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Terahertz Polarizer Nears Perfection

EU Probes Samsung over Possible Patent Rights 'Abuse'

Copper Gains on Greek Debt Talks Hope, Firmer Euro

WTO Rules in Favor of EU Against China's Export Restraints on Raw Materials

Solar Winds May Help Remove Space Junk from Orbit (neato!)

Perfect Nanotubes Shine Brightest

Private Snoops Find GPS Trail Legal to Follow

YoY Handset Shipment Growth of 11% in Q4 takes 2011 to 1.55B Units

Touchscreen Uses Scatter, Works with Gloves, or Anything

W1AW (ARRL HQ) Gets New Antennas

LTE Expected to Dominate Wireless Infrastructure Spending by 2013

More Northern Lights Sky Shows Coming from Solar Storms

Ocean Motion Could Produce 9% of U.S. Electricity (makes more sense than solar & wind)

Political Borders Hamper Global Cyber Defense Efforts

Raytheon to Develop Pulsed Power System for U.S. Navy

Motorola RAZR: Longest Lasting 4G Smartphone

Tellabs Cuts More Jobs Chasing Profitability

Russia Blames Radiation for Space Probe Failure

TSA Discovers Pipe Bomb at LaGuardia (reports it 6 hours later)


Rare Metals Shortage Could Threaten High-Tech Innovation

A New Discovery Answers Old Question About Mott Insulator

PR Firm Notes People Use Phones in Toilets - Suggests an Opportunity

Graphene Competitor Used to Make Circuits

Survey Shows Half of U.S. Retailers Have Already Adopted Item-Level RFID (seems like just yesterday Walmart was testing it)

Astronomers Solve Mystery of Vanishing Electrons in Earth's Outer Radiation Belt

Youth@HamRadio.Fun: New Year, New Goals, More Calculus

Nice Retailers Use NFC to Attract Shoppers (that's in France)

Kitchen Gadget Inspires Scientist to Make More Effective Plastic Electronics

Nanotube Growth Theory Experimentally Confirmed

Scientists Demonstrate Silicone Rubber Has Self-Healing Ability

Facebook Raises Security Concerns for the Military

Prions More Mobile Than Thought

Croatia Reintroduces Mobile Revenues Tax

Philips Swings to Loss as Europe's Economy Falters

Facebook 'To Go Public with $10B Share Offering'

Key Rambus Patent Invalidated by U.S. Patent Office

BlackBerry Under Siege in Europe

No Relief in Rising Gasoline Prices as Refineries Shut Down (gas was #1.85/gal in Jan 2009)


North Korea Makes Mobile Phone Users 'War Criminals' (totalitarianism is great - no Constitution, no Congress to bypass)

AT&T Chief Slams FCC for T-Mobile Deal, Spectrum Policy

Invisibility Cloak a Sight for Sore Eyes

Maryland Wants to Tax Apps, e-Books, Other Downloads

Europe's Lost Generation - Unemployment for Young at Record High (blame politicians & judges - they control everything)


'Super Wi-Fi' Blankets First County in U.S.

Battery Maker Ener1, a DOE Grant Recipient, Goes Bankrupt (U.S. to be a Spain redux?)

Waning Support for Wind and Solar

Cold Plasma Layer Detected High above Earth

Supercomputers Take a Cue from Microwave Ovens

Lab Team Develops Capability for Atomistic Simulations

Troubled Joint Radio Program Has Many Positives

Engineering Salaries on the Rise

Nintendo to Include NFC in Its Next Games Console

Samsung Profits Boosted by Smartphone Sales

New Study Shows Prions Able to Jump Between Species More Easily Than Thought

Intel Science Teen Talent Search Names Top 40 Finalists

German Court Rejects Another Samsung Patent Claim Against Apple

Smartphone Programme for British Police Was Not Cost Efficient

Nanomechanical Loudspeaker Could Detect Faint Electrical Signals

Bus-Sized Asteroid to Give Earth Close Shave Friday

Northrop Grumman and U.S. Navy Test Autonomous Aerial Refueling for Unmanned Combat Air System

2011 GDP: 1.7% (yup, looks like we've turned that corner)

36 WH Aides Owe $833k in Back Taxes, Fed Employees Owe $3.4B, Congress Owes $10.6B

"I Want to Pay More Taxes" Buffett's Rail Line to Benefit Big-Time by Canada Pipeline Rejection (BerkHath owes $1B in back taxes)


Smallest-Ever Nanotube Transistors Outperform Silicon

NI Looks Toward Next-Generation Wi-Fi Chipset Tests

Engineers Install Longest Urban Superconductor Cable in History

Silicon Valley Salaries Top $100 000 (only now?)

In China, Human Costs Are Built into an iPad

First Atomic X-Ray Laser Created

AT&T Plunges into a Deep Loss on Failed T-Mobile Bid and Pension Costs

'Cloaking' a 3-D Object from All Angles Demonstrated

Record: Laser Heats Matter to 2 Million Degrees

The World's Most Intelligent Cities

Crystallizing the Future of Oxide Materials

Boeing GPS IIF Satellites Assembled Using 'Pulse' Manufacturing Technique

Speed Limit on the Quantum Highway

For NASA, It's a Day to Honor Fallen Astronauts

Russian Cargo Spaceship Heads Toward ISS

Recycled iPhone 5 Rumors Miss the Point

More College Freshmen See Getting Good Job as Key Goal

Can Tablets Give You a Pain in the Neck?

FBI Plans Social Network Map Alert Mash-Up Application

Fans Would Miss Work or a Child's Birth to Attend the Super Bowl


Researchers Find Bilayer Graphene Acts as Insulator

Super Bowl Gets Social-Media Command Center

Amateurs Asked to Listen for RS-39 Satellite

For Newcomers in Silicon Valley, the Dream of Entrepreneurship Still Lives

Ericsson Quarterly Profits Down by Two-Thirds

Waste Light Captured from a Mobile Could Charge Its Battery (um, waste light?)

Schools to Teach Mobile Apps Programming Skills

Real Benefits of Scientific Research Measured

A Look at Recent Tech-Industry Earnings

Solar Storm Brings Fireworks, But Few Problems

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope Earns Milestone

Next-Gen Tech Offers Best Answer to Military Budget Dilemma

How to Avoid 'Bill Shock' from Smartphone Use

Swedish Retailer Launches NFC Loyalty Programme

Breach of New EU Online Data Rules to Carry High Fines

Nokia Celebrates 1.5B Phones Running on S40 OS

Apple’s Profit Doubles on Holiday iPhone 4S Sales

Smartphone Owners Concerned and In the Dark About Mobile Security

Gartner Lowers PC Market Forecast for 2012

Magnaglobal Predicts Radio Revenue to Decline in 2012


Alert! Huge Solar Eruption Sparks Strongest Radiation Storm in 7 Years

Solar Radiation Storm Sweeps over Earth

Researchers Devise New Means for Creating Elastic Conductors

The Push For a Space Code of Conduct

World Radiocommunication Conference 2012 Begins Today in Switzerland, Will Consider Secondary MF Amateur Allocation

Extreme Thinness of Graphene Makes It 'Invisible' to Water

Cambridge Pixel Has PCI Express-Based Radar Card

Stanford Takes Online Schooling to the Next Academic Level

Supreme Court Rules: Warrant Needed for GPS Tracking

Over Half of Public Wi-Fi Users Do Not Check if Wi-Fi is Encrypted (oblivions don't know what it is)

Coupling a Supercapacitor with a Small Energy Harvesting Source

Babies are Born with 'Intuitive Physics' Knowledge

Judge Reportedly Orders Colorado Woman to Decrypt Laptop

Polish Websites to Go Dark to Protest ACTA

Scanner Approval May Lift Ban on Taking Liquids onto Aircraft

iPad a Solid Education Tool, Study Reports

U.S. Tests Whether Consumers Like Car-to-Car Communications

IMF Warns That Europe Poses Global Recession Threat

Car Dealers Refusing Delivery of Volts (nobody wants them - I'd buy one for $10k)


LightSquared Asserts Latest GPS Tests Rigged

Trial Shows Active Antenna Can Raise Cell Capacity 40%

London 2012: Olympics to Create 'Record' Wireless Spectrum Demand

Small Business Hiring Stalls as Economic Worries Linger

Theory Explains How New Material Could Improve Electronic Shelf Life

High-Tech Firms Find Fertile Turf in South Boston

How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work

Researchers Cool Semi Membrane by Laser Interaction

DARPA Awards Contract for Ad-Hoc Smart Phone Network

Commercial Adoption of Gold Nanoparticles May Be Closer

Solar Weather Sparks Super Night Sky Sights

Evidence Shows Chinese Solar Companies Sell Below Cost

Research In Motion's (RIM) Joint-CEO's Resign

Turkcell Launches NFC Payments on BlackBerry Phones

Bucky Balls for Next-Generation Spintronics Devices

Startup Makes 'Wireless Router for the Brain'

Streamed TV Increasingly Popular in the UK

Massive Capex Spend from Intel, Samsung, TSMC Will Skew Industry Dynamics

Nokia Siemens Secures €1.2B Loan

How Neutrons Might Escape into Another Universe (sneaky bugger)


Bankrupt Solyndra Shown Destroying $$$Millions Worth of Brand New Parts

Hungary Mobile Companies Get Small Chunks of 900 MHz Band

Microsoft Posts Record Revenue

How a Diamond Is Like a Champagne Cork

Congress Withdraws SOPA, PIPA Anti-Piracy Measures


Venture Capital Investments Up 19% in 4Q

Commercial Adoption of Gold Nanoparticles May Be Closer

Inaugural Vega Mission Ready for Liftoff

Ericsson to Get Royalties from Patent Deal with ZTE

Vodafone Wins $2.2B Indian Tax Dispute

Almost Perfect: Researcher Nears Creation of Superlens

Research Team Creates Photoelectrowetting Circuit

At $400B, Apple is Worth More Than Greece

Hackers Retaliate over Megaupload Website Shutdown

Europe's Telcos No Haven with the Wolf at the Door

Deadline Approaching for IEEE "How Engineers Make a World of Difference" Online Video Scholarship Competition

USAF Launches New Military Communications Satellite

Prosecution for Man Who Claimed His Mobile Phone Was Stolen in Violent Robbery

ZTE, Microsoft Partner to Tackle UK Smartphone Market

FM Radio Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore

SDO Helps Measure Magnetic Fields on the Sun's Surface


UN Sets Stage for Blazing Fast New Mobile Devices (we need UN approval???)

162M People Saw Wikipedia Blacked Out

Demonstration of Actuation-at-a-Distance Effect for Labs on a Chip

Japanese Company Develops Silver Ink That Requires No Heat to Harden

The GSM Phone That Lasts 15 Years on a Single AA Battery

Boeing to Produce More Wideband Global SATCOM Satellites for USAF

Solar Magnetic Fields Brought Under Close Scrutiny

Want Jobs? Upgrade Your Wireless Network

British Team Devises Method for Separating Carbon Nanotubes Cheaply

Sony Ericsson Plunges into Loss for the Fourth Quarter

FCC: 2nd Quarter Report of Inquiries and Complaints for 2011

Montana Students Pick Winning Names for Moon Craft

Fourth Boeing Wideband Global SATCOM Satellite Ready for Liftoff

Penn Forecasts 8% Semi Growth This Year; Could Be 20%

Carbonation Brings Diamonds to Surface

Apple Isn’t the Only Disruptor: How Amazon Is Killing Publishers

What Scientists Under Pressure Can Learn from Spock (he's holding a Jeppesen E6B flight computer)

Road Safety Agency Urged to Add Expertise in Electronics Systems

Cost Falls to Offset Chinese Tech Labour Inflation

SOPA Proves: Hollywood Hates Your Freedom


Wikipedia Is Dark Today to Protest SOPA

SOPA: Sites Go Dark As Part of Anti-Piracy Law Protests

Savvy Web Surfers Finding Ways to Circumvent Wikipedia Blackout

Counterfeit Chip R&D Launched for DoD Suppliers

Researchers Uncover Transparency Limits on Transparent Conducting Oxides

Nearly 3/4 of Businesses Admit Mobile Devices Have Increased Security Incidents

Do Not Buy an iPad Made of Clay

The Faster-Than-Fast Fourier Transform

Immigration Reform Poised to Move in 2012

Cellphone Makers Can Expect Poor Reception in 2012

Russian Scientists Mock U.S. Radar Theory on Mars Probe (they think we zapped it)

Time May Be Up for the Leap Second

Lure of Cold Fusion Backfires

Seven Standards Bodies Form Global M2M Initiative

U.S. Willing to Work on Code of Conduct for Space Activities

Neutron Scattering Provides Window into Surface Interactions

Virgin Media in UK-Wide Broadband Failure

Job Happiness Not Enough for High Productivity

Really? IBM Predicts the End of the Digital Divide in 5 Years

Windows 8 to Offer Next-Gen File System


English Wikipedia Anti-SOPA Blackout on January 18

Bets Being Taken on SOPA Website Shutdowns

GaN Could Save U.S. Mobile Operators $2B Annually

Ink Enables Electronics to Be Printed on Flexible Substrates

5 Nations Expected to Join Wideband Satellite Effort

Quantum Uncertainty: Are You Certain, Mr. Heisenberg?

Cracking Open the Scientific Process

String Theorists Squeeze 9 Dimensions into 3 (back to the beginning)

Women Outnumber Men in Philippines for Mobile Data Usage

Steve Jobs Action Figure Pulled from Market

'Forbidden Colors' Do Exist

Samsung's $41B 2012 Investment Dwarfs Japanese Rivals' Spend

Scientists Predict an Out-of-This-World Kind of Ice

Metamaterials Generate Gecko-Like Adhesive Force

Colleges Slow to Adopt e-Books

Experiments May Serve as Microgravity Effects Model

First Private Rocket Launch to Space Station Delayed

Boeing to Build Ninth Wideband Global SATCOM Satellite in $376.5M USAF Contract


2012 - The Year of 802.11ac

Asia Wins Increasing Share of U.S. Patents

In Silicon Valley, the Ripe Scent of New Money

A New Breed of 4G Phones Emerges

Samsung Plans $1B Debt Sale to Fund U.S. Chip Plant

CES 2012: The End of Planned Obsolescence

Lonestar GSM Fined $500,000 Following 4-Hour Network Outage

Deep Thinkers List Science's 'Most Beautiful Theories'

Nano Research Could Impact Flexible Electronic Devices

Tiny Budget Spy Plane Made from PCBs

Slippery When Stacked: Theorists Quantify the Friction of Graphene

Army MARS Resumes Use of WinLink 2000

China's Internet Population Tops 500M

Android, iOS Will Comprise 74% of Smartphones

Intesa Sanpaolo Begins NFC Trial in Italy

Air Force Shifts UAS Operating Systems to Linux

Could Your Car Be Hacked?

Star Trek-Style 'Tricorder' Invention Offered $10M Prize

Hackers Zap Zappos: Info from 24M Users Stolen

Programming Prodigy Passes Away at 16 (sad story - she was an MS Certified Professional at age 9!)


Copper Thieves Battled with New Anti-Theft Telecoms Cable

USPTO: Nominations Sought for National Medal of Technology and Innovation

Space Station Dodges Space Junk from Satellite Crash

ATM Turns Your Old Phone into Cash

Nokia Sells Mobile Patents to Italy's Sisvel


Statistically Speaking, Is Friday the 13th Really Unlucky?

IBM Researchers Make 12-Atom Magnetic memory Bit

Beijing Apple Store Egged after New iPhone Delayed (OWS plants?)

Intel Muscles into Smartphones, Tablets

Radio Hams Seal Launch Deal for FUNcube Satellite

Taiwan Now the World's Leading Chip Maker

Particle-Free Silver Ink Prints Small, High-Performance Electronics

Wireless Devices Disrupt Family's Heating System

New Molecule Could Help Cool Planet

Electron Negativity Cut in Half by Supercomputer

Superbattery: The Next Great Triumph of Engineering

4G Vital to Handle 500% Traffic Growth, per Ofcom

Acacia Research Buying Wireless Patent Holder, Adaptix for $160M

Ericsson Seeks to Boost Patent Revenues

NFC Car Key Shown at CES

Government Department Calls for Subsidies on Phone Bills in Rural India

Russian Mars Probe to Crash Soon, with World Watching

A Miserable Holiday for PC Sales

Navy Readies for Chinese Power Grab on Shipping (your modern Navy - hope & change

Scarcity of Women Makes Men Spend More


FCC Calls for Free Hand in Spectrum Auctions

SMS Patent for Sale for $60M

Ofcom Boosts 4G Coverage Plan in Rural 'Not-Spots'

New Material Bests Silicon at Gadget Cooling

IBM Tops List of 2011 Patent Recipients

Dublin City University to Lead €3.75M Science Initiative

FCC Denies ARRL Petition on Vanity, Club Call Signs

Survey Suggests That UK Adults Undervalue Engineering

Improving the Performance of Electric Induction Motors

Windows Phone Backers Declare Mobile War

Boeing Begins NASA Solar Electric Propulsion Study

Work Bully Victims Struggle with Dangerous Stress (remember, they all own a butter knife and aren't afraid to use it)

Communications Sector Vital to Rebalancing the UK Economy

GaAs IC Market Growth Slows to 1% in 2011

Lockheed Martin to Start Building 3rd and 4th GPS III Satellites in $238.5M Deal

Boeing to Launch RFID Program for Airlines in February

Competition Encourages Young Women to Become Engineers

Critics See 'Disaster' in Expansion of Domain Names

Bankrupt Solyndra Seeking to Pay Bonuses (your tax dollars at work)

Fermi Releases Data on the Extremely High Energy Sky


Electronics Makers Have Worst Labor Practices of Any Industry (cheap product cost ≈ slave labor)

Smart Electricity Meters Can Be Used to Spy on Private Homes

Low-Priced Rival Pushes to Take Over France’s Mobile Phone Market

Broadcast Smut Gets Its Day in Court

Tablet Use in the UK Doubled over the Christmas Period

Broadcom Unveils NFC Technology for Sub-$100 Smartphones

Smaller and More Powerful Electronics Requires the Understanding of 'Quantum Jamming' Physics

Internet Address Expansion Set despite ".worries"

Stacking Graphene Makes It More Slippery

CES 2012: HzO Protects Gadgets from Watery Deaths

LCN Team Develops Cheaper Way of Separating Nanotubes

Virgin Media to Double Broadband Speed

Motorola, Lenovo Sign on to First Intel-Powered Smartphones

Iran Cell Phone Firms Deny Blocking Text Messages

USPTO to Host 7 Public “Roadshows” to Support America Invents Act Implementation

Raspberry Pi PCs Are Being Built

Smartphone Upsurge at Beijing International Airport

Light Control Technique Could Lead to Tunable Lighting and Displays

Army Chooses Radio Comms Equipment from Ultra Electronics for WIN-T Shelter Kits

European Radio Astronomy Leaps into Future with RadioNet3


3 Pressing Needs of Next-Gen Electronic Warfare

Metallic Conductance is Seen in Ferroelectric Nanodomains

Nanoscale Metallic Conductivity Demonstrated in Ferroelectrics

Samsung's 'Future-Proof' Voice-Controlled TV (does that mean it has no future?)

InGaAs Gate All-Arounder Demonstrates Shortest Channel to Date

'KISS' Among Engineers' Top 2012 Concerns

Nobel History Illustrates Gap in Grants to Young Scientists

Visa Certifies Smartphones for Use As Visa Mobile Payment Devices

Highly Precise Gravity Map Video

New Glass Could Make Touchscreens Lighter, More Responsive

Why Cool Startups Are Losers in China

Blackberry Flips on Radio Switch

Russia's Space Chief Says Failures May Be Sabotage (ruh-roh)

Apple Continues to Dominate Apps, Earning More Than 53% Paid App Download Revenue in 2012

NFC Keyboard Offers Touch and Type Convenience

CES 2012 - Consumer Electronics in the Spotlight

Seeking Female Founders in the Tech Startup Scene (yeah, we're so sick of the males having all the ideas)

Graphene Reveals Its Magnetic Personality

Americans Are Quitting TV

57 Student Rocket Teams to Take NASA Launch Challenge - 1 Mile High Goal


FCC Grants Special Temporary Authority for Amateur Spread Spectrum Experiments

Graphene Wiggles Tune Bandgap and Magnetic Sense

New Technologies Unleashed at CES

White Spaces Finally Open for Business

Researchers Create Wire Four Atoms Wide, One Atom Tall

Mobile Device Royalties Approaching the $20B Mark

Sifting the Professional from the Personal with LinkedIn

Microsoft Reinvents Wi-Fi for White Spaces

Boron δ-doped (111) Diamond Solution Gate Field Effect Transistors

New Form of Graphene Could Prevent Laptops from Overheating

4G LTE in the Car

Pro-Piracy Group Says It's Now a Recognized Religion in Sweden

Sophisticated Cyberattacks Became the Norm in 2011

20M Koreans to Have NFC Phones This Year (that's S. of course, not communist N.)

Mobile Phone Best Practices: Having a VPN

Bosch Offers Smallest Triaxial Gyroscope for CE Industry

Dropped Your Phone in the Toilet? No Problem!

Amazing Photos Show Space Station Crossing Moon

Balloon-Borne Telescope Will Shed New Light on Black Holes

Shorter Working Week Could Fix Economic Woes (how about 0 hours? look how productive OWSers are)


Microsoft Patents "Avoid Ghetto" Feature for GPS Devices (does it include Capitol Hill?)

Radio Amateurs Not Affected by Narrowbanding Requirements

USPTO Publishes Proposed Rules to Implement Four Provisions of the America Invents Act

Hackers Steal 45,000 Facebook Passwords

NASA’s Missions and Events in 2012

Labor Unions Primary Recipients of Obamacare Waivers (moving ever closer to a banana republic at this point)


"Europe's Biggest" Free Wi-Fi Zone Set for London (that will make organizing riots much easier for the freeloaders)

Down to the Wire: Silicon Links Shrink to Atomic Scale

Mathematicians Solve Minimum Sudoku Problem

Just 1% of Users Consume Half of the Entire Mobile Data Downlink Capacity (another evil 1% - burn effigies of them like OWS rats do)

Relay Race with Single Atoms: New Ways of Manipulating Matter

Code Year Draws 200,000 Aspiring Programmers

Time Keepers to Introduce Leap Second June 30

Fab-Lite Exports Brains, Says Harvard Professor (duh, just now noticing?)

Electronic Products 2011 Products of the Year

Nanotech Goes Macro

Researchers Added First Pseudo Atoms to Electronegativity Scale

Greatest Mystery Known to Man: Stephen Hawking Says He Still Can't Fathom Women

UK Protects Site That Housed WWII Codebreakers

17 Cities Shortlisted for €20M French Government NFC Grant

SatNav Problems Tackled at Government Summit

Successful Compatibility Testing of UHF Hosted Payload on Intelsat-22

Proposed Experiment Offers New Way to Generate Macroscopic Entanglement

Graphene Rips Follow Rules

Americans Think Science Will Save the Economy (no, they think accruing infinite debt will save the economy)

Guns to Graft - Trading $½T of Defense for Bailing Out Deadbeat Mortgages (=votes)


'Nanowiggles:' Scientists Discover Graphene Nanomaterials with Tunable Functionality in Electronics

Internet Access Is Not a Human Right

Chevy Volt Misses First-Year Sales Target (only ½ bought by public)

Ham Radio in Hollywood: Amateur Radio a Plot Point in Major Motion Picture

In-Car Internet 'To Become Norm' in Survey About Future

The New Four Horsemen of Tech

Air Force Makes Tiny Course Corrections to Save Big Satellite

2012 Weird Science Awards

ARISSat-1 Re-Enters Earth's Atmosphere

Boeing Will Lay off More >2,100 Due to Defense Cuts

North American Orders of Circuit Boards and Flexible Circuits Down for 11th Straight Month

Mobile Worker Population to Reach 1.3B by 2015

Broadcom to Show 802.11ac Chips in Products at CES

A Quantum Leap in Computing

Steve Jobs Action Figure Falls Under Apple’s Legal Hammer

Now You See It, Now You Don't: Time Cloak Created

Global Broadband Subscribers Set to Rise by Nearly 60% by 2015

How Chips, PCs, Services Companies Are Faring

Relay Race With Single Atoms: New Ways of Manipulating Matter

Verizon Wireless Profit Margins Affected by High iPhone Sales


BPL Provider IBEC Announces Shutdown

China Telecom to Set Up Virtual Mobile Network in the UK (hey, they'll bail you out)

Developing Monolayer Graphene for Transparent Conduction in Nitride Semiconductor LEDs

ARRL in Action: What Have We Been Up to Lately?

Increasing Number of Civilians Work in the UAS Kill Chain (not all privatization is good)

Researchers Discover One of the Most Porous Materials to Date

Crystal-Free Oscillators Finally Enable Quartz Device Replacement

MetroPCS to Sell Phones with TV Tuners

U.S. Consumers “Warming up to Mobile Payments”

Mercury to Enhance Expertise in Digital RF with KOR Electronics Acquisition

AT&T Pays $215M to Settle Patent Dispute

Raspberry Pi: 10 on eBay, Bids Skyrocket

Leonardo da Vinci's Tree Rule May Be Explained by Wind

A Look at How Some Tech IPO Stocks are Faring

Man Uses iPad, Not Passport, to Gain Entry to U.S.

Microsoft Celebrates IE6 Death as Google Downranks Chrome

Startup Promises a Revolutionary Grid Battery

Fraunhofer Researchers Create Faster Optoelectronic Sensor

Inventor Creates 'Volkswagen Aqua' Car That Can Cross Water & Snow

Japan Reportedly Building Vigilante Virus Assassin Squad


Graphene Mixer Opens Door to THz Imaging

Ruggedization Required for Mobile Devices on the Network

Australian Telcos May Have to Pay $1.4B to Renew Licenses

Office LED System Simulates Clouds Passing Overhead (can it do Dilbert's "cloud of doom?")

Smart Meter Deployment on the Rise Globally

Rumors of New iPads Heat up as 2012 Arrives

Apps Downloads Hit Record High in Last Week of December

Driving and Phoning: What's New in 2012

Physicists Propose Test for Loop Quantum Gravity

2011: The Year in Materials

Apocalypse Not Now: 2012 Doomsday Predictions Debunked by NASA (what a relief!)

20M Koreans to Have NFC Phones this Year

China Test-Launches 3D TV Channel

Telekom Malaysia Plans $944M CAPEX in 2012

International Linear Collider Race Starts in Physics

New Super-Resolution Microscope

USPTO Updates Rules for "Track I" Fast-Track Patent Processing

Dazzling Satellite Views of Vast Moon Crater

Orange to Offer LTE Services in France in 2013


Hackers Plan Space Satellites to Combat Censorship

Designer Behind Apple's Products Knighted in UK (every honor now being devalued

17 Tech Pioneers Who Died in 2011

Europe Will Be a Catalyst for Growth in 2012

Graphene Gives Protection from Intense Laser Pulses

Best of 2011: First Demonstration of Time Cloaking

10 Technology Flops of 2011

Indian Government Accuses Telcos of Suppressing Facts in 3G Roaming Dispute

Verizon Ditches $2 Fee After Customer Uproar

Neutrino Parents Call into Question Faster-Than-Light Results

New Zealand Scientists to Travel to Antarctica to Measure Magnetic South Pole

Will 2012 See the Last Big, Bold CES?

Most Planes Still Don’t Have Wi-Fi and Most Passengers Still Don’t Buy It

LG to Unveil World's Largest OLED TV

Gilat Awarded Internet Broadband Connectivity Contract in Colombia for Schools

Manufacturing Technology Orders Up 80.5% in 2011

Google Search Home Page Revamp Promotes Other Services

Molecule Ties Itself in a Complex Knot

Russian Mars Moon Probe to Return to Earth Next Week

How to See the Best Meteor Showers of 2012


Fisker Recalling 239 Karma Plug-In Hybrids for Fire Hazard (they got $½B in U.S. funds)

Samsung Remains Top Handset Supplier in USA

New Tools Bypass Wireless Router Security

'A Big Relief': NASA Probe Enters Lunar Orbit

Nanotechnology: The Art of Molecular Carpet-Weaving

$6.3T Wiped off Markets in 2011

Only 55% of Americans Between 16 and 29 Have Jobs (not even apple has a Jobs)

Gold's 10% Gain in 2011 Extends Run to 11th Year