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Technical Headline News Archive - July 2011

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Army Marches Smartphones, Apps to the Battlefield

Children Play Like Scientists Work (shouldn't it be the other way around?)

Green Mountain: Caffeinated High Tech Company

Chips in Space - The Building of An Amateur Satellite

NASA's Environmental Cleanup Could Take Decades (here's the REAL reason NASA's being decimated)


Apple Now Has More Cash Than U.S. Government (big deal, I have more cash than the U.S. gov't - it's $14.3T in debt)

Thieves Steal 113 Bronze Vases from Cemetery

Schools Being Robber of Copper Wiring

U.S. Carriers Ask Government to Release its Radio Spectrum Below 3 GHz

DARPA Seeks Wireless Power Pack for Recharging Handhelds

Tuning in to Noisy Interference

Vodafone Getting a $4.5B Windfall from Verizon Wireless

Uneven Temperature Can Lead to Electronic Whirlpools and Sideways Magnetic Fields

Flexible Nanowire Electronics That Can Attach to Any Material

Hot Electrons in Nitride Semiconductors

New Wave of Location-Based Apps Mark a 'Paradigm Shift'

Lawmaker Vows Look at China Trade "Abuses"

Samsung Electronics Profits Drop on Weak Semiconductor and Display Shipments

New Antimatter Weight Measurements Are Most Precise Yet

Google Acquires 1,030 Patents from IBM to Play Defense

New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole in Global Warming Alarmism (we've been scammed to the tune of trillion$)

Inventories at Highest Level Ever - Demand Down

Nokia Slips from #1 to #3 in Smartphone Sales

Manufacturing Report Highlights Lost Confidence in Economy

U.S. Q1 GPD Was 0.4% (let's just borrow more money from our kids - that'll fix it)


Russia Plans to Sink the International Space Station in 2020

NSA Lawyer Questioned Over Cellphone Location Tracking of Americans

FAA Report - New Cellular Network Could Lead to Hundreds of Deaths

Study Finds No Cancer Link with Kids, Cellphones (here we go again)

DIDO Promises Wireless Breakthroughs

Blimp Experiment Falls Flat

Consumers are Not Using Cell Phones to Listen to Radio (so why mandate FM chips?)

Officials Balk at Proposed $800B in Military Budget Cuts

We Are Not Alone (this is pretty cool!)

Gig U Project Seeks University/ Carrier Collaboration to Deploy Ultra-HS nNetworks

Mobile Infrastructure LTE Revenues to Reach $8B by 2015

Nanowires Allow Electrical Signals to Be Produced from Mechanical Actions

Smartphone Sales to Top 420M in 2011, 28% of Handset Market

China vs. U.S.: The Cyber Cold War is Raging

RFID-Controlled Wall of Beer Lets Patrons Draw Their Drinks

WiMAX Network Being Deployed in Zimbabwe (who's paying for it? we are)

Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals Shine

ST-Ericsson to Close R&D Sites

Tiny Flying Machines Inspired by Nature Will Revolutionize Surveillance Work

Alma Radio Telescope Facility Open for Business


A Goat Walks into an Apple Store ...

Boeing, BAE to Build 'Laser Machine Gun'

GE, Which Paid $0 in 2010 U.S. Taxes, Moving X-Ray Business to China (hmmm, isn't Immelt POTUS's shadow?)

Japanese Researchers Develop EV Motor Not Reliant on Rare Earth Metals

94% of U.S. Mobile News Sites Do Not Meet Consumers' Expectations

The Lighter Side of Lab Life

Army Exercise Tests Communications on the Move

New Invisibility Cloak Hides Objects from Human View

Advanced Reactor Gets Closer to Reality

UK Smartphone Users Try to Ignore Mobile Adverts

Dolphins' 'Sixth Sense' Helps Them Feel Electric Fields (I can feel them them hair stands on end)

ARRL Official Observers Team with FCC to Solve Rogue Keyer Problem on 17 Meters

Self-Healing, Self-Cooling, Metamaterials

Colleges Join Plan for Faster Computer Networks

3D Technologies Are Underused in Astronomy

Andover, Mass. Has Fastest Data in U.S., Pocatello, Ida., Slowest

ISPs 'Still Mislead' on Broadband

RadioShack Dumping T-Mobile USA As a Sales Partner

TAM to Offer Wi-Fi Connections in International Flights

Saturn’s Water Spewed from Icy Moon, 14-Year Mystery Solved


Extremely Fast Moving Smartphones May Have to Shut Down GPS Receivers

Counterfeiting of Military Technology Is Putting Troops Lives at Risk

Researchers Create Transparent and Flexible Lithium-Ion Battery

Action Urged on Mobile 'Notspots'

Physicists Recreate 'End of Time" in Lab (how can you recreate something that hasn't happened yet?)

Low-Tech Internet Scams Harvest Billion$$$

Android Phone Returns Eroding Sales Gains?

Customer Care Phone Call Results in Ambulance Emergency

Gyroscope's Unexplained Acceleration May Be Due to Modified Inertia

Satellite Services Contracts Will Trim Costs for Defense Buyers

GPS: A Fatally Misleading Travel Companion

China Steps up Web Monitoring, Driving Many Wi-Fi Users Away

Does a Cop Have a Right to Your Smartphone?

Majority of Consumers Will Purchase New iPhone (not moi)

8 Small Telcos Ink Deals to Evaluate New Broadband Wireless Technology

Collaboration Develops Wireless Charging System for Race Cars

Cheap Plastic Made from Sugarcane (vs. petrol)

Motorola Losing out in 3G Claims Lawsuit

Alien Life May Not Exist After All

Walter Reed Army Medical Center to Close After 102 Years (more Americana gone - noticing a trend here?)


Blackberry Maker RIM to Cut 2,000 Jobs in N. America sad times :-(

'Guerilla Activist' Releases 18,000 Scientific Papers

Major Step Toward Creating Faster Electronics Using Graphene

ARISSat-1 Test and Launch

Study Exposes Habit Formation in Smartphone Users

3-D Photonic GaAs Crystals with Electro-Optic Properties

Scientists See Hope for Higgs Boson Hunt

Photonic Crystal Could Lead to Improved Solar Cells and Lasers

Job Seekers, Social Media is Your New PR Firm

Physicists Offer Countermeasure to New Quantum Eavesdropping Attack

China Suspends 2 of 5 Fake Apple Stores in 1 City

Young Start-Ups Shaping Egypt's Future

Mobile Web Users Want Speed, and They Aren’t Getting It

Hungarian Networks to Jointly Develop NFC Standards

Carbon Nanofibers to Improve Lithium-Air Batteries

The Astroclip Is an iPhone 4 Clip for Astrophotography


John Deere Fights Against Cell Towers That Disrupt GPS (farmers w/pitchforks!)

Computer Beats PC Game After Reading Manual

USPTO Signs MoU with China’s Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government

German National Cyber Security Center Attacked by Hackers (modern irony, à la firehouse burning down)

Scientists Close In on Holy Grail of Physics


EV Sets Record at Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Internet and Texting Pushing Voice Calls Down the Mobile Usage Chart

State of the Intellectual Property (IP) Union

As Nokia Reports €500M Loss, Will Apple Soon Deliver the Killer Blow?

802.11n-Enabled CE Unit Shipments to Increase 465% from 2010 to 2015

Mobile Devices Save Lives in Emergencies

VC Funding Slips Slightly in Q2

Microsoft Revenues Hit a Record as Xbox Sales Soar

Beijing Develops Pulse Weapons

Smartphone Making Your Eyes Tired?

Nokia Launches Online NFC Store

Motorola Should Cash in Its Valuable Wireless Patents

We Still Want U.S. to Dominate Space, Poll Finds

China to Issue 4G Licenses When Technology Ready

Spider Silk Glue Inspires Next-Generation Technology

Ericsson Sees Slight U.S. Slow-Down Despite Solid Mobile, Services Outlook

Automakers Hope to Make Money on Used EV Batteries

Experts Develop Nanoscale 'Containers'

Return of Mass Layoffs a Grim Sign for U.S. Workers

U.S. Taxpayers Lose $1.3B on Chrysler Bailout (probably much more)


Report Finds Rising Pay in Science and Tech Jobs

IEEE to Develop Standards for Calculating Mobile Phone Emission Levels

Shape-Changing Liquid Metal Antenna Could Lead to Responsive Electronic Devices

At Small Scales, Tug-of-War Between Electrons Can Lead to Magnetism

Researchers Conquer Carbon Nanotube Catch-22

Army Builds Smart-Phone Doctrine Physicists at Fermilab Discover New Subatomic Particle

America's Manned Space Transportation Era Comes to an End (an awful lot of America ending these days)

Scientists Find Way to Stabilize Nanometals for Use in Vehicles

ARRL Soliciting Stations to Become Emergency Liaison Stations

Pure Nanotubes by the Kilo

Decoding DNA with Semiconductors

Study Says the Mobile Web Disappoints Consumers

NI Wireless Sensors Harvest the Power of Vibration

Researchers Develop System That Resists 'Quantum Bug'

Nokia: No Mobile Wallet Support in Current NFC Phones

Intel Reports Record Sales

Fake Apple Stores Found in China

U.S. Consumers Relying on Credit for Basic Necessities (just like the gov't)

Unemployment Benefits Rise as Job Growth Falters - 15th Week >400k


Graphene Film Could Generate Electricity from Flowing Water

Strongest 'Split Magnet' Built in the U.S.

Near-Field Communications Has Far-Reaching Effects

One Ham Killed, Another Seriously Injured in Tower Accident

S. Korean Students Ditch Paper for Digital Books

Japanese Researchers Develop Method for Printing Single Crystal Thin-Film Transistors

The Next Transistor: Planar, Fins, and SOI at 22 nm

DOD Must Shift to Technological Construct Despite Budget Woes

Conducting Energy on a Nano Scale: Are 'Doped' Nanocrystals the Future of Technology?

Google Now Checks Your Computer for Malware (...and that's all, right?)

Researchers Find Potential Key for Unlocking Biomass Energy

Energy Department to Install Fuel Cells at 8 Military Posts

Police Arrest 'Hackers' in U.S., UK, Netherlands

Most Drivers with Cell Phones Use Them While Driving Even Though They Know It Is Unsafe

SF Tries Again with Cell Phone Radiation Law

Euro Meltdown: Sarkozy Crisis Talks with Merkel ($ & € cure: stop supporting lazy & subversive people)

Tiny New Moon Found Circling Distant Pluto

Law Enforcement to Begin iPhone Iris Scans Amid Privacy Concerns

Pensmore: The Mega Mansion You Probably Never Heard Of (somebody still has $$$)

Postmaster Says Days are Numbered for Saturday Mail Delivery (sounds like a plan to me)


Idiot Copper Thief Gets Zapped by 480 V Line

Philadelphia to Crack Down on Texting Oblivions (the City of Brotherly Shove)

Copper Thief Found Dead; 3,000 Lose Power

Lawmakers Urge Panetta to Cancel Workforce Freeze Plans (wouldn't want to stem the growth of Govt.)

Employees Willing to Cut Pay to Work from Home

Graphene Gives Up More of Its Secrets

Plans for Fourth Mobile Network in South Korea

Sorting Out the LightSquared GPS Interference Mess

Heated AFM Tip Allows Direct Fabrication of Ferroelectric Nanostructures on Plastic

Giant Russian RadioAstron Telescope Reaches Orbit

IBM Earnings Dodge Europe's Debt Crisis

Did WW III Already Start?

How Orbiting Satellite Electronics are Becoming More Than the Sum of Their Parts

EU Commission Warns 20 Countries over Late Implementation of New Telecom Regulations (there are only 27 in the EU)

Nokia Basic Phones More Profitable Than Smartphones

Cisco Increases Job Cuts to 6,500

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Returns Close-Up Image of Giant Asteroid Vesta

New Graphene Discovery Boosts Oil Exploration Efforts, Could Enable Self-Powered Microsensors

Last Chance to See a Shuttle in Night Sky … Ever


Philips Dims Outlook After Shock €1.3B Loss

Advanced Light Source Uncovers Colossal Conductivity Changes in a Special Material

Cornell Team Builds Space-Time Invisibility Cloak

Physicists Take Steps Toward Delivering Quantum Information to the Home

BBC to Survey UK Mobile Coverage

Apple Overtakes Nokia for Mobile Ad Impressions in Europe

Silicon-Based Thermal Grease Targets Bond Lines Down to 1 Mil

Mobile Devices to Lead Consumer Electronics Growth

How China Stopped Spam and Malware Distribution on Its Domains

DARPA Seeks New Radio Communications Waveforms and Hardware to Safeguard Military Communications

Radioactive Decays Ignite Half of Earth's Heat

A Wireless Heart Pump

Sears.com Accidentally Prices iPad at $69

HTC Says Ruling Finds It Violated 2 Apple Patents

Army Sets Its Sights on Satellite Terminals

RF & Power Electronics Opportunities for GaN Market Growth

Graphene Is a Special Kind of Semimetal

Boeing Runs Hard in New Space Race

Half of Earth's Internal Heat Comes from Radioactive Decay

Scrap Metal Thieves May Have Stolen Warhead Parts


Dawn Spacecraft  Enters Orbit at Vesta Asteroid After 4 Years of Journey (utterly amazing)

Recording May be Edison's First Talking Doll

Chinese Smartphone Shipments to Jump 53% This Year

New Hamp. Electric Co. Offers $10k Reward over Copper Thefts

SpaceX Readies to Launch World's Most Powerful Rocket

Return of the Gold Standard as World Order Unravels


Graphite + Water = The Future of Energy Storage

DARPA's Satellite Cluster Project Enters Design Phase

Google Bad for the Brain, Recall, Study Says

Sony Ericsson Sales Down a Third - Plunges Back into Financial Loss

'Armchair' Nanotubes Could Improve Power Grid's Efficiency

New Spin Revealed on Mysterious Antimatter

U.S. Moves Closer to 5-Year Ban on New Cell Phone Taxes

The Tipping Point for M2M and NFC – Are We Ready for the Bad Guys?

Navies to Float Science Robots in Pirate Waters

Amazon Takes on California

MIT Researchers Grow Nanomaterials Using Liquid Process

NASA Finds New Ways to Measure Magnetism Around the Sun

High Stockpiles Could Lead to Manufacturing Slowdown

Google+ Users are Nearly All Male (guys are more often early adopters; i.e., risk takers)

Older Packaging Tech Breathes Life into Automobile MEMS Sensors

Apple's iPhone 5 Delays Due to Overheating Processor

Rethinking the Shuttle: Carrying People, and Cargo

Pentagon Admits Suffering Major Cyberattack in March

Astronauts Fix Shuttle Computer

Gold Approaching $1,600/oz as Dollar About to Be Devalued Again (more hope & change)


Minn. Wi-Fi Hacker Gets 18 Years in Prison for Terrorizing Neighbors

Deep-Space Radio System Could Boost Satellite Communication

Tomorrow's Transistor, Built Atom by Atom

How to Grow Nanowires and Tiny Plates

Hacking Group Uses Vodafone Femtocells to Record Other Peoples' Phone Calls

Samsung Study Rejects Cancer Claims

Spelling Mistakes 'Cost Millions' in Lost Online Sales

U.S. to Let Everyday Drivers Test Advanced Wireless Auto Safety Technology

Comcast Bans Man from Internet for Using Too Much Data

Modified Carbon Nanotubes Can Store Solar Energy Indefinitely, Then Be Recharged by Exposure to the Sun

11 Years Ago, the Bastille Day Solar Storm Raged

ARRL Executive Committee Approves Grants for Six Schools

Golden Age of Spacewalks is Ending

Iraqi Terrorists Targeting Base Stations in Mosul

A New Direction for Digital Compasses

Apple Pays S. Korean User Compensation over iPhone Tracking

One of 75 New Microsoft Stores is Coming to a Mall Near You

Structural Origin of 'Hidden State' in Manganite Thin Film Revealed by ps Time-Resolved X-Ray Diffraction

ISS Science Research Outsourced to Nonprofit Organization

Army Wants Industry Ideas on How to Defeat UAVs with Missiles, Lasers, or Hunter-Killer UAVs


States Pass New Laws in Face of Copper Thefts Trend

Ofcom Tests 70 cm Band in Advance of 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London

How Facebook Secretly Aids Government Searches (duh, who would have guessed - they're tight w/WH)

Rechargeable Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Get a Boost from Graphene

Gartner Reports Startups Growth Has Potential

Smart Monitors Benefit from RF Energy Harvesting (aren't all receiver systems are RF energy harvesters?)

To Rebound, RIM Courts the Carriers

Broadband Support to Wales from UK Will Rise to £57M

U.S. Regulator Tightens Rules for Locating a Mobile Phone in an Emergency

FCC: Time to Crack Down on Unauthorized Phone Charges

Most Cellphone Voice Mail is Vulnerable to Hackers

Imec Demos Implant-Free Quantum-Well SiGe pFETs

New York Fab Ready for Kit

Third of iPhone Owners Think Their Phone is a 4G Model

Transport for London to Accept NFC Payments Beginning 2012

SpaceX to Begin Groundbreaking in California

Scientists Move Closer to the Industrial Synthesis of Sepiolite

Automakers Give Flywheels a Spin

The Trouble with Green Product Ratings


Germany's RFID-Based Automotive Network Gets Rolling

UK Lawyers Warned Not to Accidentally Call Mobile Phones in a Prison

Split Research In Motion in Two, RBC Analyst Urges

Launch of Globalstar Satellites Postponed

Where Have America's Jobs Gone?

Space Junk Solution in the Works

HTC Status 'Facebook' Phone Coming July 17

RIP: Palm 1992-2011

SEMI Forecast Sees 12% Tool Sales Growth

Chinese Startup Improves Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries

Booz Allen Hamilton Hacked - 90,000 Military E-Mails Stolen

NASA to Test Robot Gas Attendants for Satellites (this is cool)

Smartphones and Tablets Are Only Good for Unimportant Tasks

Pittman Declared Most Powerful in Radio

Update: Report Cisco Could Cut up to 10,000 Jobs; 14% of Staff

U.S. Astronauts Set for Last Spacewalk of Shuttle Era

Lightweight Rugged Aluminum Connectors for Low-Pressure Avionics Applications Introduced by ITT

Apple Loses Senior iPhone Patent Attorney

Bill Introduced to Aid Domestic Production of Lithium for Batteries (good in theory, but it'll be corruptly mismanaged)

MS Tells Customers to Dump Windows XP Before Support Runs Out


How Engineering Progress Precipitates Crime (author thinks you might be complicit in criminal activity because you invent)

Tech Companies: Undervalued or Not?

Iridium Approved by FAA for Oceanic ATC Communications

Europe’s Mobile Operators to Create Common NFC Logo

Several Tech Companies Make 'Most Hated' List

China Aiming High in Space as U.S. Shuttle Program Winds Down (U.S. losing lead in everything - keep voting for Rs & Ds who kill economy w/debt, regulations, handouts to lazy bums)

Graphene: What Can Go Wrong?

U.S. Venture Fundraising up 20% in First Half of 2011

VA Likely to Endorse Use of iPhones, iPads, Android Devices

India's Etisalat DB Reportedly Hit with $1.6B Fine

Eye of Gaia: Billion-Pixel Camera to Map Milky Way

iPhone, iPad Users: Watch out for Malicious PDF Files

Study Says Text Messaging While Driven Proven to Increase Risk of Road Accident

Chip Market Shrinking YoY

Chip Inventory Continues to Build

Verizon Wireless Grabs 32% of iPhone 4 Market in Five Months

Cisco: 5,000 Job Cuts Coming?

Radio's Most Powerful Unveiled Today

James Webb Telescope Funding in Danger


Circular Antenna Shrinks Phone Component

College2Startup Wants to Connect Startups to Best Young Talent

Structural Transformations Within Single Nanocrystals Observed

Rogers Switches on Ottawa LTE Network

>½ of U.S. Households Paid $0 Income Tax in 2009, 30% Actually Made $$$ from IRS.(Senate Finance Committee)


NASA's Space Shuttle Blasts Off... for the Last Time Ever (... w/no manned space program in the works. Are we doomed as a country?)

U.S. Lawmakers Vote to Kill Hubble Successor (morons - need money for bailouts)

Scientists Fight Effort to Redefine Time

Cell Phones Distract Drivers Even When Banned

NASA: Lightning Strikes Near Atlantis

Ford Sued over Patents for System That Allows Drivers to Connect Electronic Devices

Congress Looks to Tackle Abusive E-Waste Exporting

Will Femtocells Evolve into the Small Cells of the Future?

Judges Say It’s Okay to Use GPS to Track a Cheating Spouse

MIT Spinout Unveils New More Powerful Direct-Diode Laser

German Regulator Starts Preparations for GSM900 License Renewals in 2016

Coating Boosts Nanowire Efficiency and Sensitivity

Thinner iPhone with Bigger Camera Readies for September (but will the antenna work?)

U.S. Internet Providers to Act Against Online Pirates

Juno's Propulsion System Ready to Fly

Wales' First Solar Park Powers up in Pembrokeshire

Prototype 'Optics Table on a Chip' Places Microwave Photon in Two Colors at Once

Grant to Ready Plasma Thruster Engine for Spaceflight (originally Marvin the Martian's idea)

Shortlist Announced for Broadband InfoVision Awards 2011

TSA Agent Caught with Passenger's iPad in His Pants


Hg Vapor Released from Broken CFLs Can Exceed Safe Exposure Levels for Humans

Bluetooth SIG Adds Apple and Nordic Semiconductor to Board of Directors

Mathematical Theory May Make "Spintronics" Possible

Ofcom to Use Free Airwaves for Rural Broadband

Building Nanostructures the MIT Way

Ambient Electromagnetic Energy Harnessed for Small Electronic Devices

Fastest Global Broadband Growth Since 2009

TI’s Small Cell Chips Win Big at Femto Forum Industry Awards

Microsoft Wants $15 for Every Samsung Android Device Sold

UK Leads Mobile Commerce World: 91% Have Engaged in Mobile Commerce

Tangled Nanotubes Make Speedy Transistors

Hackers Exploit Flaws to Jailbreak iPhone and iPad

Solar Cells That See Red

HTC and Sony Ericsson Sued over Location Based Services Patents

Facebook Readies a Blitz of New Products (engineers working "voluntary" overtime - yeah, we all know about that)

WiMAX Forum® Celebrates 10 Years of Driving Broadband Innovation

Startups, Multi-Nationals Drive Innovation in India

FCC Issues Citation to Canadian Company for Marketing Unauthorized Devices in U.S.

NASA Spacecraft Offers Detailed Views of Saturn's Great White Spot

Chicagoland Thieves Stealing Entire AC Units for Recycle $$$


Ofcom Draws up UK Broadband Map

Scientists Drag Light by Slowing It to Speed of Sound

Former Flextronics Director Pleads Guilty to Leaking Apple iPhone Secrets

Magnetic Microprocessors Could Use Million Times Less Energy Than Today's Silicon Chips

Another Hollywood Blockbuster Features Amateur Radio

U.S. Customers Bypassing Windows Phones

GPS IIIB Satellites Hit Design Milestone

Verizon Ends Unlimited Data Plan

Ultrafast Switch for Superconductors

Capex Declining for U.S. Carriers

Europe Proposes More Caps on the Cost of Overseas Roaming

Zinc Oxide Nanowire Lasers Boost DVD Storage Capacity

RADA's Radar for Active Protection Systems Successfully Completes Tests

Software to Save Russia's Semiconductors Push

U.S. Providers' Broadband Ambitions Still Unfulfilled

ESA Builds Largest Digital Camera for Gaia Mission

Are You 1 of the 2 in 3 Americans Who Still Doesn't Use a Smartphone? (yes, I am)

Israel to Get Electric Car Battery Swap Stations

Five Reasons Microsoft Office 365 Should Be Taken Seriously

Illegal's Girfriend Tries to Sneak Him out of Jail in Suitcase (she must be a bruiser)


Smartphones Making It Harder to Leave Work Behind

Wireless-by-Satellite Venture Might Cause GPS Interference

Finnish Regulator Permits Mobile Network Tests in 800 MHz Spectrum

Acquisitions Cool Down as IPOs Heat Up

Sulfur Breakthrough Significantly Boosts Lithium Battery Capacity

Nokia Cuts Smartphone Prices

SIA Sees Mediocre Semiconductor Sales Ahead

Mobile Payments Projected to Reach $670B Market by 2015

Forget iPhone 5, Samsung Sells 3M Galaxy S IIs in Just 55 Days

Fake Police Stealing Phones in UK City

Army's Software-Defined Radios to Test New Waveforms

Nighttime Lights Clarify Economic Activity

Will Facebook Destroy Your Job Search?

Google+ Includes Support for NFC Tag Reading

Many Smartphone Customers Are Still Up for Grabs

Smarter Systems for the Smart Grid

AT&T Will Insure Your iPhone for $4.99/Month

'Awesome' Facebook Announcement Coming Wednesday

Georgian President's Son Breaks World Record for Fastest Typing on iPad

Not Much "Skin in the Game" at the WH


Judge Who Doesn't Understand Technology Says WiFi Is Not a Radio Communication

Mathematics Powers Google Wireless Patent Auction Strategy

The First Worldwide Anti-PowerPoint-Party Founded (APPP - Bob Pease would be smiling)

FCC: Training on NEPA and Historic Preservation Rules

Japan Finds Rare Earths in Pacific Seabed

TW Telecom Asks FCC to Declare VOIP a Telecommunications Service

Skills Gap Leaves Employers Without Workers in Pipeline (what, knowing how to Tweet continuously isn't enough?)

Moore's Law Struggling to Keep Up

USA Mulls a Nationwide Ban on Driving While Holding a Mobile Phone

Smartphones Make up Majority of New Handsets Bought in U.S.

The Era of Mass Internet Attacks is Over

U.S. Claims All .com and .net Websites Are in Its Jurisdiction

South Korea Promises Paperless Schools by 2015

Microsoft to Partner with China’s Leading Search Engine

Nokia Pulling out of Japanese Phone Market by August

Rush to Spend 4th in Joplin Missouri

Air Force Launches ORS-1 Prototype Satellite

Mirror Polishing Completed for James Webb Space Telescope

Down on the 4th of July: the United States of Gloom


The Surprisingly Scientific Flash Behind the Fireworks

Microsoft Captures Just 1% of U.S. Smartphone Sales with Windows Phone 7

Telescope Shows Flaws in Quantum Gravity Theory (or maybe q-gravity exposing flaws in telescope?)

New WiFi Tech Could Double Your Phone’s Battery Life

IBM's Blue Gene Retains World's "greenest" Supercomputer Crown (Google needs one - they're very un-green)Brazil Government Firms, Seal Cheaper Broadband Deal

Infancy of Universe Seen in Brightest Quasar Yet


Happy Canada Day! Apple, Microsoft and Sony Raid Canada's National Treasure

‘Nanocrystal Doping’ Results in Semiconductor Nanocrystals with Enhanced Electrical Function

Why Manufacturing Matters

Japanese Material Scientists Develop New Superelastic Alloy

First Tweets over White Space Spectrum Achieved

Ronald Reagan Enters Radio Hall of Fame

Wi-Fi 'napping' Doubles Phone Battery Life

LightSquared Lashes Back at GPS Industry

Researchers Image Graphene Electron Clouds, Revealing How Folds Can Harm Conductivity

U.S. IPOs Stall in Q2, But LinkedIn Leads Hot Internet Stocks

Hackers Steal Personal Military Data in Gannett Breach

Phishers Have Found a New Use for Google Docs -- Stealing Your Identity

Navy Eyes Cooperative Shipboard Radar Systems to Counter Heavy Missile and Ballistic Missile Attacks

Livermore Lab Opens Door to Supercomputers

'Dirty Hack' Restores Cluster Mission from Near Loss

Deutsche Telekom Awards Custom NFC SIM Development Contract

IBM Scientists Demonstrate Computer Memory Breakthrough

How Aircraft Can Create Extra Rain And Snow (maybe that explains all the snow here in Erie)

Chess Champ Stripped of Titles for 'Performance-Enhancement'

Fed's Massive Stimulus Had Little Impact: Greenspan (money went to states to not lay off gov't employees)

Innovative Power Products Resistors Terminations

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RF Cafe began life in 1996 as "RF Tools" in an AOL screen name web space totaling 2 MB. Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The World Wide Web (Internet) was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems blazed along at 14.4 kbps while tying up your telephone line, and a nice lady's voice announced "You've Got Mail" when a new message arrived...

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All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other rights of ownership to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

All trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other rights of ownership to images and text used on the RF Cafe website are hereby acknowledged.

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