Electron Switch Between Molecules Points Way to New High-Powered Organic Batteries

ARRL: Get Ready for the 2010 Simulated Emergency Test

Electric Car Support Scheme Launched in Northeast England Read

Google Fires Engineer for Privacy Breach

Prison RFID Study Finds Planning Is Critical

Boeing to Offer Space Taxi Service in 2015

NAB Runs Ad Promoting FM Cell-Phone Chips (another gov't mandate you would be forced to pay for)

Silicon MEMS Oscillators Expand into kHz Region

Super-Cars Split $10M in X-Prize Race

Even Security Experts Get Hacked

Retirement on Hold: American Workers $6 Trillion Short

Dog Poop Powers Park Lights


Has HDTV Code Been Cracked?

Intel to Invest $30M in Four U.S. Startups

2015 Digital Radio Switchover 'Too Early'

Home's Electrical Wiring Acts As Antenna to Receive Low-Power Sensor Data

No Surprises in New Broadband Stimulus Awards

Battery Behavior at the Nanoscale

NAB, CTIA Clash over Harris Poll on Radio-Capable Cell Phones

Tim Berners-Lee Calls for Free Internet Worldwide (what's with these uber-rich guys wanting us to pay for everybody else's stuff - because nothing is 'free'?)

20 Years of WiFi: From 1Mbps to 5000Mbps in Two Decades

The Vanishing Line Between Books and Internet

Western European Mobile Phone Market Growth Driven by Android Smartphones

Identical Twins Headed for Space Station

Nokia Has Big U.S. Plans, But No Products

Wireless Backhaul Expenditures to Grow 41% by 2014

While World Slashed R&D in Crisis, China Innovated (using technology transferred to them by us)

Nanodiamonds Discovered in Greenland Ice Sheet

Carbon Trust Backs Plastic Solar Cell Development

Deutsche Telekom Is Focus of Corruption Investigation

Intel CEO: Stimulus Didn't Work

IMF Fears 'Social Explosion' from World Jobs Crisis


Princeton Review Survey: Engineering Students Study Harder

Lead-Free Piezoelectric Materials of the Future

FCC Set to Allow White Space Broadband after 2-Year Wait

Smart Meters 'May Not Cut Energy Use' (what? people won't assimilate voluntarily?)

Why Isn't the Price of Broadband Obeying Moore's Law?

Carbon Nanotube Antennas Intensify Solar Energy

Why 'Scientific Consensus' Fails to Persuade

2010 Marks Ninth Year for ARRL Participation in Combined Federal Campaign

Wal-Mart Introduces Wireless Plan Under Own Brand

EU Considers Mandating 800 MHz for Mobile Broadband Services

Increased Smartphone Usage Driving Up Subscriber Churn Rates

Internet Instability Foiled by Hyperbolic Maths

Qualcomm Still Sees NFC as Third-Party IC

GaAs Device Market to Grow 5% Annually to $4.7B in 2014

Consumer Reports Says It Still Won't Recommend iPhone 4

35% of Adults Have Apps on Their Phones (not me)

3-D Printing Spurs a Manufacturing Revolution

Prison RFID Study Finds Planning Is Critical

The Steve Jobs of China

New Sun Eruption May Supercharge Northern Lights


Subscribers Willing to Pay for a Choice of Phone Number

LHC "Credible Threat of Harm" Lawsuit Case Dismissed by U.S. Court

FCC to Open up Vacant TV Airwaves for Broadband

Notre Dame Calls Early Results of iPad Study Encouraging

Bletchley Park Computer Museum Gets £100,000

Netherlands to Have Mobile Payment System by 2012

Austrians Consider BlackBerrys "Indispensable for Work"

Microsoft Strolls into White Space

USW Claims Chinese Practices Threaten U.S. Energy Sector

India Telecom and Defence Ministries to Cut Spectrum-Division Deal

Why Big Companies Matter in Job Creation

Cable-TV Slowly Steps into Stereo 3-D

Taking Stock of the Stimulus

Free WiFi for Washington D.C.

Europe Says 'No' Again to ACTA Secrecy

Sensitive Touch for 'Robot Skin'

Outlook Gloomy at Secret Billionaire Meeting

French Lawmakers Raise Retirement Age to 62


FCC Proposes Eliminating First Class Radiotelegraph Licenses (thanks to radiomarine.org for heads-up)

Nitride HEMT on Silicon Achieves 143 GHz Current Gain Cut-Off Frequency

Researchers Hear Puzzling New Physics from Graphene Quartet's Quantum Harmonies

How to Catch a Terrorist: Read His Brainwaves

Government Motors (GM) New CEO's Pay Package Worth $9M (no surprise since Fed worker compensation is 2x private industry)


New York Judge Declares Amateur Radio Is Not a Cell Phone (not a dopey judge story)

USPTO Claims Progress on Backlog

High-Rel Component Market Maintains Growth

Nokia Stock Gains on CEO Switch

Cincinnati Bans Text Messaging While Driving

Ofcom Looks to Simplify Broadband Switching Policies

Mobile WiMax Subscribers to Reach 59M by 2015

NASA Needs You to Transfer Technologies

Superphones to Reach 100M Units by 2015

Many Roads Lead to Superconductivity

Location-Based Services Users Are Passionate but Niche

Intel and ARM to Battle for the Hearts of Smartphones

Vendors Target O-Scope Sweet Spot

DOD Requires Service Contractors to Identify Themselves

Subway Trains to Generate Power for the Grid

Europe Says 'No' Again to ACTA Secrecy

Military Net Security for Guarding JTRS Against EW Attacks Certified for GD Crypto Module

Device Prevents Long-Distance Signal Degradation

The Rise of the Online Influential

Obsessive Facebook Users 'Are Insecure, Narcissistic and Have Low Self-Esteem'


Light Bulb Factory Closes: End of Era for U.S. Means More Jobs Overseas (ah, that's the Green economy)

ZigBee Startups to Dominate Lighting Market

Dow Jones Indexes Names Nokia As World's Most Sustainable Technology Company

Researchers Hear Puzzling New Physics from Graphene Quartet's Quantum Harmonies

Broadband Speed Gets Laser Boost

Origin of Magnetic Fields May Lie in Special Relativity's Spacetime Distortions

Google Launches Live-Updating 'Instant' Search (w/obnoxious screen shift when typing)

DARPA Alters the Speed of Light

Analyst Slaps a "Sell" on BlackBerry-Maker RIM, Calls It "Yesterday's Phone"

SEMI Expects $83B Fab Spend in 2010 and 2011

NSA Certifies Cryptographic Module for Joint Tactical Radios

1:4 Gives Fake Net Names

Cable Announces 'Rationing' of Government Research Funding

Echelon Rolls Out Linux-Based Smart Grid Products

Forcing Mismatched Elements Together Could Yield Better Solar Cells

Apple Releases iOS 4.1 for iPhones, iPod Touches

Preventing Smart-Phone Armageddon

Self-Repairing Solar Cell Mimics Photosynthesis

VA Appeals Court Upholds Tracking Suspects with GPS

Rube Goldberg: The Man Behind the Machines


NIST Publishes Guide to Smart Grid Cybersecurity

FCC Unlocks Government Data with New Online Tools

Scientists Invent a Tractor Beam (another Trekkie Alert)

Connectivity, Security Main Worries over Smart Meter Project

Flurry of $$$Billion Deals Signals Coming Changes in Tech Industry

European Police in Pirate Raids

Electronics Packaging Is All the Rage, and Not in a Good Way 

Philips to 'Give Away' $450m Stake in NXP

Home Working Spreads Among Office Workers

Asteroid Double Whammy Near Earth Wednesday (they have already passed)

Mobile Users Still Wary of Being Found

Hewlett Packard Sues Hurd over Oracle Appointment

Hurd Could Get $10M Bonus from Oracle (trade secrets quite valuable, I hear)

Extreme X-Ray Source Supports New Class of Black Hole

India Court Upholds $2.6B Tax Bill Against Vodafone

Metamaterial Discovery the Combinatorial Way

Barclays Sees Capex Downturn in 2011

Connecting Google’s Doodle Dots: Expect a New, Faster Google

U.S. Smoking Rate Hasn't Changed, per CDC (that includes POTUS)


Once a Dynamo, the Tech Sector Is Slow to Hire

Scientists Examine Possibility of a Phonon Laser, or 'Phaser' (Trekkies take note)

IET Asks Business to Support Faraday Skills Initiative

Microwave-Powered Rocket Ascends Without Fuel (see current Video for Engineers on RF Cafe)

ARRL Introduces First Challenge Coin

Rural Broadband a Priority for Australia's Gillard

Scientists Develop Device to Enable Improved Global Data Transmission

Google to Start TV Service in U.S. This Autumn

Police Conduct Raids over File-Sharing Sites in Europe

'Slow Light' on a Chip Holds Promise for Optical Communications

Pentagon Banks on Teamwork to Meet Gates Mandate

Mobile Data Modem Vendors Already on the 4G Starting Line

Oracle Snatches Up Ousted HP CEO Hurd, Makes Him Co-President

Nokia Bets on New Smart Phones for Recovery

Broadcom's NFC Play: Because Time is Right

Nano Technology Could Cool the Heat from Server Farms

Ceva Has 1GHz DSP Core for Smartphones

Microsoft Warns of Rogue Antivirus Attack

Men More Susceptible to Memory Decline


France Telecom Subsidiary Hit with $510M Compensation Claim

Tiny Solar Cells Fix Themselves

Canadian Mayoral Candidate Claims Wi-Fi Hotspots are Dangerous

Magnetism's Subatomic Roots Helps Explain Everyday Phenomenon

Elonics Wins Funding to Grow Scottish Design Team

Micron to Take over SMIC Fab

Changing One of Nature's Constants

Privacy Concerns Grow with Use of RFID Tags

Cobalt-Controlled Comms: Fine Performance Tuning of Organometallic Molecular Wire

FCC Study: Many Not Getting Advertised Broadband Speeds

U.S. Broadband Starts to Speed Ahead

Tuner Chip Firm Raises $9M

RFID Patent Pool Prices Up 0.08¢ Per Tag

Copying, Stealing, What's the Dif?

Chinese Car Firm to Recruit 200 UK Engineers

Why Aren't Employers Hiring?

Nazi Bomber Found in Ocean off England

Obama Targets R&D Credit


New Class of Piezoelectric Logic Devices Created Using Zinc Oxide Nanowires

RIM Threatened with Shutdown in Indonesia over Content

Testing String Theory Is Possible

Rabid Consumer Watchdog Attacks Google CEO

Black Hole Discovery Could Boost Quantum Computers

Engineers Develop an Organic LED Light Source for Home Electronics, Medicine and Clean Energy


Infinera Transmits 100-G More Than 800 Miles

UN Reveals Global Disparity in Broadband Access (translation: we are bad people for not paying for everybody else's service)

ZnO Nano-Wires Make FETs Force Sensitive

First Voice-Over-LTE Call Placed in U.S. Public Safety Band

Miami Airport Closed After Metal Canister Discovered in 70-Year-Old Scientist's Suitcase

Adult Texters Catching Up to Teens (I don't text)

Counting Down to Commercial Space Launches

U.S. Broadband Starts to Speed Ahead

U.S. Forest Service Explores RFID's Ability to Detect Fires

Scope Sees New Details in Sunspot Bigger Than Earth

MEMS Tackle HVAC/Automatic-Transmission Markets

ARRL Donations for Lobbying FCC Issues

Let's Break It Up - MS, That Is

Scientists Investigate How Ice Melts Below Freezing Due to Nanowire's Pressure

Mobile Content and Applications Influences $80B of Mobile Spending

Toshiba Recalls 41,000 Computers over Risk of Burns

Skype Introduces 10-Way Video Calling

Scientists Propose New Test for Gravity

Economy LOST 283,000 Jobs During 'Recovery Summer' Months

Cash for Clunkers Was a Wash


UCLA Builds Fastest Graphene Transistor Yet

Gartner Raises 2010 Chip Market Forecast to $300B

Wireless Charger Standard Released

Colleges That Will Make You Rich

July 'Actual' Chip Sales are Above Trend

Customer Retention a Pressing Issue for Service Providers

Researchers Create New Class of Piezoelectric Logic Devices Using Zinc Oxide Nanowires

TechFaith Setting Up a 10M Capacity Smartphone Factory in Beijing

Adaptive Headlamp System Introduced

Community Wi-Fi Models Inexpensive Alternative to Cable Broadband

FCC Asks for Public Comment on Net Neutrality Proposals

China Will Require ID for Cellphone Numbers; Noncompliance Means No Service

RFID Consortium Releases Patent-Licensing Portfolio

Cisco, Itron Partner on Smart Grid Reference Model

Researchers Create 'Quantum Cats' Made of Light

Call to Lift Cap on Foreign Investment in Thai Telecoms Market

NEC Develops Cashew-Derived Plastic (will people with peanut allergies be able to use it?)

Startup Offers 'Variability' Modeling Service

Solar Sail Spacecraft Could Explore Beyond Solar System

NASA Sets Media Deadlines for Next Space Shuttle Flight


FCC Terminates AWS-3 Rulemaking to Auction Spectrum with Free Broadband Requirement

Graphite Foam Cools High-Intensity LEDs

HP & Hynix Join Forces for Memristor Fab

6 Reasons Not to Roll Over Your 401(k) (see chart)

IBM Unveils World's Fastest Microprocessor

New Study Suggests Researchers Can Now Test the 'Theory of Everything'

Why All Smartphones are $199

Motorola Handset Division to Spin-Out in Q1 2011

FCC Reaffirms 2×2 Call Signs Only for Advanced, Amateur Extra License Classes

California Tags School Kids with RFID

1 in 3 Internet Users Think All Websites Are Equally Dangerous

BlackBerry Is Doomed, Says Another Analyst (Canadians - don't let it happen)

India Will Ask Google and Skype for Data Access

Apple Not Fixing iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Bug in iOS 4.1

Silicon Oxide Circuits Break Barrier

Shipments of Bluetooth, NFC, UWB, 802.15.4 and Wi-Fi ICs Will Increase 20% in 2010

Evolving Wireless Technology Drives Growth in the Test Services Market

Infineon Exits Cell IC Market Just in Time

Nano Switches that Store More Data Head to Market

Dow Logs Worst August since 2001

Berkeley Nucleonics Vector Signal Generators Radar Simulations - RF Cafe

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All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other rights of ownership to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

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