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2012 Wireless Industry Nightmares for Halloween

Lockheed Martin Develops New Cu Solder

Many Cell Towers Failed During Hurricane Sandy

Facebook Censors Navy SEALs Who Said Obama Denied Them Backup as Forces Overran Benghazi (blatantly partisan)

ARRL HQ Seeks Applicants for Media and Public Relations Manager

Android Catches Up with Apple in Mobile Apps Volumes

Semi Equipment Demand Still Sinking

The Night a UNIVAC Computer Predicted the Next President

Panasonic Forecasts $9.6B Loss Amid Falling Sales

Korean Networks Introduce Early Termination Fees

Efficiency Breakthrough Promises Smartphones That Use Half the Power

DOD Budget for Military Intelligence Program Decreases for Second Year in a Row

Materials Scientists Make Additive-Free Battery Electrodes with Nanoparticles

Google Launches Voice Assistant to Take on Siri

Foxconn Profit Surges in Third Quarter (that's Apple's CM)

Unbelievable Photos of Hurricane Sandy's Damage to U.S. East Coast


Bartender 'Threatened with Arrest by Google Heavies' after Tech Employee Accidentally Left Top-Secret Phone at His Bar

Hurricane Sandy: ARRL Guidelines for Providing Assistance

Bone-Chilling Science: The Scariest Experiments Ever (in the spirit [pun intended] of Halloween)

UK's First 4G Mobile Service Launched in 11 Cities

Agilent Supports Terahertz Research at Leeds University

Websites Knocked Offline by Super-Storm Sandy

How to Delete Regrettable Posts from the Internet (good thing to do before next job interview)

New Technique Connects Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

FEMA Director: "Listen to Radio"

Apple Vice President Scott Forstall Leaving the Company (his leaving couldn't be forestalled)

Hilarious 'Banned' iPad Mini Promo Pokes Fun at Apple

MIT Researchers Turn Heads with WLAN Tech: Coded TCP

Surface Tablet Buyers Line up at California Microsoft Store (not everbody is an iBot)

­ Why Is This Supercomputer So Superfast?

The Hunt for Electron Holes: A Molecular Glance on Solar Water Splitting

Upcoming Eclipse Inspires Travel to Australia


Vast Majority of Electronic Companies Not Yet Ready for U.S. Conflict Minerals Law

USAF Eyes Passive Radar Surveillance with Initiative on Wideband Phased Array Antennas

Carbon Nanotubes Fit by the Thousands onto a Chip

IBM Reports Nanotube Chip Breakthrough

China Telecom Profits Decline as Costs Rise Faster than Revenues

High-Performance Superconducting Material Discovered by Mixing Iron and Selenium

Quantum Communication Without Entanglement Could Perform Faster than Previously Thought Possible

Zapping Nuclear Waste with Laser Beams Could Actually Be a Great Idea

Google Earth Finds More Strange Patterns in Chinese Desert

Scaffold Process Could Lead to New-Generation MEMS Devices

DOD Begins Mobile Device Management Procurement

SpaceX's Dragon Ship Returns to Earth After ISS Trip (reminiscent of old Apollo recoveries)

The Amateur Amateur: Give Me That Old Ham Religion

ZTE Grabs Smartphone Market Share from HTC, RIM in Q3

Empower Next Generation of Engineers, Says MathWorks Exec

Steve Jobs' Yacht Revealed, Christened 'Venus' (definitely part of the 1% the OWS'ers hate, but they buy his company's stuff)


USPTO Helps Expand Pro Bono Patent Assistance to Nation’s Inventors

Ericsson Net Profit Falls Sharply as Operators Turn Cautious

China Launches Another Satellite for Independent Navigation System

W1AW Receives Semi-Annual Antenna Inspection, New Antenna for 160 Meters

Neutron Experiments Give Unprecedented Look at Quantum Oscillations


Who Gets Rich off 'Free' Government o-Phones? (rhymes with Tracfone)

Samsung Remains World's Biggest Handset, Smartphone Vendor in Q3

Ballistic Missile Defense System Engages 5 Targets Simultaneously During Largest Missile Defense Flight Test in History

Ericsson Seeks More Cost Cuts as Slowdown Bites

Crowd Funds iPhone NFC Add-On

Nokia Drops Out of Top-5 Smartphone Vendor Rankings

Greater Precision in Measuring the Movement of Microscopic Magnets

Clearwire Slashes LTE Deployment Target from 5,000 Sites to 2,000

Apple Posts Apology to Samsung on its Website

NAB Says No to Coalition

Freescale Cutting Jobs in Strategic Realignment

U.S. FCC to Examine Text-Message Spam (here is my favoritespammer justice article)

Jeep Considering Moving Production to from U.S. to China

Grid-Scale Battery Could Keep Going and Going...

China Blocks Web Access to Times After Article on Wealth of Prime Minister's Family

HP, Motorola, Volvo Among Companies to be Boycotted by UN HRC for Doing Business in Israel (UN filled with anti-Semitic members)


Electron 'Sniper' Targets Graphene

Souping Up Your Smartphone's GPS

Broadcom Posts First $2 Billion Quarter

Chip Makes Twisted Light for Communications

Obstinate Electrons 'Ignore' Assumptions and Follow Another Path

Record Space Junk Cloud Could Threaten ISS

Complaints About Canadian Phone Services Jump by a Third

Slow Avalanches Oscillate in New Experiment

French Government Backs Long Term Research Projects

Soyuz Has Safely Docked with ISS, Doubling Size of Crew

Diamond Technique Could Help Unlock New Material Properties

Why We Con't Solve Big Problems

Quantum Computing with Recycled Particles

TV, Devices in Kids' Bedrooms Linked to Poor Sleep, Obesity

Windows 8 Review: A Big, Beautiful, Slightly Shaky Step Forward

2012 Antarctic Ozone Hole Second Smallest in 20 Years


Combating Fake ICs by Controlling Supply Chain

FCC Seeks Comments on Proposed Changes to Amateur Licensing Rules, Emission Types

SEMTA Plays Down Problems with Engineering Postgraduates

Italian Disaster Experts Resign, Shaken by Predecessors' Convictions in Quake Trial

HackRF is a Radio for All Frequencies

Sprint's Femtocell Tally Tops 1 Million

The TV Screen's Evolution, from 1880 to the Present (nifty slideshow)

Dutch Court Says Samsung Does Not Infringe Apple Patent

Temperature-Controlled Alignment of Tiny Crystals Could Harness Their Collective Properties for Nanotechnology

New Finding Could Pave Way to Faster, Smaller Electronics

Telecom Italia Begins NFC Pilot in Milan

Glove Keyboard May Revolutionize Use of Devices with One Hand

Few Winners in Heated Cellphone Wars

Is Apple Fandom a Religion?

US Apple Bounce-Back Patents Ruled Invalid

Men, Not Women, Better Multitaskers per Swedish Study


Firms Face Huge Security Risks as 80% of BYOD Goes Unmanaged

A Bandwidth Breakthrough

International Radio Frequency Approvals

Pay Gap Between Government, Private Sector Widens to 34%

Nanostructures Worth More Than Their Weight in Gold

Army to Open Procurement for 80,000 Rifleman Radios

De Marca Wins Race for 2013 IEEE President-Elect

Half of USA High School Students Own a Smartphone or Tablet

Power Grid Upgrades May Cause Blackouts, Warns Braess's Paradox

How We Watch What We Watch: The Future of TV

ICE to Switch to iPhone, Drop BlackBerry

GSMA Appoints New Head of NFC

4G Deployment Spurs Wireless Test Equipment Uptake in Asia

LHS Will Not Create Earth-Swallowing Black H, Court Rules

For Students, IEEE Spectrum and The Institute Go Digital

The Psychology of Tetris (debuted in 1986)


Physics Duo Create Tractor Beam Using Dual Bessel Beams (nerd Nirvana)

The Best and Worst Wireless Ads of 2012 (it's a bit early for end-of-year wrap-ups, don't you think?)

Lithium Aluminate Substrate for Low-Cost Nonpolar GaN

Why Auto Dealers Love Radio

Europe to Unite Research Efforts in Silicon Europe Cluster Alliance

Israel Agrees to Accept USA Approval Tests for Telecoms Equipment

Android Apps 'Leak' Personal Details

Google Threatens to Drop Links to French Media Sites

Prospecting for Quasicrystals

A Look at Telecom Industry Subscriber Reports

RIM's Secure Element Manager Solution to Power NFC Mobile Payments in Canada

Spin-Orbit Qubits Are Right at Home in Electrical Circuits

Japan Firm Launches Real-Time Telephone Translation

Aerospace and Defence Firms Signal Move to Green Sector

Orionid Meteor Shower Wows Weekend Stargazers (not in Erie - clouds & rain)

Offsetting Global Warming: Targeting Solar Geoengineering to Minimize Risk and Inequality


Volt No Jolt: LG hem Employees Idle (playing cards due to no work)

USPTO Proposes Updated Professional Conduct Rules

Russia May Build Rocket to Destroy Earth-Threatening Asteroids

O2 UK to Plough £10M into Network After Latest Outage

White House Lets Huawei off the Hook


Wireless Meters Reveal When You Are Not Home

UK Networks to Deal with 4G Interference to TV Signals

NiMH Battery Inventor Stanford Ovshinsky Dies

Curiosity Mars Rover Starts to 'Eat Dirt'

Growing High-Mobility Transistors Directly on Silicon

NASA Seeks Student Experiments for 2013 High-Altitude Scientific Balloon Flight

U. Florida Team Succeeds in Growing New Materials from Nanorods

Ted Rappaport, N9NB, Named Recipient of IEEE Education Award

India to Impose Additional Spectrum Fees on Incumbent Networks

IET Sees No Evidence of Health Risk from Mobile Phones

New Paper Reveals Fundamental Chemistry of Plasma/Liquid Interactions

Sony to Cut 2,000 Workers in Japan

Verizon CFO: Our 700 MHz Spectrum Sale is Not a 'Fire Sale'

Shares Fall Sharply as Google Earnings Are Released Early

U.S. ISPs to Start Alert System for Illegal Content-Sharing

Online Advertising Poised to Finally Surpass Print


Rare Earth Alliance Seeks to Avert Supply Shortfalls

Wi-Fi Equipment Market Grows with 802.11N the Preferred Protocol

Math and Language Scores Improve with 10 Hours of Instruction (wow, what an amazing discovery!)

Global Mobile Penetration Still Only 45%

Why Apple Will Never Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to the U.S.

GSMA Highlights Significant Growth Opportunity for the Mobile Industry

Digital Radio Uptake Slows as Consumers Shun DAB

Supersolidity Loses Its Luster

In Digital War, Patents are the Weapon of Choice

Spin Rate of Qubit Measuring Using Microwave Field Inside Superconducting Circuit

AVX Develops High Q, Low ESR, Multilayer Organic RF Capacitors for up to 5 GHz (the AVX website looks like it hasn't been redesigned since about 1996)

Nokia Reports Loss, Desperately Needs Hit Smartphone

Silicon Nano-Ribbons Could Lead to Better Data-Storage Systems

Quiz: Don’t Google This

Microscale Optical Accelerometer Created

Plot Foiled to Attack Federal Reserve in Manhattan


Feds Place Cops on Overpasses to Catch Texting Drivers

ESA Deploys First Orbital Debris Test Radar in Spain

Amazon May Enter Semi Business

FCC Lets Cable Companies Encrypt Signals to Foil Theft

At the Nanoscale, Graphite Can Turn Friction Upside Down

Smartphones Pass the 1 Billion Mark

Anti-Laser Spectacles Undergo Testing for Pilots

Businesses Wary of Employee BYOD App Access

Another Advance on the Road to Spintronics

Underage Foxconn Interns Working in China Plant Return to School

Defense Industry STEM Jobs

Red Alert: Chinese Telecoms and Cyberattack Jitters

Google Reveals the Computers Behind the Cloud

Understanding the Small Cell Phenomenon

TeliaSonera to Cut 2,000 Jobs as Quarterly Profits Decline

Nissan Steer-by-Wire Cars Set for Showrooms by 2013


Key Printed Electronics Materials Swell to $2.6 Billion in 2017

In the High-Tech Patent Wars, an Inventor’s Lament

Analogue Industry at an Inflection Point, says Maxim CEO

How to Make Droplets Levitate on Water

Scouting and Ham Radio — From Yesterday, Toward Tomorrow

Mobile IC Market Growing Fast in 2012

Quiz: Intriguing Wireless CEO Quotes of 2012

Hybrid Auto Battery Maker A123 Files for Bankruptcy (received $249M in green grants)

Foxconn Admits to Hiring Underage Interns

Walmart's New High-Tech Labs: You're Not in Arkansas Anymore

Ericsson Launches Wi-Fi Platform for Deployment in Stadiums

Carbon Nanotube Technology Moves Forward

RIM Opens First BlackBerry 10 Advice Center for Developers

Engineers Investigate Effects of Space Weather on Airliner Systems

The Tech Behind the Stratos Jump

Metal Thieves Targeting Closed Detroit Fire Stations (should have given them more oPhones to keep them pacified)


Freezing Electrons in Flight

Low Power Radio Standard Simplifies Sensor Networks

Japan Set to Save Renesas

Softbank Confirms $20 Billion Takeover Bid for USA Based Sprint

Claim of Supersolid Helium Disproved by Original Researcher

Americans Paying More for LTE Service

Satellite Operators Stand Ready to Assist DOD

Unwired Planet Suspends Patent Action Against Apple and RIM

Lasers to Soften Metal for Better Forging Results

Accelerators Can Search for Signs of Planck-Scale Gravity

Why Can't Engineers Get Good Jobs?

NTT Docomo to Take Japanese Mobile Wallet Global

New BLM Rules Regulate Meteors! (1st time ET materials governed, gov't knows no bounds)

Postprocessing Converts Spice to RF Analyzer

The Quest to Fly from New York to London in One Hour

Met Office Releases Data Showing Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago


Canadian Company Holding Steel Needed for WTC Antenna 'Hostage' for Million$

Satellite Burns up Following SpaceX Rocket Glitch

U.S. Mobile Operators May See Earnings Boost from Data Tariffs

Woes with iPhone 5 Go Beyond Maps

Spider Silk Could Weave Biodegradable Computer Chips


Sponge-Like Graphene Makes Promising Supercapacitor Electrodes

Murata Mass-Produces 'World's Smallest' HF RFID Tag

4G on the Baby-Monitor Frequency

DARPA Pursues Grand Challenges on Technology Frontier

STMicroelectronics Considering Break-Up

The Graphene-Paved Roadmap: 'Wonder Material' Has Potential to Revolutionize Our Lives

Pre-Test Jitters Might Boost Scores

World Population Hits Its 6 Billionth Cell Phone Subscription (human population is only 7 B, from newborn to centenarians, who's paying for all them?)

Fastest Growing IC Markets 2012

A Roadmap for Graphene

Technology Developed for Visual 'Cloaking' Applied to Enable More Efficient Transfer of Electrons

House-Size Asteroid Gives Earth a Close Shave Today (duck!)

Quantum Effects Observed in Cold Chemistry

Light Might Prompt Graphene Devices on Demand

RFMD Announces ITC Lawsuit Withdrawn by Peregrine

Google Awards $60,000 Prize for Chrome Hack


Global Revenues from Telecommunication Services Now Reach $1.5 Trillion

BAE-EADS Merger Called off Due to Political Deadlock

Verizon Wireless to Sunset 2G and 3G CDMA Networks by 2021

Generation i? 40% of Teens Say They Have an iPhone

Plasmonics Shows Promise for Optically Induced Graphene Electronics

Electric Motorcycle Could Be the Best of Both Worlds

Operators Will Lose $54B by 2016 Due to Smartphone Messaging Apps

5G Comms Research Gains Funding

'Superstructured' Solar Cells Achieve Record Efficiency of 10.9% (GaAs has achieved 28%, but expensive)

How to Not Build a Flying Saucer

50 Year History of the LED

NTT Docomo to Take Japanese Mobile Wallet Global

You, Too, Can Print Your Own Guitar

Google Reportedly Faces Broader Probe over Use of Motorola Patents

PC Shipments to Fall for First Time in 11 Years (since 2001 terrorist attack)

Chevy Volts & Chargers for Vienna, Denied Funds for Security in Libya (gov't buying most Volts)


Tech Firms and Regulators Meet at UN Patent Pow-Wow (how to redistribute from those who invent to those who don't)

Huawei, ZTE Fight Back over U.S. Report as Concerns About Long-Term Prospects Deepen

Is Mobile Broadband a Luxury or Human Right? (notice how others' rights involve taking something from you)

Mobile Operators Reap Benefits from Infrastructure Investment in Sub Saharan Africa

Galileo Satellites Moved to Pad for Friday Launch

"Dilithium Crystal" Fusion Engine Would Power the Fastest Spacecraft Ever Built (warp speed, Mr. Scott)

Technique Determines Battery State of Charge in Real Time

Interstellar Travelers May be Helped by Physicist's Calculations That Solve the Pioneer Anomaly

Shirt Monitors Vital Signs for Immediate Medical Diagnosis

How Lasers Inspired the Inventor of the LED

iPhone 5 Rivals: 10 Strong Alternatives to Apple’s Latest Smartphone

Caffeine May Block Inflammation Linked to Mild Cognitive Impairment (pour me another cup)

23-Mile-High Parachute Jump Postponed Due to Gusty Winds on Ground


U.S. Warns Telcos Not to Buy Gear from Chinese Firms - RF Cafe News Alert U.S. Warns Telcos Not to Buy Gear from Chinese Firms (accused of building wiretapping into equipment)

Sofant Technologies Develops World's Smallest Smart Antenna

American and Frenchman Win Nobel for Quantum Physics (nothing to do with the Higgs boson)

5G Research Centre Gets Major Funding Grant

Scouts and Scouters Take to the Airwaves for the 55th Jamboree on the Air

Apple on iPhone 5 Purple Flare: You're Aiming It Wrong (remember You're Holding It Wrong for iPhone 4 antenna problem)

HTC Hammered by Apple, Samsung as Q3 Profits Decline 79%

Physicists Extend Special Relativity Beyond the Speed of Light

How Will Apple’s Patent Victory Affect Innovation?

How to Track Your Smartphone's Final Moments

Advanced Microelectronics Research Back in Style for Photonic and RFICs

IEEE Scholarship Program off to Strong Start

Smartphone Use Drives Demand for More Self-Service at Airports

DOD Support of Student 'Hackerspaces' Meets Resistance

ProMOS to Lay off 80% of Workforce; Sell Fab; Become Design House

GM Volt Battery Supplier Furloughs Workers Before Any Batteries Produced (another $150M in taxpayer money down the drain)


Foxconn Workers on iPhone 5 Line Strike in China

Foxconn Denies There's a Labor Strike at Its iPhone Assembly Factory

Tech Book Publisher John Wiley & Sons vs. Importer in Supreme Court Case Could Profoundly Change Copyright Enforcement

Barcode Birthday: 60 Years Since Patent

NFC Forum Publishes NFC Analog Technical Specification

Moore's Law Threatened by Lithography Woes

Group Charged with Stealing U.S. Military Technology, Providing it to Russia

Chinese Telecoms Dispute Congress' Findings

Tiny TechEdSat Satellites Swim Free in Orbit

'God Particle' Discovery Poses Nobel Dilemma

Amateur Radio Tricks with Google Maps

The Patent, Used as a Sword

CTIA Expects Significant Decrease in Fall Show Attendance Numbers

The Secret Ingredient in the Latest Theory of Everything

Police Union Says ‘War-Like’ Detroit is Unsafe for Visitors (congratulations)

9 in 10 Scots 'Living off State's Patronage' (congratulations)


Phone ATMs, Recyclers Pay Cash for Used Devices

Tango Launches Luxembourg's First LTE Service

Private Space Station Delivery to Launch Tonight

Journal of Industrial Ecology Report: Electric Vehicles Potentially Worse for Environ Considering Supply Chain & Charging

Schools Creating Student 'Energy Patrols' to Monitor and Inform When Energy is Wasted (little green Brownshirt Hitler Youth)


FCC Seeks to Change Amateur Radio Licensing Rules, Allow Additional Emission Types

FBI Says Russians Smuggled out U.S. Microchips

Google Warns of More Job Cuts, Higher Costs in MotorolaRestructuring

Life at DARPA Innovation House Begins

Quantum Computing: Measurements Leave Schrödinger's Cat Alive (... or dead)

USPTO Updates Registration Examination for New Patent Practitioners

Mexican Mobile Users Prefer Wi-Fi Networks

Blanketing NASA's Webb Telescope's Science Instrument Electronics

Device Uses Light to Rapidly Turn a Switch On and Off

What Number is Halfway Between 1 and 9? Is it 5—or 3? (scientific explanation, aka excuse, for ignorance amongst some people)

Africa Not Just a Mobile-First Continent - It's Mobile Only

The Crisis in Higher Education

Tapped to Run NFC hackathons in 3 U.S. Cities

Boeing High Energy Laser System Continues to High-Power Testing

FTC Slams Door on Tech Support Scammers

Mobile Apps Development Has Created over Half a Million U.S. Jobs


Microsoft Rumored to Be Developing Own Smartphone

Gray Market Problems Not Getting Any Better

MILMEGA Presented with Queen’s Award for Innovation 2012

Ferroelectric Memristors May Lead to Brain-Like Computers

Some Schools Actually Want Students to Play with Their Smartphones in Class

Switching Cause and Effect in Quantum World? A Causes B Causes A

Transparent Memory Devices Show Promise for Electronics

Can AM Survive the Onslaught of Digital?

Boeing Ready to Launch Third Advanced GPS Satellite

7,500 to Retire Early at Renesas

Watching Crystals 'Heal' Themselves: Novel Way to Remove Defects in Materials

Einstein 'God' Letter to Sell on eBay, with Bidding Starting at $3M

The CIA and Jeff Bezos Bet on Quantum Computing

U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile USA Subsidies Among Winners of $300M Mobility Fund Auction

Applied Materials Slashing Jobs

HP's 2013 Outlook Sorely Disappoints


Counterfeit Chip Reports Maintain Record Pace

DOD Takes Entrepreneurial Approach to Tactical Radios/Waveforms

Back-to-Back Space Junk Buzzes Space Station

Royal Academy of Engineering Wants More STEM Graduates

Carriers Team up to Protect LTE Patents

'Tunneling of the Third Kind' Experiment Could Search for New Physics

Skype Offering Free Wi-Fi in the UK and Ireland

A New Tech Generation Defies the Odds in Japan

Scientists Unveil First Ever Images of Landau Levels

T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS Confirm Plans for a Full Merger

MIT Physicists Suggest a Means for Creating an Electron Cloaking Device

Via Licensing Launches LTE Patent Pool with AT&T, Clearwire and Others

ST Plots Wireless MEMS Roadmap

DSL Modem Flaw Lets Attackers Infect Millions of Computers in Brazil

The Sun Unleashes a Wide, but Benign, CME

International Space Station Plans Move to Avoid Debris Collision


Online Effort Nets $1.3M to Restore Tesla's NY Lab

1/4 of U.S. Tech Start-ups Founded by an Immigrant

Saving the AM Band is a Very Hot Topic

Optical Method Could Improve Semiconductor Etching Process

Photovoltaic Spin Cell Generates 20x More Electricity per Cell Than Flat Panels (quite interesting - outside-the-box thinking)

4G: UK's Mobile Phone Networks in Crunch Meeting

Smartphones Control Smart Homes at Asia Tech Fair

Bluetooth Low Energy Chips Get Fast Test

White House Network Attack Highlights Need for Stronger Defenses

Baidu Founder Calls China's Tech Experts Home

300,000 Virtual Android Smartphones Study Cyber Disruptions

Rock On! The Compact Disc Turns 30

Washington Confirms Chinese Hack Attack on White House Computer

Europe Accounts for over 70% of Installed PV Capacity in 2011 (along with highest electricity rates where they exist - congratulations)

Google Leapfrogs Microsoft in Market Value

Hundreds Line up for $1.84 Gas at Mt. Morris Township Gas Station


Android Phone 'Wipeout' Security Flaw Exposed

White Space Radio Startup Raises Funds

Reducing MLCCs' Piezoelectric Effects and Audible Noise

QR Codes For Headstones Keep Dearly Departed Close (cool, but creepy)

Attention Kit Builders: The ARRL Wants to Hear from You!

LightSquared Asks FCC to Let It Use Weather-Balloon Spectrum for LTE

Kenyan Networks to Block 800,000 Fake Phones Today

Physicists Reveal First Images of Landau Levels

Fostering Tech Talent in Schools

P4I Student Design Contest – What, When, How & Where (open to UK students)

Japan Invests in GaN Power Startup

FCC Votes 5-0 to Review How Much Spectrum Carriers Can Hold

Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscope: Big at the Nanoscale

Military Absentee Ballots in Virginia Down 92% from 2008 (nah, nothing to see here folks, just move along)

Eurozone Unemployment Hits Record High

Free Gov't Cellphones Costing Taxpayers $1.25 Billion per Year - Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Stop It (video)